Charlie Sheen at Radio City Music Hall: He's not winning anymore. He's losing, big time


So much for out-of-town tryouts. On Friday night, Charlie Sheen brought his Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option tour to New York City, where he delivered an hour-long show to a more-or-less capacity crowd at Radio City Music Hall. There was no warm-up act, and the show has been shorn of bells and whistles, though the hour did include a replay of the overly long parody video of his Andrea Canning interview on 20/20, as if anyone needed to see that YouTube clip one more time. In speaking about the evening, let me not mince words: It was Detroit all over again, an aimless and slovenly disaster, with the crowd taking less than 20 minutes to turn on him. And once they did, the boos and the catcalls just kept slowly escalating. The rumors of a better, more disciplined and lively show that had emerged during the last week out of Chicago and Ohio never came close to materializing. Does Sheen wonder, at this point, what he’s doing wrong? It was obvious that he found the mounting audience hostility at Radio City a little flabbergasting. He jeered at the jeerers, and often seemed to be saying, with a grimace of attitude: Why the hell are you people heckling me if you paid to see me? He didn’t seem to get that the audience was answering back: Because we didn’t want you to suck.

One thing is now clear: Sheen’s 15 minutes are over. Kaput. I don’t mean his 15 minutes of fame, of course, or even of infamy. I mean his 15 minutes of being a Rebel. For that, let’s make no mistake, is what this whole hellapalooza has been about: the prospect that Charlie Sheen, by saying whatever damn thing floats through his tiger blood and into his bizarrely semi-lucid crackpot brain and down to his hair-trigger mouth, could sort of, perhaps, just maybe be the Last Honest Man in a paralyzingly bogus media culture.

In the early stages of his madman meltdown phase, when he played the talk shows like a seasoned provocateur, or even on his public-access-style webcasts, he created the sex-and-dope version of a Howard Beale mad-as-hell moment. He held out the prospect of danger, of saying the things that we aren’t allowed to say. And that, let’s be honest, became — at least to some of us — an addictive prospect, a slumming form of performance-art entertainment for an overly controlled, rule-bound, PR-driven, terminally politically correct, spin-cycle America. Which leads one to ask: What does a Howard Beale who has already had his mad-as-hell eruption do for an encore?

Before the show, in the gilded lobby of Radio City, the surest sign that Sheen had passed from unpredictable bad-boy showman to official (yawn) rock star were the merchandise boutiques, stocked with paraphernalia that bear his patented if not yet trademarked phrases: the T-shirts emblazoned with “Winning” or (against a photo of Charlie with his fist raised) “F—ing,” the wool cap that reads “I’m Not Bipolar,” the white “Genius” book bag, the wifebeater T-shirt that says “Bangin’ 7Gs,” the “Goddess” hot pants. Sheen may be an addict, a screw-loose flake, a messed-up husband and father, but the message of the tour, and of those chintzy swag counters, is that he is also an industry. Which, of course, is supposed to be the way to get payback, the way to win, in our capitalist Thunderdome. “I want the Warlock T-shirt!” the guy behind me said to his girlfriend, and many, indeed, were lining up to buy them. I kept asking people in the lobby why they’d come to see Charlie, and more or less everyone told me variations on the same thing: that they respond to Sheen because he barks out the truth as he sees it. That’s hot currency in a climate where even a comic artist as outré as Howard Stern — who once occupied that deathless truth-teller role — sounds more and more, beneath his bluster, like a happy and quasi-defanged pussycat.

The show kept to a mini version of rock-star time, starting exactly half an hour late, and Sheen dispensed with any fripperies. From the get-go, it was just Charlie, out on stage in a matching black New York Yankees cap and T-shirt, sitting down in a plush armchair to be interviewed by his softball patsy/straight man. From the get-go, the trouble with this format, at least when you’ve got a personality as hostile and acerbic as Sheen’s, is that it basically sets up the audience to hear a series of zingers. In essence, they’re expecting “sit-down comedy.” And Sheen doesn’t have any jokes! He just has grudges that make him sound like a bad Vegas insult comic (think Andy Kaufman’s Tony Clifton, with less charm). His dribbled-out, half-baked ramblings try to be funny, but mostly they’re like setups without the punchlines. And that has a weirdly enervating effect. Every time he coughs out another observation that’s greeted by murmury silence, punctuated by the occasional “Bor-ing!,” a little more air gets sucked out of the room. And pretty soon everyone there is starting to suffocate.

I can testify that if he had actually tried to say something thoughtful or confessional or interesting, even if it had been deadly serious, the crowd would have been with him. Instead, taking “edgy” puffs on a cigarette like the Denis Leary of 1988, he tells “stories,” a lot of which are reruns, and almost all of which sound like vague and hazy barstool anecdotes. Which is why the first trickles of heckling, I’m not kidding, commenced within the opening five minutes. People are used to entertainers, even mediocre ones, establishing a rhythm, an authority, and Sheen, in his act, doesn’t deliver that basic, organizing energy. He’s essentially reactive, which is why he’s so effective on talk shows, or even during those hostile news-media interrogations. He requires an antagonist to heat up his tiger blood. Here, to me, is why the show was like a car accident unfolding in slow motion:

His most coherent message is how much money he has. Sheen kicked off the evening by recalling all the fabulous hotels he’s stayed in, and then, in one of his only solid laugh lines, he welcomed himself to New York by saying, “Surprise! I’m not staying at the f—ing Plaza Hotel!” He then presented what was supposed to be “his version” of the infamous night when he was arrested for locking an escort in the bathroom and for trashing his Plaza suite. Everyone in the audience knew enough about this incident to want, at the very least, some juicy, revealing, added-value details. But Sheen’s idea of a detail is to make a big point of the fact that the evening started at the legendary restaurant Daniel (“That place f—ing rocks!”), that his “date” drank $20,000 worth of Latour Bordeaux, and that the trigger for his big hotel tantrum was the fact that she stole his $173,000 watch. And then, right there on stage, he made a big show of telling us that he went out and bought an identical one, which he was now wearing. All of which sounded about as rebellious as a diary entry by Donald Trump.

