'Smallville,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Justified,' and 'House': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


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First, can we take a moment to acknowledge today? No, I don’t mean April Fool’s. I mean that today will forever be known as the day with the most attractive Spoiler Room photo ever. Hope you’re not a vegetarian, because that’s a lot of beef, that photo.

Okay, that’s out of the way.

Now, the scoop! I know it’s April 1, but I assure you there are no jokes here. I take scoop seriously, and when you read today’s column, you’ll see why! Also, let’s take a moment to welcome Mandi Bierly, who makes her Spoiler Room debut with some delicious Vampire Diaries info!

As always, I invite your feedback/questions/musings. Send them all to spoilerroom@ew.com or touch base with me on Twitter @EWSandraG.

The end of Smallville is inevitable, but I know that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. But hopefully this scoop from executive producer Brian Peterson will. And because every bit of information is crucial at this point, I say we do this transcript style. And before you ask, yes, this is just a piece. There’s much more where this came from. So. Much. More. But I just couldn’t let you go hungry.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First, and very importantly, how much of a role will Michael Rosenbaum play in the finale?
BRIAN PETERSON: What I can say is, everybody that is in the finale plays a supporting role in Clark [Tom Welling] getting toward his ultimate moment. And Michael is no different from the other characters in that, and he’s very important. But it’s about Clark.

What can you say about the next few episodes?
First of all, every one of the last five episodes kind of has its own place. We very purposefully planned. The first one back, “Kent,” it’s kind of a thriller that is really heartwarming. And then we have “Booster” that is this really fun, glossy superhero that’s come to town and thrown a wrench in Clark’s plans. After that, we have a really cool, kind of Clark all-over quest. And then we come to “Prophecy,” which pushes us off in a really big, emotional way with a surprise and a twist toward the finale. The characters have a big, emotional journey going into the finale, but [those episodes also explain] a little bit of the mythology thread we’ve woven through the season. It really revs that up. So we get to see our big baddie coming as we go toward the finale.

Is there anything more you can tell us about “Booster,” which Tom Welling is directing?
It’s really fun because while we introduce Booster and Jaime as Blue Beetle, both those stories dovetail really nicely with Clark at the cross-section of those stories. It’s a great episode because it’s not only fun, but it also tells a really good, deep story about heroism. And then it’s really fun because right after that, we go into Justin Hartley’s directorial debut. And so we have Tom and Justin back-to-back directing. They’re two really different episodes, but both wildly cool.

“Dominion” is going to bring back Zod, right?
That’s the return of Zod…. The way we bring back Zod  is, I think, really fun, and it’s fun to see Oliver interacting with Zod. But the way we leave it, hopefully fans will really enjoy the way we leave Zod and will recognize the final image of him very clearly.

Next Friday, return to ITV for more Smallville!

Scooped on request from Greg.

By now you’ve seen the previews for episode 9 of Justified, and I promise you, it’s as great as it looks. As I teased on Tuesday, the debacle over the mountain makes some major progress, and Raylan has a game-changing encounter with the Bennett clan. Executive producer Graham Yost even stopped by EW HQ earlier this week to talk about the huge episode. (We’ll be sharing our convo with him very soon.) But he also spilled about episode 10, which, as it turns out, has some major moments of its own — specifically for Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Winona (Natalie Zea). “There’s a big thing that happens in 10 where we take the relationship to another level,” he teased.

In the episode, Raylan struggles to cope with disappointing his father figure Art, who previously caught them putting the bag of money Winona swiped back in the evidence room. But while the situation proves to be “very, very tough” on Raylan, his reflection on the event leads to a milestone confession.  “He comes to realize [something] in 10. He says to her, ‘I didn’t do that thing with the money and get you out of that jam because I’m a criminal like my dad. I did it because I love you.’” [Pause for audience gasp.]

I won’t reveal her reaction here, but Yost does say the interaction “takes us through the rest of that episode and sets us on a course for them that has its own twists and turns.”

Scooped on request from: Karen, Kristie, Mona, Jennifer, Erin, Ellyn, Meaghan, Anne, L. Rosen, Amelia, Catherine, Katherine, and Susola


Those of us counting the days until the next new episode of Vampire Diaries are rejoicing now that we’re finally down to single digits. We know that in the April 7 episode, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) works with Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to try to find the site of the old witch massacre, and that on April 14, he and Alaric (Matt Davis) chaperone the high school’s “1960s Decade Dance” because they fear the big bad Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will make his grand entrance. (Check out our exclusive photos from the dance, at least one of which will have the fangirls sighing.)

