InsideTV Podcast: Are the judges to blame for Pia's shocking 'American Idol' exit? Plus, we break down the latest on 'Parenthood' and 'Survivor'

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The judges said America was to blame for Pia Toscano’s shocking exit last night on American Idol. But I blame someone else: the judges! If they would actually do some critiquing for once instead of heaping praise on every single contestant, maybe they would offer a smidgeon of guidance and direction for the viewers/voters in terms of why they should or should not be voting for someone. And if they are not going to offer that guidance, then why are they even there? I bounce my rage over their happy-go-nicey approach off of Annie Barrett and Kristen Baldwin on the newest edition of the InsideTV Podcast.

Also on tap, Jessica Shaw stops by to help us break down our feelings on Survivor‘s Redemption Island twist. Has it reinvigorated the game, or taken some of the drama out of the show’s biggest watercooler moment — the vote-off? And finally, we’re loving Parenthood, especially the story lines for some of the kids on the show. Which Braverman grandchild are we digging the most and why? (I’ll just go on the record right now and say I’m on Team Max!)

To join in on the fun, just click on the audio player icon below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you on the go. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. But first let us know what you think: Was Pia robbed? Do the judges need to step up their actual judging? Is Redemption Island working for you? And which kid on Parenthood is bringing their A game? Hit the message boards and let us know!

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  • Rolo Tomasi

    Hey EW, think you have enough American Idol coverage today yet?

    • Mitch

      Hey Rolo. This is an entertainment website. More specifically, this is an entertainment website focusing on what’s considered pop culture. Since American Idol is the most watched show, their coverage is understandable. If you want something less mainstream, go to The Onion’s A.V. Club. If you want something more serious, go to

      • Mac

        All the changes to prevent viewer decline once Simon left have been undermined by two things:

        1) The voting system: Hormonal tweenage girls texting non-stop for the cute guy (Paul, Stefano) leaves more talented female contestants dead-in-the-water.

        2) The judging. Randy is in the best situation to give harsh criticism, but rarely does so. Steve and Jennifer don’t want to be nasty and ruin record sales. They need to pitch Randy Jackson and get someone who will speak their mind (not an established entertainer that’s going to be worried about image/sales).

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Sorry Mitch, doesn’t justify the top five stories being about American Idol. They are not doing their jobs by just reporting one facet of the entertainment industry. Lazy and shoddy reporting.

      • Jeremy

        I’m sorry, Rolo, but are there more pressing entertainment stories you would prefer to see. From waht I’ve seen all over the internet today, this seems to be the big story all ENTERTAINMENT sites are following today.

      • Otis

        Hey Mitch. CNN is nothing but fluff and Faux News is nothing but misinformation. For the real news from around the world go to

      • tvline reader

        hey dalton, what’d you do, read michael slezak’s blog then try to pass his opinion off as your own?

      • Charlie Sheen

        Hey, there is no such thing as TOO much media coverage!!! American Idol, WINNING

      • The Truth

        Imagine if every contestant was like Pia. The show would be boring as he!!

      • Fred

        Hey Truth – but there would be lots and lots of boobies!

      • Ughh

        The media and people are acting like druggies over this. Casey got cussed out on his twitter, Naima is bit$$ing on twitter about girl crushes, entertainment blogs are calling this a shocker-blah blah blah. Enough already, what a joke. You’re acting like drama queens.

      • Robbles

        This show is so 2004. Meh.

      • Monster Kill

        If we keep on voting for stefano, iots because he is a good singer and has the killer looks, so handsome. why would we vote for a female or a guy like jacob who is fat and shoddy?

      • Disgusted

        “why would we vote for a female or a guy like jacob who is fat and shoddy?”

        Monster Kill, we’d vote for Jacob because he could really sing, and because this is a “singing” competition, in case you did not know. It’s not a popularity contest, contrary to public opinion.

      • Monster Kill

        I dont care about singing competition… with jacob standiong there and his tounge sticked out yuck…. so gross to look at. i cant stand him… iu will vote for stefano cause he has good pipes plus good looks. He is my IDOL….. this is my dream to see him at the finals.

      • Ted

        [[Sorry Mitch, doesn’t justify the top five stories being about American Idol. They are not doing their jobs by just reporting one facet of the entertainment industry. Lazy and shoddy reporting.]]
        Oh please, Rolo. Lazy and shoddy reporting is the hallmark of Entertainment Weekly. I thought everyone knew that.