His pop references are weirdly stuck in time. He kept referring to two of his movies — Platoon and Wall Street – as if they had been made about three years ago. Indeed, his whole flaunt-my-money thing seems to come right out of the latter film. He’s still stuck in that ’80s idea of conspicuous consumption as “class.” And telling a story about a pleasure jaunt he took with his buddy Nicolas Cage to the O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco, he did an impersonation of Cage that hinged on what he called those great Cage gestures from Raising Arizona. Yes, the story took place 20 years ago, but he didn’t seem to have any awareness that the words “Nicolas Cage” do not, today, make anyone think of Raising Arizona.

When it comes to his father, he has a serious reality-and-illusion issue. We all know that Charlie is obsessed with Apocalypse Now. But during a moment when he was talking about why he admires his dad so much, he observed, with great pride and without any irony or humor, “The guy killed Kurtz in the middle of a f—ing typhoon!” Which was such a bizarre thing to say that the guy sitting next to me let out a gasp. Yes, Martin Sheen survived a typhoon (and a heart attack) during the filming of Apocalypse Now. However, he did not kill Kurtz. The fictional character he was playing did. As if to compound this nutzoid mix-up, Sheen explained the derivation of the term “tiger blood” by referring to the scene in Apocalypse in which “that tiger attacked my dad.” Once again: A tiger did not attack Martin Sheen. Of course, if Charlie is the one with the tiger blood, then what exactly is he trying to say…

He flirted with a sequel to “Chaim Levine.” Actually, Sheen’s only mention of Two and a Half Men creator/producer Chuck Lorre was friendly: He invited Lorre to show up on stage during Sheen’s follow-up Radio City show this coming Sunday night. This time, though, Sheen played the Jewish name game when he talked about getting tricked into doing Scary Movie 3, and he sneeringly dropped the name “Weinstein” (not Harvey, just Weinstein), as if he was talking about some Hollywood version of Shylock. To be fair, he trashed Oliver Stone, too, saying that “his movies now suck.”

How he loses the audience. The show was really a classic version of the comedian who fails to catch fire and bombs out. But in Charlie’s case, there’s a second dynamic at work. His show is supposed to be about zinging, winning, laying out the lethal truth, and as soon as he started to betray that promise, people in the audience didn’t just turn against him. In a funny way, they “became” Charlie Sheen, turning the same venom on him that he once turned on the lamestream media. It’s as if, in putting on such a feeble show, he’d become part of what we were supposed to be in solidarity with him for attacking. By the end, the crowd was like the Hollywood horde in Day of the Locust, rising up to destroy the cult of celebrity it worships.

Does Charlie Sheen want his old job back? You betcha. But he shouldn’t! The Sheen we came to see has blown everyone off, including — defiantly – the people connected to the show that made him a superstar. He once flirted with saying that it was all good riddance, but he has now gone back to admitting that he would like to return to Two and a Half Men. “Of course I want my job back, man!” he told the audience at Radio City. And if he had simply come clean and said why, I think that might have been accepted. But he had to follow it up with “You guys want me to have my job back, right?” Adding, in a meager attempt at blowhard swagger, “So you guys can keep enjoying the greatest sitcom ever, right?” All of which made him sound like he was operating not out of the old Charlie Sheen I-do-what-I-please-and-screw-the-consequences conviction, but out of something far more craven and cautious. He sounded like a politician interrupting his rebel yell to take the temperature of the room. And people turned on him for it. Speaking of which…

You know a performer is in trouble when his hecklers are funnier than he is. I went to see Charlie Sheen at Radio City because I’ve been fascinated by his ranting-outside-the-box media blitz, and because I do think, given the right setting, that he can be a witty and truthful bomb-thrower. But I didn’t get one honest laugh out of his hour of lamely convoluted self-love — that is, until near the end, when the jeers were mounting, the people were already streaming up the aisles in bored contempt, and a guy a few rows in back of me yelled, with one of those full-throttle arena-rattling shouts, “This is the worst thing I’ve seen, ever!” A statement of pure opinionated passion, and not necessarily all that funny, until, a moment later, with the kind of timing that only a born heckler can muster, he added, and at top volume: “This is worse than Chernobyl!” No one there, including Charlie, could have said it better.

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  • lori santos

    Reads as if the Nation is waking up to a bad hangover called Charlie

    • LOL

      Was Uma Thurman drunk on Jimmy Fallon tonight? Seriously. She seemed messed up.

      • AJ

        Definitely on something. Just goes to show you no one in hollywood is invulnerable… Its just sad that everyone just accepts that behavior as inevitably linked with celebrity and they are never held accountable

      • Nancy

        So you stick a bunch of paid ringers in Charlie’s audience to make it look like he isn’t doing so great. Like that has never happened before. If he really was a bad as you say he was, nobody would show up at all. You guys are full a crap.

      • tim

        Actually the show wasn’t a bad as you guys are reporting it to be. Weird. Were any of you actually there to see it? Nope.

      • Jenn

        That fruitwad EW writer, Hibberd, isn’t going to like this article. He’s been slobbering over Charlie all week.

      • @Nancy

        People paid a good amount of money for the show..they aren’t going to not show up, even if the show is terrible.

        You really think there are paid ringers? Seems much more likely people didn’t like the show and let Sheen know. It is New York City after all.

