'Smallville' scoop: 'We're not really promising a wedding at this point,' exec producer says


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Uh, oh. Should Clois fans be preparing for heartbreak? Well, if you take what executive producer Brian Peterson told EW last week at face value, perhaps they should. “We’re not really promising a wedding at this point,” he teased. “But definitely they are preparing for a wedding, right up until the finale.”

As you recover from your moment of panic, I offer you a glimmer of hope: Peterson has been teasing Smallville finales for years, people! You know there’s much more to this story — but, of course, he’s not going to say what that is. He did say, however, that when it comes down to the final hours for Clark, he’s confident that fans both dedicated and otherwise will find themselves satisfied with the story they’ve been told.

“What we really tried to do is create a finale that pretty much stands on its own for anybody who has ever watched any episode of Smallville, to tune in and watch the finale. And for the hardcore fans that have seen every episode, there are a lot of little nuggets and little payoffs all along the way,” he said. “That’s been our goal for the finale.”

Bonus finale tease: The barn gets a final bow. “I won’t say who’s in the scene, but there is one final scene that we shot in the barn, and we literally wrapped that set afterward. It’s still standing, but it was the last time anyone ever shot anything in the barn for Smallville, which — just that moment, given everything we’ve all put into this show, was a really emotional moment for me and for I think everybody in the scene,” he said.

Time to theorize, Smallville fans. What, if anything, would prevent Clois from saying ‘I do’? Will the pair get their wedding at all? Or will Lois and Clark be sealing the deal with a Post-It (shudder)?

Smallville returns April 15.

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  • K

    This is brian Peterson we’re talking about. Whenever he says anything about what will happen, what we see on the screen never matches up lol ever

    • Jo

      Yeah Brian Peterson either is either a bald faced liar most of the time or he’s incredibly stupid. Come to think of it, Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders are very probably both. They kinda make Smallville Clark Kent look like Einstein, and Smallville Clark is a card carrying moron!

      • Jo

        Crap on a cracker! Too many ‘eithers’. There should be an edit button for illiterate posts!

  • Richard

    Kelly already said there is a wedding. Peter Roth was involved in it.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Kelly already confirmed a wedding, so did several SV extras.

  • Carrie

    Kelly says there is, Brian says there isn’t, I’m guessing a last minute shake up happens where no one ends up married at the end (which I mean really the end of the show shouldn’t be about a wedding anyway.)

  • Kalie

    I think we’ll either see the wedding or a glimpse into it. I don’t know if Clark & Lois will be married by the series finale, but you’d think so, since they already had their bachelor/bachelorette party. This whole season has been leading up to a wedding.

  • Lynn

    Yeah the ending of the show should be about CLARK’s wedding. He will have come full circle then

  • Lily

    Kelly Souders confirmed a wedding and said that Peter Roth had a huge role in the concept. She said it’s nothing like Smallville has ever done for any of their previous weddings and that it’s all them, meaning Clois. So Brian is just trying to throw off the scent. But there’s a wedding. SV extras confirmed it in the final days of shooting.

  • JaySin420

    I’m guessing the wedding is planned for the finale and Lois gets kidnapped or something so it doesn’t actually happen.

    Then Clark finally puts on the costume and saves her…and it’s implied that they’re together forever and eventually get married like in the comics.

    Or even better, they’re saving it for the Lois and Clark spinoff.

  • Francis Lazerov

    It is an enormous relief that this will be the final season. They really dragged it on even though it has some positive qualities. They should have made it shorter but better written and they would have been able to have ended it a few years earlier.

    • Ferniesfreckles

      Totally agree with you. We could have done without seasons 6 and 7, for example. Some of 5, too. Stopped watching altogether during those horrible, Lex Luthor character-ruining seasons.

      • Aiden Hawk

        Wow, okay, clearly you shouldn’t be commenting on Season 10 of Smallville if you think it should have ended in Season 5 and haven’t watched.

      • Ferniesfreckles

        Okay, dude, Aiden. I only commented that the middle years were sucky, but not clearly enough, I guess.

        The last 3 years have been a marked improvement, and yes, I have seen the last three years.

  • PHD

    I got a bad feeling that there is going to be some type of alternate reality ending thing, so we see Clark will live in another reality that matches the comics exactly and the world doesnt know the Blur, Lois is not his girlfriend, Lex is alive, etc.

    • E

      Yeah, like they’d really go there after 10 years of building up a specific Smallville reality and then working in the last few seasons to match it with the current point in the comics. Ok.

  • Trista

    There is a big difference between a wedding and marriage. It will probably end up being that they get married by a justice of the peace or that one of their friends gets ordained on line. Lois and Clark get married in the comic so it doesn’t makes sense not to seal the deal.

  • Scorch Rao El


    • LM

      smallville was always a shipper show, since the very beginning. first with the chlark fans, then the clana ones. Plus CW/WB was always a female demo oriented network. Was kind of a lose situation from the beginning there, buddy

    • Mia

      Did you watch the high school years? Every episode was Clark mooning after Lana, or Chloe mooning after Clark, or Pete mooning after Chloe, or 50 different guys trying to get Lana to notice them. The last couple seasons have been much more about the superhero activities and individual growth of the characters, with relationships as side plots.

      • ihatefanboys

        dont think u understand the term “mooning” perhaps u mean “pining”…because mooning is when u bend over and surprise someone with bare ass cheeks

  • Fortune

    watching the pilot 2nite. The countdown begins. *double tear*

  • Flip

    I am hoping there will be a Clois wedding! Love ‘em!!

  • nk8950

    I watched all season for a wedding in the finale. Lois and Clark get married in every version of Superman! That’s why fans were so excited when they got together. You can’t be a Superman/Smallville fan without loving Lois and Clark. The two are one and the same. They go together. It’s like saying you love Spider-Man, but not Peter and Mary Jane. I mean we know they get married eventually. It’s just the story. Plus, the wedding and Clark flying will be the only things that give the series closure. Because he’s gonna be Superman and there are still gonna be villains to fight. He’s not gonna have saved the entire world from every villain. After 10 seasons, Peterson had better not screw this up!

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