    • Bob

      But it’s the biggest shocker since…since…IT’S NEVER BEEN THIS SHOCKING!!!

      Enough of the hype machine, EW.

    • RCB

      I don’t understand why JLo was upset. Who did she want eliminated? Stefano? But she herself said that Stefano’s performance was AMAZING! She praised Stefano, but gave a few “criticism” to Pia.

      • BLM

        Ugh, watching the judges cry and shout outrage over Pia’s departure was torture! It’s like they’re all shocked someone was voted off. Hey, someone had to go, might as well be Pia.

      • Alrisha6

        They were expecting Jacob’s axe. That all. JLo “criticism” was her best intend to do the job. They supossed to be a guide for the contenders and they never say anyhting but “perfect, beautiful,etc”.
        Stop crying over teen voting. Grown people can vote, they just think she or he is safe, and everybody seen to think the same and nobody vote.
        I like how Pia sing, but also found her kind of boring, so I’m not crying rigth now

      • Mia

        Obviously you’ve never been to an Italian funeral. The drama and hysterics were to make Pia feel better. Italians hire professional mourners to carry on. I’m Italian, so I know.

      • john

        still race is the main concern

      • john

        still RACE concern

      • Monster Kill

        JLo is inconsistent, her kind of praises to Stefano is already sickening. Maybe voters disliked stefano cause JLo keep on saying adjectives to him while Randy bash stefano. She is like a long lost nanny of stefano thats why some teen girls got jealous and stopped voting for him. If you criticize the hopefuls, just say the truth about their singing, dont keep on praising, its redundant now.

    • Robin

      Redemption Island is great, the storylines with Matt have been… epic!

    • Nene Leakes

      I blame the judges for using the save on the USELESS Casey Abrams, who before the save had TWO bad performances.

      • Mario

        YES! I think that people FORGOT that the save was used too early -on Casey?!? Really?? The judges needed to wait on real talent like Pia. So it’s the fault of the judges where they could have controlled this outcome, so no regrets right?

      • Aaron’s Mom

        I totally agree with Nene

      • Ian

        @Nene: It’s NOT the judges’ fault. It’s America’s fault for making 2 stupid mistakes of eliminating two fine singers like Casey and Pia. The judges wouldn’t need to use their save if America would get it right–especially at this stage of the game. If the judges are to blame for anything–it’s not providing enough guidance and critique to the voting public. That’s where I blame the judges.

      • DebraD

        Casey is very talented, and the judges have really liked him, ever since his audition. I am glad they used the save on him. I liked Pia-she is beautiful and has a good voice, and I figured she’d be in the finals. However, I found the constant ballads to be very boring!

    • Zach

      That’s wwhat Idol needs: Redemption Island.

      • Monster Kill

        Pia Fans are Posting a petiion for Fox to reinstate Pia. Its now the most ridiculous thing for them to do, are they now scared of Pia’s future? As if her losing is such a big deal that they want America to grieve over her loss. How PATHETIC. Desperate attention Getters. Move ON you sickos.

    • Tarc


  • Arthur

    oh, I’m sorry Rolo, I didn’t know that their Idol coverage was preventing them from doing more coverage of the Housewives of NYC for you!

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Never heard of that show. In the coming weeks they’ll have an article about shows that got canceled and were unappreciated. Maybe if they gave some of those shows some coverage instead of constant AI coverage.

      • Zakry

        Find something to do Rolo.

      • Abby

        They gave Rubicon attention, to no avail. So they generate traffic with a “scandalous” ouster. Why so serious?

      • DebraD

        Why do you care? If you dislike EW’s coverage, you are certainly free to read elsewhere!

  • AI is just a (weak) vehicle

    for getting people’s names out there – Pia will make it or not, regardless of being on Idol; Jacob? I don’t think so even if he wins

    • Zakry

      There is an audience for Jacob. Just because he’s not your taste doesn’t mean he’s not talented.

      • Monster Kill

        Jacob is not an Idol material, so gay ewwwwwwwwww.

      • DebraD

        @Monster Kill: Why all the animosity towards Jacob? So he’s not your taste-don’t vote for him. He obviously has a strong following or he wouldn’t still be there.

