L.A. Reid: Cheryl Cole is joining 'X Factor'


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L.A. Reid says Cheryl Cole is joining him on the U.S. edition of The X Factor. Reid slipped during an interview and said the wildly popular UK X Factor judge and pop singer will be on the Fox show too.

“We’re gonna compete against American Idol just fine,” Reid said. “I’m very confident. But along with Simon Cowell and Cheryl, I don’t know who the other judge is.”

Sources close to the production say the parties are still in talks and Fox hasn’t been commenting on judges until they send a press release announcing them.

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  • Sparky

    Please God nooooo!!! I’d rather Paula Abdul any day of the week over her…

    • Mo

      I only a little bit about her, but from what I understand, she has a really thick accent which may be a detriment for the audience as well as the contestants. Good looking gal, but it really feels like Simon has a stake in her career and is trying to pump up her fame on this side of the pond, and that theory makes me lose any credibility for Simon/his company. Honestly, can we get rid of the idea that because one is British or has an accent is automatically credible/intelligent?

      • Brianna

        She is gorgeous!!!!! I want my eyebrows to be like hers. And she usually looks much better in other pictures.

      • Lisa London

        Agreed about the accent. It’s very thick and the American audience is not used to it. They’ll have a hard time to understand her. She is only doing it to launch a US career a la Victoria Beckman but she will struggle, much like Robbie Williams before her…

      • Alice

        @Lisa London there’s nothing wrong with her accent, if we can understand Sofia Vergara on Modern Family we can also understand Cheryl Cole

      • calistoga

        Abdul??? I’m a die-hard American Idol fan, BUT I’m not a fan of her’s. I don’t think her stupid and ignorant babblings are one bit funny. I won’t go through that again. If X-Factor uses Miss Abdul, I won’t watch one second!

      • Caren

        I am an American living in Holland, we get the X-factor. I can understand her just fine. She is good….and her clothes are to die for. Her acts win too.

    • Lincoln

      I agree. Please God nooooo. She’s supposedly a hit overseats but she definitely isn’t one here. I remember Simon saying in an interview that he wanted American judges because it made sense if American judges judged American talent. How can you get someone who hasn’t even done much in her career to warrant the right to judge another person’s talent? Makes little sense.

      • Lincoln


      • HoneyB

        There’s no supposedly about it. As a member of Girls Aloud (the most successful reality show contestants of all time according to Guinness), she had over 20 top ten hits. As a solo artist, both her albums hit number one, and she has had several big hits.

    • Mike S

      HOW DARE YOU!!!!

    • Lala

      Simon recently stated in an interview that he wants Mariah Carey to be the fourth judge on XFactor. He said she will join the live shows in September to give her time to recover after the birth of her twins.

      • Alice

        No he said that Mariah Carey would be a judges’ judge meaning that she would be a judge at the judges’ houses.

    • WhiteLady

      I’ve seen both in action and I’d take Cheryl a million times (even though her accent took me a bit to get used to since i’m Spanish)

    • Erin

      I think she’s beautiful but I’m not a fan. She seems too much of a wannabe plus Girls Aloud sucked let alone I read about her punching up some other girl. How charming. Why didn’t they just get Snooki to do it?

      • SEvans

        After eight years in the spotlight is that all you’ve learnt about Cheryl Cole? your internet connection must suck.

      • Erin

        No, my net connection is awesome. If you’re going to do something idiotic like that it’ll be brought up numerous times in multiple media sources for years to come. I’m sure ther will be plenty about the dodginess of Lohan and Sheen in 20 years time if they’re still around. Besides, all though I may not know much about her, I’ve read enough. Gorgeous but not a fan. That’s my perogative!

  • Chelsea

    Why is that woman such a big deal in the UK? She’s on practically every magazine cover over there. I have no clue what she’s done career-wise.

    • BRETT

      Then GOOGLE her, moron.

      • Chelsea

        SO SORRY, Brett. My god, just relax! The world won’t end because I don’t know who this woman is.

      • Erin

        I thought Chelsea was alluding to the fact that she hasn’t done much to warrant the attention. Just like any typical good looking reality star out there.

    • Z

      She’s 1/5 of the girl group Girls Aloud who have had 20 top 10 consecutive singles since 2002 (4 number 1’s) and released 5 studio albums. Also they are a bit of an anomaly, because even indie publications like NME praise the inventiveness of the type of pop music they make (mostly praise for the producers, but they all have distinct voices and don’t use Autotune)

      Unfortunately Cheryl has gone solo (to massive success) while Girls Aloud is on hiatus and it’s just generic pop/r&b. She is also a judge on UK X-Factor and Simon really pushed for her to be included.

      • Chelsea

        Thank you for answering my question without being a jerk about it.

