Katie Couric leaving 'CBS Evening News': report


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Less than five years after taking over the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric is moving on to other projects, according to the AP. An anonymous network executive told the news organization that Couric will launch her own syndicated talk show in 2012; several production companies are attempting to woo the anchor.

Despite a wave of publicity when she initially left NBC’s Today show for CBS News in 2006, Couric’s ratings have never lived up to her reported $15 million salary. She consistently trails Brian Williams of NBC and Diane Sawyer at ABC in viewership.

“We’re having ongoing discussions with Katie Couric,” said CBS News spokeswoman Sonya McNair. “We have no announcements to make at this time. Until we do, we will continue to decline comment on rumor or speculation.”

Couric’s contract with CBS runs through June 4.

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  • Loyalty

    Bu Bye – Katie – not that I ever watched you on CBS News.

    • Sunny

      Good riddance, commie skank.

  • Jogirl021365

    Part of the problem with Katie’s viewership is that CBS Evening News is on at 7:00 EST, 1/2 hour after ABC and NBC’s news. 7:00 is time to start watching evening programing, not a rehash of the news we could have watched 1/2 hour before.

    • Not Moby

      What market are you in? It’s always started at 6:30 in the three different states I’ve inhabited in the Eastern time zone.

    • Chris

      It’s on at 7 in your market, but not nationally.

    • Rush

      The biggest problem is that they never showed off Katie’s biggest assets: her legs.


    If it wasn’t for Katie making the leap (I know Barbara Walters was the first but never a main anchor by herself) Diane Sawyer would have never been given her anchor position at ABC. So, Katie was a pioneer and is worthy of respect no matter if you watched her or not.

    She just couldn’t get past her “happy go lucky” morning show image to be taken seriously on the nightly news. Diane had more of the serious reporting side that is visually acceptable to the audience.

    I think Katie did a good job but she was initially screwed over by CBS with that crazy format and she never recovered.

    The CBS morning show is now crap without Harry. The newer, younger, hipper approach sucks!! Harry was aweseome!!

    Good luck Katie. Job well done. Wasn’t your fault. People need to remember, you’re the one who showed the world Sarah Palin was an idiot and shouldn’t be our next Vice President. Neither Diane nor Brian did that with all their ratings.

    I tip my hat to you!! Good luck Katie.

    • johnc11

      Katie Couric sucks!! Her interviews are jokes!

      She deserves to go!

      • Oh yeah

        Glad to be rid of her and Oprah.

    • Smail

      Katie is cute and I like her but she is not a great anchor. Nice try with the ‘she broke the glass ceiling! – girl power!’ nonsense…whatever.
      And while she did help us see what a nitwit Palin is, you can hardly credit her with ‘outing’ Palin as a moron – that was and remains to be Palins job and hers alone.

      • John Berggren

        Come now. Katie was the one who asked difficult questions like “can you name one newspaper you read”?
        It was a brilliant moment, and you can’t take that away from her.

      • 2face

        The Palin interview was very good interrogation work. She could have been a good homicide detective. But it seemed a bit like a hit piece and made Curic look like she was part of the Obama campaign. And any journalistic credibility was gone from that moment.

      • tomm

        Palin is dumb and even Bill O’Reilly says so nowadays.

      • DTR

        Meanwhile, Obama thinks there are 57 states, that Austrian is a language, that the Constitution was signed 20 centuries ago, that ‘corpsman’ is pronounced ‘corpse-man’, and that insurance premiums will fall by 3000%. He’s a genius. Just ask Katie.

      • JW

        Way to go Smail – I agree.

    • Rush

      Thing is Couric actually has more jounalistic credibility that Sawyer ever had. Diane Sawyer did a short stint on 60 minutes, but the focus for most of her career was soft news at GMA. Couric actually did some hard investigative journalisim while at NBC for both the Today show and Dateline.

    • Tiffany

      @ Haters. I am glad someone said it. Harry Smith needs to get back on television for CBS. I am in the demographic they were gearing towards and if I could not watch those clowns on the weekend, why would I five times a week. They wronged him and I am curious as to the geniuses who thought getting rid of him was a good idea. SMITH FOR TV in 2011.

