Claire Forlani cast as 'NCIS: LA' operations manager: Is Hetty heading out? -- EXCLUSIVE


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Claire Forlani has just been cast in CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles in a recurring role this season, and the big news is her character description: Forlani plays Lauren Hunter, the NCIS: LA team’s new Operations Manager.

Which raises a crucial question: What does this mean for Hetty?

Hunter is described as attractive, authoritative, cool and calculating: “She rarely lets her guard down, but when she does she reveals a dangerous quality that suggests she is much more than your run-of-the mill operations manager.”

Forlani’s storyline begins on the NCIS: LA episode airing May 10. Sources say the new operations manager and Linda Hunt’s character are very much part of this season’s cliffhanger and that a big question for fans will be whether Hunt will continue on the show — as the operations manager, or doing something else — next season.

Forlani is currently playing Queen Igraine in Starz’ Camelot and had a recurring role for several seasons on CSI: NY. What do you think, should CBS keep Hetty around?

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  • Lot56

    Director Hetty?

    • mallory

      yes please!!!!

      • calistoga

        Have lived in L.A. all my life and pleased with depiction NCIS L.A. is giving. Besides the pairing of O’Connell & Cool J, Linda Hunt (Hetty) is what sets NCIS L.A. apart from all other tv dramas today. Hetty has been written perfectly for Hunt and is believeable in spite of her diminutive size. L&O got away with lots of character changes for years. NCIS got away with it, but, unless Hunt wants out for personal reasons, however, to remove her would not be a wise choice. Not a threat… but a promise!

      • GeekGirl13

        THIS!!!! I could soooo get behind this!!!!!!

    • Kristi

      KEEP Hetty, pretty please

      • Gay Thompson

        What is the matter with NCIS LA bosses? If it’s not broke don’t mess with it. Keep Hetty.

      • ks

        Heddy is the only reason I watch.

      • Rob Allen


      • lesliemd

        If CBS is truly thinking of replacing Linda Hunt, I have 2 words of warning: WILLIAM PETERSON.

        CSI has never been the same, and I don’t see Claire Forlani bringing the spark to NCIS:LA that Linda Hunt does. Keep Hetty!

    • Janine

      Hetty is the glue to the team – her mystery, maturity, connections and quirky holiday gifts make it worth watching. My family LOVES NCIS and we weren’t sure about getting involved with LA – but Hetty’s character is the reason we gave it a chance.

      • Gail


      • kathleen

        Yes…Hetty is the woman hear her roar!

      • Gwen

        I agree. And one of the funniest sights this past season was Hetty roaming the office on her Segway!

      • Sandy


      • atlanta

        I would not watch this show without Hetty (or Chris or Cool J). Do not lose her!

      • sunnie

        Lose Hetty and lose a fan. You call it.

      • lucas

        That said, I could see them putting the character out to shake up the team. Perhaps having her hurt and in the hospital, with the possibility that she might not make it. Or have her accused of some crime and the team has to prove she’s innocent (while she’s cooling it in jail). Or even both. She’s hurt and the evidence looks like she was betrayed by her partners in some nasty attempted action.

        but then they clear it all up and she’s okay and all is right again in the world.

    • Roy Tanner

      YES!!! Hetty is the back bone of the crew… It will not be the same with out her, That would be like getting rid Mark” Gibbs”. What are you thinking!!!!!

    • Lindsay

      That would be a refreshing change… i am tired of Vance

      • Eylleen

        Vance is not that much of a bother. I kind of like him.. hem.. this is not the subject here…

      • storm

        I love the character of Chris O’donell.

      • emma

        i believe vance is the topic HOWEVER choice of anybody vance first NOT gibbs or hetty then the balance of the teams as now dont destroy what is working and what people want, don be idiots!!!!

      • mangagirl

        Vance has been acting strangely the past few episodes, maybe a change to come?

    • wismarge

      Do not get rid of Hetty!Her interaction with those tuff guys is priceless. It just won’t be the same!!!!

      • emma

        correction vance was not the one mentioned it was hetty but i still say the rest of my comment

    • Audra Decker

      PLEASE KEEP HETTY! She’s what brings all the good things about the show together and makes it GREAT!

      • carol lewis

        please keep hetty she bring the show and the good things and great and she keep the show together too

    • Dave

      Maybe asst director Hetty.

      • dee dee


      • Carla Willis

        Yes, that would be awesome. She is what makes the show.

    • Darcie

      yes definitely keep Hetty on she is an important person on the show.

    • Chris

      You’ve got to keep Hetty. She makes the show!

    • Jeanne Fortes

      Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Keep Hetty!

    • moly

      yup, time to dump leon

    • Kay


    • joji colond

      keep hetty! be a mistake to take her out of the show!!!

    • Rick

      YES, keep Hetty. Without her it just wouldn’t be the same interesting and fun show to watch!

    • Peggy

      you can’t get rid of Hetty . . .Shes’ so much a part of the chemistry between the team.

    • betty whitfield


    • Jim

      Take Hetty off and you might as well take charlie Sheen off 2 1/2 men..

    • Kurt Russell

      Vance will be killed on NCIS finale/cliffhanger/spoiler. Hence, Hetty for Director. Hetty and Gibbs sitting in a tree…. She is the only one smarter and snarkier than Gibbs. Could be interesting. In the immortal words of Hetty’s likeness, “No Capes!”

      • Dan

        Now that would be cool. Like Clair, she would make an interesting asset to the show

      • ari

        After hating the way Jenny left and was replaced by Vance, I’ve come to respect the interplay between Vance and Gibbs. Yet I’d love to see Hetty as Director of NCIS, but think “NCLA” would suffer because Hetty is integral to the comedic side of the show. I’m not sure Claire Forlani has the comedic timing necessary for the quick joke, then on to the work. Bottom line: whatever they do, they’d be crazy to let Linda Hunt get away; Hetty’s my favorite character (followed closely by LL Cool J) in that show.

