Charlie Sheen fires second 'Torpedo': Chicago hits closer to mark

Early reports coming in from Chicago say Charlie Sheen presented a revamped and improved show for the second performance of his My Torpedo of Truth Tour.

Sheen took the stage at the Chicago Theatre on Sunday night with a show that featured fewer video clips than his debut and had the actor telling anecdotes from his life (hmm, why do those changes sound familiar?). Plus, Sheen ditched the comedian stand-up act and added a Q&A segment with an interviewer.

Despite the fixes, Sheen blamed reaction to the Detroit show not on himself, but on the opening night audience. Sheen reportedly urged the audience “not to become (expletive) Detroit tonight. Let’s show Detroit how it’s (expletive) done.” Some audience members chanted “Detroit sucks.”

According to TMZ, Sheen told stories about smoking weed with Chris Penn and said he would return to Two and a Half Men, but called the folks who run the show “blood suckers.” During a Q&A segment, Sheen was asked why he pays for sex and replied “because I had millions to blow; I ran out of things to buy.”

More reviews: “Doomed to fail as a live act” says Chicago Sun Times, but “it got the job done” says Chicago Trib and CNN says “funny, funny Charlie.”

Overall, it sounds like the performance was a step up from the spectacular Detroit boo-fest.

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PREVIOUS: Charlie Sheen’s Detroit disaster: Boos, walk-outs for ‘Torpedo’

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  • The Bo

    I have an iPad 2

    • Dustin Ingle

      LOSER !

      • Jenn


  • Julie

    Good for Charlie. Glad to see that he’s back on track.

    • Dee

      I’m with you Julie. They have given him alot of H*** he needs to stop the drugs and get rid of those 2 girls hangin around. They don’t help him. Not business wise. Maybe other ways.

    • allan

      back on track to what? he’s unemployed, has no prospects and down to pimping out his personal life for the amusement of strangers. granted, he’s going to make a few bucks because there’s always some idiot willing to pay to see a freakshow. But how long can he tour telling the same stories over and over again when people can just go to youtube.

      • Dave

        dude, you’re so ignorant. Do you watch videos instead of watching a band live in concert? Do you watch comedians on youtube instead of going to a comedy club? That’s all tours are, the same thing in every city. By back on track, he’s off drugs.

      • Nick K.

        He’s not exactly unemployed if he’s making 7 million dollars on these tours. I’d call that inventive, entrepreneur/self employment!

      • Juneau

        @David. I definitely prefer comedians on You Tube (for free) over a comedy club. How does that make me ignorant?

      • angie

        LOL…Anybody who thinks for 2 seconds that Charlie Sheen is “off drugs” also believes in unicorns…The next arrest or hospitalizaztion for “stomach issues” (code word for stomach pumping) or “exhaustion” (code for to stoned to function) is just around the corner.

    • Michael

      Back on track? Seriously?

    • katie

      Now, by “back on track”, do you mean he’s back to beating/choking women? Or that he’s back into drug use?

      I’m not sure which track of Charlie’s you’re idolizing?

      • puritangurl

        Exactly Katie. Well said.

      • Ripley

        Agreed, Katie. It’s sickening seeing women, much less anyone, supporting that guy.

      • lynnie

        right on katie

  • mike

    …so the patrons basically paid $75-$150 to watch a live interview? Sounds like there was really no entertainment or comedy, just questions and some reading. Sounds exciting.

    • nicky

      Why not? Kevin smith does similar tours and people love him

      • Auds

        That’s cause Kevin Smith has talent & tact.

      • SilentCharlie

        Kevin Smith only smokes weed and is actually funny.

        He also hasn’t been convicted of domestic violence.

        If Charlie were smart, he’d shut up for a while except to say he’s sorry.

      • Dave

        Tickets were only $20

      • TheStudio

        I would pay good money to see an “Inside the Actors Studio” with Charlie. I would feel better about it then wasting money on a dog show. I guess taste is subjective.

    • JeffInLA

      Charlie INTENTIONALLY had a bad show in Detroit, because since it happened to be the first date on the tour, he wanted to get BUZZ about the simple fact that his tour is starting, ’cause if the Detroit show went off well, it would be a non-news story, and that’s not what he wants – he wants people talking about his ass and his tour has nothing to do with where the tour starts, and to charlie it doesn’t matter what the reviews are like either, as long as it’s “all over the net”, which it was, but only because he intentionally put on a sucky show.

      • Ben

        Really? Because if that is the case, then he owes about 5,000 people their money back.

      • anonymous

        Nice way to manipulate the public. You have totally lost your crediblity, not that you had any to begin with.

