Charlie Sheen's Detroit disaster: Boos, walkouts for Torpedo of Truth

First the U.S. automaker recession, and now this. Charlie Sheen unleashed his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour on the Motor City on Saturday night before a crowd that greeted the actor with an adoring standing ovation and concluded with booing and walkouts. The padded and disjointed show was a hodgepodge of video clips and Sheen-isms that felt hastily assembled and misjudged the patience of even the hardest of hardcore fans. Below is our on-the-scene progressive timeline of disaster from Detroit:

7:50 p.m. ET — Lovefest: Outside Fox Theater, Melissa Shovlin and Haley Clark — two young women wearing homemade “Winning!” T-shirts (see picture below) — are asked what they expected from the show. “We have no idea,” says Shovlin. “That’s part of the excitement.” Is she concerned about Sheen’s mental state, given his recent tendency toward multimedia outbursts? “Everybody is a little crazy,” she shrugs off. She also notes, “I think in this environment, he’ll be a little more free to jump around like a snake in a chair.”

Geoff Resek, an attendee from Connecticut, declares that Sheen will use his theatrical performance “to prove he’s completely sober, because he wants to win.” In general, the atmosphere outside is irony-free: People are here because they find Sheen hilarious, because they have always found Sheen hilarious, and because they are officially in support of his “winning” transformation. They are more devoted to Sheen than the media, but they simultaneously are taking him less seriously.

Inside the theater, the program for the evening (which cost $20) features a collection of Sheen’s radio quips — “I’m on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen” — and pictures of the actor. The T-shirts are selling briskly. A popular one for $30 declares “F—ing Brilliant!”

7:59 — You cannot walk through the crowd without hearing someone say “Winning.” There are girls wearing tiger-striped pants, and assorted custom Sheen quips T-shirts. The Midwestern crowd has come from all over, devout followers of the Vatican’s most famous assassin.

8:13 — The show is supposed to start at 8 p.m. A geeky comedian who is decisively not Charlie Sheen comes on stage and begins a set. There is some booing from the audience, followed by chanting: “Charlie! Charlie!” The booing gets louder.

8:17 — The comedian starts a joke: “I found out exactly how I’m going to die–” Someone in the audience yells, “Yeah, on stage!” Note to comedians: If Charlie Sheen asks you to open for him, say “No.”

8:19 — Here is just a sample of this painful opening act: “Shouldn’t they call the defibrillator a difibra-now?” Sheen himself comes out to defend the comic, telling the audience to give him a chance. The actor receives a standing ovation. Sheen says that he’ll be right back out, and exits. The comedian continues his set. Problem: This is a rock-concert atmosphere, and nobody wants a stand-up act. They’re here for the warlock.

8:30 – The comedian has been literally booed off the stage.

8:32 — That’s weird. The lights have come back up, and the audience is waiting again. Everyone is confused — it’s not clear why the show started and then stopped again. So far, this has the makings of a disaster, the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark of celebrity stage acts.

8:53 — The show officially begins with a mock iPhone ad, advertising the “MaSheen.” This app will be used throughout the show to introduce each segment. Two attractive scantily clad women — contest winners Kelly Jean and Lisa Jaques — come on stage to sing the national anthem before a waving flag. They’re not exactly great singers. “Do it topless!” one audience member shouts.

8:58 — Film clips are playing on screen. Die Hard, Midnight Express, Taxi Driver, Animal House, Sheen’s own Platoon, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and (of course) Apocalypse Now. There’s no context, just the violent clips. One imagines it’s like being inside Sheen’s fever dream and the experience is taking on a Clockwork Orange quality.

9:00 — Two goddesses are now making out on stage. And finally, Charlie Sheen returns. He holds up a sports shirt of the style that’s worn by his Two and a Half Men character and puts it on. The audience gamely boos. The Two and a Half Men theme song plays and is intercut with a scene from a classic film of a man screaming “Turn it off!” Then Sheen grabs a Detroit Tigers shirt instead. The crowd roars and gives him a standing ovation. Regarding the Men shirt, Sheen says, “Take that out and burn it.” On video, the girls burn the shirt backstage.

9:07 — Sheen steps behind a presidential-style podium that proclaims “Warlock States of Sheen.” Guitarist Robert Patterson is playing on stage. Sheen begins a lengthy speech in his newfound Malibu Messiah semi-coherent metaphor-stuffed neo-Hunter S. Thompson style, talking about his “napalm-dripping brain.” “I’m here to solve a portion of this grand mystery,” he says.

9:08 — Sheen: “I am finally here to identify and train the Vatican assassin locked inside each and every one of you.”

9:10 — Sheen’s promises are largely incomprehensible, though they at least seem intentionally so: “Freedom from monkey-eyed…sweat-eating whores. Freedom from the dour and sour taste of malignant reproach…. I’m a giant and leaky bag of mayhem.”

9:13 – Sheen: “They took my awesome children… They took my sometimes bitchin’ job… And when they thought there was nothing left, they tried to take my heart and brain and titanium spine. But they could not.” Audience growing restless. This show is all pump-up, no narrative.

9:15 — Okay, nobody understands a word Sheen is saying. “Is anybody else as confused by this s— as I am?” he finally asks. There are roars from the crowd. “I wrote every word!” Later, a cabdriver tells me that it’s about this time that angry fans began walking out of the theater. 

9:18 – “Nothing terrifies a troll more than its own reflection,” Sheen continues, before shifting gears into politics. “In a recent poll, they told me I’d bring down that whore [Sarah] Palin. I don’t have time for that nonsense.” [Read about the poll he’s referring to here.]

9:20 — People start booing Sheen. Not playing around, but actually booing him. Sheen yells, “I already got your money, dude!”

9:23 — We are watching video of Charlie Sheen playing Call of Duty.

9:35 — The show has become a padded and disjointed mess. Sheen plays an old short film he made called RPG starring a young Johnny Depp, but the audience gets frustrated and starts booing. Sheen stops the video and says, “Okay, so RPG was a bomb. Tonight is an experiment.” One is reminded of Torpedo of Truth’s subtitle on the marquee outside: “Defeat is not an option.”

9:40 — Sheen says he’s going to “tell some stories about crack. I figured Detroit was a good place to tell some crack stories.” This comment, not surprisingly, does not go over well. “Show of hands who here has tried crack?” Very few people raise their hand. “I don’t do crack anymore, but this is a good f—ing night to do some crack.” The audience boos.

