'American Idol' exit Q&A: Thia Megia says she feels 'devastated, but at the same time, happy' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

If nothing else, Thia Megia says her time on Season 10 of American Idol finally gave her the chance to make her big brother cry. “I spoke to him last night,” she told EW backstage after Thursday night’s results show. “I actually got him to cry. We haven’t been able to talk as much during the [Idol] experience, just because it’s been so busy.” Thia says she was happy with her choice of Elton John’s melancholy song “Daniel,” which she dedicated to her brother, but the 16-year-old does note that she can do “so much more than just slower songs and ballads…. In the future, I see me as being my own artist and definitely not a ballad singer!”

You can check out the full interview, including why Thia thinks the first four people cut on the show have all been women, below: 

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  • candacetx

    kinda eery (and a bit telling) that no one cares enough to post any comments on Thia’s article. Poor kid. Tons of talent. Zero depth.

    • ThiaFans

      Maybe because its hot off the press? 10:33 AM posting time its only less than an hour since its been posted

      • Geraldine Guzman

        You are “pathetic” Candace TX. A lot of people care about Thia! I am one of her many avid followers. And yes, you are the one who has “ZERO DEPTH”. You are nothing and Thia at such a young age has already achieved so much with her amazing voice, charisma and admirable depth & sensitivity at her young age. She will go places with her good heart and amazing talent. Stop maligning her, please. I am not used to using harsh words to people but sometimes people like you deserves to be “told” this way.

    • L

      To be fair, she is fifteen, how deep is anyone at that age? I think we’ll see more of her in the future.

      With all that said though, didn’t we hear “I can do more then ballads!” EVERY single week? Gotta put your money where your mouth is sometime.

      • Al

        I think she would have done better to wait a few years. She can sing and has a good voice but doesn’t have any presence on stage. That could come as she matures.

      • complement

        Thia is mature. Lauren-nope.

    • jwk

      what do you mean “zero depth”… that Thia is “zero depth”? If that’s what you mean, then you are wrong. Listen to her answers and how she answers the questions.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Her answers were as boring as her performances – goodness I had trouble staying awake during this interview. Look, Thia has a decent voice and she’s a cute girl, but she just lacks charisma. When she is on stage she just disappears and is bland. Who knows, maybe when she’s a bit older she’ll leak a naughty video or cell-phone photos will be released and maybe then she’ll be interesting. Until then she can always go perform in the Philippines – you know how fanatical they are for one of their own.

      • Geraldine Guzman

        @Aunt Sassy – GO TAKE A HIKE! YOU ARE FROM THE DARK SIDE! Obviously, what interests you are the “KINKY” and SINFUL. That’s charisma for you. Pathetic!

    • angel santos

      Visit her facebook page with 24,000 people in it alone, in one of her account… you aren’t doing so much good on your research dear. Lots of people really love her.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Oh please – how many of those “fans” are based in the Philippines?

      • Geraldine Guzman

        @Aunt Sassy – well, based in the Philippines or not – they are still people who adore Thia! Thia has a lot people who likes her, may it be here in the U.S. or outside the U.S. Her admirers are growing because there are still a lot of people who are for the decent, good & beautiful by heart. THIA has definitely the charisma & the amazing talent!

    • LilyKiks

      Huh? So noone cares about Thia because there are no comments half an hour after it’s been published? That must be one of the most illogical things I have ever read.

    • shana

      what do you mean by depth?

    • DotDotDot

      Exactly. She needs to go struggle at something, get her heart broken, life a little life, then her songs will have substance.

    • Norm

      Thia made good sence with her comment about why she thinks only girls have been booted out so far .
      It was obviouse she was not comfortable telling it as it is . But she is right the teenie bobbers love the boys . Does anybody out there realy believe that Casey and Paul deserve to be there over Thia . It was bad enough seeing Thia voted out but when Pia went, well there is something wrong somewhere . I believe Thia will have a wonderful future in the music industry . She has an amazing voice . I would buy a cd of hers in a heart beat .

    • Laughatcandacetx

      Whoops! you spoke too soon! it’s ok. As far as zero depth. That’s probably also the result of an idiot speaking too soon again.

      I happen to have seen some of her interviews, and for a 16 year old, she happens to have a lot of depth. obviously , she will grow more, but that’s a bold statement there. if she had no depth, she would’ve stuck to generic songs, but she didn’t. haha.

