'Glee' scoop: Gwyneth Paltrow will cover Adele on next week's episode


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Good news Gleeks: Not only is Gwyneth Paltrow back next week on Glee as Holly Holliday, but a Fox spokesperson confirms she’s also covering “Turning Tables” from Adele’s awesome new album, 21. It’s a veritable Gwyneth-palooza in terms of music news, with this latest nuggest coming on the heels of her “Over the Rainbow” duet with Matthew Morrison premiering tomorrow on iTunes (listen to our exclusive 60 second tease here). While we sadly don’t have Gwyneth’s Glee version yet, here’s the similarly fabulous Adele performing her track…


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  • Dave

    “The similarly fabulous Adele?” Uhh, I like Gwyneth, but I’m sorry, Adele is far more fabulous that Gwyneth. And no way will Gwyneth come close to Adele on this song.

    • bamalam

      I have to agree and I LOVES me some Gwyneth.

      • SaraS

        YES: I love love Gwyneth Paltrow, but more as an actress. Her voice just should not cover Adele, I’m sorry. No one on Glee should. They should just have Adele guest star and sing her own stuff.

    • tvgirl48

      Yeah, thanks for beating me to that.

    • dave

      Bwahahaha! Agreed!!!!! I love me some Gwyneth, but Adele is way, waaaaay, waaaaaaay better

      • Veda Pierce

        This is TERRIBLE NEWS! I live for that song, and you have to basically be Adele to do it justice. I am soo upset..

      • Bobby’s Robot

        @Veda – So, um, don’t watch the episode. It’s not like Gwyneth’s version will officially replace Adele’s.

      • Diogo

        I CANT SEE GOOD NEWS! This is TERRIBLE! Adele doesnt deserve this! Anyone but Gwyneth, PLEASE! I beg you, people!

      • ann

        @veda – umm, pretty sure Adele would have approved the use of her music.

      • Woot

        @Veda shouldn’t you be getting it on with Guy Pearce?

    • JK

      Gwyneth and Adele shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. There is no comparison.

      • jazz


      • Maria

        My thoughts exactly. No comparison.

      • Lucy

        agreed, Adele’s voice is awesome, Gweneth’s not so much, barf!

      • pkz

        agreed Adele is one of the few women out there who doesn’t have a manufactured ‘auto-tune’ voice. Paltrow needs to step back.

      • Mary

        Couldn’t have said it better. GP should stick to covering songs by less-amazing singers, so her version doesn’t seem sickly by comparison …

    • Audrey

      Adele > Gwyneth x 1000

    • L

      Yep. Read the headline and instantly thought, “She does NOT have the voice for that.”

      Echo chambers are bad, especially when they’re just telling you how talented you are. See: American Idol.

    • Summer

      Gwyneth is a really good singer. She is. But she’s NOT Adele. Who is AMAZING.

    • laylagalise

      Agreed! I don’t see why she has to sing a lot of sings every time she’s on. I don’t mind if she’s around, but give the vocal parts to other characters, ones that can sing better (like Mercedes, for example).

      • JayBee


      • ann

        basically the show has become a showcase for famous friends.

    • Margenne

      Really! EW can’t possibly be serious with that sentence. Gwyneth has a decent voice but the idea of her doing justice to an Adele song is beyond comprehension…

    • Branwen

      Gwyneth Paltrow needs to SIT DOWN. She’s a great actress but she isn’t a singer and if she thinks she can do an Adele song justice, she needs to get over herself.

    • Jet

      Adele’s album is new. It hate it that so many are taking her songs for publicity. Let Adele be the one to introduce her music to the public then others can jump in later. I just don’t like this.

    • Shannon

      My thoughts exactly! Gwyneth has a solid voice but Adele is a singular talent. I can’t imagine anyone doing her any justice.

    • w11

      “While we sadly don’t have Gwyneth’s Glee version yet, here’s the similarly fabulous Adele performing her track…”

      Tim Stack is just an epic fail these days. That whole sentence is just so wrong.

    • Jethro

      It won’t be that bad, trust me, wait until Tuesday!

    • Ada

      I can’t see GPal getting anywhere near the vocal range of Adele. I think this is going to be all kinds of bad.

    • Lia

      Agreed. I love Gwen singing but I hope she doesn’t sing every bloody song like she did in the “Let’s Talk About Sex” style ep. Her character is so funny, I’d like to hear her talk more!

  • Gleek

    How is MORE freakin’ Gwyneth Paltrow “good news” for Gleeks? I’m sick of her.

    • Dani

      LMAO I really don’t think she cares if you are sick of her. Now that’s the good news.

    • Shannon

      Amen. They need to stop. Her character is completely unnecessary. Top it off with bad covers. It needs to stop.

    • DiMi

      I’ve liked Gwynneth on Glee BUT
      1. She’s wearing out her welcome. I’ve had enough of her.
      2. She can’t come close to Adele as a singer; this is going to be a disaster.

      • melissa

        couldn’t agree more!

      • Lizzie

        It’s shouldn’t be GP singing Adele it should be Lea Michele…GP’s alright but let’s leave some of the bigger numbers to the MAIN cast members of the show!

    • Diogo

      Agreed. And Turning Tables is such an awesome song. It’s gonna be wasted!

    • Justagirl

      Please no more GP….she is annoying and can’t really sing very well. Bring back Kristen Chenowith (sp?) now she can sing!

      • Laura K.

        She may be able to sing, but she’s waaaaay more annoying than Gwyneth will ever be.

    • mejaki

      Nothing against Gwyneth, but Glee needs to stop basing the eps she guests in totally around her. I watch Glee cause I like the show as is, It’s a waste of an episode whenever GP’s on–they ignore the regular storylines to fit her in.

