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Being Human U.K. fans figured Aidan Turner’s bloodsucker Mitchell wasn’t long for the show the second Peter Jackson cast the actor in The Hobbit. But did they also assume he wasn’t long for the world? Perhaps… primarily because the majority of this current season centered on a prophecy that Mitchell (who murdered 20 people on a Bristol train) would be slain by a werewolf — the knowledge of which sent him spiraling from a determined hero to paranoid lunatic. Not even the love of a good woman — or ghost, i.e. Lenora Crichlow’s Annie — could save him. (If you haven’t seen the final episode, it’s probably best to stop reading now. Spoilers ahead!)

Yet, Mitchell’s mercy killing at the hands of wolf-buddy George (Russell Tovey) in Saturday’s finale still hurt. Bad. Maybe it was all the tears and “I love yous” between the pair and flatmate Annie, or that new evil vampire Wyndam (Lee Ingleby) popped up at the last minute to unsuccessfully keep Mitchell alive as his henchman. Either way, it was brutal watching one of the roomies, literally, turn to dust in the wind — so EW called Being Human creator/executive producer Toby Whithouse to talk about why Mitchell couldn’t have just retired to South America, if we can expect new vamps in his place, and what could have happened if he lived.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you know you were going have to write Mitchell out of the show?
TOBY MITCHELL: To be honest, the first time I met Aidan. I knew he was somebody we’d only be borrowing from movie stardom. In the U.S. you’ll contract actors for seven seasons — we don’t have the finances to do that. So every time we start a new series, we have to renegotiate with the actors and see whom we have left. Sure enough, Peter Jackson came along and saw Aidan and whisked him away to New Zealand. The thing is, I was kind of preparing myself for that on series 2 when I wrote the sequence where he kills all those people on the train. I always knew that would ultimately be the reason for the character’s exit, whether it happened at the end of series 3 or 33.

But did you have to kill him?
As it was, we had Aidan for series 3. He got offered the job toward the end of filming that [season], so I hadn’t written the last episode yet. I think even the shooting script had a number of different endings, including one where he gets whisked back to Bolivia with the other vampires. As a matter of fact, it was really Aidan who pushed for Mitchell to be killed, because he thought that was the appropriate ending for the character.

But when EW interviewed Aidan in February, he said he’d be willing to return to the show if the dates could be worked out. He must have known by then Mitchell was doomed.
We mentioned to him that there might be a chance of bringing him back in flashbacks. We’ve done them before. But ultimately those things sound very well, but in practice they are very complicated. We’d have to secure him so far in advance, and with the way The Hobbit’s filming dates keep shifting around, we’d never be able to guarantee that we’d properly get him. Somebody like Aidan, God knows we’d absolutely love to have him back, but because our budget is so small, we have to be pragmatic. We have to acknowledge that our chances of getting him back are pretty slim.

Are you going to add to the cast in season 4?
Lee Ingleby [as 1,000-year-old vampire Wyndam] is coming back for some of [season] 4. We’re also bringing back Tom [Michael Socha], the young werewolf. The cast of the show is constantly changing and evolving and growing and shrinking. We’ve been very lucky that pretty much every single guest actor we’ve had, as they’ve been leaving, has said “You know, I could come back if you wanted me to.” Being Human is a bit like a Mexican daytime soap — even if someone dies, it doesn’t preclude them from coming back at some point.

How about resurrecting Paul Rhys’ Ivan?
I absolutely love Paul Rhys’ performance. I know that he was a big hit with the fans.  We don’t have a policy of not bringing anyone back. The bottom line we always have is that there be a good story for them.

What about teen vampire Adam (Craig Roberts) from the Becoming Human web spin-off?
If a story comes up for him, yeah. He’s another one of these people that when he first auditioned we just thought, “Well, he’s a star, simple as that.” We’re really lucky in that we tend to get a lot of people in their ascendancy, if you know what I mean. We did it with Aidan and we also did it with Craig [who’s starring in The Weinstein Company’s Submarine, which opens June 3]. We feel as though we discovered them, and pretty soon after we can’t afford them.

Will you ever have a good vampire on the show again?
Yes. [Laughs] We will.