      • allison

        Oh Nancy & Tim, you sad little people still clinging desperately to your dixie cup of tiger blood…

      • Hey Nancy

        @Nancy srote: “If he really was a bad as you say he was, nobody would show up at all.”
        How would they know in advance that this was going to be a bad show?
        They bought tickets because they are fans, showed up hoping for something great, and were disappointed that it was a bomb.

      • Baller

        Why would you show up if you already knew it stunk in Detroit? See what I’m saying? (well considering most of you hate Charlie anyways, probably not)

      • Charlie Sheen

        I did great in Chicago and Ohio. People thought that I fixed the problems I had in Detroit. See what I’m saying?

      • tim

        haha… ringers.. Typical

      • Robbles

        Well it’s not my ugly kids that I will have to do some explaining to eventually.

      • Toria

        People paid to see Charlie Sheen because they wanted to…no one knew what to expect, not even Charlie as he had never done this sort of ‘show’ before. Everyone who bought the tickets knew this too, and bought them out of curiosity…would he reveal any Hollywood ‘Secrets’? Would he reveal his secret to ‘blinking’ and making it so (regarding becoming a non-addict at his ‘Sober Valley Lodge’), did he REALLY possess the powers of a Genie that he could do that? What Torpedoes of Truth would he reveal? Can the man be funny without directors, cues, and ‘straight-men’?

        Unfortunately, the people going in thinking that they would possibly get some of these answers came out extremely disappointed, but, hey, they got their answers and now they know. Will that make a difference in his career? I guess only time will tell. We will see how good his word is regarding other things he has said recently (esp. Haiti).
        Your move Charlie

      • Chuckles

        It was just a matter of time before this guy bombed and short time at that. He is an addict, full of himself and a lot of denial which is common of addicts. No ringers needed here. Just someone who doesn’t have a supporting cast and a script to make him funny or believable. Want his job back?? You bet your ass he wants his job back. This road show is playing out fast and he needs to support his life style. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you especially if you like 4 meals a day.

      • tim

        Charlie can do whatever he wants. You guys aren’t him. So shut it.

      • @Tim

        You spend wayyyyy too much time trying to support Charlie Sheen. Fighting a losing battle.

      • Miley

        The show tonight will be terrific. New format and CBS only gave out tickets for the Friday show.

      • chmike

        Is being “drunk on Jimmy Fallon” anything like being drunk on Jack Daniels?

      • gunther

        has she ever NOT been on something…

    • nick

      EW just now realized Sheen is entitled and shallow? The media giveth, the media taketh…

      • miss k


      • Jen

        Seriously. If you look at Sheen’s filmography, he hasn’t made a decent movie since Wall Street … which is why that’s all he talks about.

      • tim

        Most of you will never make a decent movie. Face it.

      • Jenn

        JEN – NOBODY says “filmography” you santimonious blowhard.

      • ryan

        Great quote nick. Tim, he world is changing and movies have to start saying something truly relevant or they are a part of destruction of our environment we need to survive(when you turn your tv and computer to watch trash entertainment, they remove mountaintops to get that coal literally right outside your city, ) so to say sheen has made any actually great movies, that have made our world better, or to assume that no one reading this has the potential to do so… Please, just go take an I.Q. test, cause you’re a real Einstein

      • @Jenn

        People who have brains use the word “filmography.” That must be why you don’t.

      • tim

        Hollywood builds people up, and tears them down. Chuck probably used his millions and millions to fill that place with ringers.

      • Ana

        His last good movie was actually Eight Men Out, which was directed by John Sayles, but it was low-budget.

      • Robbles

        We can always cast Chucks family for the next adam’s family movie

      • al

        IMDB says “Filmography”, it’s a real word

    • Strepsi

      @ OWEN GLEIBERMAN: Thanks for this article. Beyond just saying “it sucked”, it’s a well written and thoughtful attempt to figure out why. Insightful observation about America’s fascination with the “rebel truth teller” — it is exactly the role that Sarah Palin fills for conservatives. (And like Sheen, I suspect she just really cravenly wants the top job). It’s always fascinating to see a live show with an audience, especially where someone who’s used to feeling entitled and having smoke blown up their a** by all their sycophants, has to actually work for a crowd. He seemed unwilling to work.

      • mlondeaux

        Strepsi – Enough of Sarah Palin already. We haven’t heard from her in months so can’t you come up with a more current analogy?

      • Angelo Barovier

        Owen Gleiberman draws a comparison between Charlie Sheen and a classic moment from Network. Sidney Lumet dies. Way to go, Gleiberman! You killed Sidney Lumet.

      • krck

        wow. bitter and bored liberal. seriously, not EVERYTHING is political.

      • tim

        These people that hate Sarah Palin this much really have some serious mental issues..

      • SaraS

        I agree. Great coverage, very interesting.

      • Strepsi

        Palin is absolutely, deliberately, filling this role of the rebel truth teller — she wrote a book with the very specific title “Going Rogue” — making her analagous to Sheen for the McCain campaign. That’s all I was saying.

      • Skip182

        Um, why are you guys jumping on her for the Palin comment? She didn’t say anything negative about her. She made the comparrison about our fascination with “rebels” and that’s it. Read before you complain please.

      • tim

        Everything is compared to her. A plane crash.. let’s mention Palin. Nuclear meltdown.. oh definitely got to get that jab in there about Palin. Over eaters.. and don’t forget to mention something about Palin.. It’s important. Why? Who knows!

      • Angelo Barovier

        Yes, ENOUGH SARAH PALIN! Now, let’s talk about Lindsay Lohan…

      • scott paterson

        Charlie as canary in the mine

    • Steven

      All lies. It wasn’t that bad. I think Chuck or whoever paid a bunch of ringers to show up and heckle Charlie. It seemed that way to most of the people that actually were there to enjoy Charlie’s show. It’s obvious that some were only there to cause Drama.

