'Vampire Diaries': Behind the awesome Alaric twist


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He’s been off-screen on Jenna Watch for much of season 2, but Alaric (Matt Davis) will finally get his fair share of screen time next week when he attends the ’60s Decade Dance possessed by Klaus. Producers always knew they’d want to take their time before they introduced Klaus (Joseph Morgan). They actually started the season anticipating having a “Klaus fakeout,” exec producer Julie Plec tells EW, “where the audience would believe that they knew who Klaus was and then our reveal would be that, ‘Ha ha, the trick’s on you.'” 

As the writers were breaking the story for last week’s script, trying to make their fake Klaus work, it was EP Kevin Williamson who came up with the Alaric twist. “This is what [Kevin] always does,” Plec says. “He’ll just walk in the [writer’s] room one day, and out of nowhere be like, ‘What if Klaus takes over Alaric’s body in a blood transfusion spell?’ And we all kind of look at him, and our jaws fall to the ground, and then we’re like, ‘Yeah. Hell yeah. Absolutely. Why not?’ That’s the way that Kevin’s brain works. He’ll just pop in like, ‘What it Elena chops off John’s fingers, but it’s really Katherine?’ It’s magical, and so we always go for it when he pitches something that makes us speechless.”

Plec says producers had been trying hard to find Matt Davis a juicy story line. “It felt so good because it lets him show off a bit, because he’s so good, and it lets our audience be shocked by an unexpected development, and it’s giving us a glimpse into who Klaus is before we even get to meet Klaus, which I also love,” she says. But does it mean Alaric will be/already is one of the season’s casualties? We won’t find out this week, Plec teases. “When [Matt Davis] would ask, ‘What are you gonna do with Alaric?’, I always told him, ‘We’re either going to make you a gloriously integral character that the show can’t live without, or we’re gonna build you up magnificently and kill you epicly.’ I won’t tell you which way that goes, but that’s the promise I made to him.”

Since we were on the topic of (potential) Klaus casualties, we also asked Plec whether Isobel set herself ablaze willingly or under compulsion last week. “I love that people debate it, because I think it’s actually fun to think of either way, but very deliberately, we used the same language as in episode 115, with the guy that got hit by the bus,” she says. “At the end of each of them, the person who’s been compelling them says, ‘Okay, you’re done,’ and they say, ‘I’m done’ like they’re grateful. So it’s a compulsion like a suicide bomber. I have done the task that I was compelled to do, and now my reason for existence is over. So we deliberately echoed that same language to imply that her death had been written in the cards by Klaus already. Why I loved Isobel taking [Elena] to the cemetery and finding a work-around her compulsion, where she’s not allowed to say anything, is she was able to apologize for not being a good mother and to give Elena that before she did what she had to do. If anything, Isobel in death was able to give Elena a tiny bit of closure.”

And now that we like Uncle John after he and Elena had their heart-to-heart, is Elena’s birth father going to die, too? “I have been waiting for a year for somebody to say, ‘Oh, I really like uncle John now,’ because we knew that we just had to find that pocket moment where [he and Elena] could connect on a real level, and we’ve been building to that very slowly and very subtly,” Plec laughs. “That, I swear to god, is one of my favorite scenes of the whole season.” Notice she didn’t answer our question…

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  • Michelle

    If Alaric dies – whether this week or in the weeks to come – I. Will. Not. Be. Happy. Damon needs his bromantic partner! Lord knows, he’s not getting any support from his ACTUAL brother.

    • ATLgroove

      Preach on, Michelle. Preach!

    • Elle

      Why would Stefan give Damon any support when Damon has spent the last two seasons trying to steal away Stefan’s girlfriend? I wouldn’t support someone like that either.

      • sarvenaz

        are you freaking kidding me? hello did you not watch the whole ” i don’t deserve you but my brother does” moment??!! he only tried stealing her away for like 3 episodes of the first season. either way Damon always supports Stefan and Stefan does sometimes too but i’ve realized that most of the time he puts Damon down as if Damon is lesser than him. don’t get me wrong I LOVE Stefan but he could be a litter more considerate of his brother. He is too caught up in his relationship with Elena.

      • Kris

        Was Stefan there for that? No I don’t think he was. To Stefan’s face, Damon has been trying to steal Elena from him since Day 1 (and I still believe that has more to do with his obsession with Katherine than any actual love for Elena) Stefan isn’t a mind reader and Damon specifically came into town to screw over his brother. It’s not like Damon is this faithful, incredible brother.

