Charlie Sheen at Radio City Music Hall: He's not winning anymore. He's losing, big time


So much for out-of-town tryouts. Read the full post.

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  • Player87

    No, I don’t want him to get his old job back. I want him to curl up and go sit in a corner where everyone can ignore the old goat. It’s pathetic hearing him talk about his “glory” days when they weren’t that good..ever. Go away, man.

    • CharlieSheenRules

      How about you go away, Player87. Leave Charlie Sheen alone.

  • Ceilidh

    Does this mean you’re finally going to stop paying unwarranted attention to this giant troll? Pretty please?

  • DuH

    I used to like Charlie, now I think he is a complete moron. He definitely is a trainwreck and I will sit back and watch him crash.
    I don’t understand the people that go to see him and complain about his show, have none of you read about his past few shows? I live in Detroit and we are now an anti Charlie State.

    • CharlieSheenRules

      Yeah, you’re a bunch of morons, is what you are, Detroit.

  • Party’s over

    I think Charlie is figuring out some hard truths that hit where he lives, specifically, that the TV gig was a total cakewalk for huge bucks. Now he’s discovering that touring is HARD WORK, and if he clears $2 million from the whole tour, I’d be surprised.

    Of course, I’ll be even more surprised if he finishes it.

    Two million won’t last long with his lifestyle. Can’t wait to see the last of him.

  • HumbleGenius

    We all need structure in our lives, but this is especially true for addicts like Sheen. Two and a Half Men gave him structure, and this tour is giving him some. He’s likely to be in real trouble when the tour is over.

  • kim

    I think CharlieSheenRules is the real Charlie Sheen. No one would defend the guy this much!

    • jacque

      I love Charlie Sheen and whatever he does in his private life is his business and no one has the right to judge or to belittle. So all you throwing stones and making judgements, look at your own life first and worry about that. He is an awesome actor and I will support him no matter what. I am going to the show to just enjoy the character that Charlie Sheen is.

      • CharlieSheenRules

        Thank You jacque! You are exactly right!

      • He won’t go away

        If he kept his private life private, I would agree with you. But he’s done everything humanly possible to ensure we all know every detail, so he’s going to get judged on exactly that.
        He doesn’t get it both ways, no one does.

    • Charlie Sheen

      I’m the real Charlie Sheen! Please go to see my shows and buy my t-shirts and hats. I need the money because I just screwed myself out of an easy, high-paying job.

  • Simon Baillargeon

    I liked to know about Charlie Sheen, but why this text is so long?

    Do you think a don’t have a life?


    It’s like a never ending story!!!

  • adriane

    First I wish, and I mean I realy wish the media would just back of Charlie Sheen already. I think there treatment of him is awful.I dont understand why people would pay money to go see a show, then sit there a booe and heckle and make a jerk of yourself.They simpley should not go to the show if thats how there going to act. Charlie Sheen is a talented person and I beleive he can overcome his problems. After he finnishes his tour I hope he makes plans to return to TV and back to what he is doing.

  • Martin Sheen

    Charlie, this foolishness must stop. Come home son. Daddy is here for you, whenever you need me.

  • walt

    This is well written, but I think the analysis of Charlie Sheen’s appeal is probably too highbrow to be accurate. I don’t think most of his “fans” think he’s some truth-teller in a lying world. I think most of them — like him — have abuse issues (whether alcohol, drugs, and/or porn) and want to hear someone say that this is AOK, that you can keep that up forever and stay healthy and successful. All the money in the world can’t make Charlie Sheen either of those things, but they just refuse to believe it. But there is a HUGE group of addicts out there and they all want to think they can get away with it forever. Seeing Charlie in the flesh – wreck that he is – just reminds them of the truth they’d rather not face.

    • jacque

      you are such an ass.

    • CharlieSheenRules

      walt, you’re such a douche. you’ve not even spoken to any of Charlie Sheen’s fans, how the hell would you know what they think.

      • oh nyuk nyuk

        I personally think that a certain CharlieShartRules needs to be potty trained. Don’t worry, shnookie-wumps. You’re young enough for Charlie Sheen to have sex with you and then beat the sh!t out of you in a cocaine-crazed fury. Isn’t that awesome?!! =) Stay away from electric outlets, sweetie. Their bad.

  • Gordon Gekko

    I offered you the world Bud, but you blew it. It’s a zero sum game kid. Somebody wins, somebody loses.

  • Gloria

    Charlie Sheen is an actor! He had great writers that made him better than what he is. Charlie has forgotten that. And so has the public

  • pond

    like most other crack addicts, he will be sucking on more than the glass pipe before long

  • bill white

    Sheeny is not going to get help and eventually will self destruct in a very serious manner; why?

    Because we have VAMPIRES like some “TV therapist” and entertainment show (Celebrity Rehab). The darling TV Therapist makes points out of describing the needed treatment options for Sheeny, creating a situation where the “client” will NEVER deem to allow anyone else to steal his thunder. The ego-centric and narcissistic Sheen will never allow anyone to have the last word or see the “truth” so he would rather die than submit to any form of help.

  • Lola


    • CharlieSheenRules

      If only they reported on every move Charlie makes. :(

      • Charlie Sheen

        I just had a movement. Thought you’d like to know CharlieSheenRules :)

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