9:43 — Sheen tells the audience, “You paid your hard-earned money without knowing what this show was about.” He asks if people have any questions. A girl from the audience asks for his best porn-star story. Sheen doesn’t want to tell that one. He starts telling a story about getting his car stolen — he says the story involves crack — but nobody wants to hear it. Another woman asks for a hug. He gives it to her and that’s nice — pretty much the whole audience could use one at this point.

9:50 — The show appears to be almost over. More padding, rap tributes to Sheen from YouTube. He plays a video that intercuts his 20/20 interview with new footage of him being obnoxious to Andrea Canning. It’s amusing at first, but drags on too long.

10:03 — The show is now an unmitigated disaster. There’s a fairly steady stream of people leaving early. Attendee Chris Acchione, a self-described Sheen fan who traveled all the way from Toronto for the show, says his entire mezzanine row walked out. “He’s making a fool of himself,” he says. “Is there a bigger loser in the world? He’ll be [begging] Chuck Lorre for his job back by the end of the week.” 

10:05 — Sheen is composing a live tweet. More disappointed comments from people leaving early: “I was expecting a comedy show.” “I could have done a better job.” “It’s just like hanging out at his house,” says a man wearing an “I Believe in Tiger Blood” T-shirt.

10:20 — Sheen plays the track he recorded with Snoop Dogg. But Snoop, despite promises, is a no-show (he was actually back in Los Angeles, performing live on stage at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards). Rapper Simon Rex comes out instead while Snoop’s video plays in the background. Lights come on. That’s it? Fans are angry. When Oliver Stone or whoever makes the inevitable biopic on Charlie Sheen’s life, tonight’s event is definitely making the final cut.

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PRESHOW THOUGHTS: There’s a scene in a Simpsons episode where Homer breaks an ant farm on the space shuttle. As the ants float from the confines of their plastic display, they cry, “Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!”

That may not be the sharpest literary metaphor in the shed, but that phrase keeps coming to mind when covering Charlie Sheen. He’s finally escaped the trappings of his hit prime-time sitcom and he can now say and do whatever he wants. It’s been a bit like watching an overgrown kid while his parents are out of town. But as anybody who has been laid off can attest, there’s always an undercurrent of dread from being abruptly untethered from your longtime workplace home — no matter how sunny your future prospects. And you combine that “horrible, horrible freedom” with fame and money and addiction issues, and now you have the formula of countless American celebrity excess biopics.

So far we’ve seen Sheen indulge his newfound freedom to pontificate using all the latest communication toys — Twitter! Webcams! But tonight the actor embraces one of the oldest forms of communication: the hastily produced reputation-boosting stage show.

Sheen’s 20-date My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat Is Not an Option Tour seems to borrow a page from the Conan O’Brien post-employment playbook — keep working, connect with fans, generate headlines (and, if possible, earn some sympathy in your PR struggle against Evil Former Bosses). Nobody is sure what to expect, exactly, but word has it that the show will be “music heavy” with guitarist Rob Patterson and Snoop Dogg making an appearance.

Sheen claimed his opening show here at Detroit’s 5,000-seat Fox Theatre sold out in just 18 minutes (and one couldn’t help but wonder how many of those tickets were snatched up by entertainment reporters). But then came the follow-up stories that revealed there were plenty of seats still available (indeed, we bought our seat about a week ago). There is some societal benefit to ponying up $35-65 for a ticket — $1 from every seat goes to the Red Cross for Japan relief (and how you react to that detail is as effective a cynicism litmus test as you’re likely to find).

Throughout the ramp-up to the tour, some have wondered: Why launch this party in Detroit in the first place?

There’s actually a certain symmetry to a fired actor starting his tour in a city that’s become better known for its unemployment level than its automobiles. A couple years ago Detroit unemployment hit an astounding 28.9 percent, three times the national average. Of course, we all know Sheen has pretty much nothing in common with the average laid-off autoworker, and since Sheen himself has been so quick to point out his status compared with the common folk (“I don’t understand what I did wrong except live a life everyone is jealous of”), the surge of interest to see his show is a bit mystifying to some. Perhaps Sheen has managed to pull off the livin’-large braggart style of hip-hop as a Hollywood actor and, if so, Detroit, once again, isn’t such a bad launchpad (in case you’re wondering, Two and a Half Men is slightly more popular in Detroit than in most major markets, according to Nielsen, but not inordinately so). Or…perhaps Sheen just picked Detroit by firing an arrow at a wall map using his giant chicken bow from Hot Shots! Part Deux — you gotta be careful about reading too much into these things.

The show starts at 8 p.m. ET. Will update throughout the night.

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  • sara

    How stupid do people have to be to waste money on this idiot? seriously.

    • DEB

      And better how stupid are medias to coverage his every moves or how stupid do people have to be to waste time in critizicing him of people interested in some internet boards when they could enjoy their time in another way..hey sara ? How ?…lol

      • sara

        Gee, how stupid do people have to be to be as illiterate as you? I’m not even going to try making sense of that ridiculous quasi-sentence. You are a perfect example of the idiots who idolize this jerk.

      • Jethro

        Gee sara you think you are literate..think again ! AND again and again and again..

      • Dan

        Well she read the comment and wrote her own, so I’m guessing she’s literate.

        And there’s a big difference between paying money and reading about it. Like, I’ll watch the Jersey Shore for free but I’m not paying The Situation to come to my party.

      • No


      • Zech

        well it looks like sara SHUT YOU RIGHT UP HUH DEB? Lol

      • Hoyt Hamilton


        “Gee, how stupid do people have to be to be as illiterate as you? I’m not even going to try making sense of that ridiculous quasi-sentence. You are a perfect example of the idiots who idolize this jerk.”

        Though grammatically correct, your transition between informal and form writing is notably moronic. Furthermore, your initial question is somewhat redundant, and, in addition, your use of the hyphen is incorrect.

      • stacy

        Well it probably took Sara about 10-20 seconds to write here comments,

      • Ed

        Don’t you have something important to do, like watch pleasuring yourself over your Charlie Sheen scrapbook?

      • Sandra

        @Hoyt Hamilton, please SHUT UP you are not funny.

      • DJ

        People paid around 85 bucks a ticket. What did they expect him to do. He’s not a comic, he can’t sing, he just reads lines.
        I guess the audience who bought tickets can just get satifaction of booing a guy who makes(made) two million a week.

      • @ Hoyt Hamilton

        @Hoyt Hamilton:
        Her question wasn’t redundant, it was rhetorical. Also, I’m sure you meant formal writing instead of “form writing.”

      • Pillow Pants

        The media is making money off him, not losing it, and Sara isn’t spending any money to read about the idiots who did.

        And what did they expect? It’s like renting Gigli because you’ve heard about how bad it is, and demanding your money back when you find out it’s true.

