A Bravo first: A 'Real Housewives' gets canceled


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For the first time in Bravo history, a member of its flagship reality franchise has received the axe: The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. has been canceled after one season.

That still leaves more than enough Housewives to go around: There’s Orange County, New York, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Miami and, of course, New Jersey.

Though D.C. had decent ratings, executives found the cast a bit stiff compared to the menopausal rage-o-holicism that spiced up some of the other shows in the franchise — particularly fellow newcomer Beverly Hills, which doubled D.C.‘s ratings in its finale.

Bravo also has a jazillion other shows waiting in the wings, having just announced projects like Gallery Girls, a docu-series about hip young women working in New York art galleries, and Jason of Beverly Hills, about a high-end custom jeweler.

In other Bravo news: Wednesday night’s season premiere of the new-and-improved Top Chef Masters averaged 1.1 million viewers, up 9 percent from last year.

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  • Huh

    The Salahi fraudsters strike again! Next, can they, the Salahi show-killers, please get Dr. Drew cancelled from all his blowhard-fests on TV?

    • archamius

      i know. i can’t stand smirky boy dr. drew. he’s an idiot and a desperate hanger on name dropper.
      too bad all his “celebrity” friends are D list at best and completely f’d on drugs or alcohol.

      • Buh-bye

        Great! They stunk!

    • Jethro

      It wasn’t that the women were so bad, this group appeared to be the most disliked. Only for maybe 2 of them, they were not likable enough to keep them on.

      The Salahi mess didn’t help and shuld have never been incorporated in the story line.

  • Nik

    While they’re at it, they need to cancel Miami, too. Those 6 episodes were almost as boring as the D.C. season. Who wants to see a bunch of boring women hosting cooking lessons for each other and having minor spats over purchasing charity tickets?

    • Jon

      Actually, they need to cancel the entire Real Housewives franchise. Trashy shows like these are causing our culture to rot from within.

      • maggie

        I’m sick of reality shows. People are encouraged to behave in the most disgusting, lowlife manner just to get on TV.

      • Gwen

        I’m with you. When a non-talent like Snooki gets paid more to speak at a university than Toni Morrison, there’s something seriously wrong.

      • Doyle Durando

        Jon, get a grip! These shows are shear entertainment. The Tea Party which I am sure you are a member of is causing our country to rot from within.

      • kevin

        oh please Doyle! a discussion about reality programming now needs to turn political?!?! I am a liberal who hates reality, and Sarah Palin did a reality show, it has nothing to do with political affiliance.

    • Dee

      I’m pretty sure Bravo is planning to cancel Miami – were they originally planning to have just 6 episodes?? I got the feeling that they originally planned for more episodes, saw that ratings were low for the show, and decided to wrap it up quickly.

    • LorettaJohnson

      YES!! when i saw this headline I assumed it was Miami that was canceled. Weakest housewives yet!! WEAK!

    • Carrieo

      Add my vote to that idea.

    • Tall Girl

      I couldn’t agree more! It was much more riveting to watch Camille Grammer turn Allison the psychotic Medium loose at a dinner party while puffing away on an electronic cigarette. Stick to what you’re good at ladies…… NOTHING!!!

    • Jean

      I agree, it should go away.

  • LOL

    How could anyone watch this garbage?

    • AcaseofGeo

      I agree. The New Jersey Housewives were much much more enjoyable to watch.

  • The Couch Critic

    Thank you god (Andy Cohen)!!!! Cannot stand the liars, the Salahis. Btw, I love Dr. Drew! I’m so happy he’s got a new nightly gig on HLN!

  • NagQuita

    Please Bravo, cancel Miami next. The Miami housewives are the most boring cast ever.

    • archamius

      no kidding. you didn’t mention stupid, racist, and annoying

    • JackieB

      No, cancel New Jersey. All of them are detestable. What they did last season to Danielle was disgusting. And now that they’re all w/in one family, no one will speak ill of another and it’s boring.

      • BRETT

        You did hear about what happened during filming in the Bahamas, right? Their next season (May) is going to be anything but boring.

      • Bre

        Maybe we weren’t watching the same shows….Danielle is too used to playing the victim and she clearly lies about everything. How can you feel sorry for her? But obviously we shall agree to disagree.

  • Sally

    PLEASE cancel Miami! I watch them all EXCEPT that one. It is stupid. I would much rather have D.C. (minus Salahis) back than Miami!

    • Mae

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    • Sandy

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  • Rachel

    Miami is next, then they are going to retire OC, sigh… but I am SO excited to see New York Tonight

  • Cherish

    They were whack, n they caused to much controversy neway they deserved to gt cancelled.

  • BC19

    Wow, that’s a damn shame. Now if all “reality” shows were cancelled life would be good.

  • Lauren

    When are they doing a REAL HOUSEWIVES of Barstow or Compton?? Now that I would LOVE to see!

    • candace

      compton!!!! Hahaha. That would be amazing.

    • K Post

      Waiting for Real Housewives of Inland Empire. Who will have the biggest triplewide Mobile Home!

  • joeinmemphis

    Miami gotta be next then that was like a watching a Doritos commercial! Scandaloso!

  • Zeke

    Bravo should air a new show called the Real Housewives of Alcatraz where most of them belong anyways. What a stupid network but it’s owned by NBC so what else is new.

    • jezoebel

      Better yet, call it Real Housewives of Bellevue.

  • Beauty

    That’s what they get for hiring that idiot White House crasher. Turned a lot of people off from watching. Miami needs to be canceled next. That show is SO BORING. Miami is so diverse couldn’t they manage to get a diverse bunch of women? I stopped watching Miami after the 2nd episode.

    • Tall Girl

      If Bravo wants to continue to filming any Real Housewives programs (minus boring Miami), they should take the housewife with the most severe mental/emotional problems from each series and stick them all in a condo and make them live together for a few months. Can you imagine Micheale (DC), Danielle (Jersey), Camille (Beverly Hills), Vicki (OC), Kelly (NY), and Kim (Atlanta) locked up together all in one house? They’d probably kill each other….after tearing Kim’s wig off, of course!!!

      • James

        S&C: Elizabeth- 11:43 (125# clean & 3 bar dips for 1 ring dip).CFE: Run 12 x 1 min on/off total dist. (during run portions): apoprx. 2.3M-low energy level (not enough food), but, loved my new New Balance kicks. Feet, legs and calves felt great.

  • lucy

    I watched 3 episodes of RHODC and fell asleep (literally, it was late but still) while watching the third one. I didn’t find them compelling or likable or interesting. There was this potato-faced woman that was surely drunk or drugged most of the time that was on the cast and i found her and the nasty british woman intolerably boorish, classist and stupid

  • J

    I blame the Salahis. Personally, I feel DC and Miami are very under-rated. Jersey is the worst. That Miami reunion brought them to a whole new level. So much potential there.

    • BRETT

      The general consensus is that they should be cancelled after that trainwreck of a reunion, not renewed. The only reason they did the live reunion was to save money (one hour live is cheaper than a full day taped, edited, and put into two episodes). Miami will probably be cancelled.

      • Veron

        Tom, I haven’t visited your blog for a while and tlhgourhoy enjoyed the visit. Thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that I think you are a roll model Rotarian and community leader. What a blessing to call you friend! Mary Beth

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