'Extreme Couponing' is back! How low will the total go? -- VIDEO

The crazy couponers are back — and I’m still crazy jealous of their savings savvy.

Yes, after my passionate plea for more Extreme Couponing — and I guess the 2.1 million of you who also tuned in had a little something to do with it — the show returns to TLC for a 12-episode season starting Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET with two new episodes. 

As you may recall, the show takes us into the minds — and shopping carts — of the country’s greatest coupon-clippers, all of whom I’m convinced could feed the world’s hungry citizens with the change in America’s couch cushions.

It’s a dorky thrill to watch these people in action. So enjoy this exclusive clip below of J’aime as she faces the threat of a $1,200+ grocery total, with only her coupons to save her.

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  • Matt

    This is an art form.

    • Monica

      Extreme Couponing looks like it might be interesting for at least a couple episodes. Since I’m on the road a lot, I don’t have cable tv. I get it all online from a service. Does anyone know if this show is going to be on TVDevo.com?

    • Cait

      i think ‘Extreme Couponing’ is an amazing talent. All the hard work and effort put in is incredible. However how many boxes of pasta can you really have or boxes of cereal and bottles of soda. Since many people are blessed with this talent and patience. i belive the show should also focus on if any of these people give back. If you can go to the grocery store and spent under 20.00 and get as many iteams as possible why not donate it?

      • Lauren

        I imagine there’s a bit of a hoarder mentality going on as well.

      • Avid Couponer

        As with most things, it can be taken to an extreme. I do avid couponing. Initially, my primary focus was to stockpile enough for my family but it was easy to quickly build up an excess. Since then, we’ve been able to donate more products to various people and organizations than we could have ever donated in cash. So donations do happen. As another poster stated, however, there is a possibility and temptation to hoard. I have to guard against that temptation personally, but it helps that I have an amazing husband that would give anyone in need every single thing he owned if they asked!

      • Tonya

        I agree with Cait, I would love to do this, not so much just for my family, but to help others who NEED to learn how to do this… It may help alot of people get off of government assistance, (including myself) for the spectators:-) Also to help people to save up money and get other (mportant) things for their family and others as well…

  • Dina

    I can’t wait to watch! Its one of those shows you can watch in awe like Hoarders.

    • Amy

      There needs to be a special hoarders episode of the people that start on extreme couponing. Who really needs 47 boxes of pasta?

      • cristy

        I also am an extreme couponer, and the comment about the pasta. Really, most of us do get alot of everything when the deal is right, but do you honestly believe we keep it all? We donate hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars of product to family, friends and shelters and food pantries…

      • Bev Tank

        We have a family of 7, so we will use at least 50 boxes of pasta in a year. If I can get it for cheap or even free, I will definitely stock up so I don’t have to buy it again when it is full price. When I cook, I shop from my pantry instead of needing to run to the store. We keep a supply of nonperishable food items at home and only shop for fresh fruits and vegies and dairy products each week. Our freezer is also fully stocked with meat. What we can’t use we share with friends and family or donate to local food banks. Many of these comments are very critical of couponers, but you need to understand the big picture before you comment.

      • sharon

        ….or 60+ bottles of mustard????

      • Debbs Seatte

        We probably eat on average 1.5 boxes per week for two adults. For us it is a a staple food.

  • HEN

    the supermarkets must *loathe* this show. it shows everyone how to get out of paying your grocery bill. I love this show!

    • Amanda

      @HEN… many stores are HAPPY that we shop there b/c we move product and increase sales. Besides, they are getting paid back a % by the manufacturer. It’s not like they are losing a ton of money.

      • Sara

        The cashiers, however, HAAAAATE YOUUUUUUUUU. (In my head, this was said kindly, with a bit of a wink, but they really do hate you.)

    • ubercheapo

      The supermarkets get it all back when the turn in the coupons, they are losing NOTHING….so the cashier may have to work a little harder but so what, it takes a long time to get to this level and many hours of prep, it’s a win in this economy.

      • hoopk

        My cashiers LOVE me. I only do 1 transaction at a time with $100 or less in cart. I also give them coupons so they can do the same. They see me walk in store and wait for me to get to checkout and wave me to their line.

    • Carl N,

      I live in Texas and there are no stores here that I know of that will take more than one coupon per item. So where is these stores and what stores are they?

      • Jim B

        One coupon per item but if you have 2 coupon for buying one and a coupon when buying two you can use both

      • hoopk

        Most stores offer store coupons and allow you to use a store coupon and manufacture coupon at same time. In my area Albertsons, Brookshire, and Kroger are grocery stores that do. CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens are my drugstores that do. You can email company for their policy.

    • Debbs Seatte

      I worked for a food mfg company in accts receivable and accts payable. Coupon redemption is a daily payable for large companies, and is accounted for in annual budgets (thus the limiting on print at homes). The consumer is not trying to get out of paying their grocery bill as mch as accepting the invitation by the mfg. The grocery store gets paid by the company who issued the coupon. SO here is how I view using coupons now on the consumer side… I am increasing the profit margin for my store by helping them move more product. I am stimulating the economy in MY community by bringing corporate dollars from other states to my grocery store, who’s employees eat at local places, buy cars at local lots, see movies on Friday, pay landscapers and roofers and cleaning services from here at home. I save, my grocer sells more, my brands budgeted the coupon dollars on purpose. My local paper sells me 6 copies every week now and I never bought one issue in the entire 10 years prior. Nobody loses.And I believe, we all actually win.

