'American Idol': Pia Toscano's final performance -- VIDEO

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Pia Toscano, the American Idol frontrunner, is gone. The 22-year-old New Yorker was shockingly eliminated Thursday night, leaving the other contestants, the judges, and the Idoldome stunned. She gathered herself to sing her goodbye, the Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You.” If only voters had done the same. Click below to watch her farewell performance. Were you shocked to see her eliminated?

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  • Mike

    Definitely shocked. I wouldn’t she was the very best left in the competition, but definitely Top 3 or 4.

    Her getting booted instead of Jacob or Stefano is really embarassing for the entire competition.

    • Rdinwiddie

      I TOTALLY agree. I cannot believe this …she is the most talented they have had in a long time!! What is wrong with America?

    • Rick

      Makes you wonder what is really happening here. They are all good performers but no way should she have been off the show last night. I would have to say Stephano caught a huge lucky break.

    • jennifer

      Its sad to see her leave so early but she is not the most talented on the show I am happy that they used the safe on casey becuase he is such an amazing musician and is much more entertaining plus she can still get a record deal she’ll be fine.Out of all of the singers of this American Idol season she does not deserve the title, sorry.

      • Elaine

        You couldn’t be more wrong, jennifer. The judges wasted their save on talentless, over-the-top and unappealing Casey, by far the worst performer on Idol to date (yes, far worse than even Sanjaya). If this was a growling contest, then yes, I agree with you, Casey should be safe and Pia should go. But remember that this is a SINGING competition. Pia is the best vocally talented singer this season, comparable to the likes of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Casey (and Paul) are not and should not have even made it past round 1. Casey does not deserve the title either, sorry!

      • Cowgirl

        Jennifer, you know nothing about music, this young lady should have made it all the way but you know thats Ok, because when she makes that first record it will climb the charts, and oh by the way Jennifer make sure you don’t buy one of her CD

      • BATMAN

        are u on drugs,just a question,every song pia sang was better than the original

    • RH Green

      It’s sad to see Pia go because she is such a great talent but, as a result, she appears to be getting huge recognition in the marketplace which is where ultimate success lies. The media keep saying that “She was voted off” which is not the case at all. The better term is that “She was not voted in.” This leads to the question of how the voting is handled on American Idol. Next season, perhaps the public should be asked to vote people off which may leave the best talent standing at the end. Under the current rules, it appears that people the audience assumes that the better talent can’t lose so complacency sets in.
      Go Pia… I can’t wait to buy your first album!

    • Gran in Can

      Stefano is different, he put everything into it he got. Pia had nothing to add it seemed. So get over it cry babies. Just like in politics the majority wins.

      • Elaine

        Sorry, but Pia getting ousted just proves that AI is fixed and that the outcome of the competition has nothing to do with America voting and everything to do with what the producers of the show want. Sorry, America, to have to break it to you, but your votes don’t count, never did.

  • Bob

    Well so much for America voting for talent……

    • Rock Golf

      Pia is a lovely singer, but let’s face it, her style isn’t the kind that induces teenage girls to hit redial or resend texts for 3 straight hours.
      And frankly, I thought she was kinda boring myself.

      • texangal

        I agree, she was a great singer, but not a great performer. I also thought she was boring. While I think it was about 3 weeks too early for her to go home, I’m definitely NOT shocked by it.

      • Patty

        You’re right! The girl can sing, but she was boring. I didn’t care for the song she picked either, and her outfit was so NOT FLATTERING! She’ll be alright though.

      • Renee Stevens

        Really? If I was a young girl I would as a teenager want to look just like Pia. and as far as talent she is one of the best AI ever had. I feel Casey who was saved is entertaining but not stable

      • Elaine

        Casey and Paul are talentless, overrated and boring, not Pia. Please, America, open your eyes to the truth. Besides, Casey is not really attractive, not that looks matter in this competition (Fantasia and Cook).

      • Renee

        As a 13 year old girl I think that Pia was totally amazing, but I totally love Casey i reckon stefano sucked and should’ve left but whatevs…

    • Marj

      No more watching American idol. We love Pia she the most good performance….the voting system is craft.