What’s going to happen to George now that he killed his best friend?
I couldn’t possibly say. We have a very loyal, tenacious, passionate fan base. They often ask me questions through the website. On the one hand they’re saying, “Can you tell me what’s going to happen on the next series?” On the other, when some of the press kit went on the Internet, they bemoaned that there were spoilers in it. I write on Doctor Who and I think I feel the way about Doctor Who that Being Human fans feel about Being Human: The downside of working on it is that I know the stuff that’s coming up, so I don’t watch it as an audience member. In a way I sort of want to say to the fans, “Hang on to that lack of knowledge [about George]. You’ll regret it when you don’t have it.”

Is there anything you wish you could have done with Mitchell that you didn’t?
I don’t think there was, but I’m sure we could have found something if we’d gone for another series. There was a moment in the finale where Herrick says to him, “So you’ll be the villain now,” and Mitchell says, “I always was.” I wonder whether there is an alternate version where there’s a fourth series of Being Human where Mitchell is the villain in the way that Herrick was and the way that Kemp and Jaggat were in series 2. I wonder if there’s a series in which Mitchell is the villain — but I guess we’ll never know.

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  • anitamargarita

    EW,this is the final f—ING STRAW with you. Putting spoilers in the HEADLINE? Marking it with “spoiler” before you spoil doesn’t work in the f—ing HEADLINE. Peoples brains don’t work like that. We SCAN, you jackasses. And putting spoiler immedeately preceeding STAKING didn’t do jack. And everyone can call me a crybaby in the comments and say “good riddance” all they want, but I am quitting you for good.

    • LJ

      Crybaby. Good riddance. It’s called an entertainment bloggin website. They can’t wait for everyone to watch the show a week later before writing an article. I for one won’t miss your immature use of expletives. So again, goodbye crybaby.

    • Mikey

      You open an article with the title “‘Being Human’ creator Toby Whithouse on the shocking finale”, which says in the title that they’re going to be talking about it, and you’re surprised that they were talking about it? Then in the article, it says “spoilers ahead” in bold letters to warn you from reading and you still read it? Do you need to have your hand held and moved away from the computer because you can’t control yourself? What a baby you are.

      • connor

        i don’t get what is spoilery about the headline? aren’t most finales “shocking”?

      • darclyte

        The original headline contained the spoiler. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. They’ve since fixed it.

      • LJ

        Earlier when the the post was first made, the headline on the home page did say [spoiler]Mitchell staked. They have changed it now, but it doesn’t change the fact that people shouldn’t be upset with EW for posting spoilers after a show has aired.

      • Darrin

        Considering a huge number of people watch shows via DVR, especially a show that airs on Sat. nights, dropping spoilers the morning after will in fact ruin it for that large percentage of fans who haven’t seen it yet. I know I would’ve been PO’d reading that so quickly after the episode aired.

      • Lois

        Once something has aired, talking about the plot is not a spoiler, it’s a recap. If someone hasn’t watched the episode it’s not EW’s fault. People know if they come to EW’s site they will be posting about things that just aired. If you didn’t watch something when it aired and want to be kept in the dark, don’t come to the EW website.

      • Side3

        Anyone who watches Being Human knows something big will happen in the last episode of a season. Annie went to purgatory at the end of season 2. As for the spoilers, I saw this article, and seeing the spoiler alert , I had the self control not to click through until after I watched the show!

        RIP Mitchell

    • maggie

      Once the show has aired, talking about the episode isn’t a “spoiler.” A spoiler is when someone with knowledge about the episode talks about it before it airs.
      Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t make it a “spoiler.” The rest of us have seen it already and want to talk about it.

    • Jason R

      By the time I clicked on the article, the headline was spoiler-free. But I feel you. I despise when things like this are spoiled.

    • Kel

      Jeez. I knew 6 weeks ago. Watched Series 3 from You tube. If you dont want to know the end, dont read the article. The way series 3 ended left an opening for an amazing series 4. And I say that with Mitchell being my favorite character of the show.

  • Tom

    that blows, this has ruined the show for me! Mitchell was my favorite one, to lose him means the show is over with, i stopped watching doctor who when they lost tennant, now i will only watch the american version, thank you for ruining one of my fav shows!