      • rachel

        Totally disagree. Damon hasn’t even flirted with Elena this entire season. Stefan is possessive and jealous. Damon can’t help his feelings, but he hasn’t acted on them at all throughout Season 2.

      • Amanda

        Preach it, Rachel! I love that everyone has no problems pointing out Damon’s faults but heaven forfend anyone does that to Stefan. Stefan has a jealous, insecure, possessive streak inside of him and it may be subtle, but it does come out.

        Damon was pissed at Stefan for very obvious, justifiable reasons and he acted in the ways any true scorned vampire would. Damon did the most selfless thing he could have done and he gave up Elena in 2×08 and he hasn’t acted on his feelings for Elena at all since.

      • k

        Steal Stefan’s gf? Really? Are u kidding me? Are sure u’re watching the same show? Damon tried to do that in the initial episodes in S1. Besides trying to steal a kiss from her in the 1st episode of S2, he hasn’t done anything to her. Watch the ending of episode 8 again…

      • Misspriss_1

        I’m with Rachel and Amanda on this one.. Damon has done everything that he could to NOT even flirt with Elena, ever since he admitted that he loved her, then took the memory away. Damon has been a good brother all season long!! JMO

    • Kara

      Are we all forgetting about the time Damon killed Stefan’s best friend for over a century, Lexi!

      Come on, get real, Damon has his faults. It’s what makes him such a great character.

      • Misspriss_1

        The writers killed Lexi. The actor playing Damon just did what the script called for…

      • Laudianey

        I Loved this movie! I just saw it last night and I went into it not really knniowg anything about it at all, all I knew it that my parents liked it a lot and told me to watch it. The ending could have done a million different ways and I thought that it was going to end that they would wipe their memory and anyone that knew about their relationship and change it that way. But they did an amazing job. Also i really like how they did shooting mostly on location in NYC

    • Amanda

      Agreed! I will be very upset if they kill of Alaric and I don’t get my Damon/Ric bromance fix. You can not start a friendship like that and kill it off. Their soooo good together and I really have a soft spot for Ric. Find someone else to kill off. How about Matt? Sorry Matty, but I’d rather Ric.

    • Nothing Can Keep Us Together

      you tell them michelle! i love me some alaric and damon

  • LoveBug68

    Please do not kill off Warner! LOL

    Seriously though…don’t kill him. I could stand Bonnie dying or even Jeremy or Uncle John but not Alaric. And give Aunt Jenna a better story. Oh, and bring back Tyler ASAP!

    • Alainna


    • Bea

      I want Tyler and Caroline together soooooo badly! Those two have such amazing chemistry!!!! I really hope neither of them is among the death toll at the end of this season.
      I kinda hope Matt realizes he’s screwed over Caroline, regrets it, then gets offed. She saved your life man!
      Bonnie can’t die because where would the witchy element come from? Also don’t do that to Jeremy, he’s been through enough. What if he sacrifices himself in some way to save Bonnie?! That would rip my heart out but make for an amazing finale … but I would be sad to see him go as an actor on the show.

      • Laurel

        I with you.
        Matt is being a total douche.
        Caroline should be with Tyler.
        And Alaric has to stay !
        If anyone has to go let it be Matt.
        I’ve always liked him but he is getting on my last nerve lately.

    • Diane

      lol @ LoveBug I completely forgot that he played Warner in Legally Blonde!

      • Edemberg

        Delena all the way!! i’m sorry but they have to be together, they have so much cieshmtry and damon brings out the tougher and braver side of elena and elena brings out his caring side , i just think stefan and elena are boring together a relationship that that is formed within two weeks like Elena’s and Stefan’s is never fully complete. It takes time for two people to get to know each other and feel something about each other and i think damon and elena need eachother, Damon and Elena FTW!!

  • madisa

    Aleric is a great character on his own (i.e. he’s nice eye candy and redeemed himself from being Warner on Legally Blond) and he pairs really well with Damon (i.e. double the eye candy). I’m glad he is finally getting a real storyline even if it might end with him dead. Sigh. There’s always VD dvds that can resurect him.

    • Alfonso

      The heart of your writing whlist sounding reasonable initially, did not really work perfectly with me personally after some time. Someplace within the sentences you were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a while. I still have a problem with your leaps in logic and one would do well to help fill in those breaks. When you actually can accomplish that, I will undoubtedly be fascinated.

  • Hazem Ezzo

    Nice knowing you try to find me on face book I love to be your friend…she`ll understand me.. Love U.

  • scorpo

    This is hands down the best show on network television. I challenge anyone to find a better paced show with actual shocking twists. I am so glad that the hiatus is over!

