Oprah finale ad rates higher than 'Lost' closer


Image Credit: Art Streiber/OWN

Oprah Winfrey’s syndicated program might air in daytime, but it’s hitting up advertisers for major-league primetime ad rates for its final episode.

The asking price for a 30-second ad on Oprah’s May 25 finale is $1 million, according to Horizon Media researcher Brad Adgate. That’s more than last year’s finales of ABC’s Lost ($900,000) and Fox’s 24 ($650,000), despite Oprah having a smaller audience (about 7 million viewers) than either of those dramas. Oprah’s distributor had no comment.

You have to go back to the season finale of CBS’ Everybody Loves Raymond ($1.2 million) to find a steeper asking price for a series finale.

The most expensive finale in Adgate’s research? The finale of Friends, which commanded a nearly Super Bowl-sized $2 million.

Adgate points out that there’s increasingly an event glow around a series finale, making it more akin to a live telecast even when taped, and Oprah is a brand that many advertisers want to be associated with.

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  • anon

    Does anyone watch ads anymore…PVR it and ff through the ads!!

    • Kate

      You mean DVR and you are exactly RIGHT!

      • Donald

        PVR and DVR are interchangeable. PVR = Personal Video Recorder

      • a

        or Panda Variable Ratio… the number of pandas it takes versus something else to do something.

      • HipHopAbs

        Oh thank god she’s going away.
        If only we could keep her big face off her magazine.

        Hey Oprah,
        You cannot serve God (of truth) and money.

        But, You served your master well.

        Heres real news:
        Computer scientist data mines tax code, finds government fraud.

        Google excluded income.

      • beepela

        I think Poly Vinyl Records would take issue with that.

      • Anita

        If you subscribe to DStv its PVR. Where i live, if you say DVR, THEN you get the the ‘ummmmm, you mean’ situation….

    • 867-5309

      I was thinking the exact same thing. It amazes me the amount of money that companies spend for commercials. Who actually watches them anymore? People fast forward thru them or change the channel. It seems like such a waste of money.

      • JoetheFilmmaker

        It’s called branding. You are obviously too stupid to see it.

        How many products do you own, and have you ever seen an ad for that product? According to you, you’re just reaching blindly and grabbing off the shelf (because you are sooo smart).

        Would you prefer to put a quarter in your TV instead? Is it all obvious to you yet?

      • @JoetheFilmmaker

        You’re such a moron! Not everyone is easily influenced by tv ads. Just because you are susceptible to flashing lights and fast edits asking you buy stuff doesn’t mean everyone else is the same.

      • Jenn

        Pathetic whiners.

      • Gwen

        @Joe the “Filmmaker”: Where can we see a film you’ve made? You must just be starting out in the business because I’ve never heard of you. With your attitude, I’m sure we’ll all be seeing great work from you soon. You’ll fit right in in Hollywood with your snarky mean-spirited egomaniacal bravado.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Oprah is such a egomaniac! Also, the LOST finale was boss.

  • Owen

    I stopped watching Oprah because her ego kept overshadowing the topics that were supposed to be highlighted on her show.

    • Daliah

      you can see her ego increase as her head got too big for her body…1 mil for 30 sec huh…how’s OWN doing by the way?

      • dennis

        OWN is not doing very well. It seems that most of her fans are fair weather folks. They will watch her for free but when asked to pay for her show they turn to Jerry Springer.

    • ST

      I couldn’t agree more Owen. It seems that everything Oprah does (even her generosity) is made to be about her. I don’t care for her show anymore and won’t miss it when she’s gone personally. I also think she’ll end up coming back to daytime in some capacity (depending on how OWN goes, another instance of Oprah’s ego).

      • vjw

        Agree! Agree! Agree! That woman is a legend in her own mind.

      • jers

        Oprah’s a legend in the minds of MILLIONS, not her mind only. She’s been the #1 talk show in America for 25 years straight, the richest African American EVER, the most influential woman EVER, the undisputed queen of all media. If Oprah’s not a legend, no one is.

      • JoetheFilmmaker

        Generosity? How about buying a white audience.

        Is this Oprah’s end on TV? I would pay much more to blackout this finale show.

        Let me guess,..every person in the audience will be white. They will expect an expensive gift. Oprah will probably offer every audience member a new house with built in Oprah Winfrey Network.

        This woman sold out her audience with Obama. Winfrey smells bad in every sense of the word.

      • @JoetheFilmmaker

        You obviously spin great tales because her show has a good number of black audience members. If you’re going to badmouth her, don’t just make up lies.

      • dennis

        She is black and from Chiocago. Enough said.

    • elaine

      I agree. Can’t stand the woman anymore. Glad that OWN is not doing well. Karma.

      • Nona

        You don’t have to like her but why would you wish her professional downfall? Her show has helped countless numbers. She’s given millions to charity and she has built an empire due to her own efforts. So what if she’s an ego maniac. Most self mades are. I’ve never heard reports of her being stingy or mean spirited. I stopped watching her show about 10 years ago and started back this last season. Oprah is good at what she does and obviously millions of people still think so. I wish her well.

      • JoetheFilmmaker

        @Nona… How about wishing her plane to crash. What are you going to do? Tell Obama on me?

      • @JoeTheFilmaker

        This whole thing is funny as hell to me. Let me follow your logic:
        You hate Obama, therefore you hate Oprah, therefore you leave various hate comments on an article about ad rates. lmao.

