'Jersey Shore' cast gets six-figure raise -- EXCLUSIVE


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The good news for the Jersey Shore cast: They’re getting a huge raise.

The other good news: They get to spend it shooting next season in Italy.

And the bad news is … actually, for the Shore cast, there is no bad news. Didn’t you read the above? The cast is being paid a massive amount of money to get drunk and screw around in Italy. For the Shore stars, there is no downside.

As has been reported, the eight-member cast has just finished their salary negotiations. Multiple sources close to the matter tell EW the deal has members of the “core group” now pulling down at least $100,000 per episode, especially once you factor in their bonus structure. Each season is usually 13 episodes. (MTV had no comment.)

That’s a quantum leap for a group that once made headlines by haggling a raise to $10k per episode for season 2. And, of course, the per-episode salary from MTV is only part of the group’s income, with appearances and product endorsements tacking on additional large sums. (One tally puts The Situation’s annual income at $5 million.)

Regardless of what you might think of Snooki, Sitch and Co., they’re not pulling a robbery — on the balance sheet, they’re worth the money. Jersey Shore is like the American Idol of basic cable, delivering huge adult demo numbers that are higher than many, if not most, broadcast shows. The season in Italy, which starts shooting in May and already has the locals lining up to criticize the show, could bring the series to a whole new level.

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  • whatevs

    Disgusting, really. No wonder the world is such a toilet with these kinds of rewards for bad behavior.

    • TOM

      posting up here after reading below…..does the show suck? yes…but is it making money? yes! do i wan their money…yes! is the situation hot….no! but people love it so shut up and move on!

      • TOM

        also….mtv has 18 other channels showing videos….go watch them!

      • Tom

        Worst show on TV

      • Dave

        in response to whatevs, the world is not such a toilet, just america. It’s a clear sign the average american intelligence is so low they find such a pointless show entertaining. Seen the movie Idiocracy? Enter our next generation…

      • whatevs

        I don’t watch anything on MTV, TOM, thanks. It looks like you’re the one who needs to move on as someone having a substantial opinion clearly riles you up.

      • Jessica

        @Dave, I can assure you that the rest of the world has its moments. Ever been to Italy? Watch some basic television there and you will find that that beautiful country full of beautiful people and art can be just as trashy as anything the U.S. can dish up. But I do agree that Idiocracy is disturbingly prescient.

      • Steven

        Dave you have no taste at all.

      • Nancy

        I would rather watch monkeys at the zoo than this crap.

      • Nancy

        this tv show should have been cancelled a long long time ago..

    • Sergio

      as bad of a rap as they get, as a whole, the jersey shore cast is a group of good well-intentioned kids compared to this season’s real world

      • nancy

        MTV has money to burn

      • Jacki

        Some of them are TOO OLD for a show like Jersey Shore. Pauly D born July 1980 will be 31 this summer. Mike the Situation will be 30 this summer. 3o and 31 way too old for this kind of show. Time to grow up!

      • tim

        Good kids? uh 30 year old doesn’t make anyone “kids”… and compared to what? The monkey pit at the zoo?

      • B

        Comparing the kids from the Real World Vegas today to the Real World Vegas 10 years ago, I never thought I’d say this, but what’s up with these kids today?

      • tim

        well the rest of them probably stopped watching MTV by now

      • hollatyonizza

        God allah it, when will all of you get it through your head, muslims want to be like us. Look at them uprising in Africa. They love facebook, Jersey Shore, ho’s and blow!

    • jt nash


      • jt nash

        Sorry! I agree with whatevs!!! NOT sergio. Sorry dude, they all suck.

      • Steven

        Reward Stupidity. Great idea MTV

      • David

        MTV rewards ratings. The audience has rewarded stupidity by watching, not MTV.

      • Steven

        They shove this crap down their throats. What else is there to watch on tv these days but crap like this show?? Examples please.

      • tim

        There isn’t any.

      • Wha’ever

        Steve : if there’s nothing else on TV just turn the stupid thing off and go do something else instead of whining.

      • tim

        yes, don’t have an opinion.. Opinions are badddd.. baahhhhhh bahhh bahhh

    • Tom


    • Color Me Impressed

      Breaking news report: “I have officially lost all faith in the modern world.” That is all. Now back to your regular programming.

    • DRG

      No wonder the rest of the world hates us so much.

      • Steven

        It’s an embarrassment.

      • B

        yeah, I’m sure they have great television in other countries. And if we judged Mexico by their television, we’d probably think they’re a country full of hot women who love to hang around one fat comedian and a guy in a bumblebee outfit. Idiots both of you.

      • tim

        you forget the kids shows with big breasted women in hot pants and masked wrestling

    • Fog cue

      And you’re the skid mark some plump chick left on the toilet seat.

    • Michelle

      In all honesty, I think yeah, there dumb, BUT If it were me and I was getting paid to do nothing, and at that amount PLUS has commercials and endorsement deals, making THAT kinda money, I would PLAY dumb, too. Sometimes, it’s just part of the game, and sometimes not. But like I said, WHEN YOU ARE MAKING bank like that, screw what anybody else has to say.

    • Satan

      Yes. My plan is succeeding beyond my wildest expectations. Soon, the entire world will be mine. Must send thank you note to MTV, showing proper manners when raising an army to battle heaven is always important.

  • Cain

    Good for them. We would take the money if we could.

    • silk

      That showed your intelligence.

      • The problem is us

        what Cain said isn’t unintelligent. How could this be construed as anything but good for them?