    • Juneau

      Anyone interviewing Sarah Palin can do the same thing because the woman IS a moron. I watched the Today Show for Matt Lauer and was so happy and relieved that she left. I also knew that she’d flop. She has always struck me as not very genuine. I think that came from forcing her spunky attitude and jokes (and she’s NOT the least bit funny – Matt had to constantly save her from her own stupid jokes)on Today which clearly went against her grain. I don’t trust her and that = the death of a news anchor. I’m surprised she lasted this long. Her talk show will flop, too because she is the problem. I’ll take any of the women out there over her for news. PS Meredith isn’t funny either.

  • Not Moby

    My husband and I have tried to support CBS for having a woman anchor (even though we were mad at the network for firing Dan Rather), but Katie is never there. I would estimate that 75% of the time when we watch (which is not nightly I’m sad to say) someone’s filling in for Katie who’s “on assignment.”

  • jessica

    I think she should takeover the CBS morning show…..it is in serious need of some help!

  • lush rimbaugh

    great, good riddance airhead, let her puke her liberal blather all over her own show, that no one will watch.

    • Patrick

      dude go back to watching Faux News… If you like lies and innuendo its the best place for you!

      • mamamia


      • John Berggren

        I still think Faux News should have to register as a PAC and rename to Faux Opinion & Commentary.

    • You Three Dumb Sheep

      I think all of your mothers should be slapped for not using birth control after they had sex with sheep.

    • You Three Dumb Sheep

      Make that before and after.

  • DTR

    $15 million for last place while your coworkers are being laid off? Good job! I’ll do it for 10% of that, and guarantee I won’t do any worse.

  • Ben

    I am glad that Ms. Couric is leaving. In the 1970’s, ABC hired Barbara Walters from NBC to boost ratings and it did not work then or now. I thought it was a mistake for CBS to hire from NBC instead of selecting another CBS news reporter. I hope they replace Ms. Couric with a reporter (male or female) from CBS and not NBC, ABC, or some other place.

  • avlisk

    They should have listened to Paddy Chayefsky.

  • Cat

    You should correct your article! “Syndicated” means that it won’t be on a specific channel.

  • macguff

    Anchoring the network evening news is no longer a prime news assignment. Nobody under the age of 65 watches the evening news, except possibly for people who can’t afford cable. Within a few years it will disappear altogether because the demographics and viewership numbers don’t appeal to advertisers. It’s like the war over who gets to host the Tonight Show. Only comics who grew up watching Johnny Carson care about the legacy of the Tonight Show. To everybody else, it’s just another network choice at 11:30 p.m. There’s no prestige to it.

    • Jenny

      I’m 23 and watch the evening news and I have cable. Cable shows annoy the crap out of me. Evening news gets straight to the point without the pointless/mindless commentary from people I have zero interest in listening to.

    • Danielle

      I’m 25 and I watch the evening news on NBC every night. I also don’t have cable.

    • Rush

      Network evening news will never go away, it’ll just become more and more irrelevant. The major networks are obligated to have evening news to satisfy their FCC mandate of public service.

  • dan rather

    I have watched CBS News since I was a kid with my grandfather and I will continue to watch. I wish they would consider Russ Mitchell. I will be glad to see Katie go.

  • maggie

    Frist, Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez – now, Katie Couric. Possible replacement – Erica Hill, Julie Chen or maybe, Sarah Palin! My husband and I are done with CBS News.

    • Jan

      Sarah Palin has difficulty pronouncing simple words. AND they don’t make the Sharpie small enough for her to scribble all the news on her hand.

  • book em 1

    As Michael Savage would say
    “It’s about Freaking time
    Katie Courash”

  • ted k

    i think we’d all be better off NOT watching the news. instead, building stronger, more personal FAMILY relationships is more important.

    • Ben

      Building Family relationships is important, however, with a Japanese Nuclear power plant spewing out radioactivity, wars in Afganistan, Iraq, and Libya, the price of gas going skyhigh (again), the recession, the 2012 Presidential Election, crime, disease, and all the other important issues going on; You need to be informed about what is going on in the news. It does impact your life.

      • SUSAN

        AMEN! BEN

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