'DWTS' eliminated contestant: 'I was not pleased with the scores I got but I'm pleased to be going home'


Tony Dovolani half-joked that he “tried everything” to make his foxtrot with Wendy Williams more interesting — even going so far as having her rub his bootie for Monday’s performance — but it wasn’t enough to save the talk show host for one more week. On Tuesday, Williams became the second amateur to leave Dancing with the Stars

“I was not pleased with the scores I got but ironically, I am pleased to be going home,” Williams told reporters after the results show. “I am relieved because I’m getting on a jet and going back to everything that’s near and dear to me that I have neglected personally for this six-week journey. I have a 10-year-old son, and any parent knows that fifth grade and age 10 is a child on the brink. I have a 12-year marriage and I’ve got a talk show that demands my attention.”

We got it, Wendi! Your dance card is full. So what will you miss about your partner? “Um, there are a number of things that I will miss about Tony, including him asking me to please stand straight,” she said. “Because as a woman of a particular age, it’s going to help me as I approach osteoporosis.”

That doesn’t mean Williams thinks she’s old and washed up. On the contrary, in fact. “I’ve still got it,” she said, when asked what she learned about herself  by doing DWTS. But what is it, exactly? “It’s the very same thing that propelled my career and made me push ahead after several miscarriages to have my son, and after a bad marriage to remarry and trust again,” she explained. “The very same things that I’ve been fearless about in the past. I still got it.”

What she may not have, at least for now, is the urge to keep dancing. “First I have to get back and tend to the Wendy business at hand,” she told reporters. “I have neglected a lot.” But she didn’t neglect to point out what she’ll miss most about the show. “Craft services,” she declared.

In the meantime, don’t cry for Dovolani. The affable hoofer will now focus his energy on a reality show he’s developing for The Golf Channel in which “teachers try to get me to hit the ball as close to a professional as possible.” Apparently, he’s almost there; Dovolani is an 8 handicap and is working toward a 0. “Just today we had a humongous breakthrough,” Dovolani said. “I hit one of my drives 330 yards.”

Dovolani did, however, express some regret that he couldn’t do more to save Williams. When asked about the moment from Monday’s show when the talk show host is seen grabbing his tush, Dovolani admitted that it was his idea. “I tried everything,” he said, looking exhausted.


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  • andy

    yikes, she came off quite unlikeable tonight

    • Mar

      agree – sour grapes

      • aitu4

        Agreed! I was looking forward to her on this show regardless of her ability, but her personality off the dance floor STUNK.

    • frankie

      I like Wendy on her show, but DTWS Has shown her in a negative light. I thought leaving Tony standing there waiting for they’re last dance and playing to the audience instead was classless and came off as self centered. I thought she would be fun to watch this season but no. Too bad for Tony. Go Kirstie!!!

  • sils71

    We’re pleased you’re going home, too.

    • ysm

      Absolutely. She was not only a poor dancer but a poor sport and that shows in this interview as well. If she is so busy, and her other priorities are so much more important she had no business signing on to the show.

      • gazmo

        Another tub-o-guts heading back to the all-you-can-eat buffet!!

  • Bubba

    I like when she said, if this was a personality contest, she’d be winning. Completely clueless. She will be missed, but I’m glad she gave us her itinerary, so I can get my Wendy fix…

    • mh2365

      no kidding … it is a personality contest and she was the second person out only because no one knew who the first person was … she looks like an aging draq queen

      • ha!

        my mom and i were on the phone last night during the results…yea she thought this whole time Wendy was a drag queen lol

      • Mar

        I don’t like it when people are ugly on these posts, but I have to say that the first time I saw her talk show, I honestly thought she was a drag queen…had no idea she was really a woman.

      • Peggy sue

        I’m glad somebody else said it – I’ve always thought she looked like a drag queen too – so much so that when I flip channels and happen upon Wendy, I always change the channel one more time!

      • Summer

        If people insist on being ugly on the show (literally or figuratively), we have the right to continue making ugly posts.

  • If You Ask Me

    Regardless of who it is, i really hate to see anyone going home. Tony Dovolani needs a star that can get him to the mirror ball trophy — he is a class act.

    • Elizabeth

      Yep… I tend to be more invested in the pros, so I’m rooting that Tony gets a young and athletic partner someday. Saddle Mark Ballas or Derek Hough with the clunker one season.

      • aitu4

        Agreed! Tony needs a winner, and I’m so over Mark molesting his young partners. He used to be a favorite of mine, now he makes me gag.

  • PowerBarDC

    Good Riddance!