      • Lucy

        I seriously doubt that his detroit show bombed intentionally. One thing we all need to remember is that actors are inherently egotistic and NEED attention and applause. It is the reason why they do the jobs they do. I do not mean to imply that being egotistical is a bad thing in the case of an entertainer. It is a necessary trait for success. You need to crave the applause, on a very personal level. Booing does not equal winning, even for Charlie’s opening night.
        Every time I read someone saying that Charlie’s sober, straight, clean, crack-free, etc. I want to poke out my eyeballs. I fall to the ground and look up to the sky, beseeching “why are people so foolish? Why?” He is f*ed up still. Anyone who has personal experience with a drug harder than marijuana will know the real deal. ALMOST ALL ACTIVE ADDICTS LIE TO PROTECT THEIR ADDICTION. I wrote “almost” but I really mean “every single one”. Please stop enabling and supporting a very ill man. If you love him and are a fan, tough love is in order.

      • Javadude54

        “Charlie INTENTIONALLY had a bad show in Detroit”? What kind of moron would believe something that ridiculous?

      • maggie

        It was going to be news about Charlie’s first show no matter if it was good or bad. If Charlie intentionally had a bad first show, then he’s a total idiot. The bad publicity probably cost him ticket sales for other shows.

      • Bebe

        Lucy speaks the truth. Not “The Violent Torpedo of Truth,” but the actual truth. Charlie is still using. I don’t know why so many people believe he’s sober. Look at him. Then listen to his ramblings. He’s f-ed up, no question about it. What qualities of a sober person does he possess, because I don’t see them. All I see Whitney Houston on “20/20″ saying “Crack is whack!”

      • holly

        Really, you mean the show needed bad press to get going? I think anyone that wastes $20 bucks on his mouth is a loser just like him

      • Ana

        Thus far Charlie’s reportedly tested clean. I don’t know if he is or not but drugs are clearly not his only problem. There have been many drug addicts who haven’t done or said a fraction of the crazy stuff he’s done and said. He’s mentally ill.

        I disagree that “all actors are inherently egotistic and NEED attention and applause.” That’s the definition of a famewh*re. Many actors avoid publicity and attention when the camera is off or the curtain goes down.

    • Dee

      Charlie didn’t twist anyone’s hand , threaten , or steal their credit card to buy the ticket. So get over it !!!

      • reel_deal

        Exactly, people paid money for a show that they had no clue on what that show was about, their loss

      • Lisa Simpson

        As the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

      • Big Walt

        What are you talking about LS, Charlie Sheen is making a fortune on this tour.

      • sober person

        You are right he hasn’t hurt anyone but several wives and other women he has beat the sh** out of. and then theres the kids he has exposed to God knows what. As long as people give him the attention he craves he will keep on going.

      • TheStudio

        Detroit isn’t known for having the tamest audience. We start brawls with professional athletes, we throw bottles at live bands, and we elect gangsters into political office with pride. Charlie was lucky to get out with only “boos”.

  • Scarsee

    Just give up Sheen

  • P

    From the recap of the Detroit show it kind of sounded like the audience went just to boo/heckle the whole process anyway since they were booing before Sheen ever went out. I wouldn’t pay to go see him, but I certainly wouldn’t go if I was expecting to hate it before he ever got on stage.

    • Deni

      What a stupid comment. No one i their right mind would plunk down $150 just to boo people and walk out, especially people in Detroit. Charlie revamped the show because he knew it sucked!

      • Taylor

        Yeah … Charlie is all about quality.

      • Right

        I wasn’t aware people in Detroit were above the stupid behavior you find everywhere else. I think they already proved their stupidity by paying $150 to see someone who hasn’t had a coherent thought in months.

    • Brian

      I was at the Detroit show and I can tell you that you could not be farther from the truth. People who booing the absolutely terrible opener, and were screaming “We Want Charlie”. When Charlie came onto the stage the first time, he got a standing ovation. We were all excited for the show. If it really was the audiences fault like he claims, then why did he change a large portion of the show? The Detroit show was terrible, and while it sucked to be the guinea pig, I am happy that Charlie at least realized how bad it was and made changes so the other shows can be enjoyable for the people who laid down lots of money to see him.

      • John

        And he was on the radio Friday and clearly stated that Snoop Dogg was going to be there and Snoop was in California for Kid’s Choice awards.

    • Kat

      It actually sounded to me like the Detroit audience went hoping for a rollicking good time with some great entertainment after spending that kind of money, and got a stand-up who bombed, a no-show from Snoop Dogg, some cheap filler, and a rambling “speech.” I think it’s fair to boo about those things.