  • Kim H

    I was kinda getting bored with her…the comments are really true..she seems to be a one trick pony…and the problem is that in today’s world…the singers with the great voices who aren’t autotuned…get absolutely nowhere..

    • liz

      not true. Susan Boyle sold millions of records just for her voice alone. Thia will be doing the same with her beautiful voice.

    • angel santos

      a beg to disagree, she’s on of the best in the competition… you just don’t know how to distinguish loud noise from real music…

    • Lee

      One trick pony? What about Scotty who sings nothing but country songs–includng an Elton John song with the word “country” in its title. What about James who sings nothing but hard rock songs? What about Jacob who sings nothing but gospel music? What about Pia who sings nothing but ballads? I can go on and on. Thia has the potential to be another Adele or Norah Jones. It’s too bad America is too stupid to see that.

      • JayZeeisMe

        Does anyone really care about what you think or who you get tired of Kim H? Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Thia has amazing vocals, beauty and charisma and if you listened carefully to her interview, unlike you, she is intelligent, and she kept her opinions to herself.

      • John


      • cesar belmonte

        Based on my obsevation, judges’ comments are biased and they favored there favorites. Results of voting are rigged and it does not reflect the true results of the voting. I believe a lot of people voted Thia to stay in the competition.

      • Brian

        Thia’s time will come.
        She had one of the best voices in the entire competition.
        Please check out her AMERICA’S GOT TALENT video of “I AM CHANGING” by Jennnifer Holiday.
        She wowed the audience and judges.
        Check her out on DAVID FOSTER’S Talent show (which she won and wowed the crowd and Foster)…….Singing Michael Jackson’s “WHO’S LOVING YOU”

        Incredible performances.

  • Genie

    She is a casualty of lowering the age limit, they did her a disservice by allowing her to continue beyond the audition stage (s). She does not have the maturity to handle the experience. She is a terrible communicator, does not know who she is as a singer yet, doesn’t know how to interpret and inhabit a song, she just sings the words with zero emotion, she just does not get it. I don’t think she learned anything, and this experience may have a negative effect on her overall, unless Disney signs her to a contract. She may be too subdued for that, she is not a high energy performer or personality, so that may not work either. She never looked excited to be there, it was weird.

    • liz

      She will be famous and successful in the near future. She’s still very young and I’m sure she learned plenty from this experience.

    • ZEN

      you maybe true but that does not lessen my love for her. I love Thia

    • Geraldine Guzman

      Genie, Is anyone paying you to say all these negative things about Thia?! or You are really an unreasonable, illogical, fault-finding person, out-of-touch from reality! Thank God! Thia is a strong and mature person for her young age. She talks with sense, very smart and grounded. She exemplifies the best of what a teenager can be and you exemplify the worst! She is good & beautiful. You are from the “dark side”!

      • Music Critic

        Thia sucked…she was booring and dull. She needs to find a personality to go with her voice. She needs to stop playing it safe and pick songs that really show off her talent. She didn’t listen, so now she is gone gone gone.

      • Geraldine Guzman

        @Music Critic – THIA is not at all boring and dull! THIA’s amazing! For such a young age, she has handled all your negativity with poise. THIA’s growing from this experience, and she will achieve her dream. We are here to support her all the way!

    • shana

      If she knew everything she wouldn’t have been in AI

    • xfaxtor

      My reply to Genie and all the rest of the mean spirited detractors of Thia. Never judge the book by it’s cover. Look inside your heart it’s burning with wrath and jealousy. All you guys wished you were Thia.

    • Cher

      @Genie: I disagree with your comments. You are a terrible judge of a person’s character, skills and talent. How come that you said that Thia sang all those songs without emotions? There were raw and pure emotions very evident in her gestures, voice and delivery of every song she did on AI. Are you deaf and blind? Maybe you are the one without emotions, so you could not discern them in others. Also, Thia is a very refined, decent and dignified young lady, absolutely different from most of the young people of today who are brash, coarse, loud and vulgar. Maybe you are so accustomed to this kind of people that you expect Thia to be the same. You find it abnormal and weird, if she does not conform to your standards.

