AMC's 'The Killing' ratings get lively start


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AMC’s The Killing got off to a healthy start Sunday night in the ratings, with the two-hour premiere drawing 2.7 million viewers.

Sure, that’s no The Walking Dead (5.3 million) — but nobody expected the moody crime drama based on a Danish hit to replicate the success of that monster hit. It’s slightly better than the network’s only series misfire Rubicon (2.5 million), thankfully. Combined with its encore airings, The Killing delivered 4.7 million viewers. (Anybody else notice the near-constant use of background noise in The Killing — usually rain? Made the surround-sound-enabled viewing experience of the show super immersive.)

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  • mary

    I hope this show makes it. I think it’s great.

    • KG

      Yes. But Rubicon a “misfire”? No. The cancellation was a tragedy. But the show wasn’t a misfire.

      • AR

        ^ AGREED!!

  • Roseita

    It was very good. I can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Mac

    I was hooked by the Pilot, and that rarely ever happens.

  • Cheery

    Is this really worth checking out? Damn Comcast keeps stripping channels from my cable package so I don’t get AMC anymore. I’ve seen Forbrydelsen (which is superb) and know they’ve tweaked the American version (so the ending is different), but can anyone tell me if it’s comparable to the original? Don’t want to go through the hassle of watching it online if the quality is lacking.

    • Angie

      You can watch them on Amazon with Video on Demand

      • Angie

        Free with no commercials

  • Kate

    I liked it too, does kind of seem mini series like. What was really strangest about it though, I know you were supposed to suspect a lot of people, but I oddly suspect no one. The only real forward thinking thoughts I was able to come up with is I wonder how long they are going to drag out the, I am going to get there to the boyfriend but just a little later, and who is the plant in the election committee – um, and also, I am not one hundred percent on our lead actress’ first name.

  • MJ

    I think the only reason “Rubicon” was a misfire for AMC is because people would rather watch a show about zombies (Walking Dead is great, but it is NOT AMC’s best show) than something more cerebral like Rubicon. It’s really too bad because the show was really finding its film noir/70s thriller groove by the end of the first season when AMC decided to cancel it.

    • Templar

      Watching Rubicon was like listening to Thia Meghia sing. Boring!

      • m.

        Rubicon has been one of the best shows after the W-word, but there was just too much filler. It would have made great 6 episode miniseries.
        For example mrs Rhumor was shown walking through that mysterious house several times, in the end house didn’t matter and even mrs. Rhumor mattered very little.

      • Templar

        I know. And I just couldn’t stand Maggie. She ruined every scene she was in for me.

    • JL

      Rubicon was not cerebral at all. The entire premise of the show was based on a pattern-recognition specialist finding a “pattern” in the crossword puzzle of ONE newspaper. The only quality Rubicon had was in making you think you were watching something smart when you weren’t. Unfortunately, I’m getting the same feeling from The Killing.

  • Jeff

    Rubicon wasn’t a misfire in terms of quality.

    I enjoyed The Killing last night.

  • RU Serious

    COuldn’t agree more, Rubicon can’t be called a “misfire,” but it was a commercial failure. It was an almost completely inaccessible show if you weren’t in on the ground floor of it, but it was a fantastic show. A little overly labyrinthine at times (because they were angling for a season 2), but really solid.

  • KatherineM

    Loved this show, am hooked already, and we are already arguing about suspects at our house. Great actors, great characters.

  • Larry

    The first two episodes were brilliant, so I hope the network is satisfied with the ratings.

    I was also left suspecting nobody in particular, though I’m interested in all of them, and I’m curious to see what develops.

  • Jae Jae

    I really enjoyed the first two episodes. I hope the rest of the show will be as good.

  • Max

    My only complaint is with the amount of background noise. It seems many shows lately have too much of it, most often mood music that drowns out dialog. I’ve actually changed channels on a show I liked because the sound mix was so irritating.

  • indirablue

    so, The Killing….not a bad show, i feel that The Walking Dead is way better…are we all at agree?? i think so..
    I feel that the first hour, was just too slow for me. the new parter, that tall, skinny guy is way too creepy for my type. Can the producers clean him up just a little bit?? also, female detective, she has a great sense of determination to find Rosie Larsen’s killer. But i feel the producers/directors/writers was going for a Julliane Moore look a like. Honestly, i like the music in this show, it sets the mood.
    i’ll give this show a try. AMC is producing a lot of good shows that are worth watching….

    • Judy

      I would never watch a movie about zombies, so to say that most others agree with you that Walking Dead is better is not rational. I loved everything about The Killing including the background sounds – rain, etc. which adds to the total experience . I didn’t find it draggy at all. Some have complained that Mildred Pierce is slow too, but I love every second of every minute. I think it all depends where you are in life. We are not all in the 15 – 35 category so have absolutely different tastes. Vive la difference!

      • Jo

        I agree with Judy 100%!

    • Avery16

      “so, The Killing….not a bad show, i feel that The Walking Dead is way better…are we all at agree?? i think so..”

      I’d say no. I loved the pilot of THE WALKING DEAD, but as the show went on, it became hard to watch. I’ve been watching zombie movies for 25 years, so I was excited about the show, but for me, it failed.

      THE KILLING had an amazing pilot. The last 5 minutes were some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. The emotions it conveyed were amazing. The second episode was just as good.

      A good show gets you excited to want to watch the next episode. THE KILLING did that for me. THE WALKING DEAD felt like a chore each week to sit through.

  • toni smith

    I was surprised how good this 1st episode was. I will continue to watch this series.

  • sam

    This show was shockingly good! I hadn’t planned on watching it, and stumbled into it accidentally. I had seen a few ads for it, and planned to leave it on for a few minutes and ended up watching the entire thing. It was really intense, very well acted, and the plot is intriguing.

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