      • TheTRUTH

        Actually, Hoyt, the use of the hyphen is technically correct since the word “quasisentence” isn’t a word generally recognized. Instead, it is a colloquial variant of the word “sentence”, and is therefore correctly described as a “quasi-sentence”. Equally correct would be “quasi sentence”, but there’s not a chance in hell you knew that. Nice try though, professor.

      • Danny

        Deb, I really have no clue what you just said, but I’d recommend sticking to just one form of narcotic. Sara, remember when that elementary school teacher told the class that “there is no such thing as a stupid person?”

        Well, she was obviously wrong.

      • Eugene

        Really? Are you 9 or is this our public education system shining bright?

      • sarCC

        For SHAME! Won’t anyone think of the medias?
        The MEDIAS!!

      • Hollarpeenyo

        Why do I want to punch Hoyt Hamilton in the face so bad? Hey Hamilton you’re a troll and I’m WINNING!

      • Marshall Smith

        I’m sorry,but i do not understand what Deb is trying to say. Is this a typical example of a Sheen fan?

      • freddygoombah

        There are only TWO things that are infinite: the universe, and the stupidity of mankind…and I’m not sure about the first one. – Einstein

      • jim

        Debby Webby, is that you?

      • JP

        About as dumb as you are obviously

      • Jimmer

        You have got to be the second-stupidest person in the world, right behind Charlie Sheen (and right before Obama). Your rambling and disjointed blabber makes me think Detroit public school … I bet you blew money on that show, didn’t you?

      • Charlie__Sheen

        Well if you can make a better show then do it! I’ll hire you and everyone who has anything to say bad about the show. I challenge you, make one better! Contact me with great ideas on how to make an awesome show better and its a work in progress. The next show will be completely different, drop the parts that got booed and add parts related to stuff that was cheered. Dont stay home my friends, come see the evolution revolution of my big torpedo.
        Think big, think long and hard about how to make my show better and I’ll pay you for making it better! Making it bigger and feel good too!

      • musica1

        I’m in defense of Sara. I agree with her original question and follow-up statement. Deb’s opening “And better how stupid are medias to coverage” made so little sense that I have to wonder if English is not her first language. But perhaps she’s just a product of our wonderful public schools.

      • @Hoyt- the somewhat redundant professor

        “Furthermore, your initial question is somewhat redundant”

        Somewhat redundant??? Isn’t that like being somewhat pregnant? haha- nice try though…

      • juddon

        You need to read over what you have written before you send it because what you said made absolutely no sense!

      • mojokabobo

        How stupid do people have to be to waste time criticizing people who are stupid enough to waste their time trolling message boards criticizing idiots? Seriuosly.

      • joe

        I dont know Deb,,, your stupid self is reading the story and commenting on it, so are you not one of them, idiot?

      • DJ

        Duh, #BOOING

      • LOVING

        Oh my god these comments are HYSTERICAL.

        To the Sheen fans who went to opening night, just read this thread and you’ll get the laughs you missed out on.

      • maxCruz

        Great response, still laughing at her reply as well, hehe…

      • Coco Bedokian

        What u smokin honey? Coco Bedokian

      • Corey Hamler

        Sometimes God have to take us from the penthouse of our Imagination to the basement of reality! Trust me Charlie, everthing is going to be alright. We already see that Two and a half man can’t go on without you….. Look-up, you will be back on top….

    • Sarabarbara

      It’s just an entertainer. It’s just as TV show. It’s just someone else’s life. Not your own. CBS has their hundreds of millions from it’s syndication. Haam has his millions as well. Charlie made them all very VERY wealthy. True? I would never have watched that show if Charlie had not been on it, because the story/plot/dialogue is boring and you all know it too. Be real. They knew what Charlie was going into this show, and they brought this upon themselves 100 percent. Charlie is Charlie. Did you think you were going to change someone? Huh. That’s weird.

      • kerry

        I agree with you 100%.

      • Lou

        I think what it really works on this sitcom is the dynamic between the characters and above all the chemistry between the cast (Charlie, Alan, Jake, Evelyn, Bertha and Rose)..the rest that can be hilarious but not really clever to say the least but the chemistry and the delivery is Golden.

      • Andre

        I agree with you 8%.

      • chrisp909

        I agree with everything you said except the part about watching the show because of Charlie. The show sucked out loud, so did he. I seriously did not understand the appeal of that show. Un-freaking watchable.

      • Danny

        Sarabarbara, stop being such a stooge. A successful show requires many MANY talented people to create. There are a lot of actors who could have carried the Charlie role just fine – just as there have been many MANY successful shows without Charlie in them. And just so you know, the show was NOT all that popular until it hit late night tv.

      • Danny

        Charlie’s lame performance here should give you a pretty good idea of just how LITTLE impact he had on making two and a half men a success.

        2 1/2 men had many talented people working on that show. Without their talents, Charlie sucks a swollen monkey testicle.

        If he’s so talented and funny all on his own, then how do you explain this train wreck?

      • Maggie

        you are correct in saying that this is proof that Charlie needs talented people to work with to be a success. Charlie isn’t a comedian or a writer. Charlie’s career wasn’t going so well when he was hired for the show. He would have been a has-been if Two and a Half Men hadn’t revived his career. Charlie owes his current fame and fortune to that show.

      • Joe

        True? I would never have watched that show if Charlie had not been on it, because the story/plot/dialogue is boring and you all know it too
        Everything about the show is boring but you enjoy and watch it- what does that say about the type of person you are?
        I can’t believe they paid him 2 million per episode. I can’t believe the show has been airing so many years. With all the recent talk about it I watched a couple episodes to see if maybe it’s gotten better over the years- but the show still stinks. It should have been cancelled years ago.

      • Yak

        I never watched the show precisely because he WAS on it. That and it got crap reviews. Mental midgets enjoy that type of humor. TV in general is for tards. When’s the last time you saw a good comedy movie with a laugh track?

      • Sherry

        I thought the show had a lot of talented ppl and wouldn’t watch the show because I refuse to support Charlie Sheen. Just goes to show that there’s alot of differing opinions out there. I do hope he eventually gets some help tho. It must be very hard/sad for his family.

      • UncleMonty

        You are a moron. Go back to sleep.

    • LOL

      James better check his spelling. He typed “sh*t” above.

    • black widow

      America is a strange place. Charlie Sheen has a 20 yr history of beating women. He shot Kelly Preston, strangled Denise Richards, beat the hell out of an Asian GF and put a knife to the throat of last wife Brook Muller. Yet no one says he cannot have a career! He destroyed the penthouse suite at the NY Plaza to the tune of 33,000 in damages yet that story got 1 day of news coverage. Interesting that the media constantly harps on 1 fight 2 yrs ago that a 21-yr-old had and 1 broken window in a dressing rm. They droned on for 14 days! Wow God Bless America!I guess certain ppl will always #WIN!