But looking farther ahead, executive producer Julie Plec says we’ll get to see Elena’s and Stefan’s reactions to Damon’s decision to use mind compulsion on local TV news reporter Andie Star (Dawn Olivieri) to make her his substitute girlfriend/blood donor. “We won’t hit that for a few more episodes, but there will be that moment when Damon’s desire to distract himself from his feelings for Elena blow up in his face, and the allure of Andie starts to leave a bit of a sour taste,” Plec says. (Before that happens, will we at least get to see Damon take another bath? “Damn, I don’t know. I might have to go back and do a rewrite,” Plec laughs. “I feel like every time we’re like, ‘Well, we could set this scene in the bathtub… Oh, wait that won’t work.’”)

The tension between the Salvatore Brothers will also continue to rise, Plec  says, as they find themselves on opposite ends of a debate about the best methods to protect Elena. “I am fully a Team Salvatore shipper. I want the brothers to be brothers, and to love each other, and to be good to each other always, but that’s part of the journey of the show,” Plec says. “When you’ve got two guys who have feelings for the same girl, that’s not gonna be easy. And it starts to become particularly complicated as we get to the end of the season.” – Mandi Bierly


Any Jax & Tara scoop on what is in store for them for season 4 of Sons of Anarchy? — @BikerandDoctor via Twitter
I caught up with the one man who can answer this, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, at FX’s annual Upfront presentation/bowling party at Lucky Strike in New York and got some valuable intel. “She’s been alone, and [the beginning of the season is] really about both of them figuring out what’s going to happen and making a decision about what’s going to happen. I think it’ll be about how one foot out the door, one foot in, doesn’t work anymore,” he teased. “I think this season, a lot of that fluctuation will come to a head and a decision will have to be made.”

Will we be able see any of the 14 months missed between Sons of Anarchy season breaks? — @twocurlygirlz via Twitter
I kind of like this Kurt-Sutter-does-the work-thing. Let’s do it again: “We won’t do flashbacks, but you’ll learn through story and you’ll see visually. I think a lot of it will be filled in throughout the season.”

This “secret” of Thirteen’s on House, why she went to prison. Yes, I need more details on that…stat! — Margo
No amount of doctor puns will get me to divulge the secret, but I can tell you that she isn’t crying over just anything in that preview you’ve seen. The secret/reason is incredibly heartbreaking. And Olivia Wilde says once it’s out there, we can expect to see it bring Thirteen and House closer than ever (…but not romantically). “She really does appreciate his acceptance of her, and sometimes, I think that she feels he’s the only person in the world who understands her. Certainly after this episode,” she says.

What does House say to Thirteen to make her tell the secret? Is it Cuddy related…? – Jordan
Yup. “It’s shocking to her because of the vulnerability that he expresses along with it,” Wilde says. “He’s been perfectly happy in the past to drop bombs about himself that he doesn’t seem to be very emotionally affected by, but it’s the fact that he seems thrown off his comfort base a bit. He’s reaching out to her and showing her his rawness.”

So, Sandra, that Grey’s Anatomy musical episode was, um, interesting. Let’s focus on the good, though: I’m really liking Teddy and Henry. Word on Grey’s latest couple? — Sue
You’re not the only fan of the pair. Kevin McKidd [Owen] says the dynamic and unique situation between Teddy and her oft-ailing husband is second only to his character’s relationship with Cristina. “I think it’s interesting that Teddy is playing it all like a business transaction,” he says. “But as we all know there is no such thing as free lunches. I’m interested to see where that dynamic heads.” But before anything more happens, McKidd says the audience can expect Owen to weigh in on his friend’s romance after “ sort of dropping the ball on that one.” “He hasn’t been as attentive to his friend as you’d think. So I think, yeah, we’ll hear him pitch in soon.”