      • Eurydice

        I can just see this on a billboard somewhere – Charlie Sheen – Fans are raving, “It Wasn’t That Bad!!”

      • Steven

        I’m not a fan. I’m Charlie Sheen.

      • Baller

        There were only a very few people that said it was bad. You want to make mountains out of molehills, go ahead.

      • Shelley Ramsey

        so let’s say there were 4 ringers in the audience? that does not explain ( I’ve read this in 3 reviews) the droves of people leaving the hall.

      • Dave

        @Steve. I was there in NY on Friday, 8th row center, and let me assure you the show was every bit as terrible as the article says. It was a train wreck

    • Flangegpp

      The reason his show ‘improved’ in Chicago and Cleveland is because he spent the whole time ripping Detroit. People in those cities love to chant Detroit Sucks. But it takes more than that to make it in NY.

      • Meatless Meatball

        Only a New York blowhard would say something like that. The only thing you need to say in New York to get a standing ovation is f*** Boston.

      • Flangegpp

        Actually meathead I’m from Detroit. Bit if ripping Boston is what gets NYers excited, than Charlie should’ve tried it.

    • Adwina Lambert

      Wow, Owen you too have been duped into buying a ticket! shame on you! tee-hee!

      • London

        Adwina is a big dummy, tee hee!

      • Lois

        Owen was working so he didn’t have to pay. Either it was a comp or his employer paid.

      • Monster Kill

        I love Charlie Shee and he is certainly WINNING!

    • Katy – Los Angeles

      Oh Charlie….At least I can watch Two and a half Men on the TVDevo website. They have tons of live and on-demand TV.

    • Doug Westein

      Gleiberman’s dad went to the same temple as Chuck Lorre … Chai Odom Minski.

      • Shelley

        your point is?…

    • jon

      Guy is a sad clown, in some sort of delusional moment that we care about him. We don’t.

    • Doug

      I think the guy is broke.. What a total loser.. and he calls all this winning.. Get a grip loser !

      • Monster Kill

        How can you say Charlie Sheen is Broke? Thats preposterous…..

    • Saul

      Owen, after last night, you look like an idiot.

    • Eric Dean

      Charlie Sheen is just one, one I tell you, of the many celebrities that are financially inebriated. When you are making 20 million dollars for a few months work on a movie, or making 16 million a year for a sitcom it tends to cause s person to believe that they are something, or someone that they are not. It’s sad, 95% of the world wants to be “FILTH RICK”(like Charlie), 95% of the world will do anything that they have to do to get into the same financial bracket as Charlie; to live in the homes that he does, to drive the cars that he drives, to go on the trips that he goes on, and to shop at the stores that does, and to rub shoulders with the stars that he does…but if those things were really so great, so satisfying, why does he have to constantly stay high on crack, and booze?
      Look at all of the millionaire entertainers, PAST and PRESENT, that were super hot in their careers but killed themselves through their resistance of living a GODLY LIFE-STYLE. Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole, Cory Haim, Brittney Murphy,John Belushi,Richard Burton,Kurt Cobain, Chris Farley,Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and Alan Ladd, these are just a few of the names of wealth celebrities that ended up six feet under due to the life-styles that they were living. The bible says in 1st Timothy 6:8-10 “..and having food and raiment(clothes)let us therewith be content, but they that will be RICH fall into temptation, and a snare(trap) and into many FOOLISH and HURTFUL lust which DROWN men in their destruction and perdition.” “For THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil, which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

  • kelly

    It’s hard to read anything about Charlie Sheen anymore. I feel so sad for him and I’m not even a fan of his show. How humiliating.

    • mike mcmanus

      i agree with your statements. i am just embarrassed for him. how humiliating indeed. there is not need for any of this.

    • Steven

      You are so full of yourself kelly. Get a life already

      • The Truth

        Steve is Charlie Sheen!

      • Steven

        Yes!!!! I’m Charlie Sheen! Worship me and give me your money!

      • Baller

        If you hated Charlie, why would you pay him your money to go and heckle him? Obviously you must be a ringer. Winning.

      • Not Kelly

        Steven is nuts!

      • tim

        totally staged.. fake drama

    • Russell

      You feel sad for a millionaire who lives with porn stars in a mansion in Beverly Hills? Well, I guess he’ll have to take the good with the bad then.

      • Apostate

        Excellent volley,Russell.

      • Genie

        He may live in a mcmansion with the best porn stars his money can buy, but someone who is truly fulfilled and happy doesn’t need to tour the country in a desperate attempt to convince people that his life is fabulous. For god sakes, he’s down to hawking slogan t-shirts to his trailer park trash followers. If that’s just humiliating for him. They should just rename this tour “The Charlie Sheen Begs For His Job Back Tour” and be done with it.

      • Kevin

        Desperate attempt? Or cashing in on this… you sound jealous.

    • SometimesElla

      That’s funny. I don’t feel sad for him at all. I feel sad for the women he beat up/shot who get to watch their abuser be treated like a war hero by a bunch of American Idiots.

      • Diane

        Well said.

      • paco


      • daisy

        as well as all the pets he has let die from neglect. anyone who lets their animals starve to death should get the same treatment.

  • dimes

    Great writing.

    • kat

      I know, right? Owen, that was beautiful writing.

      • keith

        Owen is an artist!

      • jillyro

        Totally agree, I loved reading this, so well written, admire great writing.

      • tim

        hey it’s ew’s intern rolecall

    • mydove

      I’m totally with you, dimes. Wow!

    • storm


    • TJ

      yeah, really. nice to see a well-written article on here amidst all the snark.

