See NBC's 'Wonder Woman' in action! -- VIDEO

We’ve picked over her costume. Now it’s time to scrutinize her crime fighting skills! An amateur videographer caught Adrianne Palicki in action on Hollywood Boulevard recently while she was shooting the pilot for NBC’s Wonder Woman. It can’t be fun jumping on and off cars with an audience present, to say nothing of all the attention focused on her (controversial?) red and blue togs.

Perhaps that’s why she keeps throwing on a coat: Who needs all those eagle eyes? Anyway, her long, dark locks sure bounce nice.

Quick: Let’s have a show of hands from anyone who’d like to be in Palicki’s red boots right now!

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  • Mr. Holloway

    I’m enjoying the unintentional comedy of a “Budget” sign being so prominent since so many people are complaining about how the costume looks cheap.

    • Tom

      Is she supposed to be powerless in this show? I know she won’t fly in it because of budgetary reasons, but come on…why would WONDER WOMAN be running around cars? Can’t she at least jump higher than a mortal? (Unless she IS a amortal in this show) Didn’t the greek gods grant her abilities beyond those of normal women and men?

      • Brian

        Maybe running is more effective than jumping and overshooting the target. Jumping doesn’t normally come with the precision of flight.

      • Megan

        But she is Wonder Woman. She was granted abilities by the gods and goddesses of the ancient greek pantheon. Hermes gave her super-human speed, reflexes and agility while Artemis gave a god-level tracking sense and eye for her prey…shouldn’t she be able to be uncannily precise if she jumped after her “prey”? I have a hunch this will be like the original WW show…she will probably a tad faster then humans, a tad stronger, and she will probably only face off with various (human) thugs, ruffians and basically garden-variety villains. And here I was hoping for Cheetah and Dr. Cyber…

      • Jon

        Man, I hope that through the magic of post-production, they turn that silly-looking glitter-dipped rope into a cool effect that conveys what an actual magic lasso created from the fire of Hestia could look like. Shouldn’t it look at least like a stringy CGI rope of light?

  • JRWolfe

    Slightly better costume

    • Dave

      Wow… Even she is embarrassed to wear that outfit, the second she’s out of camera she immediately puts on a trench coat. I don’t blame here, looks ridiculous…

      • ea

        maybe it’s cold. everyone else is wearing a jacket or long sleeves….

  • JJ

    I know there’s a lot of naysayers out there but to me this looks like a good old fashioned fun superhero show unlike the joyless Smallville which is oddly in denial that a costume is a good thing!

    • ax20

      it’s not in denial, it’s saving the costume reveal for the finale (notice there are other characters on the show who have costumes)

    • Fortune

      Dont put this show in the same sentence as Smallville. All the outfits on SV were better than this. {Except Stargirls loL}

      • JJ


        Most characters on Smallville wears hoodies that look like purchases from Hot Topic. Black Canary was like some sort of Low Rent Black Swan. I’d say Zatanna looked the best but that’s an easy costume.

        Smallville is notorious for it’s tired/decade old/worked for the first few season “no tights/no flights” garbage mantra.

        Smallville also saddled poor Tom Welling with that dreadful dated Matrix wannabe black coat/t-shirt costume as “the blue” (controls laughter).

        The show is even titled incorrectly as it’s NOT about Smallville at all anymore.

        Wonder Woman is at least embracing the whole idea of her being a superhero unlike Smallville where Green Arrow gets to be a costumed hero but Clark is stuck in Season 1 mode 9 years later.

        They’ve should’ve rebranded the show “Metropolis” 3 yrs ago and gave Welling a costume but they can’t, they’re stuck.

      • Duh

        JJ, Most of Smallville happens in Smallville, Clark still lives on the Kent Farm. What about Hawk Man’s Costume or Dr. Faith, Super Girl? And no flight? HawkMan, Super Girl, and Martian Man Hunter all flew in this show…get your facts straight before you start spewing off false info…Thanks

      • Fortune

        Poor JJ. If the show was so bad i wonder how you know all this stuff about it and whats still going on in the final season. Truth is u still watch it. And you’ll keep watching until its over. This time next year WW will be cancelled.

  • Brian K

    I think the problem is more the actress than the costume. Not that she isn’t a good actress, we’ve seen on FNL that she is talented and deserves to be offered good roles. But this requires someone a bit stronger looking.

  • Esta

    I assumed this was an April Fools joke since this video came out, like, a week ago.

  • ax20

    i don’t know why people keep complaining about Palicki’s physique. She’s in good shape, she’s an athlete. She’s not an Amazon but how many actresses are there who can actually act and are Amazonian in size? (This is assuming that this remake on Wonder Woman even has her being an Amazon in the first place, which there are no guarantees on.)

    I think this costume looks better than the old. Flats may not be as hot as heels, but only a stupid superhero has heels when they do a lot of running. She’s supposed to actually catch bad guys right? In truth, the videos of her look better than the still shots do which makes me think it is the type of material that looks better on film. (I remember running into a bunch of people dressed for an opera for an episode Gossip Girl and thinking they looked like they were wearing tacky prom outfits. Those same outfits, when I saw them on the episode itself, looked much better.)

  • Amy

    I think people need to give Adrianne Palicki a shot. As mentioned in previous comments she is a great actress and I think she can pull it off. In regards to the comments on her physique, she looks healthy and capable to me. Yea she isn’t ripped, but she is by no means a wilting flower. Lighten up and wait to see what the finished product looks like before you make any final judgements.

    • Megan

      Not to mention that Wonder Woman is not She-hulk…she ain’t supposed to be ripped anyway.

      • Duh

        uh yeah she is..she’s an Amazon, with strength to match Superman’s…this chick doesn’t even have curves.

      • Jon

        Yes, Wonder Woman is an amazon, but amazons were not bodybuilders. Not to mention that Wonder Woman was a clay statue that the gods and goddesses of Olympus imbued with life and powers. Her powers are supernatural…it’s not like she weightlifted in Superhero Gym, gaining all that strength. She needs to be athletic, curvy, and slightly cut, like say…Serena Williams, but if you wanna see a muscled-out tranny with a neck as thick as an oak and no boobs, go watch any female bodybuilding competition on Cable…

  • marjowil

    seems good to me. Costume looks better in motion.

    • Jennifer

      Exactly what I was thinking. The stills of the new costume were better but still awkward looking, but the video is much, much better. I’m still wary of the script, though.

  • AT

    The coat is to keep from getting sick. Given that all the workers are wearing warm clothing, I’d say it was pretty chilly that night.

    If you’re running around and getting sweaty, the last thing you want to do is let cool night air hit that moisture. Sure fire way to get sick.

    We used to have to bundle up before and after events in the early track season in high school for just that reason.

    • ea


  • Fortune

    cancelled after 5 eps because the script is still lame. Im sure everyone will watch the pilot though.

    • Amy

      I’m confused, did you get an advanced copy of the script? All we have been given so far is the shows concept. Keep and open mind and don’t count it out so early.

  • Liz

    If I looked like her, I’d wear that costume! She looks fine.

  • Andre

    At the end she greets and double (also in WW costume and a jacket) and they walk away. Are you certain that was Palicki and not her stunt double doing the running through traffic sequence?

  • Max Fisher

    This is going to be like almost every other superhero TV show in that the villains will not have powers. Say what you want about Smallville, at least the bad guys could take on Clark

  • rod

    wow over under 3 episodes

  • AngusJ

    The camerawork is abysmal. Next time try NOT to stand behind a bunch of heads.

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