      Thia is very mature for her age shown by the way she fields questions of interviewers. She chooses her words very carefully with admirable diplomacy and tact trying so hard not to hurt other people’s feelings. And you misconstrued this as being a terrible communicator?

      • Leon

        Hit the nail in the head. Cher. . .well said. . .today its cool to rough, dumb and vulgar. . .but Thia is a person of her own. . .

    • chistosa

      All of you bashing Genie for her post, perhaps she could have worded it a bit more diplomatically but the reality is that as lovely as Thia is as a young lady and a singer, she does not have the emotionally maturity to really connect with lyrics that describe life experiences beyond her experience. She is nice, pretty and extremely talented but she is as Genie said a casualty of lowering the age limit. If she had waited the year she intended to wait, we would most likely have seen a more confident and experienced Thia to accompany that amazing voice.

  • Leslie

    What a cute girl, I know she’s gonna do well–and i have to say, I listened to Daniel again and it was really wonderful.

    • angel santos

      rightly said… she’s awesome with that song, that;s what i called real music

    • GeoInSD

      Each year, very few contestants understand music. Usually all finalists have a competent instrument. They just don’t know what to do with it. I think Thia has a good instrument. Now she needs to learn how to use it well.

      I disagree with Leslie. I don’t think she is cute. I think she is stunning. If she learns the artistry part of singing, with her looks she would become a huge star.

    • Manny

      I really like her own version of that song (Daniel), she gave a very soulful taste on it. Less movement on the stage but the emotions and massive vocal ability were overflowing.

      • Norm

        I wonder why Mr Jackson kept making the comment that he liked Thia,s voice but he thought it was still safe . Why would anybody not choose a safe song for their voice and style of singing . Did he want her to sing a song that would have made her more at risk of getting the boot . I think Mr Jackson had a great deal of influence on the way the public voted . He soon forgot his comment when he told her she had a great voice and thats what idol is all about .

  • Belinda

    She did a great job on “Daniel”. But she is really too immature for this competition. Should have waited a year or 2.

  • lml

    I love Thia! My husband(first season of Idol watching) loved her too. Loved Daniel and I think she has a great voice. Yes once she matures she will be better. Remember when Celine started? Yikes!

  • Mimi kahn

    Yikes..we don’t need another celine seabiscuit dion!!! One is enough!!!

  • Pizzamaker

    Does anyone notice how round thia’s face is?? She has a “dough” face!!! I found her singing incredibly boring. She has a nice voice, but she is so robotic like pia!!!

    • Jack


      You must be one heckuva looker to cast all those stones.

      Thia is beautiful.

      • Bias_Randy

        Now that Thia is gone.. I’ll BET all of YOU who said Thia is BORING will realize that she’s NOT.. U know WHY? Now u have the CHANCE to focus more on Scotty and Paul and Pia who ARE WAYYY to BORING than Thia. I just hope that your eardrums are not yet shuttered by listening to James, Casey and Jacobs screaming and u can actually hear what im hearing.

      • Geraldine Guzman


        Thia is beautiful, round face or not. And she is not at all ‘robotic’. Go take a hike!

      • Lee

        I totally agree with you Bias Randy. And Randy is bias. He tells Thia that she plays it safe. What? What about Scotty, James, Jacob, Pia, Stefano, Paul–all of them play it safe by singing the same type of songs in their genre. Probably the only contestants this season who were not playing it safe were Casey and Naima–both of whom got eliminated the past 2 weeks (albeit Casey was saved). Randy is bias.

      • Geraldine Guzman

        Thia, You are beautiful inside-out. You have been gifted with an “amazing, incredible voice”! You have admirable depth & sensitivity at your young age. The future holds a lot of promise for you. God Bless!

    • liz

      I’m sure Thia is prettier than you.

    • Jon

      Wow shallow much?

      • Jon

        Sorry, this was in response Pizzamaker’s comment about Thia being dough-faced, and not to Thia’s video…

    • cesar belmonte

      better to have a round face but not PIZZA FACE.

    • Norm

      Stick to making Pizza buddy .you dip stick

  • liz

    Thia,you have a very beautiful voice and I always look forward to watching you on Idol and I’m going to miss you. Wishing you great success in your future in music. I will buy your cds and albums when that time comes. I bought all four songs you have on iTunes. Take care and God bless you!

