'Bones': Geoff Stults talks 'Finder' episode -- EXCLUSIVE


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Ever since Bones creator Hart Hanson announced that he would be using the April 21 episode called “The Finder” to introduce a character, Walter Sherman, […] Read the full post.

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  • splusm

    I don’t see how anyone thinks the man is a jerk judging by his interview. He sounds funny, as for the swear words, who cares? It’s not like swear words aren’t part of our everyday language, if anything that makes him more relatable to the common man. If you don’t like his language or demeanor watch ABC Family or the Disney Channel. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to this spinoff.

    • Tim

      I do intend to watch another channel when this epi airs. Thanks for Mr. I GOT A KING SIZE EGO in making my mind up.

    • Abby

      Aww look at Geoff’s 4 or 5 fans defending him. If you don’t know his personality then this type of egotistical interview is not the ber introduction to him or his character.

    • Packers

      I really did cringe at reading this interview. I have no clue who this actor is but I am sure as heck got no plans to watch now. Would it of killed him to tone down the ego a little. Walter is a moron jerk but does Geoff have to be as well?

    • Gail

      Geoff don’t worry you will have all the time in the world to be working with Clint again. This Pilot sounds so very blah it won’t get picked up. I want to watch a jerk with an ego I’ll watch House. I want to watch an idiot with quirky personality traits I’ll watch reruns of Monk. Try again Hart.

  • izzy

    Wow such a strong reaction for a guy making fun of himself. I think he humour is more in line with that DEBD movie he did. I do like shows that stars with people enjoy themselves and get on with each other. Am looking forward to see whether the show is going to be as silly as him & Duncan.

  • Kate

    I really do not understand the freakout that is happening right now. Nothing he said seemed that awful to me. Just because he asked people to give his character a chance instead of just deciding to hate him based on him maybe having a couple moments with Brennan doesn’t seem that unreasonable to me.

  • Eve

    I liked him when I have seen him before. He is very good looking. If I were not so bored with “Bones” this season I might have given it a chance. If it gets picked up I may tune in then.

    But it is the same creator as Bones so for right now, that is not a big selling point for me.

  • murley

    yeah i thought this guy came across as funny and straight forward. i am not getting why everyone seems so put out. has he offended your delicate sensibilities?

    • Liz

      Totally with you, if anything he was pretty humble and straight forward.

  • Jesse

    I got a problem with actors thinking they are a big star with an ego to match, when they have made barely a blip on the radar. Try and be grateful for your casting instead of going on about a five min role that may just hit the cutting room floor anyway.

  • Gavin

    I just hate being forced fed a show and a bunch of characters in Bones, whom I do not know or not care for. This trio of characters is the bulk of the epi and the Bones cast will barely get a look in THEIR OWN SHOW.

  • Emma

    The character sounds interesting. Basically Booth (military, charming, tough) meets Brennan (socially inept) meets Mulder/House (weird and somewhat crazy). Perfect for Fox!

    • donnie

      THIS guy…whatever his name is…certainly ISN’T Booth, NOR Mulder, and NOT IN A MILLION YEARS House…. this jerk isn’t charming nor funny or brilliant… he’s more like offputing, small minded with gigantesque ego…

  • Liz

    He sounds cool. Too glad he’s into Bren and she takes an interest in him. Can we hope Bren will give him a chance? He’s hot, sexy and young enough to be with Brennan.

    • Laura

      Nothing happens between the two….
      This is just PR to get people to
      watch the pilot show.
      Do we need another police style shown?

      • john

        walter sherman is younger than brennan
        and geff stults is younger than emily
        so any hooking up between those two would make brennan and emily a cougar, an old hag

  • AngelMoon Girl

    It’s awful but I really don’t want this show picked up. I’ve seen what happens to the original- in this case “Bones”- when new spinoffs come along… I don’t want the same thing to happen to “Bones” :/

  • Noone

    Who is this guy? What a loser!!! He is struggling big time in trying to make a living in this business and he comes off as being some kind of star. He is an egotistical NOBODY.

  • Ellie A

    I truly feel that Bones will end next year.
    The writing is a horror…..
    It has become a Soap Opera with all the
    relationships which have developed.

    Even the acting is not as sharp as it once
    Now with that said…. this spinoff show
    appears lame. Who is this clown of an
    I will not even watch the pilot shown
    because of him. A major reason to watch
    a show is how the actors are viewed by
    the viewers.

  • L

    Stults? I thought it said sluts for a minute.

  • Jacquie

    I liked Sully. He and Bones were a good fit, then he took off.

    • Laura

      Sully, that was 4 years ago.
      Besides, he abandoned Brennan which
      is a nono.

  • Jessa

    I actually couldn’t finish reading the interview because of how douche-y this dude sounded. It definitely didn’t make me more excited about the episode, which I will watch because I love the main cast, not this guy.

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