    • BlackLover

      I think there is blame to spread to the judges but it goes long before last night. I don’t think these judges presented us with the best singers based on the singers we saw during the auditions. More so than any other season, they’ve given us “types” who sing rather than outstanding voices. I think Pia was one of the best of an average field. She was a Katherine McPhee-type and I say that as someone who didn’t particularly care for Katherine McPhee. As far as the actual judging goes, people are being less than fair – Randy HAS attempted to give meaningful critiques but he gets shot down by Jennifer’s tainted interruptions and overshadowed by Steven’s popular but bland and pointless commentary. I don’t think Pia’s going is a loss as much as the loss of a whole season from sticking viewers with a season of less than stellar picks to begin with.

      • Ana

        That happens every season. My guess is the judges are looking for more than just the best singers because being able to sing doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful career. The judging also has always been bad. Simon gets praise for being mean but I’d never heard him offer any criticism that could be considered constructive.

        It doesn’t really matter in the end because if history’s any indicator Pia’s better off having been voted off early. For one, it improves her chances of getting out of that horrible contract the contestants are forced to sign.

      • Monster Kill

        Enough of this Bull*** Pia is gone, why will america cry for her? we got other bets and i dont like pia tosacano to be frank. Ill vote for a guy this season.

      • DebraD

        I agree with the remark about Jlo interjecting when Randy is speaking. I have seen him make criticisms, mostly constructive, and Jlo almost always interjects. What’s that all about? Paula would do that with Simon, mostly when he was cruel. Jlo should keep quiet when the other two people are judging!

  • Pamela Cosby

    It’s the judges fault in soooo many ways. First, they wasted their save on Taylor Hicks, Jr. Second, they kept after her to sing something up tempt. Celine Dion has gotten filthy rich off ballads. Keep with what works, and third they don’t criticize anyone. It’s disgusting the way they heap praise on half wit performers like Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald.

    • Isabella

      I agree. The judges are constantly up Casey’s buns. Why? Even from the beginning of the show. You watch, Casey will unleash the beast like he did with those 2 performances that gave him the boot if he wins American Idol. What a bunch of crap.

    • Pete

      Hey don’t dis Casey! Don’t hate the player hate the game.

      I agree the with the writer’s assessment of the Judges. That idiot Tyler should just go right into rehab. He’s so boring.


    Sign to help being Pia back to idol. Pass along. We need her back to win it!

    • PJ

      You need a life.

      • ConcernedSoul

        Wow, you need to calm down.

      • haha

        Dream on! Petition my a**!

      • Tarc

        Ha! Exactly. It’s already been posted on a different site that Jimmy’s signing Pia Interscope – the contract is being drafted now, and the songwriters are being drafted for a album for rush release.

      • Robbles

        It just brings to light exactly how desperate they have become too.

    • Iris

      Bring Pia back

      • Monster Kill

        Shut Up, we r not interested to bring Pia back.

      • Monster Kill

        Bunch of Losers. Pia is Kaput.

    • S. Lee Stack

      internet petitshuns are like, the coolest and most effective things EVER! /sarcasm

    • joseph comiso jr

      i would like to know if they can do a recount on text voting for all contestance i felt bad for pia the first note she sang i felt that she would be in the top 5

    • joseph comiso jr

      pia top 3 instead of top 5

    • Wonderwho

      Shut up she gone and never coming back.

    • Tarc

      Iovine signing her to Interscope – probably before the next IDol results show. So not only would some goofy eptition be pointless, she’s not interested.

    • Monster Kill

      No way. she lost and why would idol bring her back, Crazy bunch of Morons these Pia fans are.

      • DebraD

        They are not morons-they are upset that their favorite contestant is gone. How would you feel if this happened to your favorite. They are just venting. What’s wrong with that?

    • Kara

      $5 says this is a twilight fan. They’re always petitioning about something or other.

    • DebraD

      Wow! I have felt very strongly about “the wrong person” leaving before but, honestly, this is a competition, and Pia got the least number of votes that week. She’ll still be on the tour, and you will be able to support her by attending their concert and buying her record!

  • JJ

    I couldn’t agree more,I was JUST saying this last night to a friend.