      • tim

        hey cain.. are you a w h o r e ?

    • Tom

      it’s an embarrassment

  • Ali

    This is sad….just adding to the growing number of idiots in this country…paying morons like this whom have absolute nothing substabtiative to offer…I’m embarrassed to call myself an American….

    • Mocha

      Seriously. The fact that these morons get paid millions while teachers and nurses are paid pittances is a travesty. I mean, pro athletes are overpayed too, but at least they DO something…

      • well

        It’s called capitalism, you Commies. It’s not your money to spend, so let’s all just go back to our miserable jobs.

      • Mackey

        But going to school is free! Go and learn to spell.

      • Cristinaz

        @Mocha i completely agree with you! Its real sad that here in the state of florida the teachers are fighting the government to stop pay cuts because they are doing pay cuts while mtv obvioulsy has money to burn to pay these no talent aholes millions!! Actors/actress get paid millions for what they do but they have to work hard to get there. Those morons go to a night club get drunk and act just plain stupid! Smh!

      • bobby

        mocha’s what rock have you been hiding under??? everyone knows teachers are way way way over paid…100k++ for 9 months…hahhahahahhaha YOU DOPE!

      • Wha’ever

        Teacher are overpayed ? Teachers will never be payed enough for the role they have in society !! Education, hello !! You probably wouldn’t know, though, for making such a dumb statement !!

  • silk

    Disgusting for MTV to reward people acting stupidly and without any moral. I am glad haven’t watched MTV for decades, and never will again.

    • Anthony

      silk- Yeah I’m sure MTV is really going to get upset, because you don’t watch. LMAO. I mean really you people sound like a bunch of crybabies. If you don’t like the show don’t watch

  • AC

    This is ridiculous.

    • Tom

      People want to watch CRAP!!

  • kevin

    theyre on overtime with their 15 minutes of fame

    • britt

      U took the words right out of my mouth…

      • Bernabe

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      • Alessia

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  • frank

    MTV, please change your initials, you are nothing like the awesome channel you once were. There was a time when you showed videos made by the most incredible bands, now all you show is incredible crap. And the dumbing down of America continues. And to think,i went to college and got a degree, and if i had just waited i could have become a millionaire by drinking my own urine and getting an std. All that reading and learning for nothing, what a country we live in!

    • Dave

      They didn’t change their name, just the acronym definition: Moronic Television



    • Steven

      What kind of person actually watches this show?!?!?!

      • Trim

        You do if you are commenting!! HaHaHa

      • Steven

        Trim you are a brown noser

      • Anthony

        Same type of person who makes comments on shows he doesnt watch.

  • Natasha

    Disgusting news. Shouldn’t a raise be reserved for people who are actually doing something and doing a good job?

    • dh

      Not anymore… not since reality TV hit the mainstream.

  • Mikey M

    My God. These dumb f**ks are getting rich and acting like apes. Very sad. Very very sad.

  • MWeyer

    Kevin Pereria said it best on “Attack of the Show”: “There will be more seasons of Jersey Shore than there were of Arrested Development. Be proud, America!”

    • B

      I think Arrested Development is great but both shows revolve around selfish arrogant people. The only difference is that one is scripted and the other one isn’t(mostly). So you can be smart for watching one show, and being dumb for watching the other?

  • Gwen

    Couldn’t this money be put to better use? Maybe pay Italy to keep these morons?

  • boston keith

    So if i could do it all over again i would forget about college and just drink, hit the gym, and go tanning. That would pay 1 million a year.

    • dh

      and hit landsdown st like a tornado!

  • Fortune

    I love how everytime there is a jersey shore story people start saying ”its dumbing down america” really??? I mean really??? Like for real??? A tv show that comes on once a week is dumbing down the whole country? Lets see the U.S. Population is around 300-330 million and only 8-11 million watch JS{according to Neilsen}so what about all the other americans? Lets all get serious if MTV came up to you and said ”get seven of ya pals and we’re gonna put u in a beach house & u can do what ya want AND we’re gonna pay u a 100,000 per episode.” we all would sign up. And if its really that bad, dont watch & dont comment.

    • Dave

      Uhm, Nielsen numbers doesn’t track online video (hulu, youtube, etc). The number is probably around 30-60 million which is more than 10% of the population. You ask any young person what they think of Jersey Shore and they’ll tell you they “love it”. Get ya facts straight…

      • Fortune

        u still didnt answer my question. Ok so 30-60 million watch the show. Omg! Its the end of the world. If we had the chance to do it we would to. Dont blame the cast blame mtv & the ppl who watch. And wat about the other 80%. You know what is dumbing down america? People who take a tv show to serious and believe it can actually dumb down a whole nation. Get over ya self.

      • Nick

        “People who take a tv show to serious and believe it can actually dumb down a whole nation.”

        Irony: the humorous or mildly sarcastic use of words to imply the opposite of what they normally mean.

        My best friend is a smart, sophisticated guy 95% of the time, but when we go out with certain people, he devolves into someone that shouts “Cabs are here!” for no reason. So yes, JS is dumbing down people to an extent, and giving them this ridiculous pay raise will only exacerbate the problem.

      • B

        Nick, I bet your friend is probably cooler to hang out with than you for that 5% of the time, and you’re probably the stick in the mud.

    • Will

      Too long; didn’t read

  • Cheese

    Wow – these ass clowns get paid to glamorize stupidity…..next they’ll be running for public office.

    • Ray

      Exactly. lol

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