      • maybe

        I’m not all that wild about all the individual elements of LA and it’s Hetty that pulls it all together and makes it work. If they did send her to the mothership to replace Vance her character would have to be played differently. She would have to be considerably less “cute” and more serious. NCIS is already dangerously close to overload on the “cute” scale with Abby and Ducky. I like both characters, but Abby in particular is beginning to seem less “cute” and more “developmentally challenged”

    • Cyndi

      Keep Hetty she makes a big impact on the show.

    • MGordon

      Plase keep Hetty, she is unique. Forlani is another pretty face.

    • Kathy

      Keep Hetty, we like her. No one can take her place.

    • Tricia

      Keep Hetty.. Get rid of Vance.. and the new girls on both shows.

    • Carol

      Please keep Hetty. She is awesome!

    • Janine Schreiber

      I want Hetty to stay. She is the best part of the show. I love this show. I don’t want to lose her.

    • Jeanne

      I want her back

  • boo

    NCSI: NY?

    • mira

      she played mac’s love interest Peyton on csi ny.

      • Tammy

        Argh! That’s her? I hated Peyton’s portrayal, every time she was on camera I wanted to smack her. Maybe it was just the way her character was written, but the character never worked in CSINY. IMHO.

    • emily

      The N in NCIS stands for navy… NY doesn’t have a navy base…. won’t ever happen

      • Joe

        Where in LA can you find a Navy Base?

  • Don J

    NCSI: NY??? I like Claire Forlani, but the NCIS LA cast is so crowded already.

    • Niecy

      Hetty MAKES the show!!! I have loved Claire Forlani in other things, and I am intrigued to see her cool, calm character on NCIS: LA…..however, this should not/must not/CANNOT be an either/or type situation. If so, keep Hetty!

      • jstewart

        KEEP HETTIE We need her she’s great in the role and keeps the troops in line!

  • Noway

    The cast is fine the way it is. Yes keep her we don’t need anymore people on this show.

  • Ross

    Sounds like a bad move. Keep Hetty.

    • mary

      that’s it they took nate off, now hetty if she goes will not watch ncisla again, I like chris and ll, but the intersaction with Hetty if fantastic

      • frogprof

        NO KIDDING! I loved Forlani on CSI:NY, but if her casting on NCIS:LA means we’re losing Hetty, count me out.

  • Lorie

    I would love to see Hetty replaced.

    I like Claire, so I def wouldn’t mind seeing her on a weekly basis.

    • 7Storm

      Are you crazy? What is wrong with you? Hetty is awesome!

  • Ronda Bennett

    No Hetty and I will no longer be watching… the show would not be the same without her!!

  • Jan

    Get rid of Leon, promote Hetty!

    • Chelly

      i love hetty. i hate vance. replace vance with hetty and i will be happy. but whatever you do, please please please do not get rid of hetty!!!

      • Sue1

        I agree completely.

      • Orac

        I don’t agree. I love Hetty, but Vance is a good character too. I don’t understand the hatred towards him at all.

      • Hell606

        Rocky must be doing a good acting job if you have such strong feelings about his character. I think they both are needed but Vance can stay on NCIS and maybe we don’t need to see him on LA

    • sue

      I like this idea…

      • sapilgrim2299

        What a wonderful idea. Can you just imagine Hetty and Gibbs? That would be so so so entertaining. And Hetty and Abby, Ziva, Tony, Ducky, & McGee? Wow, what a great idea. But, if that’s not in the cards, keep Hetty if you want to keep viewers.

      • Z

        Agree sapilgrim2299- Hetty should be on both shows- I would hope for lots of interactions between her and Abby, as well as Ducky getting a crush on her, but she would have no interest in it.

      • lucas

        I keep having this vision of Hetty climbing up on a table to give Gibbs a head smack.

    • frogprof

      Now THAT I could get behind. As long as I get my weekly Henrietta fix, I’ll be happy.
      And Vance is just so … meh.

    • wismarge

      That’s a great idea!!!

    • Audra Decker

      I like this idea!

    • TigerFan

      DITTO!!! Hetty as Director of NCIS? Man would that be great or what? I’ve always wanted to see Hetty/Jethro working together

  • valeen

    I like Claire Forlani but I would rather keep Hetty as Ops Mgr. The cast doesn’t need an addition unless it’s Nate back full time and getting rid of the annoying tech woman.

    • Sue1

      Agree with “annoying tech woman”. She adds nothing to the show, she just takes away from Eric.

      • Lisa

        I think the tech girl is annoying and overacts. I dont see any chemistry with her and any of the other characters. They need to send her to work with Abby she’d put her in her place then kick her out of the lab.

    • Lyn

      I like the tech girl, though they don’t give her a lot to do. She’s bright and feisty!

  • Dre

    Keep Hetty

  • Jen

    Keep Hetty!! I like her role and character. Not another beauty… leave it alone!

    • SC


  • charlene anderson

    yes,keep heddy as she is a big part of the show and it would loose to much without her,I get tired of enjoying a show it gets popular and then they change the cast

  • Amy

    KEEP HETTY!!!!

  • Shirley Price

    Keep Hetty!!!

  • annette

    I love Hetty and whats this about NCIS Ny?

    • mari

      @Annette – It was just a play on the letters. Forlani appeared on CSI:NY hence NCSI:NY (not NCIS:NY).

      • maria

        the show is nothing without hetty love her. please do not take her ………..

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