    • Simon Jester

      You’re a fool. Doctor Who has been FANTASTIC with Matt Smith, and no doubt Being Human will continue to be wonderful, so long as it continues to have great writers and great performers associated with it.

      • Kelly

        I love David Tennant but Who has been better (IMO) since he regenerated into Smith. I’ve always preferred Moffat to Davies.

      • googie

        Um, IMO, no! Tennant the best DW ever! MS, kinda good, but I don’t watch regularly any longer! Like KG, she’s a good actress and I’m so HAPPY RTD is gone!

      • Lois

        Matt Smith is doing a very good job on Doctor Who with the material he’s given. David Tennant was great, but he also had so much better writing when he was on DW. I’m not happy the Russell T. Davies is gone, as he is the reason that DW came back strongly and became a success once again. Steven Moffatt has great ideas, but can’t execute them well.

      • Romana

        Wow, could not disagree more. Props to RTD for bringing the show back, but Moffat is a much better writer than RTD ever was (as evidenced by his more numerous writing awards).

    • Chelsea

      I’m currently living in the UK so I got to watch the finale live. Let me tell you now, it’s GUT-WRENCHING. I still don’t know if I can watch the show sans AT, but we’ll see. It’s an awesome finale though.

      • fish eye no miko

        “so I got to watch the finale live.”

        Wow, they film the show live? I didn’t know that! How did you get tickets for it? And how do they do all the FX in front of a live audience?

      • Slav

        Nope, they don’t film live, but they do screenings before the show goes on TV.

    • mgb

      I completely agree. I stopped watching Doctor Who when David Tennant left. Matt Smith just doesn’t do it for me. Now I don’t think I can watch Being Human without Aidan Turner. The other characters are unappealing. The SyFy version is garbage, so that’s out too. At least I still have Justified.

  • Saz

    I can’t wait for S4!! Im looking forward to seeing where this goes without Mitchell. I think the time was right for a change, and trust the writers to make it bigger and better than ever before.

  • darclyte

    Wow, I’m sure glad that I watched this last night because of the spoiler in the headline. Sheesh. AWESOME series, and amazing episode. The North American version on SyFy is very good too and getting better each week. I love how there are similarities but differences as well. Could you imagine a crossover between the 2 series? Hehe.

  • Ann

    I’d like to thank Toby..and Aidan…for three wonderful seasons of Mitchell. His exit from the show was absolutely gut wrenching. One of the few finales of any show I’ve watched in the recent past that was that moving. It was totally right for Mitchell to die but it hurt like hell.

    • Melissa D.

      I wholeheartedly agree!

    • wg

      This. I adored Aidan Turner from day one, but this series/season pushed his acting chops to a whole new level. He started out a promising performer, and he’s leaving the show a star. Peter Jackson is lucky to have him. And BH fans are sorry to have lost the character.

  • maggie

    I was crying when Mitchell begged George to stake him, surprised when Wyndam showed up to stop Gerorge, shocked when George actually did, and cried again when George told Mitchell he loved him. What a great script with amazing performances by all. Aidan and Russell were especially great.

    • MS

      i agree!! Gosh i was tearing up when Mitchell was saying all that mean stuff to george and then he started begging! i was like “ohh my baby!” i LOVED mitchell!! they are all great actors and actresses!

  • Arlene

    I fell in love with Mitchell/Aidan Turner unexpectedly one Saturday when BBC America aired the entire series from Seasons 1 & 2 before the premiere of Season 3. I became obsessed with BH and looked forward to seeing it every Saturday night. It broke my heart last night to see him die. But what amazing writing and acting. I’ll try and watch BH going forward but the absence of Mitchell may be too much to bear. Long live the king!

    • Amanda

      I don’t know if I can go on watching without Mitchell. He made the show for me.And forget the US version. It completely pales in comparison to the original.

  • Joyce

    I love this show. I love the writing and the acting and the producing…everything. Losing Mitchell (Aidan) last night hurt for real. I know Aidan Turner will have a fantastic movie career…but it’s so hard to lose him.