    • X. Zecher

      The writing is excellent. Plus the insight was intelligent and honest. Rare and a pleasure.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Exactly! As an aspiring entertainment journalist, this article was simply top-notch! Just goes to prove that Owen is sooooo much better than Lisa.

      • tim

        That isn’t say much though…

  • Andy

    That Chernobyl line reminds me of the Family Guy where the guys screams “This is worse than Seussical!” at Stewie’s one-man show.

    • alex

      It really says something when some random guy in NY is funnier than anything on Family Guy.

      • T2

        Prime-time cartoons = desperate network.

  • SteveG

    Can somebody please pull the plug on this circus and get this man into treatment, already? This is absurd. I understand that most people don’t/can’t recognize mania when they see it, nor do I fault them for that. Those of us who do have experience with people in this condition, however, can only view this ‘tour’ as nothing but a freak show.

    Let me make this clear, I am not some rabid Charlie Sheen fan out to defend him no matter what. I’ve never even watched a full episode of Two and a Half Men. I also think how he’s treated the women in his life is absolutely deplorable. Still, I’m not willing to ignore what is clearly obvious to me: that this is a man who is not in possession of a clear view of reality. He is ill and needs to be helped, even just for the sake of his children.

    Can we stop the Hollywood gossip train for a second here and just be decent people, please?

    • storm

      You are a LOSER yourself.

      • jp


      • chacha

        Look in the mirror when you say that, Storm.

      • Storm is the LOSER

        Nuff said!!

      • tim

        The real losers are the ones that bash on movie stars where they themselves will never get to work on a feature production in a million years if they tried. No way.

      • Frank

        If I was the son of Martin Sheen, I’d be famous too.

      • hogarth

        I have worked on 5 feature productions so far, and I will happily bag on Charlie Sheen. The man is a crack-addled douche and should be taken out and horsewhipped, along with anoyone stupid enough to pay money to listen to his raving.

      • tim

        well when you boss tells you to stop drinking so much off the job, you will change your tune pal

    • Pat

      You took the words right out of my mouth, Steve. Thanks.

      • seamusone1

        You guys are great maybe he could use some of us as writers.. so move on Charlie get to LA.. Put some of us who are going to lose are erection insurance to work with that tiger blood, war-lock jokes before we wake up and see the real world of war, hunger, greed. Thank you charlie and friends for distracting us from reality our own!

      • tim

        There is no hurry Charlie.. Chucks kids aren’t getting any prettier. Those jokes will still be funny for generations to come.

    • Dawn Ostroff

      LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pia


    • Dommerdog

      Get him into treatment? That’s something that will work only if he does it himself. He doesn’t see anything wrong with himself and is unwilling to try to see himself through the eyes of others, so why would he want help?

      • daisyj

        Sadly true. Addiction treatment isn’t like a round of antibiotics– it only works if the patient is really committed to making it work, and sometimes not even then. Sometimes, when a person is really committed to destroying himself, there really is nothing anyone else can do about it.

      • Steven

        He can do whatever he wants. You guys are way over judgemental about Charlie, and it almost like some of you have no lives what-so-ever of your own to worry about. Sad.

      • The Truth

        Steven is definitely Charlie Sheen!

      • Steven

        Yes I’m Charlie Sheen! Please buy a lot of my crappy shirts, hats and book bags. I want to buy another $173,000 watch.

      • Baller

        You call someone’s inbred children ugly, and the whole world gets their panties in a bunch. Get a life.

      • Pia

        Steven…err..Charlie is mentally ill and needs to hit rock bottom for his family to intervine and send him to an institution to get help! I wish him well!

      • tim

        Some of you people spend way too much time running other people’s lives it seems.

      • @Tim

        The truth hurts, right??get help Charlie while you have the chance.

      • Robbles

        Dream on. Charlie is WINNING!

      • Frank

        Charlie is WINNING… losers money.

      • @Tim

        It also seems you spend way too much time commenting and trying to support Sheen.

      • Diane

        DaisyJ, according to a documentary I saw recently, new research indicates it doesn’t matter whether the addict wants to go into treatment or not, if someone can force him into it, he’s got a better shot at recovery than if he waits until he bottoms out and decides to go into treatment himself.

    • ihatefanboys

      why does he need treatment ? because he isnt doing what hes “supposed” to be doing. its arrogant and scary for anyone to say someone needs treatment because they dont follow the norm. sheen in refreshing and exciting in a culture where everyone feels the need to appease….everyone. there was a time when being different or rebellious was welcomed and applauded….now, if u dont look like everyone else in school or at work or dont follow all the fashions to the letter youre basically shunned socially, especially in grade and highschools, its sad. sad that conformity is the norm, sounds like germany at the height of nazi power. besides entertainment is subjective, there are those brain dead amongst us that actually watch jersey shore and think its entertainment…apparently alot of brain dead people in america considering how highly rated it give charlie sheen a break and recognize him for not being normal, but at least not drinking the conformist, socialist kool aid this country is trying to force down everyones throat…….maybe its u that needs “treatment”, stop looking for attention flying the sheen hate flag online and get a life…

      • SteveG

        You just said absolutely nothing.

      • Suzsmith

        Nice to see you here, Charlie!

      • wakeforce

        You just vililied everyone for watching Jersey Shore, but then go on to praise Charlie Sheen. Guess you’re brain dead , too.

      • Steven

        Oh dude, Snookie is more boring than Charlie. I wouldn’t watch that stupid tv reality show if you paid me

      • Eurydice

        Oh please, of course he’s following the norm – it’s the norm of a rich guy being able to do whatever he wants. After having everything his own way for his entire life, somebody finally calls him on it and he goes into a tailspin of tantrums because he’s not entitled anymore. Well, too bad. If he wants to be a true Hollywood rebel, he should try living like normal human being for a while.