    • crispy

      And she’s a WAG (wives and girlfriends) of one of the most popular football players in England… which given your screenname, I found pretty ironic.

      • t.t


      • Jennifer

        Not sure I would call Cashley Cole one of the most popular footballers in England. Sure, his exploits are all over the tabloids on a regular basis, but that doesn’t necessarily equal popularity, especially in certain parts of north London.

      • crispy

        He’s the left-back for the English National Team!

      • Elizabeth

        Isn’t she dating Derek Hough (DWTS)?

      • Zakry

        Yes, she is dating Derek Hough

      • Alice

        No, she isn’t dating Derek Hough, the only thing that has been confirmed is that he’s her friend.

      • Susan

        She is dating Derek Hough, although they haven’t announced it publically.

      • Oh yeah

        I thought Hough batted for the other team?

    • UK

      footballers wife, was in a ok girl band, punched a black woman in a toilet, that’s all i know her for

      • Ryan

        Her best friend is black (and no, he is not will.i.am, even though they are really good friends), he married a black man… if you are trying to imply something then go back to your hole.

      • UK

        I’m not implying anything, just saying what i know of her

    • Lucy

      She’s amazing. She’s in the UK’s most successful girlband ever (Girls Aloud), she’s had a very successful solo career (musically) she is the most popular judge in the British X Factor, she is known as the ‘nations sweetheart’ in the UK and she married one of the UKs most famous footballers (though she did divorce him after 4 years because he cheated on her with 5 women)

      • nkluk1

        She punched a black cloakroom attendant a few years back. She is not the most popular judge on XF UK. That would be Dannii Minogue, Kylie’s sister. And she has had a so called ‘successful’ solo career on the back of XF.
        When she promoted her singles on the show – rather than sing live she mimed! I was not surprised. She has little expression in her singing and the sound of her voice is very thin. And this is the woman who was sitting in judgement on the contestants. Surreal. Viewers in the UK laugh at the idea of her judging contestants when she can’t sing herself.
        And Simon thinks she is good enough to be a judge on XF US. No wonder he is having problems finding a fourth judge. Her presence totally undermines the credibility of the show.

      • Alice

        @nkluk1 Viewers in the UK love her no matter how you try to spin her life story, she’s very talented but I’m not going to bother with the rest of your comments.

      • Zakry

        Alice is right, that is why she is on all those magazine covers. ON UK’s X, she has produced 1 winner and 2 finalists. She also is a reality show veteran.

      • ImfromOrlando

        @nkluk1 Oh LOL! don’t make me laugh! who cares that she is a member of the biggest girl band of the last decade in the UK, achieving 20 consecutive top 10.

      • Ryan

        Cheryl has had two winners on the UK X Factor. Alexandra Burke, then Joe McEldry the year after. As far as saying she can’t sing, and she doesn’t have the experience, people should also note that the band she is in, Girls Aloud, were the winners of an X Factor style show, and she had to sing live each week in order to get a place in said band. So not only can she sing, she also has first hand experience of what the contestants are going through. As for her accent, it’s really quite mild really, compared to thicker versions of her accent in Billy Elliot, which did pretty well in the US. I think she’ll be a good fit on the panel.

    • Delon

      She was on a talent show as a contestant back in 2002 where she was selected to be one of the girls to from the group Girls Aloud. That’s how she had her start. She is a product of reality talent shows.

    • Kate

      Im from the UK and Im still tryin to figure out wht the big deal is with her! Shes generic pop at best! People in the UK really didnt start to lover her until her husband a famous footballer cheated on her, then she got the sympathy from all over! So good luck with her, shes a bad judge and mentor, bases everything on appearances, and she pushes her career whilst on the show!

      • ImfromOrlando

        Like J.LO here in the US? or Nicole Scherzinger in the UK? oh, and Dannii Minogue released music the first year she was a judge, but it floped. So according to you she can’t release music while she’s a judge? she is a popstar first of all so she can release music whenever she wants, and she didn’t have the X Factor outside the UK and she still did well.

    • WhiteLady

      If you want to know a bit more about how she talks and her story, search for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Cheryl Cole on youtube. Worth watching. There’s also a Simon Cowell “Life Stories” if anyone’s interested.

    • Caren

      She has been around forever, she is the hottest thing in the UK right now.

  • Marion

    I guess that means I might be waiting longer for Girls Aloud to get together again, if at all…

    • Z

      I know, this is so stupid.

    • kat

      I know right? That’s all I care about. Sorry Cheryl…

  • Joe

    Yes!!! I’m so excited. She’s great on the U.K version and I’m sure she’ll prove herself on the U.S version. The only problem I have is the way she couldn’t choose between her two contestants last season. Hopefully, she won’t make the same mistakes. She’s really talented and drop dead gorgeous. I also hope she releases a U.S album soon:)

  • Patty

    uggh..I just lost interest…they should have went with another American judge.