      • alli

        America is a strange place when everyone sits on their asses, semi-disagreeing with what is TRULY going on.. *coughs* “birth certificate: oh, but wait…2008 we want “change” the birth of change has arrived ‘comrade’

        I am MAD as HELL and I’m NOT going to TAKE it anymore..

        i want you to switch off your TV turn it off goddamnit.. i want you to go to your window and open it up and scream at the top of your lungs, “I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

        signed – a constitutionalist

      • Not.

        Charlie Sheen / Carlos Estevez did not shoot Kelly Preston. Preston handled a LOADED gun that Sheen left in one of his jackets when it went off. You insinuate as though he aimed & fired the gun at her. Shame on you! It is this kind of yellow journalism & outrageous FALSE assertions that will only further destroy the credibility of the anti Sheen obsessives. I think Sheen’s critics are really upset that he spoke out for 9/11 truth.

      • Sandra

        Oh, yes ali…Obama is WAY worst then women beaters. I guess that’s what people like you think…know go

      • Lindy

        Few people in the know believe the cover story about Preston handling one of his loaded guns and it accidentally going off. Jeez, people. Have none of you ever personally handled a gun? If a pistol went off by just grasping it momentarily every third person in Arizona would be missing toes.

      • Ilpalazzo

        Sandra – technically he is. ‘Women beaters’ only damage a few people, power-grubbing dictators cause suffering of many.

      • 1luv

        alli go sit in your mother’s basement and rock you stupid, racist, uninformed w.hore!

      • Danny

        Yep B. Widow, it is a strange place. You seem to know every move Charlie has made like the back of your hand.

        But I’d be willing to bet if I asked you who the U.S. treasury secretary is, you’d draw a blank….

      • Detter

        Charlie if you are posting here…get some help dood…you aren’t that great…and your father is worried about you…that should tell you something about your antics. Get back on your meds doods. Stop melting, it’s not manly…just insane babble. Not entertaining at all.

      • mike

        Oh yes, he brings up 9/11. The fact that this nutjob thinks the towers were brought down by an inside job is very telling of the REST of the nutjobs who see a “conspiracy”.

      • Lala

        America is also a placve (H’wood. really) that is willing to “forgive” Roman Polansky. So if all these people are perfectly ok with what he did – to a child – why wouldn’t they be ok with what Sheen does to women?

      • joe

        that dont make him a bad person,,, at least he’s white!

      • Zakry

        Black Widow is absolutely right. I cringe when I hear people defending Charlie Sheen here. If it were your wife/mother/sister he was slapping around, you wouldn’t feel so *winning*.

        And Alli has consumed so much of the conservative kool-aid, it has consumed her brain. Does she really believe Obama could have been in public service this long without someone seeing his birth certificate? Dummy.

    • whitneymuse

      Agreed; the show I find funny; it’s the characters and the writing; Charlie has little to do with the humor on the show; suspect his live show isn’t as funny as his TV sitcom.
      Making $2.5 million/episode can make you believe in Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy, too.

      • Cowcharge

        It was funny before the kid grew up into a hulking, future axe-murderer.

    • Not.

      What really upsets folks like you is the fact that he lent his high profile celebrity status to support 9/11 Truth. [ starting in 2006. ] I think Sheen should start covering THAT & other important truths on his stage show. He could take a page from his good friend Alex Jones. What a wake up he could cause & what an impact on the raising of consciousness & awareness he could have. He could almost single handedly turn Americans from celebrity fluff obsessed drones into critical thinking sentient self aware intellectual giants. People want to know the truth & what better way than to inform them through the channel of their own obsession with celebrity & image. I think Sheen has a unique opportunity to inform the public about important marginalized & hidden truth.

      • StaticKlingon

        Yeah, people should get their information from an ego-obsessed, bottom-bound, drug-crazed, spoiled little Hollyweird brat-spawn. Nothing could go wrong with that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Bill

        9/11 truthers….what a bunch of jokes. NO ONE BELIEVES YOUR CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!! ok, I feel better now

      • Sandra

        NOT-go away,please…

      • chrisp909

        hahahahaha, yes, yes Charlie Sheen is the spokes person for 9/11 truthers omg, I forgot about that! So hilarious. Oh geez, you are right, that would be great if he started talking about that on stage!

      • john

        Charlie Sheen needs to shut up about 9/11 because he makes all of the serious people that question the official story look like a bunch of wackos. Alex Jones is fraud and a fear monger. Alex Jones is the guy that predicted the world would end at y2k and always has something new for people to fear.

      • ken

        This mighy possible be the most ridiculous statement I have ever read on the internet. The INTERNET for God’s sake! To think that anyone’s “consciousness” could be raised by Charlie Sheen is beyond asinine. Then again, thousands of people with turd between their ears did pay money to see him “perform”, but do they really count?

      • Danny

        omg – begging a celebrity to run around yapping about 9-11 conspiracy theories? And you consider THAT being an intellectual giant?

        You’ve wandered deep into the woods, haven’t you?

      • Fellow truther

        Hey man, keep your head up in spite of all the ignorant ones calling you names and insulting sanity of your movement. Notice that there is not one single person that responded to you with any amount of respect, its literally all to the tune of “Haha, you nutjob kook” etc. But then, we’re used to this kind of knee-jerk response from ‘intellectuals’ who get their rocks off feeling superior to other people’s beliefs while simultaneously doing absolutely no research into their own beliefs. They are cattle, and as they laugh at you, they are being herded into the slaughter house.

      • Kristi

        Lord help us if we turn to Sheen to enlighten us or turn us into “critical thinking sentient self aware intellectual giants”. Oh really..that is such a scary thought. This is just a downward spiraling man in need of much help. Don’t look to him for answers, he’s a mess! He needs help, prayer, not people looking to him for any kind of answers.

      • Cowcharge

        Anyone who can explain how hundreds of interconnected demolition charges could be put unseen into two buildings holding 30,000 people will get me to listen to 9/11 “truthers”. Maybe.

    • Bernard

      Well, it is Detroit. SUCKERS

      • Danny

        Who’s the sucker? A blue collar detroit worker or someone who thought Bernard would make a great guy’s name?

      • Jack

        Anyone who lives in Detroit is, by definition, a sucker.