      • Bored in Brooklyn

        Drugs. He’s been doing all kinds of drugs for years!!! That is why he needs treatment. Have you ever dealt with a drug addict?

      • Charlie Sheen

        Stop stealing my act!!!!!!

      • Baller

        Yes, let’s watch approved crap verses this rebellious crap.

      • Pia

        ihatefanboys, are you on drugs or were you just born a moron? you need help too!

      • Robbles

        Too many people have nothing to do with their lives it seems.

      • Diane

        Wow, you’re really stupid if you believe that. The guy obviously has a huge drug problem that’s destroying his life.

      • Diane

        He needs treatment because he has an extreme drug problem and is destroying his life, that’s why.

      • Monster Kill

        Charlie Sheen is Winning, so what’s your problem with him? he is just enjoying his LIFE. Get that Morons?

    • TangentToWhat

      I’ll save my compassion for the deserving.

      • Baller

        Yep. Chucks ugly kids. Ha ha ha!!

    • Zane

      I agree with you, Steve. This is all very disturbing. Unfortunately, there are too many people making money off of Sheen’s public meltdown. This includes Live Nation, the venues, and the people who travel with him, such as the “patsy.” When Sheen finally implodes to the point where he can no longer even do a bad stage show, none of these people will be around to stroke his ego — unless they’re being paid very well paid to do so.

    • Genie

      Thank you Steve. Charlies is sad enough, but people Like “storm” who want this freakshow to continue for their own amusement need to give serious thought why watching a man with clear emotional disturbance is “entertaining” to them.

      • Monster Kill

        Why are you so affected if Storm wanted to watch Charlie Sheen’s shows? Is there a law that prohibits her from watching? you are sickos yourselves, so annoying.

    • B.A.

      ITA w/SteveG!

    • Gregg

      I agree 100%. If everyone who bought tickets for this sick show demanded their money back – the show would close !!

  • CharlieSheenRules

    Leave Charlie Sheen alone! He’s way better than any of you lot will ever be!

    • idk do you

      You know, this “CharlieSheenRules” is right. He obviously knows that the kind of person that comments on an article is a messed up, douchey, drug addict who murders people. Which would therefore make Charlie Sheen “better than the lot of [us will ever be]”

      • CharlieSheenRules

        How do You know if I’m a he? How do you know if I’m a messed up, douchey, drug addict who murders people? Unless you were writing from a description after looking at yourself in the mirror following a recent ‘killing’? Hmmm?

        Charlie Sheen is not ill, he’s just trying to be himself

      • Sheli

        Wow, the sarcasm just flew right over your head, didn’t it.

      • storm

        you are just jealous of charlie sheen.

      • DTO

        If he’s hust trying to be himself, then his self sucks.

      • CharlieSheenRules

        Your grammar and spelling suck, DTO. Charlie Sheen is #winning .

      • JB

        Judging by your posts, it looks like you’ve spent the entire day on this message board arguing that some other guy you don’t know personally is “winning”. I mean… seriously? That’s too funny. Good lord you’re a loser.

      • Steven

        What the hell are you crack addicts talking about now? Some of you really need to GET A LIFE!!

      • Charlie Sheen

        “Crack addicts”??? Were you talking about me???

      • Robbles

        I think he was talking about these panty waists that enjoying telling other people what do their entire lives. If we wanted a “life coach” we would have found you guys on craigslist or whatever. Take a hike losers.

    • Charlie

      Charliesheenrules, you are absolutely right, keep spending your time and money supporting a mortal man, so he can buy hookers, 173,000 watches, and fix his teeth. Get a life, there is more to it, then to worry or worship Charlie Sheen, and I was a Fan!!!!!!! Of course you prove only in America, can a admitted drug addict get worshiped this way—keep throwing your money at him, so HE can live they way he wants!!!

      • CharlieSheenRules

        So what’s your point, besides the one on your head? You’re just bitter because the only action you can get is from a well used blow up doll that belonged to your mother.

      • Robbles

        That’s why they usually just date their cousins.

      • Monster Kill

        Bunch of Losers here, so mad wih Charlie Sheen. BTW, did Charlie murdered any member of your family to warrant such maligning words against him coming from sane and sinless people like you? Remember the parable of the Bible….

    • katie

      If by “way better”, you mean he beats women and attempts to strangle them…then yes, I suppose he is “way better”.

      “Charlie Sheen is not ill, he’s just trying to be himself”

      …the the wife beating drug addict is going to die soon by his own hands unless he gets help. He is not someone to be idolized.

      • Pia

        Well said!!

    • Syl

      Hopefully he took your money too! sucker- you deserve it.. the man is an idiot and now, the consummate “loser”.

      • CharlieSheenRules

        you are the loser Syl. Charlie Sheen has way more than you ever did. not just money,he’s got fame, talent, women. you, even your blow up doll exploded soon as you tried anything with it

      • Michael

        You have a distrubing obsession with blow-up dolls.

      • Jerri

        He probably has a closet full of them. All made up to look like Charlie Sheen. Only he calls them Charlene Sheen. ;-)

      • Steven

        If you hate Charlie and were dumb enough to pay him your money, you got what you deserved lemmings.

      • JerrySpringer

        @CSRules – More to life than money and fame…even if it doesn’t matter what others think of you. You’ll figure that out at puberty.

    • Sid

      If by “better” you mean locking prostitutes in closets, being addicted to narcotics, getting fired, having his children taken from him, and being heckled off the stage – then yes – by your rigorous objective standards, he is clearly better than all of us.