    If Steven Tyler tells every viewer and every performer “It was beautiful, I loved it” then what does that offer? If J Lo could understand that “pushing” Pia doesn’t mean you have to be somewhat dismissive of her phenomenal voice and reinforce the negative to viewers maybe they’d be as supportive of her as the undeserving mess that is Jacob Lusk or the constantly screaming Stefano. If Randy could tap into he decade long experience and see that NO ONE is offer any feedback to differentiate one performance from another he’d that their malaise is impacting viewers votes.

    The major problem Idol will have is a very lackluster final. Who do we have? Growling, yelling, screeching singers? Is a finale of Stefano and Paul something viewers or more importantly music buyers going to care about?

    After the disasterous sales, rather the lack thereof, from Lee ‘Who?’ DeWyze Idol cannot afford to have some lemming like Jacob or Casey who have ZERO commerical appeal/sales potential. They’re good for reality tv but do you think that can compete with sales/charts winners like B.O.B., Adele, Taio Cruz, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, etc?

    The judges may LIKE these performers but are they the next music superstar? Two VERY different things but they’re not doing their jobs and offering opinions and insight.

    • Pillow Pants

      It could be a James/Paul finale that will have people wearing out their volume buttons between turning it up for Paul’s whispering and down for James’ screaming.

      • Monster Kill

        Pia is Kaput. why cant people see that? ENUFF…. its sickening.

    • Dan

      Totally agree. The judges have been dropping the ball and not giving guidance to viewers and voters. What exactly is the point of judges if they don’t have anything interesting to say?? JLo has had a few moments where she was appropriately critical, but she was way off her game this week and just tried to be nice and charming instead. Tyler is clearly useless as a judge and Randy is exactly who he has been all along. They need to step it up – but next season, I am done with this one.

      • Iris

        Sorry but I do not need the judges to give me guidence on how to vote. I am certainly an adult (past 65) and know how to do my own opion on voting. However, here is my view of American Idol.
        Everything is wrong with the voting on America Idol. (1) For starters they allow a person to vote too many times. (2) They pretend it is a singing contest which it really is not! (3) The Judges are obvious in who they want to win — and because of that they do not develope their favorites and JUST praise them, thinking the public will go along with them. Judges all know that today a career for a singer has to be more rounded. I think it is wonderful that they comment that all the singers are great as in their own way — each of them are great. (4) The Judges favorites were highly praised even when they needed to be developed further. Pia was allowed to stand like a board and sing ballads over and over. Yes Pia is beautiful, and in my opinion was the best singer. However, she is NOT an entertainer. I would never go see her in concert at this time. She is boring to watch. Perhaps Pia should have parted with the VERY high heels if she couldn’t walk/dance anround in them. Pretty doesn’t do it for me and I do not hate pretty women/girl as some on this site have stated. I have watched all but the first season of Idol and the talent is getting greater every year. I did not vote this time but I would have voted exactly the same as America. The bottom three were my least favoties also – except I would have let Stefono go first. If great singing was all that is needed to succeed then “Lady G” wouln’t be where she is. She is not a great singer nor is she as beautiful as Pia but she knows how to entertain and connect with the people. This is a different time for singers – I love Celine Dion but today it takes more for young and old to be entertained. AMERICA GOT IT RIGHT ON THIS WEEKS BOTTOM THREE. Hopefully next week one of the other two will go.

      • Jennifer C

        Agree with Iris – Just wish it was Stefano or Lusk that went first out of that Bottom 3.
        If ONLY Pia had been saved? She said she planned on singing a wonderful slow BALLAD from West Side Story.

        So maybe it’s for the best.

        Another good thing is it reminds those that fixated on Simon and Kara playing “note judges” and lecturing everyone that Simon Fuller was wrong, Lithgoe was wrong, the show design was wrong and audience wrong – that it was All About the Singing, Hitting the Notes Perfectly……It isn’t!!!!

        Pia is an unfortunate Perfect Case of a Perfect Singer that Hit All the Notes..and got rejected because the public wants an Idol, or at least a good entertainer.

        It was high time to reject the last two years of sagging ratings due in part to dull or just really bad performers, those with really rancid music (Big Mike) carried as long as they weren;t “pitchy”.
        With the exception of one guy who wasn’t in tune the whole season, not get a word about “The Notes!” Cowell and Dioguardio’s pet. Yes, Lee Dewyze.