      • Percy

        Charlie Sheen and a lot of his so-called fans are just drifting down that crowded river called Denial. All these people that are cheering him on are just leeches waiting until he becomes so out of it that he pops up in a two bit bar in Vancouver to sing about starwhackers. Or maybe he will just do the David Caradine thing and turn up dead in an dump motel. Then will his family do the Jackson thing and point the blame at everyone other than Charlie himself?? Probably. It will get them some press time. I also see the enablers crying about losing a great actor. LOL, that is rich… Charlie Sheen and great actor will never be seriously put in the same sentence unless it is “Charlie Sheen never had the talent to be a great actor.”

    • RaRa

      Um, if you read the recap, you’ll see that before the show started, at 7:50, people were cheering and giving standing ovation. It wasn’t until the “show” got underway that people realized they’d been ripped off and started booing.

    • maggie

      From the recap it sounded like the audience went expecting to love Charlie. They were fans and gave him a standing ovation when he came out. They only booed him when he gave them an awful show.

  • nicky

    We love Charlie

    • Aften

      I’m with you, Nicky!! Can’t wait till he is on the East Coast. I will be first in line to see him!!!

      • Percy

        “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Thank you for proving this cliche.

    • MCW

      You’re a sick as he is! You actually pay money to see a self-absorbed drug addict? Yikes…

      • SupaFan

        Yes, they did. What do the all the doctors call these people, ‘Enablers’? Every fool that attends these crap-fests are enablers. If they would just give $20 to a local druggie, they would save a lot of money and get the same level of entertainment–none.

    • katie

      You love Charlie, eh? It’s the wife beating isn’t it? Everyone loves someone who beats and threatens to kill women.

      I mean, the drug use and haggered wrinkled appearance were tempting on their own, but the tendency to beat women? Hot. You’re right. We love Charlie.

      Good thought, Nicky.

  • MyFriendsCallMeGaga

    Oh, please. The only thing that sucks is how people are gullible enough to PAY to see this loser. Who’s the REAL dumbass, now? -_-

    • max


    • 57643

      Everybody who paid to see him is a total dumb ass. I wouldn’t pay to see him gettin butt humped in the middle of the Navy Pier!

      • Sam

        How people do what they want and go to see him if they want ? And maybe how about you taking care of the shows you want to see and spare us your vicious boring is boring guys BORING period.

      • Dee

        Dee@ 57643 if you dislike Charlie so much and said you wouldn’t spend your money , but you interested enough about him to spend your time to read about him and make a comment. You need to spend your time doing something else. Why waste it on Charlie if you don’ t like him Seems like theres more than one dumb ass !!!!! And it’s not Charlie

      • @Dee

        These “Why are you posting if you don’t like him/her/it?” replies are ridiculous. People go to sites to post their opinion. Positive or negative, agreeing with you or not, they have that right. Sheen would have to pay me to see one of his live shows, but I still read the article because I’m curious about how Chicago went and to read other’s reactions. You, Dee, need to spend your time looking up ‘tolerance’.

    • Dee

      Whose the loser???? Seems he makes lots of money , do you??? Charlie will always come back on top. Seems it’s mostly not all men who like to kick him down. Bet you wish you could be the man he is !!!

      • Brian

        @ Dee – you are obviously some fat groupie who idolizes him.

      • allison

        Hang in the Dee. Maybe someday Charlie will vist your double-wide and even slap you about a bit because you wouldn’t share your crack pipe! Then you can feel just like one of his insiders! Cause you’re not really one of charlie’s angels until he’s beat you up.

      • Danny

        Dee, compared to the hambeast with whiskers you shack up with each nite, I’d say Sheen probably does look like nirvana. When I’m looking for a floatation device for my home, I’ll call ya.

      • Michael

        Charlie will never be “on top ” again. He may be in the news, He may make some more money, but he will never be respected or be taken seriously again

      • Hidey Ho

        Yeah, Dee, because it’s all about money, right?

      • @Brian

        Why insult fat people by calling a brain-dead moron a fat groupie?

      • Pillow Pants

        Yeah, real men totally blow off their kids to do drugs and cavort with hookers. No wonder so many men are d-bags. We don’t set the bar very high to begin with, do we?

  • MyPrediction

    still think he will OD on this tour

    • John Belushi

      Now that’d be entertaining.

  • sock monkey

    Sooooo, he bullies the audience into liking him? If you don’t cheer and laugh, you’ll be the next Detroit?

    • katie

      I think that makes “being Detroit” a huge compliment. Finally, a reason to be proud of Detroit!