I have a Fringe question that’s been bothering me for quite a bit. Will we ever find out why Olivia and Peter don’t remember meeting each other? — Gloria
Not this season, says executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman. And possibly not ever. Pinker says, “I think that one of the things that we have been keeping in mind, and the viewer should keep in mind: both Joel and I  — and I’m sure you’re the same way — had really close friends when  we were 8 that we can hardly picture in our mind right now. And this was just a chance meeting. Olivia [also] didn’t remember meeting Walter, who played a much more significant role in her life. She didn’t remember meeting him throughout the first whole season until she was reminded.” Adds Wyman, “There’s also something to be said that when traumatic experiences, you know, you could bury that stuff. So you bury some of the good stuff along with the bad stuff because some of those good things are triggers for the bad things.”

What’s interesting, says Pinkner, is that earlier in the series, neither fans nor the creative team really noticed that even after years as Walter’s test subject, Olivia should have remembered Walter. “And yet, because the Peter and Oliva moment was so romantic and so full of hope, you remember, “Oh, why doesn’t she remember that one?” Which says something lovely about us all as people; we want to remember the good things and leave the bad things.” Yeah. These guys seriously speak this deep on the phone. I died of heartbreak multiple times. Sigh. Thank God this show was renewed.

What’s the update on Shirley’s baby drama on Community? Who’s her babydaddy!? — Lorena
I’ll let you find out on your own (lest I be murdered for ruining the answer!) I think you’ll find out soon enough…

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! The return seems so far away…. Scoop to make me feel better? — Kimberly
I know the returns seems eons away, but from what I’m hearing, it will be more than worth the wait. At FX’s Upfronts, I cornered Glenn Howerton (Dennis) in between his bowling duties, and he told me that they’re currently working on an episode that is the “classic sitcom high school reunion episode.” “As of now, it’s going to be a two-part episode,” he said. “But I can’t tell you what happens.” Don’t worry, Glenn. You’ve told me all I need to know. I’m there!

Blue Bloods! I know you love NKOTBSB. So show Donnie Wahlberg’s show some love! — Jean
Well, I don’t have anything in the way of Danny Regan scoop, but things are certainly going to heat up for his little bro Jaime in an upcoming episode when he’s put on personal security duty for an attractive, well-to-do woman who has an eye for young, attractive officers of the law.

LOOOOVED your chat with Thomas Gibson. Any more Hotch dish? — Lee
How about some Hotch scoop…for season 7! Well, if there is a season 7 (please, please, please, please, please, and duh). Thomas Gibson hopes the audience gets a chance to see the deeper effects of this season’s uber-impactful storylines (like the “death” of his colleague Emily Prentiss). “I think he’s had his share of challenges and tragedy and it would be nice to see him [cope]. I think he’s going through the process of dealing with some of that, and I don’t know if we’ve seen that happen,” he tells me. “We’ve never really seen him deal with what’s happened in his life in the past couple years. I think exploring that would be interesting and I think we may end up seeing some of that.” But how does Gibson envision a derailed Hotch? “There are so many ways for that to manifest itself. He doesn’t, I think, have a whole lot of indulgence of his own for any of the weight that he carries. To a certain extent, that’s one of his flaws. He would rather ignore it, and of course, you can’t ignore it forever.”


Image Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

I miss Raising Hope!! Help a loyal reader get through the dry spell? — Ciara
In the first episode back, airing April 19 (mark it on your calendar), Jimmy and Sabrina travel to Wyatt’s college because Sabrina suspects he’s cheating. But before they can infiltrate the world of college frat parties, they must dress the part — as pimps and hos!

So glad I don’t have to release the hogs of war on FX’s a**!! RT @EWSandraG: ‘Justified,’ ‘Archer’ renewed at FX — @Heather719 via Twitter
This isn’t a question. I just thought this was one of the best Tweets I’ve ever received. Bravo.

Emily Deschanel is pregnant! Does this mean…what I think it means? — Rebecca
Honestly, it can go either way at this point. I’m hearing buzz that the news — while joyous — definitely poses a challenge to production next season. Time will tell. Then I’ll tell you.

Being Human is coming to a close. What can you tease about the finale? — Kristine
I’ll definitely have more for you next Tuesday from my chat with Sam Witwer, but I can tell you that the final two episodes are filled with backstory galore! In the penultimate episode, we meet the woman behind Sam’s “Celine” tattoo via flashback to the 1970s (and as you might guess, her connection with Sam is as heartbreaking as it is important), and in the finale, we learn an key piece of Josh and Aidan’s past.

Some Private Practice scoop please! — Terry
Charlotte is going to find herself in the midst of a difficult case after a young woman is raped but doesn’t want a rape kit. Sound familiar? Ugh. Awful!