      • Thunderstorm Patriot

        @Bernard and Jack,

        The two of you should be ashamed. I bet that neither of you have ever stepped foot in Detroit in your lives. All you do is listen to the media reports and make an opinion without knowing anything. There are a lot of very fine and hard working people that live in and around Detroit. So stop insulting people you don’t know anything about. Do everyone a favor and shut your yap.

      • joe

        oh bernard, your such an A-hole, a black, black a-hole!

      • Dave

        @Bernard and Jack…more morons who know nothing about Detroit and its surrounding communities.

      • Van halen

        One word: robocop

    • lukuj

      Exacdtly! They got what they deserved for even wanting to see him – garbage! I hope they learned a lesson from this.

      • Mike

        I doubt they learned anything. They’ll just spend their money on the next train wreck to come by.

      • Danny

        True… they repeatedly vote in a government who keeps leading Michigan to ruin. Doesn’t look like learning lessons is their forte.

      • Stevie

        I’ve often stepped in Detroit…in fact, I have to clean it off of my shoes when I walk my dogs.

      • Piratbox

        I get what you’re trying to get at, but who actually steps in “Detroit” when walking dogs?

    • tommy

      crazy as a loon or brilliant? would love to know what Andy Kaufman thinks.

      • sls

        Andy Kaufman would look at this show and say: “What you didn’t even treat them out for Milk and Cookies? You are pretty pathetic.” That’s what he would say as Andy Kaufman..Then get into a fat suit as his alter ego comedian and rip Charlie Sheen a new one.

      • Miia

        The subsequent time I learn a blog, I hope that it dsonet disappoint me as a lot as this one. I imply, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have one thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you may repair in the event you werent too busy looking for attention.

    • JoetheFilmmaker

      @sara It’s called Obamacare. Since Obama is giving that to them, they have more expendable income to waste. But don’t worry, these are only Obama Dollars. Obama’s currency isn’t worth much in value. Euros vs. Obama Dollar $35=$15.

      Maybe if Obama appeared, it would have been a hit.

      • Sam J

        Joe are you for real? Obamacare is healthcare that dosn’t take effect till 2014. Welfare haas been given given to the poor by every Dem and Reb administration since The Great Depression, including your hero G W Bush.

      • dhue9

        blame Obama for everything you freaking idiot.. you being here in your infinite wisdom.. blame Obama.. u need obamacare u are just to stupid to figure it out..Repubs.. r u going to leave you naked on a cold morning in your underwear.. with nothing to take to the bank..

      • whitewalls

        You should change your name to JOE THE IDIOT.

      • Taffy

        How can you be naked if you are still in your underpants???

      • Maggie

        Trying to make a story about Charlie Sheen into a bash of Obama is pathetic.

      • Marshall Smith

        Sam,the Dmocrats created,own and operate welfare and all it has done is keep generations of poor people no hope and no way out. You leftists are so kind.

      • Bill M

        Sam J, you need to read the bill or watch the news. Parts of it are already in effect.
        dhue9, try writing sober next time.

      • jodipo

        Bill, most people classify news as “Not broadcast on Fox” so maybe you should watch some news… for the first time in your life

      • Rowan

        @JoetheFilmmaker. It’s not called Obamacare. Only those who stupidly think it is universal healthcare (or just want to lie about it) call it that. The insurance in still private. It is still being paid for by employers and individuals, but it will be properly regulated regulated so that you cannot be denied insurance and they cannot drop you once you have a claim. They also cannot put a cap on how much they will cover. So those are all GOOD things that will protect you as the consumer who needs and uses their health insurance. PLUS – you will get tax breaks (as will your employer) to make paying for your insurance more affordable. If everyone has insurance, the price of insurance goes down, as does the cost of medical care. It is those poor souls who are uninsured and cannot pay who cause their medical costs to be absorbed by those who are covered – hence the rise in costs overall.

        Perhaps if you learned the truth instead of spreading lies, you wouldn’t sound like such a fool.

      • Reborn

        Food for thought: My health premiums have gone up since Healthcare reform act was passed. So if it gets repealed, will that mean the premiums go down?

    • GeeMoney

      Anyone who actually that this show would any good, was in some serious denial when they bought those tickets. Losers!

      • J

        Great statement man! Now read it out loud to yourself, or others in the room with you, and call others losers again.

      • GeeMoney

        Not funny, J. Loser!

      • Piratbox

        It’s almost poetic that the missing word in GeeMoney’s sentence is “thought.”

    • Bill

      Sheen’s an egotistical train wreck..plain and simple, sad even.
      Detroits a dump, sorry. Mainly because of greed, corruption, and the fact that MI is flat broke. Oh wait, that describes this entire country..

      • Isabelle

        Took me time to read all the comments, but I rlealy enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had fun writing this article. You want everything to be perfect, but also appealing to the eye.

    • Bluto

      Let’s recap: fools who bought tickets got torpedoed with the truth—that Charlie Sheen is a trainwreck. Enjoy the nightmare of trying to get a refund—you deserve it.

    • Angela

      Oh please, the morons who actually paid to see him got EXACTLY what they went to see — a train wreck. I don’t feel even a little bit sorry for them. They got what they paid for, nothing more. Suckers.

    • Steph

      @Hoyt Hamilton:
      Her question wasn’t redundant, it was rhetorical. Also, I’m sure you meant formal writing instead of “form writing.”

    • Donnie

      Exactly. Why not go to a nice concert of The Arcade Fire instead?

    • Sally in Chicago

      I guess I was one of the few people in dark about how popular Charlie Sheen was. I never watched his TV show, 2-1/2 Men, I never saw his movie(s), so when this stuff with CBS jumped off, I was surprised at how much ink he got in the press. I must have been asleep all those years to not know that this mean was some kind of GOD to some people out there. I mean, he got paid $1-2Mil an episode…how do you get that job? He got people to pay big bucks to see him rant on stage and these were sellouts!
      Wow, I was really sleeping during the last decade when Charlie became the KING of entertainment.

      • dlp2888


    • Scarf

      By definition, anyone who wasted a dime going to see this dysfunctional, delusional drug addict is stupid. I have never watch a single second of any TV show Charlie Sheen was in. Even his dad, Martin, is embarrassed to have Charlie as a son. Stop watching and paying money for anything he is associated with and he will vanish and the sooner the better.

      • maxCruz

        I agree with your general statement about Charlie; however, I would bet my life that you “have never watched a single second of any TV show Charlie Sheen was in”. Therefore, you come across as an “internet moron”. Good luck!

    • scroo yoo

      Yeah,instead of telling stories about crack he should have been on crack instead.Ive seen funnier people stumble out of a dark alley in the city.

