Charlie Sheen at Radio City Music Hall: He's not winning anymore. He's losing, big time


So much for out-of-town tryouts. Read the full post.

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  • AD

    Owen – great review, I enjoyed reading this much more than I would have liked sitting through this train-wreck of a performance.

  • Pam

    People dumb enough to spend their hard earned money to go listen to this sick, violent, broken down excuse for a man deserve to be disappointed. What did they expect? Didn’t they consider the source. He’s so vile!
    Too bad they didn’t send the money spent on tickets to see this jerk to the poor people in Japan.

  • Fortune

    His 15 minutes of anything aren’t up if ppl keep reporting on it. Put Charlie in a spaceship & send him to mars.

    • Charlie Sheen

      gnarly dude! I’d love to go to Mars. I want to meet Martian porn stars.

  • SoyBombGuy

    Excellent article. Well written. Nice job, OG. ALMOST makes up for that recent period wherein EW gave print space to the vacuous, vapid Diablo Cody. Great job showing that Sheen is really just an egomaniacal, empty person.

    • SoyBombGuy

      I’d also add….go read the People
      Magazine link about the same topic (the Radio City show), and compare it to Owen’s, and you’ll see how exhaustively far better Owen’s writing is. I know, I know, People sucks on a full-time basis, but this really helps you see why. EW, why are you linking to such a piece of garbage?

  • Rj

    I wonder if the lack of drugs has Chuckles to finally start realizing he threw away a great life, job, kids etc. Naw I guess I do not believe that for a moment either. Odd that he’s making references to wanting to return to the show. Maybe his lawyers are putting him up to that for the sake of the lawsuit.

  • LJ

    The problem with Sheen doing a show in Radio City is;
    1. The Venue is too big. He should have rented out one of the 1200 seat Broadway Theaters for the two nights.
    2. Charlie is going to attract an audience full of “Jersey Shore” types whose egos and proclivity for mind altering substances is equal to their need to heckle to prove their manhood.

  • Hereshopin

    The man is practically begging for his job back. He’s made a point of saying so in every single show. By his own admissions, this “warlock vatican assassin” has made it obvious that he doesn’t consider himself winning either. If he did, he wouldn’t want his old job back.

    • Charlie Sheen

      I screwed myself out of $2 million an episode, so I’m not winning. Please keep that just between us.

  • Ivan

    Much like when Britney shaved her head, there is no entertainment in someone melting down. This ‘laughing at the cripple’ mentality is kinda disturbing.

  • Floyd Dehanne

    THE ONLY WINNERS HERE ARE: Chatlies management , representing agencies and marketing team for shaving off their respective percentages from the advertising, merchandising and promoting, laughing all the way to the bank! The real people that require treatment are the people who actually PAID to attend Charlies performance and wear his t-shirts/pants (which will be rapidly making their way to the Hot Topic clearance section quite soon)

  • Necro

    I don’t watch Sheen for free, why would I ever pay? Never been a fan of his. Don’t care what happens to him or what he does one way or another. People need to get a life and stop funding buffoonery.

  • YouStupid

    For all those who loves Sheen so much! Get a life! He’s a loser and arrogant idiot!

    • CharlieSheenRules

      @YouStupid: looked in a mirror lately? Get a life and lay off Charlie Sheen.

      • oh nyuk nyuk

        Did you look in a mirror, lately, CharlieSheenRelapse? Your li’l blue navy suit is on inside-out and you made a “boom boom” in your diapers. Now, run along, butterwings. Nick Jr. is running reruns of Bubble Guppies.

  • Little Johnny

    Ha… the plane is going Down! Put on your mask Charlie and tuck yer head between your knees. But we will still watch cuz EVERYONE watches car races for one thing – A CRASH!!!! BTW, not sure what the excuse is for the folks in Chicago but Cleveland – Charlie’s the best they’ve had since Lebron left town!

  • carolae

    Do to him what they did to a number of stars back in the 50’s….blacklist him. He’ll never get another TV show or be invited to guest on one nor will he be approached to do a movie. Those days are over with. He brags about how much money he has….let him retire then from show biz… one wants to be on the same stage/set with him anyway.

    • Louise

      So the “blacklist” mentality is good ? I bet you are a McCarthy fan..puke.

    • Charlie Sheen

      I was hoping for a lobotomy.

  • Joyce

    Wow ! Could this story have been any longer winded !!!

    • HumbleGenius

      People paid good money to listen to an hour of Sheen’s ramblings. By contrast, this thoughtful and well crafted article, which you paid nothing to read, takes less than five minutes to get through.

    • walt

      Oh, no! Someone asked you to READ! And think about what you read! You poor thing! You must be exhausted now from all the words. Find a picture book and take it easy the rest of the day.

      • erin


  • sam

    It is sad that the media encouraged this man to deteriorate in public and now wants to point out just how dangerous that is for him. This is becoming a matter of life and death, not a fun spectacle. Somebody needs to help this guy, without delay.

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