      • Ian

        @Iris: I found Pia’s rendition of “River Deep Mountain High” to be VERY entertaining and to me, it was the best performance of the night. There is no way Pia deserved to be in the Bottom 3–at least not this week when she did a hot number.

  • Jay

    I agree with Rolo… Its one thing to have one or two articles, but there have been like 6 American Idol articles today.

    Thats overdoing it, if you ask me

    • ericalina

      if it’s not idol, it’s twilight. if it’s not twilight, it’s harry potter. if it’s not harry potter, it’s lost. if it’s not lost, it’s grey’s anatomy. if it’s not grey’s, it’s something else…ew isn’t exactly known for it’s moderation of a “buzz-worthy” topic. give it a couple days and they’ll get back to fellating robert pattinson.

      • ericalina

        * its moderation, not it’s.

      • Tank Girl

        You left out GLEEEEEEE!

      • @ericlina

        harry potter is amazing shut your stupid mouth.

      • DebraD

        EW=Entertainment Weekly-this is an entertainment magazine.
        This is a big entertainment story. What do you expect?

  • Lois

    I think you’re right about the judges. They love everything, which is lazy judging.

    • Isabella

      Where is Simon when you need him!

      • Brie

        Newsflash: Shocking exits happened while Simon was a judge. Sanjaya received many negative critiques, yet stayed longer than more talented contestants. Nikki McWhatever beat Tamyra Gray. I can go on and on. The judges did their job by narrowing it down to a top 24. It is up to America, now.

      • Mike

        Yeah, I don’t really blame the judges, there have been plenty of great singers who went early. I mean, EW already has a list of them. I think the viewers sometimes assume that the best singers will automatically get votes, so they vote for the underdog or somebody who looks like they may be going home.

  • Sanjay

    I think you’re right, but I don’t think it’s just that. The show has been trending anti female contestant for several years now. We are sort of reaching the tipping point where shoo ins for top 5 at least get voted off way too early instead of the cute, attractive boys. And that’s because of the audience demo, not the judges. Simon was there last year and the year before and the year before that. And the trend toward shutting out females had already started with the shift in viewer demos. The judges can say what they want, but horny middle aged married women will vote for the cute guy every time.

    • Ktct

      Sorry, I’m a 44 year old married woman and I voted for Pia. (The horny part, depends on the day!)

      • Sanjay

        Well, good for you!! So many of my over than 40 female friends are voting for Paul or Scotty or James. Drives me crazy.

      • @Sanjay

        …and you think that is because they want to sleep with them? C’mon, Sanjay,44yr old married women have more important things to think about – like the education of their children – who are about the same age as the contestants. This is a singing competition, not Fantasy Island.

      • Sanjay

        It SHOULD be a singing competition. I’m not talking abou the casual viewer voting here or there or not voting. I’m not sure how much exposure to the Idol diehards you’ve had, but trust me. I’ve been more involved in fandoms than I care to admit. And by and large the majority of the fandoms speeddialing like crazy consists of 40+ year old women bananas over male contestants. I’ll say fair enough on their motivation. But it still bugs me that these women can’t seem to find it possible to support a female contestant.

      • Mia

        Speaking only for myself, with a few notable exceptions, I don’t enjoy listening to female singers. Love Cher, Linda Ronstadt, Miranda Lambert, Siobhan Magnus, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Olivia Newton John, and Barbra Streisand. Others, not much.

      • Jennifer C

        Like your list, Mia. I’ll take that list (inc. the hopeful expectation that Siobhan Magnus will continue to grow and be a truly fine and unique artist) – and add you Patsy Cline, Chrissie Hinde, Dusty Springfield, and Pat Benetar.
        And I am a sucker for a really good lounge jazz vocalist – male or female.

    • @Sanjay

      You know this for a fact or are you (as I suspect) delusional? I’m sorry that women don’t like you, but that doesn’t mean it’s because they are busy voting for a bunch of young boys!

    • jj

      I am so tired of this nonsense. I voted for the 3 remaining female contestants 30 votes each and 2 males the same. I voted much more than that to desperately try to keep Allison Iraheta in a finale with Adam Lambert but to no avail. I’ve had it with your stereotypes. Sounds like to me the real problem is that too many guys like to complain about the votes but don’t care enough to get off their ***es and really vote for the women they care about-or at least judging by the comments “I don’t really vote” “Sometimes I vote” etc from some males–sounds very lackadaisical to me. Complain if you’ve voted 150 to 350 times a week like this older female. If you have, good for you-whoever you voted for. BUT HYPERTEXTING IS EVIL. Seems to me pressing that key for each vote just means more.