  • Monica Wright

    I bet they feel like jackasses for using the save on Casey!!!

    • Michael

      Considering he’s one of the few left with a legitimate chance of winning the whole thing, I doubt they’re losing any sleep over choosing him to save.

    • Sunanda Brouwer

      You said it right

      • Sunanda Brouwer

        I was commenting on what Monica Wright had to say. Absolute truth

    • Renee Stevens


    • jen

      Agreed. Pia has a much better chance than any of them of becoming a star. And, I have no doubt that she will.

    • Nancy

      I agree. Although Casey has a differrent kind of talent, he’ not the package that Pia was. Her being eliminated is ridiculous. JLo was crying. I’m over American Idol now.

  • Susan

    Haley never looks upset when a contestant is booted off…while everyone else is wiping tears away, she just stands there with a smirk…just an observation.

    • Lynn

      Susan, you are so right! Noticed her laughing last night.

      • Gerri

        Your right she was smirking . She will get hers if she is not sleeping with someone from the show that is changing the votes in her favor.

      • Melanie

        She’s happy because she knew Pia was their biggest competition.

    • Mary

      I can’t stand her – she’s so full of herself.

      • nat

        Agree she is a jurk that Haley

      • jet55

        And you know her HOW?

      • moesha

        Haley is awesome..she is a happy girl. You people need to get over yourself and move on from Pia. Its a show people…This is what its all about.

    • Rock Golf

      Yeah. She’s one step closer to winning. Why should that make her happy?
      After all every time a baseball team hits a home run, the first thing they do is console the opposing pitcher, right?

      • Anna

        She had not heard her fate but was smiling when they announced Pia was in the bottom three. I recently started supporting her but I did a double take when I saw that moment.

    • Renee Stevens

      I agree, I noticed that especially last night, and truthfully Haley should have gone before Pia

    • estebanbarone

      Well if you haven’t noticed, behind all the smoke and mirrors nonsense, this is a one winner takes all contest.

      A couple more covers of “Benny and the Jets” type classics like she pulled off the night before and this girl deserves the win.

      Nobody is in her way now.

      You can’t touch Janis or Whitney.
      Somebody should have told her. If it isn’t as good as the original don’t touch it.

      Everybody goes down the drain now because of wrong song choices.

      • 143

        pia deserved the win by far not haley. Her talent is no where near Pia’s and Pia will be the biggest star out of all of the idol contestants

    • becky

      Oh my gosh.. I totally agree about the comment about Haley smirking. I have felt from the begginnning that she could be a little back stabber and is most defifntly looks as if she has a heart of steel..

      • jane

        Just like what everyone is talking about chicks – you don’t even know her. She has been in the bottom and knows the feeling – how about she was just happy she was not voted off or people do get nervous and laugh. Serioulsy – you don’t know her get over your cattyness

    • moesha

      Haley was not laughing, rewind and look at her. I know someone who knows her and they said they talked to her. She loved Pia. Don’t believe everything you see. Some people laugh when they get nervous.

  • nag

    heard a rumor this am, that Simon Cowell has offered her a job….hope the rumor is true for her sake…she does have a lovely voice and stage presence!

    • Rdinwiddie

      I don’t think this will be the last for Pia by any means…She is a wonderful artist.

    • maryann

      i really will have a hard time watching idol now as pia had the most talent. she was a beautiful talented person

      • estebanbarone


        Like she dosen’t exist anymore?

        Think about it.

        How many other nonfamous people have you heard sing the National Anthem as good as she would she sing it?

    • Josh

      She has no stage presence–that’s why people didn’t like her.

  • Jane Flanagan

    I think the voting should be changed, some how, before the next season, as last night’s voting was unfair to Pia. She should never have been voted off. Something is wrong somewhere. Can there be any changes made to the results last night?

    • sheena

      I agree voting should be changed. They should do it like I think you can dance. Public votes bottom 3 and judges pick who goes from those or vice versa judges pick bottom 3 then voters choose

    • texangal

      Why was it unfair? She had the same chance everyone else did. She didn’t get enough votes, so she had to go home. If she’s really that good, we’ll see her in the future. Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson didn’t win, look at the careers they’re having. Losing Idol is not gonna stop her from being a star. If you like her so much, make sure you buy her songs.