  • Serena

    Seriously EW? There is NO WAY Gwyneth is on any similar level to Adele. That’s a huge insult.
    Glee sucks

    • Lizzie

      What sucks is all this negativity on this comment board. The posts on here seem similar to the Belibers when Esperanza Spalding won the Grammy. Adele is a fine singer with a very powerful voice, but do I think she’s THE BEST OH MY GOD NO ONE CAN COMPARE SHE CAN DO NO WRONG!? No. There have been plenty of other amazing singers before Adele, so I will leave it at that.

      But, I don’t want GP to sing it. They’re robbing some of the main cast members of great numbers.

      • Pinoy Persuasion

        Very well said. And anybody can sing any artist’s song. It’s just you don’t have to listen to them when they do it. Don’t watch Glee if you are sick of Gwyneth, what’s the fuss?

      • Amy

        It’s not THAT someone else is singing Adele’s song, the negativity (deserved, btw) is mostly based on the ridiculous comparison EW stated in the article above. Gwyneth has a NICE voice. Adele has an AMAZING voice and she wrote this song based on her experiences – meaning her performance showcases genuine emotion connected to the song. It’s understandable that her fans might be slightly annoyed, no?

      • steph

        I really don’t think you can compare Justin Beiber to Adele. Manfactured pop star vs actual raw talent?

      • Amy

        Re-reading your comment, Lizzie, I have to agree re: the Beliebers, although the argument goes in the opposite direction. Here you have people up-in-arms regarding someone with real talent (i.e., Esperanza Spalding) versus someone with marginal talent. In this case Gwyneth = Justin Bieber.

  • Delilah

    No. No. No. No. No. I’m praying this is some kind of belated April Fool’s Joke.

  • kat

    I… don’t like this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele… and in my book shes pretty much untouchable. *sigh*

    • chattypatra

      Amen! I like Gwyneth, but she is WAY out of her league singing Adele’s song. She’s starting to believe her own press. Oh, Gwyneth, you should know better than to cover a song by a TRUE singer. I feel sorry for you.

      • Elle

        What the hell is Cee-Lo Green then? Last time I checked, he’s a really good singer.

      • Amy

        Yes @Elle, but that song sucks. It wasn’t exactly a showcase for a talented voice, was it?

  • mattox

    I’m sick of paltrow taking musical numbers from the cast. Especially when she’s not a talented singer without autotune.

    • Allie

      I agree with her taking so many numbers in the show. She’s actually a decent singer though, if you look up some of her stuff outside Glee.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Yeah, I hate how Gwyneth ties up the producers, writers and directors and tortures them until she gets to take all the numbers away from the cast. She’s obviously the power behind the show and controls everything everyone does.

      • Aly

        Gwyneth doesn’t write the show. She just acts on it. People act like she’s calling all the shots.

  • Kayleigh


  • deedeedragons

    First Keane & now Adele, stop wrecking good music!

  • Rt

    pussification of American youth continues

  • Greg

    What do want us to do…applaud? Thanks for the head’s up..I’ll be skipping Glee next week.

    • David

      The rest of us will try to go on without you.

      • a

        Not without Greg, we can’t! I mean he’s GREG… the Gregmeister, Greg-Poupon, Gregtastic, Gregenator, Gregalicious… do I need to go on?!! He’s what makes the sauce awesome.

      • Lizzie

        That will be easy. We don’t need any negativity around.

      • Doug

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I happen to agree with Greg and most people on this discussion thread…enough of Gwyneth already!

  • no!!!!!!

    Now I know why I hate this show. This is a terrible idea. What’s next… Julia Roberts covering Ella Fitzgerald? Leave Adele alone.

    • Dani

      You guys crap me up you have haven’t even heard her sing it yet.Tomorrow someone’s going to shoot you down before you do something, and you will think back to this very moment.

      • b

        And I’ll think, “hmm… how did I ever manage to crap someone up. I mean, shouldn’t I be sore?”

      • julie

        and if someone’s going to shoot me down tomorrow, i certainly will not be thinking back to the moment i thought goopy gwen singing adele was a terrible idea.

    • Lynn

      Adele is a goddess, and Glee butchering her is just horrible (horrible!) news. BOOOOO, I say. BOOOOO!

  • Bee

    adele song on glee? AWESOME!!!!!
    gwyneth singing it? will have to see, but seems like an odd match. would’ve picked lea michele or darren criss for it.

  • Evie

    I really love Glee but I would rather them leave Adele alone. She’s too amazing! Besides, I’ve been missing those Broadway covers!

    • Lizzie

      Ditto on that! I am so up for Rachel singing “Superboy and the Invisible Girl” from Next to Normal!

      • Wynter

        That would be a perfect song if Kurt ever comes back to New Directions and he gets more attention than her. Or if any male gets more attention than her.

  • Cait

    I would really prefer that this not happen

    • Jan

      I’m with you! This is really terrible news.

  • Rugby

    I like Gwyneth and I enjoy her episodes on Glee, but Adele sings rings around her and just about everyone else out there right now. Here’s an idea, why not get Adele to sing Adele on Glee?

    • Dani

      It’s not about her singing good it’s the message in the song. It goes with the story line. SHe eoesn’t proclaim herself to be a great singer. She working for a paycheck just like everybody else.

      • Shannon

        So how about they combine story with good talent — “Turning Tables” is actually perfect for Naya to sing about Santana/Brittany/Artie. Plus, Naya would do it some justice.
        Giving this song to the guest star and pass it off as important to the story is laughable. First of all, nothing about her character is relevant. And second of all, no one is even remotely invested in Will/Holly…and no one is going to care that Holly is singing this song about Will. They wanna overlook voice for story? Hell, give it to Jayma.

      • Lizzie

        Even better…give it to LEA.

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