  • Neil

    I’m not the biggest fan of her music (loved Girls Aloud though). But there is something about her on UK X-Factor that makes her likeable. She is sweet, seems to care for the contestants and can be genuinely funny. She does make a good tv personality, I suppose.

  • Del

    I love her! She deserves she may had some slip-ups in the past but she will do great on the show.

  • Jennifer

    And most potential viewers in the US go “who?”. If I didn’t watch the English Premier League, I’d have no idea who she is. (As it is, I only know she’s some pop tartlet who was married to that @ss who bad-mouthed Arsenal until they finally agreed to sell him to Chelsea.) She may make a very good judge, but they’re not exactly going for name recognition, are they?

    • Duderonomy

      This should make it clear that Simon doesn’t want anyone better known than he is on the panel. LA Reid has the credentials, yes, but name recognition outside of real music fans? Not so much.

      • Jennifer

        Good point – this is all about Simon’s ego, after all.

      • Marcus

        Oh no, your screen name. I want to launch an Israeli gay porn studio with that name. JKJKJK.

    • Zakry

      Did anyone know who Simon was before American Idol? N0.

      • Oh yeah

        He was nobody then and he’s nobody now. Just a narcissistic puke.

  • Morgan

    Why though. Without using X Factor as a promo vehicle, her solo career is a flop.

  • JJ

    This was a no brainer. Cheryl is mostly unknown here in the states so there’s little to no pre-judgement and that face/style/buzz will get a lot of interest in “Who is Cheryl Cole?!”. Not to mention she’s already an expert with the format as it’s more than just being a ‘judge’. Get ready to see that gorgeous face on every US magazine cover!

  • Sean

    I’ll be definitely watching the show if it’s true that Cheryl Cole is part of it.

  • Christopher

    Cheryl Cole is not only a big solo act in the U.K., not only a part of Girls Aloud, she’s been pretty successful as a judge on X-Factor over there. She does draw drama, which I think will help X-Factor more than hurt it in the U.S. She’s attractive, know the industry, graduated from the realm of Reality Contestant, and has relevance for that reason. If you’d like to hear a halfway decent Girls Aloud tune to get an idea of what that band is like, check out “The Loving Kind” on YouTube– it was written by Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys.

    • Z

      Sound of the Underground and Biology are must listens as well

    • Sam

      Check ‘Call The Shots’ best Girls Aloud song in my opinion.

  • John

    She is a terrible singer, a pretty vulgar person and quite annoying. She also was involved in some seriously appalling incidents of racism that would not fly here in the US, so I think it’s a mistake to bring her here.

    • crispy

      You give Americans far too much credit. Not to mention, marrying a black dude is a pretty solid way to rehab any allegations of racism.

    • Sean

      Racism? Will.i.am is one of Cheryl’s best friends.

    • Sam

      Racism charges had been dropped, she has only been convicted for assault.
      John you clearly don’t know a thing about Cheryl Cole do you?

  • LG

    Everyone should just give her a chance. She obviously has some talent or she wouldn’t be where she is today. She is part of the Girls Aloud band, and has done solo stuff too. I think we Americans can handle an accent, it’ll be something different.

    • Z

      It’s such an amazing Geordie accent (meaning from Newcastle)

      • WhiteLady

        It took me a bit to get the accent when watching X Factor UK, (Spain talking) but now I adore it!

    • Erin

      @ LG – “She obviously has some talent or she wouldn’t be where she is today.” Now THAT is hilarious. So by that vein of thinking Speidi, Snooki etc are talented? I think not. Fame does not equate to talent!!!! I’d say she’s obviously pretty. Thats what got her where she is.

  • Tha Phoenix

    Barely anyone over here in the UK can stand her anymore, so I guess it’s a good thing she’s moving stateside. All the best to her.

    • Aaron

      ^ bollocks

    • Lunar21

      Speak for yourself Cheryl is incredibly popular in the UK its only the media that make up a load of crap about her. Everyone should just get over it and wait and see how it goes – nothing has been announced for certain and the show hasn’t even started. When she’s on the UK Xfactor she’s very quick witted and can give Simon a taste of his own medicine they have a good chemistry. Just chill out! no ones perfect and remember you can’t please everyone all of the time.

      • Sparky

        I think the back and forth between Simon and Louis is more entertaining – at least the two of them have the credentials to back up their opinions; Cheryl and Danni not so much.

      • Tha Phoenix

        Actually, no. And her latest album sales (The Flood has yet to sell 300K) and the flop of her latest single are testament to that. The media is still trying to make her happen. She was huge a while back; everyone loved her. But that time is past.

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