    • Tori

      My favorite is James, not because he’s a cute guy (although he is kind of cute), because he’s the most interesting one. He doesn’t sound like everyone else we’ve heard before. The thing is with male and female singers, they shouldn’t even be in a contest together. Male voices tend to differ, and I have found female voices sound much as the same as other females. How many Pia’s or Lauren’s have we heard during AI’s run? A lot. And that’s why I don’t vote for them. They will never be popular enough because they sound like everyone else.

      • Angela

        I disagree a little with you. Some of the females sound alike but take Crystal Bowersox from last season, who I think should have beat Lee but did not due to AI’s new “image” contest(I suppose), it doesnt seem to be about the singing anymore that is for sure.

      • Mike

        Tori- Of course that’s not a fact. It’s simply your point of view. It’s ultimately a bias against female singers (Lauren does not sound anything like Pia in my book). When women on here write that they like about 8 female singers in the world (past or present), the odds of a deserving female winning their vote on AI is astronomically low. They never really have a chance. I appreciate your honesty about it, though. Others are in complete denial about their preferences.

      • DebraD

        I agree! James is definitely my favorite. Also, as an almost 49 yr-old, I vote for whose overall performance I like. I have mostly voted for James, with Casey and Scotty thrown in, because I like their styles and their voices better. A ballad singer is not that interesting to me. I have also given Lauren many votes over the weeks. I have watched Idol since Season 4. Oh..and I consistently voted for Crystal all last season, and you all know what happened with that!

  • Jeremy

    I can’t agree more. I love the judges, but they have to guide the public better. By telling them all how great they are, America gets confused and something like this happens. Furthermore, the reason for the save is to use it for something like this. You dont use it the first week or 2 on someone that probably has no chance of winning. what a screw up by the judges.

  • Yes Lazy Judging

    OMG, finally somebody speaks out about lazy judges. They are pimping for everyone, but put the negative notions of sleepy vocals for good singing into the voting public’s minds. Lousy judges like JLo and Tyler need to get out of the show. The record producers know better such as advising Jacob not to OVER sing every songs or phrases. The judges are so lousy that I stop watching the show to avoid irritating comments like “That is beautiful” while some contestants sing just poorly.

  • Kareen

    Why put the blame on anyone?
    The public votes and they found Pia boring, including me.
    That girl can sing, but she is not an all around performer period

    • Billie Brown

      I agree. I said so all along. Pia can sing, she is beautiful. But she is boring. She does not have “IT” – whatever that is. I can’t describe IT – but I can tell you when someone has or doesn’t have it.

      • Kareen

        Maria Callas the big Opera star could sing too, but she would have made a pretty boring IDOL don’t you think?

      • Mia

        I don’t think you can put Pia in a class with Maria Callas. And Maria Callas didn’t have to tour arenas in concert. Not to mention that criteria today can’t be equated to 50 years ago. Video killed the radio star.

      • jj

        Have you ever seen Maria Callas in person or on video? I would say, obviously not. Her voice actually was not the most beautiful opera voice-many found it repellent-but she was mesmerizing in performance.

  • Leroy

    I vote for Snooki. Girl can down a six pack of beer in 6.05 seconds. Now that is talent.

    • Leroy

      Oh, I forgot, and polish the beer off with six cheeseburgers, and chili cheese tator-tots.

  • parkR

    First before anyone over reacts my comment… I will always listen to EW’s InsideTV podcast and they did talk about a scripted show this week, but can anyone recommend a weekly podcast that talks about scripted shows? The last one that I could rely on was TVGuide’s, but they stopped doing it 3-4 years ago. Again I want to emphasise that I really enjoy this podcast, but I treat this as my weekly “reality” podcast (b/c I also really miss the EW Idolaty, Survivor, and Realitay vodcast… ooo ooo and don’t forget Totally Lost)

  • Kareen

    I meant to add that even so the have great talent on the show this year, the judges are boring beyond belief. I miss Simon who at least gave some sound advise and critism

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