    • luis bezerra

      Yes, Its AMERICAN. And in entertainment business thats equeal to BAD QUALITY, or shows for dumb masses. Luckily in my cable I only watch british comedy, movies or shows.
      Two and a Half Men? You americans need more from Borat !! Or Bruno. Or Ricky Gervais.

      • LVP

        Borat?!?! Seriously? You use him as the definition of GOOD QUALITY? Please…

    • TOM

      everyone said he sucked….whats the debate…..god grow up people….

    • jeff

      The people said Sheen wasn’t funny. Hey, just like Bill Maher!

    • Nick

      Yep! ‘WINNING AT LOSING’ is what Sheen believes now. It seems to be his mantra !!! LOL

    • Sharlin

      I agree.

    • DMichael

      …maybe voting for obama in 2012

    • Mac

      Don’t piss off the retarded Sheen fans.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Why is anyone still supporting this narcissistic wack-job?

    • T

      Leave Deb alone! It’s not her fault that her parents are first cousins

    • kremzeek

      here’s why people follow this idiot…see,people are basically stupid.they’ll cheer the ***hole,but not anyone of see this kind of thing in all kinds of areas of matter how batsh*t someone is,there will always,and i mean always,be people who line up behind them.remember those heaven’s gate morons who followed two people calling themselves bo and peep..?yeah,so people are just f***ing dumb.

    • Danny

      Thanks Sara. That sums it up perfectly. I don’t need to read any further. Sheen is a waste of money and time.

    • nemesys06

      to be fair, some people probably bought tickets for the show to see if he can make an even bigger ass of himself. looking at the things he has said and done, he has already proven himself to be a whacked out crack head. i think he sounds like a moron in his interviews, however i thought that it would have been entertaining to go to his show and see if he can lower his standards yet again. i’m sure i’m not the only one that had those same thoughts!

    • Kert

      An intllegient point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

  • Jess

    You media columnists make me spend your time mocking, critizing or despising the guy and write again and again and again about him saying “we are tired of Charlie Sheen” what a big BS… But you can’t help but buying (yeah he makes you pay ! ha ha ha) to see him…i am sure in order to again trying to ridicule him in your silly and boring AND sanctimonious papers/articles but still you go in fact you RUN..He really knows how manipulate your greedy mojo..for sure..
    p.s: good luck Charlie.

    • Jenn

      Hibberd is EW’s resident hypocrite.

      He’s an intellectual midget and his articles are trash.

      • Pillow Pants

        And every time somebody like you reads a comments, he makes money off his trash. Reminds me of people on twitter complaining about top tweets even though their complaint is contributing to keeping it a top tweet. As long as trash brings in hits and ad revenue, they’ll keep dishing it up.

    • Mike

      Jess…I predict that within a year you’ll be drinking kool-aid at Sheen’s compound in some crap-hole country…

    • Pillow Pants

      Jes, you and every eprson reading this article justified the media columnist’s time and effort because that’s how they make their money.

    • MJ

      Jess – Well, I’m sure technically the columnists that went to see the DISASTER of a show, was able to expense the ticket, since they were there for “work purposes”. So, the money didn’t come out of their pockets. And wasn’t the columnist was there to review the show? Should he have given a good review for a bad show? Obviously, it was a bad show, Charlie was beeing “boo’d” and people were walking out before the show even ended. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say? Yeah right, Charlie is just being unfairly “victimized”. Haven’t we heard that one before. He put on a a bad show, the crowd deserved better, and he needs to take accountability and not take the cop-up “the media is picking on me”. GMAB!

      • anonymous

        Sheen’s condescending attitude to the paying audience was in such poor taste. No wonder they turned on him. You do not bite the hand that feeds you Charlie. Now you know what he really feels about his fanbase.

      • John Belushi

        I couldn’t have said it any better.
        Truth is Charlie’s just a greedy little money grubbing loser of a prick.

  • Nan

    Hei James,
    Before you start thrashing our city, go out and meet with us commonfolk before the show. We promise we won’t kick you out of D-town cos’ you’re from Holeeewoood!!!

    • LK

      I’m sorry but I just visited Detroit and it’s pretty clear that city is in dire need of something. It’s really gone down the tube. I saw entire blocks of vacant houses.

      • Nan

        might be so but doesn’t mean you need to kick a dog when its down.

      • Pillow Pants

        LK, that’s not exactly unique to Detroit. Kind of a nationwide epidemic.

      • Danny

        Pillow Pants… Michigan as a whole has gone down the tubes… And yes, it is pretty unique to Detroit. Other states have tight budgets…. a few more burned out street lamps… a few more pot holes… But Detroit is destitute on a whole new level. Unions broke down that city a long time ago… It’s a very good example of what unabashed liberalism can do to a society.

      • Maggie

        Detroit is an example of what corporate greed does to a society. Laying off workers to show a profit on paper so the corporate leaders can pay themselves huge bonuses. Shipping jobs to other countries is also a huge problem. With Detroit being mostly a one industry town, these things had an especially hard impact on the area. This is more conservative-style business than liberal.

      • EmpiricalEvidence

        @Danny – “It’s a very good example of what unabashed liberalism can do to a society.”

        Before just commenting, try doing a little unabashed thinking.

      • Marshall Smith

        Hows that “Hope and Change” working for you Detroit?

      • JD

        Detroit is the way it is because of ex Mayor KK, that stold many millions of dollars from Detroit… maybe, you heard of him?? He is in prison…awaiting 20 more counts of felonies to keep him there!

    • ea

      I didn’t get the sense that he was trashing Detroit at all– he was trashing Sheen….

      • Danny

        actually, he was pretty much just bullet pointing the show. Sheen pretty much trashed himself.

    • blondehawaiian

      DETOILET!!! I’m from there. Left after the riots. Dad was a cop. He told us, when we were little, that the “people of color” would destroy the city eventually. You people did this to yourselves. Detroit used to a beautiful city. Sheen started there bcz that’s where he belongs…in Detoilet.

      • soisay

        Wha??? the 1967 riots were … 44 years ago. (a) you are 55+ years old (b) your father, like my own, lived in the 1920’s-1940’s, did not use the term of ‘people of color’, and using broad pejoratives was the norm of the day (how kind of me). (c) Detroit was destroyed by the few rich bag-men, that relocated supplier plants, then assembly plants for pennies of savings (the opposite of Henry Ford’s far sighted $5/day vision the built the city). RW media can blame the victims, say the union and urban poor had it coming, but that is not why jobs disappeared for the entire Detroit metro area (100+ miles across). There are hundreds of city & county entities that comprise the metro area, to pound on one is simply a smear tactic.

      • Danny

        What broke that city down is a number of things… corrupt government, Union greed, and runaway entitlement spending… And California is not far behind it.