  • APFW

    Good job by the cast and writers. I started watching this show with much skepticism from a middle-aged viewer, but the acting and story kept me watching. I can’t wait for season 4. I will miss Mitchell but I want to see Annie, George and Nina grow in their powers

  • Dave

    I love how in your transcript you sometimes “correct” Whitehouse’s use of “series” to “season” and then other times don’t.

    • Annie

      DAVE–I love how you don’t know his name is “Whithouse” not “Whitehouse”

      • Dave

        At least I was consistent.

  • Abby

    Loved Series 3 (wow, the U.S. version is utter garbage), and absolutely adored HERRICK this year, coming back and not knowing what’s what, then BAM! helllllo! it was awesome! Going to miss Mitchell, but there you go… can’t Annie go over to the other side and meet up with is soul? It’s gotta be there from 100 years ago, or maybe now? LOL not sure if a vamp still has his soul, prolly not. Sigh, I love how vamps/ghost/werewolf, after a day of murder and mayhem, need a cup of tea!

    • Melissa D.

      I started watching Being Human UK via Internet with the original pilot before Aidan Turner and it’s been one of the best shows from writing, etc. I agree with you about Herrick..amazing villian and I loved the way he came back. Fitting end to Mitchell’s character..sad but true to good writing above all. I’ve watched the US version and it’s surprisingly pretty good. The point of it is the storyline and writing make it so and getting decent actors. Sam Witmer is going a good job. I would give it another chance.

  • John

    I liked Mitchell, but it’s good for the series that we saw his character go this way. It made for a great, memorable character, but it also added to the series by differentiating it from so many other shows. Vamps in the Being Human world are bad, bad, bad no matter what!

  • Kate

    I think this is very interesting (I knew this was going to happen before I watched, but still good) and I was kind of in Annie’s headspace from the season finale all season about Mitchell and he was on such a downward spiral, I thought this was excellent for the series. I like the possibilities that for a time, we are going to be forming a bit of a werewolf pack to root for against the bad vampires (I like the idea of Tom becoming part of the family – and I kind of like how it sounds like in wolf form, George is the alpha, but in human form Nina clearly is the alpha)

  • TB

    I still don’t know how I feel. Part of what I liked about the show was the dynamic between the three leads, so with Aidan gone, even though I love the others, I think there will be a gaping hole. We’ll see.

    • LA

      Yeah I loved the dymanic between the original trio, it’s what got me hooked on the show. So I just don’t know how I feel about watching season 4. They only thing that really bothered me in the finale (and throughout season 3) was Annie. She went from wanting to spend eternity in a jail cell with Mitchell to pratically begging George to kill him? WTF! Yes I understand why Mitchell wanted to die, but a little resistance from the “love of his life” would have been nice. Annie just plain annoyed me this season, at this point I really don’t care what happens to her as a character. I’m am curious about George though, I felt so bad for him!

      • Rita

        @LA I have to agree with you on the dynamics of the 3 characters, it also what drew me into the show as well and than of course Nina I liked her as well..I am also conflicted about whether or not I will watch Season 4. I think and of course imo, Annie did indeed love Mitchell but also knew that he would kill again, it is the vampire nature and that last scene was heartwrenching especially when Mitchell did tell George how much he and the rest meant to him. Mitchell leaving the show sounded like it was very much Aiden Turner’s call but he will be missed, seems so soon for anyone to leave at this juncture and yet i understand that he as an actor needed to move on and it sounded to me from what Toby Whitehouse stated that casting British series is a bit different that the ways Americans do but truly he will be missed..frankly he sizzles..LOL..

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      Yeah, I think the magic was in the trio. And I don’t buy that Mitchell was always the villain. The purpose of the story was following the three friends struggle to regain/hold onto their humanity. What was the point if it was ALWAYS too late for Mitchell? Seems fruitless to me.

  • as

    I can’t believe they killed off Mitchell for good….he said Annie was the love of his long life….he has to come back as a ghost. The love of a good woman did save him….make it happen!

    • youkana

      wthout mitchell its not even worth watching, nina was horrible and its not worth keeping her rather than mitchell. i loved this show but the end of season 3 was horrible, why would you kill off the best character? thats just bloody moronic on your part. yes he has a movie to go to but eh.. its not worth watching for me anymore and i know you are going to lose viewers because Aidan is gone

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