  • Barack Palin

    Yes, Wendy, we”re pleased you’re going home too. Is it just me or did she brush right past Tony and not even do a last dance. What a classless narcissistic bimbo. I guess you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. She came across as a self-important,me-centered beyotch tonight. No more blue whale. No, Wendy, you can’t dance-and you have no class either. Sad Tony had to get another wench.

    • 4theNiteowl

      I noticed this as well. She ignored Tony and the rest of the cast. I liked her until that point.

      I also agree Tony deserves to get a winner and someone who appreciates him as a pro teacher. He should have had hazard pay and a paid vacation trip anywhere in the world after Kate.

    • !

      Wendy didn’t grow up in a ghetto. That you would assume that she did says more about you than it does about her.

      • @!

        You missed the point, the comment was not a “literal” ghetto. Basically Wendy acted rude to Tony and definintely had an attitude of entitlement based on her disbelief of her low scores from the judges. Hey, I’m all for being positive about oneself, but Wendy has entitlement issues.

    • Eva

      Why do you assume Wendy’s from the ghetto. She’s not BTW.

      • gag

        because he/she is a racist

    • Barb

      I do feel sorry for Tony – both Kate Gosselin and Wendy Williams are rude, self-centred and narcissistic. He seems like such as a gentleman, and he got stuck twice with partners who not only have no dance ability at all (despite their delusional belief to the contrary) but also have major personality problems.

    • !

      @Barack Palin- Literal or not, you wouldn’t have associated a mean, rude white person with the ghetto.

      • EPZ

        Would have said Trailer Trash for them.

  • Lily

    she was terrible… is it just me or does look like a dude? tranny wendy

  • Alli

    I didn’t like how she chose to shake audience members’ hands like a politician instead of have a last dance with Tony

  • Kat

    I won’t miss Wendy Williams – the other contestants are so much better than she is and so much more likely to further improve, plus there’s just something off-putting about WW, but I’ll miss Tony. Also, I really can’t tell if that golf show is a joke. It sounds…dumb. Sorry, Tony. Best of luck, though! Here’s hoping that next season you get the next Stacy Keibler, instead of yet another season of the stiff, bad dancers.

  • Eddiehaskell

    Yeah I am sorry, but I tried to get past her shape and root for her, but her personality did it for me. She was not nice.

  • Zzzzzz

    Tony deserves better. Give him a break, already!!!

    • Bwana

      It is too bad that Tony keeps getting the Kates and Wendy’s while they regularly feed high potential types to the Hough’s and Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas. It’s as if they have decided that there are certain dancers who they want to give every chance to hang around and others-not so much.

      • Tank668

        The show is about the stars. Pros get matched with the stars that need them. Tony is the teacher. Cheryl is the coach. Cheryl would terrify a young star, so these to pros like Chelsie and Mark. I always pity Kim, she gets the tall one.

      • Bwana

        Then perhaps they might consider finding Tony partners who (a) need to be taught and who either (i) aren’t narcissists OR (ii) don’t flake out. If he has to be stuck win early out types, at least give him pleasant partners.

      • Mellissa

        Cheryl got “the tall one” last season. Unless you consider Rick Fox short.

      • Susan

        How quickly we forget Audrina Patridge, Melissa Rycroft and Stacey Kiebler. Tony’s done fine in terms of partners.

  • Miss M

    Sooooo glad she’s gone. I commented yesterday that she looked like a He/She. She was EXTREMELY unlikable.

  • Rosemary MacMillan

    So why did she agree to do this show if her children, marriage and talk show were more important??? Did I miss something here?

    • Caren

      Yeah that comment was off-putting….strange woman!

    • steph


      • queue55

        Lol! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shorter comment say so much!

  • jack hart

    wow – haterade alert is in full force this am. i see a lot of negative comments . a lot of people couldn’t wait to post their negative comments based on a freakin dance show. how u dancin’ wendy … great effort.

    • Bwana

      Haterade? Wendy sowed the wind and now reaps the whirlwind. Bad attitude and self centered petulane generates bad reception and negative comments.

    • Barb

      Wendy did not put in a great effort. And the “haterade” comments are warranted, considering how rude and self-centred she acted.

      • jack hart

        @ barb. u are so wrong. this woman was doing her talk show daily and practicing to exhaustion (daily). the bad comments are unwarranted unless you walked in her shoes (or heels)

    • JulieB

      Jack, I’m with you! I am a big WW fan and she and I are NYC girls at heart!

      • @JulieB

        Except Wendy is from New Jersey.

    • Summer

      “haterade”? Wow, are you clever!

  • janice

    WENDY WAS AWFUL …. sorry she couldn’t get all the cornbreads to keep voting for her !!


      Sorry Janice but we already have a resident bigot in Lori – nice try though. Maybe you can take her crown if you are a little more creative.

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