      • Casey K

        Well said Debbs Seattle!!

  • E.B. Berman


  • desirae young

    Her name is J’aime not Tiffany

  • Holly

    The grocery stores WILL love this show. They actually make out when you use coupons. They pay up to 5 or 6 cents over the coupon value per coupon.

    • Shelley

      You’re mistaken, it’s not 6 cents, it is 8 cents handling fee to cover for coupons to get to clearing houses for processing. Therefore, this additional amount does not go to retailers as profit. Just FYI.

  • Tammy

    People like her are probably why Kroger and other stores are getting stricter with their coupons.

    • Kara

      Not necessarily, it is also because of people who scan coupons to get more of them (which is illegal) and who use fraudulent coupons.

      • Claudia Joy

        Ironic you say that since I believe it was J’amie who use to teach people how to fraudulently use coupons.

        But I do believe this show is the reason Kroger is getting stricter with their coupons. They may be reimbursed for the face value, but when they double that they (Kroger) are eating the cost. $.50 here and there adds up and when your getting people who shop only getting deals they get with doubling or tripling it can hurt the company.

      • laura jaworski

        yeah Jaime is a fraud. she committed coupon fraud even on the show! she used coupons for fiber one for other cereals made by the same company. She gives us honest couponers a bad name. this is why cashiers have to be so strict with the coupons now and inspect every one…and why the stores keep having to change their policies

  • Lisa Simpson

    I just want to know how many people she’s feeding with $1200+ worth of groceries.

    • Jon

      My thoughts exactly!!

    • whatwzi

      it might be a months worths of food?.?

      • Lauren

        For a family of 10?!

    • Debbs Seatte

      I know this…I feed two adults and two cats and without using coupons I spend at least $125 a week MINIMUM. I have done daily shopping in addition and spend $45 for one dinner. So if I were to go over my past grocery bills per my bank staement I would not be surprised to see $700 a month or more. AND that was not providing stockpiles of anything. When my sweetheart was married with two teenagers at home, his monthly food budget for at home dining was just about $2000 with minor stockpiles of great on sale priced products. I dont see anything strange about a family grocery bill of $1200 knowing that they are stockpiling and making as big a trip as they can for the benefit of the tv cameras.

  • Nina

    I live in Florida and will NEVER see savings like these because my state/stores don’t double

    • Lisa

      u need to shop @ publix if ur in fla even without doubles u can do amazingly well – i average 80% – 100% there ! even if i have an off week i can get what my family of 3 needs for less than $30 ! try reading some blogs on publix !

      • Joey

        Goodness! As a single mom in a crappy job with an equally crappy economy, Lisa, you must teach me your Jedi ways!! lol

    • James

      Shop at Publix in Florida… anything under .50 is automatically doubled.

      • Stacey

        I DO shop at Publix in Fl, and they don’t double any coupons…not even those under .50.

    • Monica

      Yes, I agree. I am in Florida as well and they don’t. They did however in the past but stopped, not sure why. Although sometimes if I go to Albertson’s they may depending on the item.

    • lorrie

      I am in WA. and we only have albertsons that dbls and its only about once a month, that is ussually 2-3 days during the week sale and only 3 coupons can be dbled per transaction.

  • BETT

    You are so right, the supermarkets I go to limit the coupons to 4. Target also is putting a limit of 5 in NY

  • Cecile dePoulignac

    I double coupon but DAMN this is awesoem!!!!!

  • Lena

    I want to learn to do this!!!!!

    • whatwzi

      facebook and look up “SAVVY SHOPPING” it might help

  • eponymous

    Art form though it may be, how much fresh produce are these people purchasing? There’s a great deal of processed food for which coupons are printed, but very little FRESH food. And I’m not an alfalfa and bean eater, either…I used to clip coupons rather successfully, thank you, but it wasn’t worth it.

    • PrincessBride

      No, there’s not much in the way of coupons for fresh food. But that doesn’t mean couponers are only buying Hamburger Helper. I generally get my toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, shampoo, hair color, and deodorant for free or very little money by using coupons and drugstore rebate programs. That leaves me more cash to buy healthy food at the local co-op.

      • Tonya

        Yay! I want to do the co-op thing too!

    • dharma swan

      I agree – most of the coupons I see are for processed foods or for items that I don’t use or need. I clip coupons but rarely find ones for things I actually buy so I don’t think I could ever walk away with a free bag o’groceries.

  • Jen Starr

    How many *beeps* and overrides are common for these couponers? I saw she had a ton in this clip. That would never fly at my stores. Something is shady there.

    • J

      Not at my store either. But when I guess you shop with a camera for a TV show that is going to be shown nation wide, the last thing you want to appear as is not coupon friendly. Perhaps I should have my husband follow me around with our camera and say it is for a TV show – I will then get the rules bent for me too

      • Jenn

        beeps & over rides are common. They usually just have to manually enter the coupons in. Nothing shady about it … could the scanner didn’t pick up the barcode, the price of the item was lower than the coupon, etc.

  • Jill

    Beeps also happen when you try to buy items with coupons that don’t match the items scanned. Hard to tell in such a short clip. I did see she that her .75 cent coupons doubled in value, which is uncommon for most stores

    • PrincessBride

      Beeps and overrides can happen when you have a buy one get one free coupon and the price needs to be entered. I usually put all those items last so the price is easily found on the receipt.

      Stores around where I am routinely double up to $.99 (limit 20 coupons per discount card per day). Occasionally they’ll triple and sometimes superdouble (double coupons up to $1.98).

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