    • Renee Stevens

      I agree!. The voting should be changed. How about the public votes after the final 5? The judges should vote until the final 5

  • Phil White

    I’ve watched American Idol for several seasons and have often been surprised and shocked by the outcome of voting, but never as shocked as when Pia was voted off. She surely did not deserve to be let go.

    It seems clear to me the reason shocking, unfair and invalid things happen is because of American Idol’s voting system.

    American Idol could easily make the results reflect what voters really want by changing the voting so that *everyone* votes for “who they think should be let go” instead of “who their favorite is”!

    Let me explain why I think shocking, unfair and invalid things happen.

    Suppose, for example, Scottie is the favorite among the majority of Americans. Because of that, most voters will vote for him – say 95%. That leaves 5% of the votes which must be split between the rest of the contestants. Let’s say 4.9% of vote goes to the next most favorite contestant. As that process continues, only a fairly small number of votes are left for the rest of the contestants and the results as to who gets the fewest votes are almost purely random, and do not reflect who Americans think should be let go.

    If American Idol were to ask those who voted the most for one of the contestants, who they think should have been let go, I would bet almost none of them would have said Pia.

    American Idol’s voting system needs to be changed if they ever want to get true and valid results about who voters think should be let go! American Idol is not asking the right question! Yes, they are finding out who is the most favorite contestant, but they are not finding out who voters think should be let go because they are not asking that question!

    If American Idol asked *everyone* who they think should be let go, then I am convinced they will get a true and valid result. That’s the only way they will get a true and valid answer to that question, and that’s the only fair and reasonable way to do it!

    I hope American Idol will make this change to their voting system. If they make the change I am suggesting, I am sure they will not continue to have these kinds of unfair and invalid results.

    • Rock Golf

      Using your example, there’s a good chance that everyone who likes someone other than Scottie perceives him as a front-runner, they’ll vote him out first.
      What your describing is like Survivor. The best player is often voted out early, because they’re seen as the biggest threat.
      As Winston Churchill said, “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”. The same applied to Idol.

    • Kiki

      I have been saying this for years!!Peaple will vote over and over for those they love, which is really an unfair reflection of what America may think. But if you ask people who they want off, the chances are they will be more honest, less “passionate”, and the results will be true to the talent. Problem is, there may be less voting and this may bring in less profit for big companies.

      • lindsay

        It’s not purely “random” – the one voted off may very well be the favorite of many people, just not the majority. the voting system works just fine, it’s just that lots of you don’t like the outcome. it’s easy, the one with the most votes goes through, the one(s) with the least go home. what’s so complicated?

    • MaxPowers

      @Phil White
      While their is some truth to your statement (although your example of someone getting 95% and the rest splitting the remaining 5% of votes is a HUGE exaggeration), having America vote for who they want out isn’t the way to fix the system. That brings up a whole new problem. Many of the contestants are also very polarizing. I’ll use Adam Lambert as an example. There were alot of people who loved him, but there were just as many who absolutely hated him. He might not have even made the top 10 that year if people voted for who they wanted out. Haley would also be an example of this as you can tell by reading comment sections like this.
      Things would be very different (and not in a good way) if instead of the contestants trying to win over America they were just trying to not have America hate them.

    • Tammy Stith

      I agree so much with Phil White! But American? Pia will reign! Such a beautiful talented young woman! I can’t wait to buy her first CD! Love you Pia!

    • Rose

      I totally agree with you. I have always thought it should be a vote for who should go. That said, I believe this was the best top 10 talent they have ever had and all of these contestants should be so proud of how they have performed. All are winners! I think Pia could eventually have a Vegas type show like Celine, etc. She has the voice and looks just needs the refining that comes with professionals behind her.

  • jp

    it shows the caliber of the voters.teenagers,mostly jealous girls of a gorgeous talented young performer.multiple voting by individuals, and finally, voting on the basis as to who looks cuter but not on the basis of good voice or talent. Yesterdays vote proved my point. No need to watch this program anymore.