      • Suzsmith

        That was good! So true. I’m not sure what is worse ..him or the people who think he speaks the truth. He is human garbage. Kids to fatherbut he is too busy with hooker time, blows money on drugs and rants about how rich and amazing he is. I am richer that Charlie Sheen. He is poor in all the ways that matter. He looks like s hollowed out skull. Keep wiining, Charlie. I’d rather lose than be you.

      • @Suzsmith

        Great post!!!

    • Charlie Sheen

      I’m a messed up, douchey, drug addict who beats up women. So glad that some of you here love me. Now give me your money so I can buy a $20,000 bottle of wine.

      • Baller

        Unlike the approved stars of Hollywood where it is totally acceptable.

      • K brenner

        Charlie, Keep it up, You know how successful you are. Would love to hang out some time and eat some great food with you and plan the next great deal.

      • Kris

        I don’t believe a thing i see or read in the media. I have been watching Charlie perform all my life,and i have never seen anything to make me believe the horrible things being said about him

  • done with this

    Too bad his ego and his entourage made him think he could actually do a show like this. How many famous comedians have said how much they struggled for years in sleazy comedy clubs doing standup before they got a break? And he thinks he can just show up and ramble nonsense and be a hit?

    Go away Charlie. We are done with you.

    • CharlieSheenRules

      No we’re not done “done with this” ; you are not #winning. so why don’t you just go away? Clearly Charlie Sheen is #winning. :)

      • Smash Tit-house

        You’re a ridiculous clown.

      • Even BIGGER tit-house

        The fact that someone named “Smash Tit-house” is accusing someone of being a ridiculous clown amuses me beyond belief.

      • Kathy

        Ha ha ha , now that’s funny. Send the abusive drug addict far, far away. He is no sane person’s version of a winner.

      • Monster Kill

        I agree Charlie is WINNING!!!<3

      • Amber

        Clearly, Charlie Sheen is now #whinning.( and so is CharlieSheenRules) :)

      • Javadude54

        Yeah… he’s about two weeks away from crawling on his belly, kissing Chuck Lorre’s shoes and saying he’ll do ANYTHING to get his old job back.

      • Syl

        Once again: SUCKA’

      • CharlieSheenRules

        Charlie Sheen will never go back to Chuck Lorre. Chuck Lorre has way too much freedom on CBS. Charlie Sheen will survive this and be an even bigger star! #winning

      • Steven

        Nobody walked out… Maybe a few people. You guys are trying to make more drama out of this than there really was to talk about.

      • Charlie Sheen

        Can someone remind me, what am I winning???????

      • Robbles

        He already won actually when he called Chucks kids ugly.

    • srs

      It was mainly the doing of Ticketmaster or whoever the hell sponsored him with a ridiculous amount of money to do this tour. Crazy ass, greedy, meth addict Sheen couldn’t say no to $$$.

      • Trudie

        Are you seriously blaming Ticketmaster for this debacle? If the egomaniac didn’t want to do it, he wouldn’t. His tiger blood would not allow anyone to tell him what to do.

      • Darin

        @srs: Live Nation is the entity promoting this disaster. Ticketmaster simply brokers the tickets, just as it does for every other show and sporting event in the country. It would be nice for someone to say “No, we will not participate in your unintentional public humiliation,” but they won’t as long as there’s money to be made.

    • gg

      Someone’s bitter…

      • Steven

        Most of these losers will never get 3 million per episode to be on tv either. ha ha ha ha..

      • Drake

        Sheen got $1 million per episode. Yes, he was the highest-paid actor on TV, but he stupidly blew it. He had better save some of that jack because he will never get another high-paying gig in television ever again.

      • Baller

        Uh, no he didn’t “blow it” and he is actually winning at this point. If he was as washed up as you make him out to be this wouldn’t even be covered. Admit that.

      • Mike

        How old are you, Baller? 10? Adults don’t begin sentences with “Uh.” And what exactly is Sheen winning? He lost custody of his children and got fired from his cushy high-paying job. Drake is right. Sheen had it made and he BLEW IT BIG TIME. He should be back in LA fighting for his kids. He obviously he doesn’t give a crap about them if he’d rather be doing this, so they’re probably better off without him.


    I almost wish I would have paid money to board a flight from LAX to NYC, bought every last ticket that was available at Radio City Music Hall (which would have been, what? almost every seat?) filled it with drunk people and hobos and paid them to loudly boo and throw tomatoes at Charlie Sheen while I stand in the aisle with a megaphone screaming mean things at him. I would have died SO satisfied…

    • CharlieSheenRules

      Wow. you’re a loser, not a #winning person… How about you go do something useful with yourself, like whack off to a picture of one of Charlie’s goddesses?

      • London

        Look at yourself!! Your behavior is reprehensible!! You will regret not getting help now!!! Your time on earth will be short and painful.. Wake the hell up, Charlie. I wish you luck.

    • Taratterm2

      you didnt have to, he bombed, and will soon be yesterdays news…if he doesnt overdose first.

    • TB

      I’ve NEVER thought the show was funny and I like Jon Cryer and (used to) like Sheen. My friend made me watch it a couple of times and I only mustered a few faint guffaws. Most un-funny comedy ever.

    • Ellen in NYC

      It occurred to me that every drunk person in NY was sitting at Radio City last night. The audience turned on him from the start, not even 20 minutes. The people sitting around me were perplexed, we didn’t show up to yell and scream, we wanted to hear what the guy had to say. The audience was far worse than Charlie.

      • Darin

        A live show should not take 20 minutes to get warmed up. If Sheen couldn’t grab their attention by then, he deserved to be booed.

      • Baller

        A bunch of ringers with free tickets to heckle Charlie. It was totally expected.

      • Charlie Sheen

        Rebels boo instead of cheering. They booed me because they get me and my Tiger blood. Now give me your money so I can “date” a porn star.