      • julierae1

        u r very racist…..diversity is a beautiful thing stop blaming one specific race for the problems in our city…u suck

      • Thunderstorm Patriot


        You are full of lies. Detroit was destoyed by Coleman Young and his cronies. Young created a system of political patronage and racial division that a socialist dictator would have been proud of. Under Coleman Young the businesses left Detroit and the Detroit schools became dysfunctional. But Young didn’t care about that. All he cared about was getting re-elected. He played the black majority of the city like a fiddle, while Detroit burned.

    • James Hibberd

      OK, this is James. Being called an “intellectual midget” doesn’t bother me, but I do mind some thinking I’m bashing Detroit. I’m actually from Milford. My dad worked at GM for 17 years. I love Michigan and was thrilled to have an excuse to spend some time here.

  • Joe

    How much is Charlie Sheen paying this magazine to kiss his ass?

    • Tom

      He is more interesting then half of the stupid cartoonish/comicbook/vampire/cookiecutter movies made recently.

      • Tina

        Only in the way that car wrecks are interesting. People slow down to watch, sure. That doesn’t mean they actually want any part of it.

      • Thunderstorm Patriot

        I bet you enjoyed the “Faces of Death” movies too.

  • Leslie

    This guy has the money and time to do so much good, and he simply doesn’t. He wastes it on drugs, women, and alcohol. I don’t care what context it’s put in…freedom is not horrible. The military works HARD every day to make sure Americans are safe. It’s a slap in the face to military members, who make sure people like Charlie Sheen has the opportunity to make the money he does and offend everyone on the planet.

    • Kelly

      so true – freedom is a gift that our brave people in the military has given to us. It should never be called horrible.

      • mikec711

        Agreed but … our military is constantly used inappropriately. Read what the founding fathers said. Our brave service men and women are great, our leaders who use them to police the world are horrible.

      • Awaste

        Saying we are “Policing the world” sounds a lot better then “we are capping all potential opposition, to our one world order, in the knee.”

        Scariest thing to consider is how effective we have become at tactics to disemble our people.

      • Desert Storm Veteran

        No they don’t give us the freedom, they protect our freedom. Your freedom was already there the day you were born.

      • Awaste

        “No they don’t give us the freedom, they protect our freedom. Your freedom was already there the day you were born.”

        Quoted for Truth

    • Elsie

      The point.


    • T Bone

      People in the military choose their job. They get paid. With tax dollars. They get sanctimonious people who mention the military unprompted.
      God bless entertainers who entertain and don’t feed off the public taxpayers’ teat! Or need food stamps because of military wives who don’t work who plopped out too many kids.

      • KansasGirl

        Hey Bone, I guess you don’t like “breeders”.

      • Bill

        What a deformed point of view. What have you done with your life? Probably sit around smoking weed all day playing X-BOX at mom’s expense. I would say mom and dad, but I am willing to bet big money he’s not around.

      • Pillow Pants

        ODB collected foodstamps and had countless illegitimate children, but thanks for playing.

        Also, so sick of people complaining about tax dollars going toward people who provide them with a service. Don’t want to pay military, police, firemen or teachers? Go live in a cabin in the woods, teach your own damn self and if your cabin burns down or gets broken into, it’ll be your own damn problem and nobody is going to risk their neck to help you.

      • Pillow Pants

        And why the hell should anyone who rakes in millions for something as trivial and insignificant as “entertaining” be hailed over people who actually contribute to society because they are motivated by selflessness rather than greed? No, you’re right. This world would be better off with the Paris Hiltons and Charlie Sheens….if only because we’d go extinct.

      • Danny

        Tbone, obviously you haven’t ever been to a VA hospital.

      • Maggie

        @T Bone,
        movie and TV productions get tax breaks and incentives all the time.
        Military personnel, police and fire fighters put their lives on the line for the rest of us. They deserve more money and praise then any overpaid entertainer. Charlie Sheen is a selfish and delusional man, and is dirt compared to our military, police and fire fighters.

      • Thunderstorm Patriot

        You really need to think your ideas out a bit better. Without the military protecting your freedom you do not get your entertainment. Maybe you would prefer to be in Cambodia where you would have been forced to work in a field to harvest food that only the political masters would have eaten? Perhaps you would prefer to be in Iran where the police would arrest you and execute you for your anti-Islamic views? But I suspect if you lived in one of those places you would fall in line like a good sheep.

    • whitneymuse

      Sheen did not recognize the show was a success: the writers, characters and producers made it work.
      He blew a $2.5/episode gift, because of what fog?

      Sorry Charlie, as the commercial used to say. Years from now, this guy will go down as the biggest screw up in TV history.

    • f.u. manchu

      jcmfs how did the military get dragged into this?!

      u are all out your minds.

      :rolleyes” x 1,000

    • Bill Opperman

      You are right on target with this.

    • Gail

      Tell it to the ants.

  • mary white

    I just wish ET could report a story without bringing Detroit down and by the way I was in downtown Detroit last night and it is restaurant week and the place was packed with people enjoying themselves Detroit is BACK give us some positive stories

    • Robbles

      Why did all the people who became famous move away from Detroit that were originally from Detriot?

      • Jethro

        Hey Marshall Eminem still has a house here.

      • darclyte

        The weather. If you’re rich and famous, why would you want to live where it gets snow for as much as 5 months of the year? Plenty of entertainers do live in the area, especially in the Summer, and some even moved here who aren’t from here (like Muhammad Ali and Chef Mario Batali.)

      • The Rock

        Kid Rock is still here. And how many stars stay in their original hometown anyway?

      • Andy Duplay

        5 months? Try a possibility of snow 8 or 9 mos a year… Sep to May, it is open season for snow.

      • DCRat

        How is that any different than 90% of all of the other cities in the US where people move away to LA or NY when they become famous?

      • Awaste

        It was not the famous people that built up Detroit. And it will not be famous people that bring it back. Problem is why fight a broken corrupt city Government when you can find fertile soil in other areas or states to lay plant your seeds. Detroit is a long way from being stable enough to entice the kind of leadership it needs to really bounce back.

    • bunnyman

      I’m not sure he is bringing Detroit down. Saying that Detroit may not be the most appropriate place for Sheen to start his tour sounds like a compliment? People have too much sense, and are too grounded in reality in Detroit.

      • darclyte

        Thanks for the Bunnyman. I think it could be due to audience studies going back more than 30 years. A large number of tours list the Detroit area in their Top 5 places to play. Metro Detroit sells out major shows during the week that many other cities can’t. Many major tours being and/or finish their runs in the Detroit area, and the area is known for getting behind artists early on such as KISS, J Geils Band, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard to name just a few.