  • jim

    we;; actually her last song in the she competed with was really not the best.She needed to hit the uptempo song stronger and she did not .
    it was getting boring listening to the ballads every week
    She has a great voice but poor song choice

    • Monica

      Agreed. I was so bored, watching her sing. Poor performer. The competition is about so much more than ‘just’ singing. They all can do that.

  • Ben

    WHATS NEW with American Voters, Sad but true. But thats the way it goes. If we don’t Vote seems like the ones that should be voted off stay

  • Old Obi

    This sucks. Just proves that Idol is a popularity contest and has nothing to do with talent. There are at least 3 contestants that should have gone instead. Pia was one of the best

  • stevie68a

    Pia is a good lounge singer, both her strength and her
    weakness. “I’ll Stand By You” was done much better
    by Carrie Underwood on a return visit to Idol.

    • jim

      your right see it for what it is people

    • Renee Stevens

      You try singing while wanting to cry and see what comes out!

    • me

      Steve, I can’t aggree with that. She sang it right after she found out she was voted off. She had a hard time just trying not to cry. I doubt Carrie can sing that song better and I think if Pia wasn’t so heart broken that she would have sang that song much better.

  • Shelly

    From Canada – This is ridiculous!! Pia is one of the top contenders! It might be wise for Simon Cowell to pick her up!!! Pia, it is not over for you, this is just the beginning!!! Our hearts are with you from Canada!

  • resumeman

    I predicted a travesty like this would take place several weeks ago when the judges foolishly wasted their “save” on an undeserving Casey. Probably the best voice in this year’s competition is now gone, and we have been deprived of getting to hear some memorable performances from this talented young lady. Good luck in your professional career. Pia!

    • Michael

      Sorry but Casey deserved that save as much as Pia. The fact that in the span of 2 weeks, two of the Top 5 contestants in the competition were both voted off is the bigger problem. But I’d bet the judges haven’t regretted their save one bit considering they looked just as shocked and distraught when Casey was announced as the lowest vote getter two weeks ago.

    • Sue

      Yes, we have been deprived of her performances…..She was the Best…

    • Sue

      I never buy any of the Idol’s CD’s…but I will buy hers. She can at least sing..

  • K

    I think most people would agree that she should have been the last female to be voted out – what a shame – something needs to be changed – maybe the judges should have more of a say or perhaps more than one save.

    • texangal

      Most people do not agree. I, for one, think both Lauren and Haley are better singers and entertainers than Pia. Pia has a lovely voice, but she is SO boring, she puts so little personality in her singing. Haley’s version of “Benny and the Jets” is one of the best songs I’ve seen on Idol this year. While I agree that Pia should have stayed longer than Stefano, Paul and Scotty, she is not the winner of this competition. She needs a lot more training and coaching to come out of her shell. She may still be a big star, but it will take some work.

      • Chuck

        Texangal- You seem to be very jealous of Pia for some reason. To say that Lauren and Haley are better singers is absolutely ridiculous. Your focus on her being boring with no entertainment, however, most of us listen to music, not watch it. In fact, how many concerts to you attend each year compared to songs you listen to? That’s what I thought. If we were voting for a person based on “Entertainment Value” rather than how they sing, you would have a valid point. However, this is about singing, so your comments are invalid!

      • me

        What ever Texangal!! lol, Haley eats the microphone when she sings and gets lips stick all over her face. lol. She’s the one that need training.

      • lucy

        if you think Haley is good..well shes just good at brassy songs…just as Pia was good at ballads. Pia’s entertainment issue could have been worked out I think. But, as far as just the voice she is the bomb.

      • Monica

        I agree, Lauren and Haley have much more personality in their performances. This is the reason Pia should have took some real chances, earlier in the competition. Where she was competing against more people with less talent. I never wasted a vote on her boring performances.

    • lucy

      the judges save Naima who was horrible to me. Not only did she scare me like bees were going to fly out of her mouth at anytime, but she could not sing. Pia is a good singer, but Casey is talented in more ways than just singing, jmo. I liked her and hated to see her go…and would have liked to see Jacob Lusk GONE!! He is a good gospel singer, but thats about it.

      • David

        Totally agree about Jacob… just hate his girly gospel singing… he has no Idol Image or voice…

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