'Office' finale adds Ray Romano, James Spader


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The Office is hiring more stars for its season finale: Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate will guest star as more potential replacements for the departing Michael Scott. They join the previously reported Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett in the May 19th hour-long episode. Of course, Gervais has said he’s not interested in playing the role again, Arnett was cast in an NBC comedy pilot, and Romano is on TNT’s Men of a Certain Age. Or, producers could just do a total fake out and cast somebody who isn’t even in the finale.

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  • Amy

    Interesting…I don’t think any of these people will be involved in the long run, maybe just interviewed for Michael’s job?

    • TopherGracesucks

      As long as it’s not Topher Grace as the replacement I will continue to watch

      • MomC

        How can you not like Topher Grace? Have you ever seen In Good Company? With good material, he is a standout.

      • mikeman

        topher grace has nothing to do with this article. what, did he run over your dog or something?

      • Sally

        mikeman…you just made my morning. Thanks.

      • scroo yoo

        Two words

        Gilbert Godfried

      • Nick

        If the words ‘or something’ meant ‘repeatedly’ and ‘dog’ meant ‘kid’, then yes.

      • Lionel Hutz

        Please ask before you quote me, Nick

      • Arnold Ziffell

        That’s funny

    • Jethro

      Having Ray Romano on this show, even for one episode will only make it worse, he is talentless beyond horrible!

      • stevenjaba

        I cannot bear his whiny still. Good lord, I hope he doesn’t get cast in a permanent role.

      • Carl LaFong

        Wow, the Office is waaaaay done. Proof is certainly in hiring hacks like Ray Romano – no comedy talent, annoying to look at and listen to.

      • Nita

        Obviously, you haven’t seen him lately on “Men of a Certain Age”; great show, great cast, great writing. I’ve seen more of it than “The Office”…

      • Matt

        Romano is a talentless idiot and Nita you are as well if you think that show is great in any way.

      • TalentlessMatt

        Well if he is so talentless then why does he keep getting cast in TV shows? Speaking of which what talent do you have other than whining about other people?

      • JonBeasle

        ray romano is amazing.. he had one of the most sucessful sitcoms ever everybody loves ray.. hes very skilled in what he does and is going to make the office hilarious

    • Blake

      Two words: Carrot Top

      • Matt

        Two words: total moron


      Sweet Mother of Allah! No to all of these people! Just let the show die already. It stopped being funny over four seasons ago.

  • Thalia

    Catherine Tate would be a lot of fun on The Office.

    • Caitie F

      I would LOVE to see her be the new boss!

    • Chris

      me too, I would love the doctor donna be the boss.

      • ea

        Nan would be better!

    • Meghan

      I totally agree. I wonder if she’s going to play it more straight or wacky– either way, it should be fun!

    • Katie

      OMG! This is great news. It will be so much fun to see her in the finale and even better to see her as the new boss! Maybe throw a little Lauren in there…am I bothered?

      • Stacie

        Are you disrespecting me?

      • lauren

        are you disrespecting my family?

      • Bre


      • Matt

        No woman should be boss in anything. A female boss would ruin the show.

    • Evie

      I have never watched the Office. I will definitely watch if Catherine Tate is on it. That woman is hysterical.

    • N M

      Think she would be willing to B@ng Kevin?

    • Worst Companion Ever

      Worst DW companion EVER!! No one in America even know who this person is. HUGE mistake NBC! You want her to kill 2 franchises? Look what she did to DW. Lowest ratings in its entire new run.

    • Office Fan

      I loved Donna Noble, she had alot of spunk. Her attitude was great! Amy Pond is really great too, she has that “Don’t mess with me” attitude also.

    • DCBob

      No one could possibly be more entertaining than Catherine Tate in the role of the boss. Her Catherine Tate Show was the finest comedy ever!

  • Jan

    James Spader would be outstanding on this show!! His timing and temperment would be a great fit; a perfect choice!!

    • niki

      I LOVE James Spader… ahh man I’d love to see him on tv again

      • Joan Skosnik

        James Spader vs Raine Wilson…the best office scenario.

    • Ashley

      Agreed! James Spader would be perfect.

    • Mr. Holloway

      There’s also a precedent: Spader came on as the de-facto replacement for Dylan McDermott for the final season of “The Practice.” Yes, the show only lasted one season with him on it…but his character was such a hit that he (and Shatner’s Denny Crane) were spun off into their own show, and they both got Emmys for their trouble.