    • alex

      preach! so true

    • sarvenaz

      seriously best show ever i agree.

    • LaurLB

      As much of fan as I am of VD – I think Nikita has kicked it up a notch with the Michael/Nikita twist . .I think they are tied for best shows.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Fringe. Not to take anything away from TVD tho’.

  • Joanna

    I would really like Alaric not to die, but I think he will. I honestly think he will. We obviously know there is a legitimate Klaus, what I want to know is what happens to Alaric’s body once Klaus stops possessing him?

  • Lola

    It’s depressing to hear that the writers had been struggling to find a storyline for Alaric. It definitely sounds like he will be killed at the end of this season.

  • Katy

    I love the storyline

  • sarvenaz

    if Alaric dies I really don’t know what I will do. Him and Damon are a package deal, you kill one off and it just won’t be as awesome and bromanc-ish.

  • Beauty

    You just better not touch Bonnie & Jer. I do like Damon & Alaric’s relationship. That’s VD for ya, you better not fall in love with ANY characters because they are sure to be killed soon.

  • Ally

    i think they should kill off bonnie. it would make me happy ’cause she annoys me so damn much and it would continue the theme of killing off all of jeremys girlfriends. and maybe after that jeremy will finally be able to have a good love interest that can survive a season, because i really do like jeremy. i just hate that his storyline revolves around her now. that being said, i am very happy to be seeing more of alaric and i really hope he doesnt die! it would suck for aunt jenna and he and damon always have the best moments

    • Cathy

      Just curious, what is it that makes you hate Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship so much and Bonnie period? Why do you not want Bonnie to be the good love interest that can survive a season?

      • m

        i can’t speak for ally, but my dislike for bonnie comes from the fact that she seems so stuck up. she also has that anti-vampire mentality – so, assuming she survives the season, and elena is saved, i am sure her disapproval of the salvators will return. maybe as the writers continue to make bonnie more bad-ass she will grow on me. but, if i had to make a list today of characters i could do without – bonnie (and matt) would be at the top of the list.

      • Ally

        she’s always acting as if she’s better then the rest of them, like she’s the moral compass of the group and it annoys me how she thinks she’s so much better than the vampires and knows whats right. she hasnt done much of that lately, which i’ll giver her credit for, cuz she’s been helping them and all but i still cant bring myself to like her. and the reason i dont like jeremy/bonnie is because ive always liked jeremy’s character and think he should be with someone better

      • Rocio

        I have to say I can feel the love this family has way over here in AZ. They must be telilrhd w/ the session. You absolutely captured true emotion here.

    • Ada

      I’m not sure that I agree. I was not a fan of Bonnie in the first season or in the first half of this season but lately she’s been putting her b****face away and being a good friend to Elena instead of a judgemental Prick. She has kind of grown on me. I just wish she knew how to do magic without her eyes closed. Every time she does that all I can think is, “HELLO! This is how people die. Keep your wits about you, dummy.”

  • rin

    Damon is supported by Stefan, Stefan has the same opinion of Damon as Alaric, Damon always wants to go too far, that’s what Stefan doesn’t support. It’s typical casting ploy if the bros got along the show would really blow. The real question is what are Matt and the Sheriff gonna do about the vamps, notice they didn’t show her telling matt about the bros and Tyler? Are they safe? Will Matt and the Sheriff get holed up again and compelled? I think they should because it’s kinda obvious because of Vicki Matt won’t move past and because of her hatred for vamps and lack of interest in her daughter Sheriff wouldn’t blink about killing her child, she’ll just have someone else do it, like Matt

    • Fridge

      I thought it was interesting that they didn’t show us exactly what Caroline told Matt. I’m interested to see what the reprecussions are and find out exactly what she told him. Did she tell him about Damon? What will Liz do if she knows that Damon is a vamp? Out of all the twists last week Matt working with Sheriff Forbes had to be the biggest bombshell with possibly the biggest ramifications coming from it.

  • Kara

    Kalaric Rules! Love this story line!

  • Kayjee

    Yeah, how much of a backstabbing moment was that? Caroline is so upset she’s crying, and Matt is making plans with her MOM to kill her! And I wanted Caroline and Matt to be together, boy did they twist that around. I know they hinted at 3 important characters dying before the season ends, but NOT Alaric or Caroline! tVD writers – grrrrr (and you’re doing a great job getting us this riled up).

  • rikardo


    • mejaki

      I’m pretty sure they’re killing off John. There’s no other reason they’d have to side him with Elena and the boys.

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