  • Mad Hiddy

    haters gonna hate. it’s just a bunch of sad, pathetic masses who conform to paying money to boo someone who’s just being honest.

    • me

      Why on earth would any one pay anywhere between
      75 to 500 dollars to go to some imbeciles show …
      just so they could boo and heckle him ?

      Oh, by the way,
      You are wanted in surgery,
      a brain has been found for your transplant.

      • Linda


    • Yanni

      Charlie Sheen is honest? When did that start happening?

      • Weinthrop

        Since always but you YOU. ARE. NOT.
        But don’t worry nobody cares because nobody cares about you !!

      • Yanni

        Weinthrop, No he isn’t and yes I am. Everyone loves me.

      • Linda

        He is not honest if he’s ripping people off in such a bad economy!

    • @Mad Hiddy

      They paid money to see a show given by someone they are fans of. Sheen earned the boos by giving them an awful show.
      Charlie Sheen isn’t “honest” in any way. He’s delusional.

      • Linda

        He is a delusional babbling fool!

    • maggie

      If Charlie Sheen were honest he would take responsiblity for giving a bad show in Detroit. He knows it was a bad show, because he changed the whole thing for the next show.

  • 57643

    Sounds like Chicago is as F***ed up as Sheen. Without his Two and a Half co-stars he is a friggin loser!

    • Frank the Tank

      People who don’t get laid or live in their parent’s basements are losers. Charlie Sheen is a millionaire, f***ed several playboy bunnies, models and overall gorgeous girls, and has had an interesting enough life to where people will pay to hear him tell personal stories. He is definitely a “Winner”. You sir, I would guess, still live in your parent’s basement.

      • Kat

        Hmmmm. As someone who does get laid and does not live in her parents’ basement…I promise you that I would far prefer the company of a sexless burnout (or a sexless person just down on their luck, I suppose) over someone like Charlie Sheen. And if I weren’t already married, I’d also rather sleep with the virgin/loser than someone like Sheen. Just saying. I guess our standards and our estimates of their relative heights are pretty different.

      • Dee

        You are so right frank. The ones that say they wouldn’t sleep with him more than likely knows he would take the time to look at them.

      • Brian

        Hey Frank I bet you would love to suck on Charlie’s weiner, wouldn’t you?? Go back to watching “Two and a Half Men”, a show made for stupid, poor losers.

      • Danny

        Frank and Dee on a teeter totter. Now that might be worth paying a few bucks to see (until it breaks in half)… As for paying to go see Sheen, I’ll just say a Frank and his money are soon parted.

      • katie

        He’s “definitely a Winner”? Do you feel that way about all wife beaters? Just goes to show that money may buy you pu**y, drugs, and mindless fans, but it can’t buy you morals, standards, or class.

      • maggie

        Charlie lost a job that paid him over $40 million a year for little work. He’s a loser.
        As soon as his fame and fortune fade, he won’t have any “playboy bunnies, models and overall gorgeous girls” hanging around. Oh wait, that’s already happened. He only has a couple of skanks hanging around.

      • London

        Kat, you go girl!

      • TheStudio


        “There are women who take it to the wire. That`s what they are looking for, the ultimate confrontation. They want a smack.”

        -Sean Connery

  • No

    Better not spill all your good stories, Sheen. Who will buy your book once you write it?

    • maggie

      That’s why his book deal was cancelled last week.

  • kcusickk

    What can Charlie possibly do for an encore? While you wait on pins and needles for his next move, check out the almost-truthful “Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now. Just part of our daily offerings of mirth and whimsy.

    • Aften

      Did you read that? I couldn’t get through it because I hate stupid humor! Charlie is trying to recover! He WILL do it! He is determined and extremely tallented!

  • Shellyl

    It might have been an improvement from the Detroit show but there is no way in hell I would pay any amount of money to listen to a crackhead talk about things in his life that we have all read about in the tabloids and hear him read a poem about hating Detroit. The Chicago audience is more insane than Charlie is.

  • Coco

    “I had millions to blow, I ran out of things to buy.”

    What an arrogant bastards. Maybe you can donate that to help kids all around the world? or to cancer research?

    • lorjon

      He’s nothing but a spoiled brat from day one who never grew up and plays the victim when he’s fired from a show that put up with him for years and paid him $$$. Yes, like you say, there are so many causes out there and he’s making these “goddesses” rich. And people pay to see him talk about it and feed his ego even more. Are people such sheep or have such boring lives that they need Charlie Sheen!

      • rr

        id pay 75 to see bam get his butt whooped by a girl and then robbed of his jewelry

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