      Then again, as most people are speculating, these are probably going to be quick cameos of characters interviewing to be Michael’s replacement.

    • Matt

      James Spader has no talent and would be the perfect choice to ruin the show even more than it is already.

  • deedeedragons

    Ray Romano? Remind me to skip that episode.

    • Q

      You’re really going to skip the season finale because of one guest star that you don’t like? Makes me think you don’t actually watch The Office, but decided to comment on the story only to let everyone know that you dislike Ray Romano.

      • deedeedragons

        You don’t know how much i don’t like his extremely unfunny sthick.

      • skeletor

        will ray be writing his own lines?
        no? then shut it haha

        besides, he’s committed to his own show, men of a certain age, so he wont be coming on full time.

      • AltDave

        I never was a fan of EVERYBODY LOVES RAY but Romano is excellent on MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE, as are Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula. Watch it, it might change your mind about him.

    • Collin

      If Ray Romano becomes the new boss, the show is over.

  • Rob

    Whoa, pulling out all the guns aren’t they? I’m excited. P.S. Having a female manager would be pretty awesome IMO. Really shake things up.

    • Matt

      Let me guess you dont wear the pants in your family. Any respectable man would never make a statement like that you f-ing moron.

  • Joe B.

    What, you can’t spare a little headline space for Catherine Tate, who’s probably the person who will stay longer than one episode? C’mon, EW, a little respect.

    • tgh

      It probably has to do with not nearly as many people knowing who Catherine Tate is. I’ve never heard of her… Don’t get too excited – I’m sure she’s great, I’ve just never heard of her.

      • Casey

        @ tgh – she’s English. Hilarious. She had her own comedy show and does it well but also has acted in serious films too. She was also on Dr. Who, which I’ve never seen, but learned of from guest appearances on The Graham Norton show.

    • Josh M

      Seriously! I mean, it’s THE Catherine Tate! Respect needs to be paid.

      (No, I’ve never heard of her.)

      • Charlie

        I’ve never heard of her either. But if she is a funny as everyone says, she may be perfect for the role, as a relative unknown. She may be able to keep her ego in check and fit in better with the other cast.

      • Bre

        she’s only a relative unknown in some circles, in other’s- she’s….um, really famous. It depends if you watch British shows or not.

      • Curtis H

        Exactly what Bre said, she’s known or Doctor Who and also had her own show in Britain for awhile.

  • Ryan

    TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age”. Not TBS

  • Lois

    Catherine Tate should be the new boss. She’s amazing!

    • Matt

      No she isn’t. She’s a catchphase comedian, her humour is the antithesis of what the original Office was all about. If they want to finally kill the show, they should cast her full-time though.

      • Rock Golf

        Matt, I don’t believe you’ve ever seen anything Catherine Tate has done if you think she’s a “catchphrase comedian”. I recommend you see The Doctor.

      • Matt

        I’m English, I’ve seen her show. Unfortunately.

      • Dave

        Fortunately for you Matt, she’s not guesting in the original Office, so that you think her humor is the antithesis to it is irrelevant.

    • Matt

      she is a talentless whhhore.

      • DCBob

        And you have no taste at all, Matt the misogynist. You’ll probably need to look that word up. LOL.

  • gigi

    I could totally see James Spader on this show!

    • Jeffem

      And you will!

  • Sam

    You forgot Catherine Tate.

  • Tony

    Donna Noble in The Office!!!

  • Meagan

    I think the new boss should be a different guest star in every episode, sort of like Murphy Brown’s secretary.

    • Joker’s Lady

      yes! and how they quit after one day because of something dwight or meredith did and then we get another boss every week until they get the permanent boss. it would be like mary poppins lol.

    • goldenret

      YES! A great idea…at least for a season!

  • Johnification

    It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the finale is probably going to center around interviews for the manager position, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these guest appearance were quick “talking head” cameos (especially Gervais), maybe even popping up for only a line or two.

    • Sarah

      That’s what i’m thinking as well.

  • dj

    interesting…as i don’t think Gervais is a big fan of Catherine Tate…

  • walt

    Entirely possible they could circle back to Arnett if his pilot isn’t picked up; it looks like a decision isn’t happening until the summer anyway. Personally, I’d love to see Catherine Tate give it a go; the woman is hilarious, and her brand of comedy is totally in synch with the sensibilities of “The Office.”

    • Crystal

      I agree. She was my close second (to Rose) favorite Doctor’s companion. She would fit in rather well.

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