  • andy

    Thia really deserved to stay after Daniel. Hope she still keeps the dream alive and keeps on singing becauase I really love her voice.

  • ciony

    im not watching AI from now on Thia has a very good voice and im sure she will be a diva in the future

  • Ray Danganan

    Everyone is really getting on Thia because of her age and not knowing much to do….she probably would have done better on XFactor as the mentors coach you the whole way until you get voted off…

  • Jess

    Aww, what a sweet girl. Thia, my dear, you will go far. I love your positive spirit. Always remember to differentiate the destructive naysayers from the constructive critisicm because you know, the people who try to bring you down destructively are really just dealing with their own personal insecurities. Keep singing because you have a lot of fans and I am really hope that you share your bright music future with the world soon.

  • Karen

    So saddened that Thia is gone… AI won’t be the same. I know ppl think she’s boring but I always found something so peaceful and serene about her personality which is sorely lacking from the loud, brash, in-your-face celebrities of today.

    • Geraldine Guzman

      Karen, you are absolutely right about Thia. God Bless!

  • Thia Voter

    Voting is all about demographics. The middle America stops voting for her when Annie Barrett labels her as “robot” with “zero emotions. She is THE powerful pen for Idol who can put doubts in people’s minds. Katie Stevens of last season is an average singer, was 17 at that time. She moves nothing. But no one ever calls her robotic since EW writer was Michael Slezac who were fair to all. Thia’s reputation gets very damaged. Song selection for the past three weeks does not help either. If you are one of minorities. you need to be 100 % better than others. You can’t just be slightly better in the crowd since you are not the acceptable face of majorities. Pop music is all about Blacks and Whites. It is demographics. I think Thia’s music adviser sets her up to fail. Even if she likes certain songs, you need to talk her out of it. Daniel is a poison for her since 10 million middle Americans are waiting to throw darts at her if she ever touches ballads. At the end of the day, Annie Barrett claims victory. She just so much dislike Thia and people got influenced.

    • Debs

      Yeah I agree. I would understand these bloggers judging her in a constructive way. I was really disappointed to see a lot of so-called professional bloggers really callously making fun of her in a hateful way. It’s too bad, because she seems like a very sweet girl and I hope to god she doesn’t go home and read all these unwarranted vitriol about her.

      • Geraldine Guzman

        @Debs – Thank God! I know there a still a lot of people like you Debs. You are absolutely right in your comments and opinion about THIA.

      • Geraldine Guzman

        @THIA Voter – I put my hats off to you! That was a very good assessment of what happened to THIA. Annie Barrett finds an evil sense of satisfaction callously making fun of her. GO TAKE A HIKE ANNIE AND NEVER COME BACK!

    • CDobson

      Ah well, that’s okay, their loss. I’ve had the fortunate experience of having followed her on YouTube pre-idol and she is the SWEETEST girl in the world with amazing vocals. I hope she is allowed to ressurrect that channel becausse she’ll be gracing my screen.

    • liz

      I think those stupid bloggers were just jealous of Thia because she was a threat to their favorites. But we know better. Thia is the best.

    • Brian

      Thia SET UP TO FAIL by her advisers.
      I’m glad you mentioned that.

      I too think either Thia was set up that way, or she she ended up EXACTLY the way this “ORCHESTRATED” season decided to have her end up.

      The Judges say sing more upbeat.
      So, as pretty and beautiful as her rendition of “DANIEL” was, you know the voters will want more upbeat.

      She (THIA) knows that, yet she sings an even SLOWER song in “Daniel”

      I find that extremely hard to believe.

      She sang exactly what she was told to sing.
      This entire season is ORCHESTRATED and if anyone believes that CASEY walking around in Circles with his PUCKERED up Cheeks ( as if to get sick) and the FORCED SHAKING HANDS was real……..Then they must believe that HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING is real as well.
      Thia is an incredible Talent.
      I think she was set up to fail too.

      Notice on the last night, when she sang in the TRIO…….Pia, Haley and her…………Pia and Haley sang solos within the song, Thia had nothing.
      She knew in advance it was her last night.

      • debbie

        brian, you are perfectly right! Thia is one such superb incredible talent!

      • Rafael Pascual

        Yes, very well said. They kept on telling her to sing a more upbeat song that is obviously not her style. How rude. Well I guess, God has a better plan.

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