White Collar. Go! — Amber
Peter. Neal. Speed dating. Yes, as good as it sounds. Scenes are hilarious and involve accents. Insert whine about it not being summer yet.

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  • Elle

    Tom Welling’s face is so stunningly gorgeous that it should be illegal. He is the most beautiful man to ever play Superman. I will miss Smallville but I’m wishing Tom the best in the future. He may have never made a Superman film but he will always be my Superman.

    • Ferniesfreckles

      He totally is one of the most attractive faces on tv.

      It’s too bad he is hidden away on a barely watched network. Hopefully he will find work on a better-seen network show.

    • georgie

      While I agree with you that he is absolutely gorgeous, I honestly think he is not a very good actor.

      • Cin Salvatore

        SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH!

        Welling is nothing short of stunning when he’s able to break out of Clark’s usual mold. Which is why after Smallville it will break my heart that he’ll most likely stick to directing/producing.

      • Zakry

        Come on. This is Smallville. The actors are given a very limited canvas to create on. Tom has done a couple of movies and if you didn’t know it was Tom Welling, you think he was an entirely different person.

      • dee123

        100% correct! Ever seen the remake of The Fog?

    • Dixie

      I concur – Tom Welling is truly beautiful on camera. His little expressions melt me every time.

      • georgie

        Agreed. Tom Welling is an incredible actor.

    • Brett

      Tom Welling is so good, he could play a park benchy. Or the top of a table. Really, anything made of wood.

    • Nancy

      I agree whole heartly.

  • Nan K

    Tom Welling’s already directed six episodes before “Booster”, including this season’s “Patriot”. The info about it being his directorial debut is wrong.

    • Duh

      @ Nan K

      It said …Justin Hartley’s directorial debut, not Tom Welling’s…

  • Derrick Williams

    Tom welling is the man!

  • jess

    You do know that Tom Welling has been directing episodes on Smallville since Season 5’s Fragile right??

  • kdfsljf


    • Carlos

      Justified is my favorite of the 3 shows. Timothy Olyphant is attractive, sexy, and he’s over 40. I like the Vampire Dairies and Supernatural, but they have been showing too many repeats. Blue Bloods and ‘The Good Wife’ are my favorites too.

      I look forward to Smallville being canceled and ending. After all these seasons, Superboy still cannot fly or is wearing a cap and custume. As a boy growing up, reading about Superboy and Superman in the Comics, they both could fly and wore caps.

  • James

    Tom Welling is an amazing actor & director! So glad he was chosen to be Clark Kent!

  • jess

    these revelations make me really excited about the end of smallville.

    • scotty

      i don’t want it to end but sometime it has too i love smallville since season 1 & 10 i wish they could be a season 11

  • Jason

    Its not Tom’s directorial debut with Booster, it will be his 2nd episode that he directs this year and he’s directed quite a few episodes for Smallville in the past since S6.

    • Jason

      Check that since Season 5.

  • ka

    Tom’s directorial debut was in season six… I think you confused him/his ep with Justin.

  • Meli

    I’d like some L&O SVU scoopage please: is there any way the producers can find a way to reprise Henry Ian Cusick’s character, Erik Weber? Not only was his character downright creepy, it gave Mariksa Hargitay one of the greatest smackdown moments ever seen on the series.

    • DotDotDot

      No, no, no! I love him, and I don’t want to ever see him as a deviant ever again! He needs to be in a show where he is being tender, and sweaty, and talking a lot with that yummy accent. But no more sex offender roles, please!

  • Eric P

    I hope Shirleys babydaddy on COMMUNITY isn’t Chang!!
    I’m Changed out i never liked the character and this season has been too Chang-centric.

  • Jason

    Thanks for the Smallville scoop BTW! Looking forward to more!

    • JaySin420

      I love that Zod spoiler, I bet they do something with Terrance Stamp’s likeness.

  • DC

    after reading this the ONLY thing still buzzing in my head is the reality of only 5 episodes left os Smallville. *sigh*

  • TayMads

    I mean was it spectacular. Lol

  • Sally

    Cuddy related secret!?! OMG can we please finally forget about her?! She is definitely not the right woman for House. Been there, done that, was a mistake then, will be in the future, now can we forget her?! I hope (and think) it has to do with his past, maybe his father or something. Way more interesting!

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