      • ellis

        I agree with bunnyman.

    • len


      • Danny

        Everybody has a summer house in Detroit? OMG, dude… meth has shriveled your brain from the size of a prune to that of a raisin.

      • Nan

        Danny, you really aren’t from here if you don’t know that. So stop talking out of your a$$.

  • slb

    how about donating the amount one of these tickets costs to the japan relief instead of $1 from every ticket sold. It would raise more money and that d bag would get no satisfaction or credit. So far he’s probably raised 3k

    • Petit Lu

      We can say that for all the artists in this case..hey it is like that they have their money..yeah too much far Charlie..but we can say the same for Gaga and co.

    • ellis

      because charlie needs the majority of the tickets money/profits to buy more drugs and support his drug-addled “family”

    • Neli

      Ive been meaning to read this and just never arqeicud a chance. Its an issue that Im incredibly interested in, I just started reading and Im glad I did. Youre a wonderful blogger, one of the ideal that Ive seen. This weblog unquestionably has some details on topic that I just wasnt aware of. Thanks for bringing this stuff to light.

  • Ben Afflack

    One whole dollar from every seat, Mr. Sheen? Golly gee whiz, that’s sweet of you. You were paid 2 million per episode. 22 episodes per season or series. That $5,000.00 donation seems kind of small and stupid in comparison to the 24 million the crazy Mr. Sheen was getting for his show annually.

    • kerry

      It’s HIS money. Plus he has four little kids that he has to support. He can donate whatever amount he wants.

      • anonymous

        I think he just tarnished his good samaritan halo. What a tightwad.

      • Blake

        But not dog food to buy.

      • sls

        Yes. A suitcase of cocaine is much more important. Showing how he spent on sex to Heidi Fleiss in court proves to me that he is using his *hard earned dollars wisely* And its not going taking care of his kids. It is going to taking care of *The thing in between his legs that got him kids*

      • Lois

        @Kerry, Sheen spent $12,000 for one night with a porn star. Giving $5,000 to charity is cheap and shows his priorities are in the wrong place.
        Please don’t say that making over $40 million every year isn’t enough to support his children. He could give away $20 million to charity and still be incredibly wealthy.

      • Barb

        A decent entertainer who launched an experiment that flopped would give a refund and make the Japan donation out of his own pocket. Even from a bean-counting standpoint, it would be pennies on the dollar compared to the cost to his reputation for keeping the money.

        Sheen can’t or won’t do that, though, becaused he’s wasted his fortune and finds himself “cash poor” right now. He wasn’t in the financial condition to be pulling any “experiments” on the fan base he had left.

        Oh, well. On his present course, he’ll be driven into sorry obscurity to get really cleaned up (which is more than just not actively using), come back contrite at a fraction of his former asking price, or else he won’t be welcomed back at all. (It happens. Ask Danny Bonaduce.)

      • Piratbox

        Perhaps the offering has less to do with humanitarian aid and more to do with shrewd marketing – people were more willing to part with 65+ dollars if even just one went to “a good cause.” Given the apparently shoddy preparation the show received, this might be a good way to mask the poor quality of services rendered and contribute to ticket sales for on-the-fence Sheen fans.

        @Kerry – I’d say he’s got about as much claim to the money as a snake oil salesman; sure, he “already got your money,” and for all intents and purposes he can use it, but he didn’t come through on his end of the deal and deceived prospective buyers as to the quality of his goods. Their money is now his money, but there’s a reason why snake oil salesmen don’t come back to the same town twice.

  • Brock

    I’d rather watch paint dry.

    • JD

      Brock..ROFLMAO…maybe you should have been there to entertain and help poor Charlie out..Still laughing!!!

  • Pat

    Sara, how stupid are you to sit on your fat worthless, unremarkable butt at a computer and read the story, then comment on it. No one cares about you in life. Off yourself.

    • @Pat

      TROLL. And not the Charlie Sheen kind, just a regular nasty one.

    • Danny

      Pat…it would seem to me Sara is just following your fat, worthless, unremarkable butt.

    • todd

      no pat kill yourself you grumpy blood sugar deprived baby

    • kellen

      dangerous thing to say, Pat.

      • Piratbox

        Oh shoot I just read words and then talked about the words too — I guess it’s my time.

        Hey Pat, you want to round up the group and meet up with me so we can all do this up Heaven’s Gate style? We’re all in this binding entertainment-news-based suicide pact anyway, and the more the merrier, right?

  • ellis

    Wouldn’t it be funny if he [Sheen] put all 20 of his shows on DVD at the end of it. Would it generate profit/

  • ellis

    i wish EW had a FanCam they could put up. streaming live.

    • Charliesangel

      The Charlie Sheen Channel: 24 hours of uninterrupted Sheen-ity. Coming soon to your local cable provider.

  • shadow

    IF and that’s a big word here ! If he keeps it real like he did talking about the 9/11 tragedy then it might be interesting but don’t hold your Breath*

    • anonymous

      Just what we need. More psychobabble.

  • shadow

    Charlie Sheen just got bored almost comatose working a Sitcom that he had been working for years, For an actor of his abilities this happens , He is a damn GOOD Actor and he is smart I compare this to an Engineer working at McDonald’s . All you people are looking at is the money he made not how happy he was making it ! And so it goes ” Money isn’t Everything”

    • April

      Then he should make a good movie during the break, other actors do.

    • Gwen

      He is a one-note actor who got very lucky with his sub=par sitcom. It all went to his head and now it is coming down on him.

  • LOL

    Good gawd. Wonder if the crowd will riot at some point?

    • Kat

      I agree thus is so poor what a waste of my time

      • Ziggy

        if your time is so precious, why posting your stupid comment ?

    • JD

      I would have been very surprized if he pulled it off last night!!

      Charlie is a very sick person. He is in the Manic stage, he has to be coming down to the depressive stage by now. If, indeed he has already.. Without medication, he will need stong drugs to keep him in the Manic stage.

      This is a very serious sickness he has. Bi/Polar is something that stays with you the rest of your life, it can be controlled with medication and or diet.

      I really do feel sorry for him because he is NOT in control of his mind at all. However, he had a giant ego to start with, and that only made his dilution of being superior *exaggerated*…

      • Karen

        JD, very good observation!! Bi-Polar syndrome is very serious indeed. People with bi-polar syndrome have a huge judgment deficiency that can greatly mar their perception of who they are in reality. When they are left to their own devices, they could make some seriously devastating decisions. Where are Sheen’s friends who truly care about him? Somebody help him; he can’t help himself.

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