    • Terri

      I love that idea. If I could, I would have gone halfsies with you. Why must we be subjected to this guy’s insanity anymore? Someone needs to pull the plug on Charlie. His 15 minutes were over for me about 20 years ago. And RCMH? Shame on you for even booking that gig. I have lost respect for what is one of NYC’s premier venues. I don’t think I’d go there now for anything.

    • Steven

      That’s basically what Chuck tried to do with this. Ringers in the audience. It so obvious.. Not everyone hated the show.

      • HTC

        Yeah, right. Sheen’s failure is all due to a giant conspiracy. That’s the ticket. And your wife’s name is Morgan Fairchild.

      • Robbles

        Honestly, there weren’t that many people complaining about it or even booing him on stage. Just a couple of people. Not that many. You weren’t even there idiots.

      • Charlie Sheen

        my audience was filled with idiots. You were there.

      • Robbles

        You are a douche

    • jew

      Two and a half men rocks! And when they bring it back with more viewers than ever before( because everyone will watch!) all u raving pretentious bastards will find out that this is all a big plot by the media and hollywood! Scream it….HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on Charlie!

    • Monster Kill

      Really? are you high on drugs too and hallucinating? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! loser!

  • Ackerman

    Owen, I don’t know what you’re talking about – Nicholas Cage ALWAYS makes me think of Raising Arizona…

    • JMB in FL

      That’s just what I was thinking, man. That movie is my fave of ALL TIME, and the only reason I give Nic Cage a pass for his crap movies is because he was H.I. McDonough.

  • Just Wondering

    So CBS, how bad do you want him back now?

    • Michael

      Right now, one of Chuck Lorre’s writers is probably drafting a script for a show called “Alan & Jake.”

      • Baller

        I doubt he will get another project again after this mess.

      • Robbles

        I wouldn’t want to hire him to work with me. No way Jose!

      • zenbuckaroo

        Scared of Sarah, He will never get a movie again. Too much money for such a volatile guy.

  • gusonweb

    “Dimes” is right: Great writing.
    You must surely have been working out some of these thoughts beforehand, for instance:

    People are used to entertainers, even mediocre ones, establishing a rhythm, an authority, and Sheen, in his act, doesn’t deliver that basic, organizing energy. He’s essentially reactive…

    So your assessment of Charlie Sheen strikes me as definitive. I found Kevin Joy’s review (Columbus OH) also definitive.

    I think that Charlie Sheen is finished.

    • Monster Kill

      The writer of this blog is just an insecured fellow of charlie sheen. get a life.

      • RW

        Please tell me you weren’t trying to write in English. Because if you were… Wow.

  • Rich Hoff

    A very well written review of what I’m sure was a very sad thing to watch. Honest, but without being mean. Good read.

  • Julie Anderton

    Two and a Half Men, “the greatest sitcom ever”? Now, THAT is funny.

    • CharlieSheenRules

      It’s a lot funnier than you are, Julie.

      • TJ

        you aren’t even a full clown. you’re just clown shoes.

      • CharlieSheenRules

        TJ: you aren’t even clown shoes, you’re the clown car. ;-)

      • TJ

        Um, yeah… And THIS is why it’s a bad idea to argue with the guy holding an apocalypse sign on the street corner.

      • CharlieSheenRules

        Right, because you were the guy with the sign, huh?

      • Julie Anderton

        Oooh, nice comeback. Let me guess: you’re a writer for the show, aren’t you?

    • Baller

      Perhaps the worst show on earth except for Charlie nobody would have ever watched it.

  • TB

    Why are people complaining? They paid to see a trainwreck in person and they got it. If they expected more, that’s their own fault.

    • Frankie

      TB, you’re so right. I can’t believe that people paid money to see a man who obviously has had a total mental disconnect with reality and then are shocked that his show wasn’t a polished, entertaining venue.

    • CharlieSheenRules

      No it’s not. Charlie Sheen is genius! You people are morons.

      • Anne

        Was it in you MA or PhD studies where you learned this kind of sophisticated argumentation? One of the political parties should hire you as a consultant before the next round of presidential debates.

      • CharlieSheenRules

        Was your your MA in English where you learned how to spell properly, Anne? You just successfully proved my point. You people are morons. :)

      • oh nyuk nyuk

        um…Hey, CharlieShmuckRules. Ann DID spell everything correct. Isn’t Noggin’ running a 24-hour Blues Clues marathon right now? Tell ya what, sweetie-pie. Why don’t you turn off the computer, go pour yourself a nice bowl of Fruity Pebbles and watch that for a while. Or even Dora the Explorer..although that might be a little too advanced for you, shmoopy bear.

      • TomTom

        Sheen is a genius in the same way that Belushi was sober…NOT!!!!!! He’s an A S S!!!!

      • kite005

        Sorry Charlie Starkist doesn’t want tuna with good taste, oh wait I guess they want Sheen.

      • Monster Kill

        Yeah, Charlie Sheen is a Genius and WINNING…. Many Jealous guys here.

    • Eurydice

      They paid to see an *entertaining* train wreck.

      • Exactly

        I’m sure his fans hoped he’d at least present an actual show. It’s good that they are complaining, so he can see the ride may be over, the train is wrecked beyond repair and gawker-interest, and it’s time to get some help.

      • Robbles

        He can do whatever he wants. He’s Charlie Sheen, and youre not!

    • steve5150

      I must say TB. I think your right.

    • Mauricio

      TB, your comments is the most accurate yet simple of all posted.

  • Mike

    Is this Entertainment Weekly or The Atlantic? That’s some surprisingly good writing and analysis.

    • LOL

      Between this and the interesting Q & A with Jack White on the music page, I’m thinking EW might become relevant again. At least they’re heading in the right direction.

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