  • @

    Her “network” is such a joke. She has got to be the world’s biggest egomaniac. Most of the shows are old reruns from TLC and the new shows are mostly about her -lol. I looked at the lineup on and off for about a month then deleted it from my channel choices.

    • dennis

      If you realy want to hurt the folks locked up at Gitmo. Make them watch her show.

    • PN

      But those TLC reruns on the OWN network are just filler for the new shows that are starting in April and May. Keep in mind that it’s a new network and it will take a while for shows produced by the network. I compare this to Game Show Network–they showed old game shows for years, and the past few years there have been new game shows produced by the network. So new cable networks take 2 to 3 years to take off. Give OWN network some time to build and prosper.

  • jj

    But I am sure more people watched the Lost finale than will watch Oprah’s last show.

    • dennis

      Only to make sure that it IS THE LAST SHOW.

    • MC


  • tulo

    The last season of Oprah has been spectacular. In the past I could just skip Oprah when I was busy but this season every single episode is must see TV. I’m so impressed!

    • dennis

      i bet you watch sponge bob square pants and sit on the edge of your seat with every show.

  • Joyce

    People can hate all they want, but how many of them began their life poor and are retiring rich while young and healhy enough to enjoy it?

    • Pensieve

      She was never able to get the man she loved to marry her – she never had husband and children – so in that sense, compared with Oprah, most of us who are her age are retiring far more “rich.” Most of us DO have spouses and children we love.

      What’s money about, anyway? It’s about trying to find true happiness. What’s worth more to most people than their sons and daughters? Would they dreaming of trading their children for a vast TV empire? That would be laughable.

      Hey, I’m not putting Oprah’s accomplishments down, but I just don’t buy that we should be in awe of her.

      • Nona

        Most spouses you speak of are cheating on their significant others… Hence the divorce rate. So what’s your point? As far as I know you can have children without being married so obviously she made a choice to find fulfillment in other ways. I don’t think anyone is asking you to be in awe of Oprah or your local dog catcher. But very few business people will ever reach her level of success especially coming from such humble origins.

      • smoke

        I feel sorry for Oprah. All her self made wealth will not comfort her in her old age. She had no children so therefore she will have no grandchildren to love her.
        She has no one to leave all her wealth to when she dies. She can’t take it with her.
        Money and pride will be her downfall.

      • @Pensieve and Smoke

        So Oprah should cry in her milk because she never married and never had kids? This should be her only point in life to have kids and “get” a man to marry her? That is pretty sickening and let me guess you would not say the same about a man.

        I guess this is something I would tell myself too if I lived my life through others because I could not really accomplish anything on my own. I could comfort myself that my failures professionally could be rebounded by pushing out a bunch of kids and tying down myself with an available male crossing my fingers that the kids would shoulder the responsibility of loving me in my infirmity and the guy had appropriate fertility level to achieve the only great accomplishment any woman should apire to — motherhood. You are right she can’t take her money with her but she can certainly give away loads of it (as she has already done) to help all of the people who had kids they couldn’t afford to care for. — And when you are old and dying just remember you will be in the grave alone.

    • Your Reality Check Bounced

      Hate? No, it’s actually pity.

      Pity Oprah because she created her empire off the backs of people she used as sob stories every day. Had it not been for the tear-jerkers, those she reached out to “help,” she wouldn’t have become a BILLIONAIRE.

      Pray tell us, Joyce, and the other Oprah drones, how much has Oprah truly “helped” others when she was greedily making money hand over fist from their misery?!

      Oh yes, Oprah’s created quite a following among the lapdogs of American daytime drones … it’s a clear case of Pavlov’s puppies … teach them to salivate at the sight of food (or an IPOD, a new car, etc).

      Very good, Spot, now fetch the remote! Good boy/girl!

      Maybe we should just change our motto to “in O we trust” (Obama/Oprah … interchangeable idols).

      • bobohead

        Just what your goverment does.

      • bitter much?

        Yes, it is apparent that you pity poor Oprah. I am sure she appreciates your sentiments. There is a lot of HATE directed towards a self-made person of color — seems familiar enough to me.

    • dennis

      good point!

  • Olivia

    Oprah has done som many great things! I feel like those of you who are being negative, have never even watched her show. Otherwise you would know that she isn’t egotistical and is a great teacher and inspiration. Go use your energy to do something positive with your time.

    • GH

      Greatness is done when you’re not even sure who should get the credit. Oprah’s great things? We definately know.

  • Everet

    I can understand why there’s negativity. I used to like watching her interviews until they just became about the guests gushing about her. I do like that she’s a self made billionaire and had to work for it, but the past few years it has been more about people worshiping her it got annoying. And I guess asking companies to pay a million per ad just feeds into this self-grandeur she has created and earned.

  • Dot

    Well she got rid of Gale, her lesbian lover and does not support Obama any longer, all for the ratings. Could we say it’s all because OWN is sinking. Good, go down with the ship witch, you are a fraud and a racist.

  • Ricardo

    who givs a damn. Bye..Bye

  • JLee

    BTW exactly what makes her “African”?

  • JLee

    Isn’t it about time we all refer to each other as “Americans”? I wonder if other countries do this??????

    • Nona

      I don’t know. Why don’t you ask them and report back to the forum.

      • yesyousuck

        You can bet JLee has never been outside of the country.

    • typical

      Why do you care what anyone calls themselves? Perhaps you think all of us should just be called “George Washington” too so that everyone could be one big happy?

  • JLee

    African-Russian, African-Dutch, African-German, African-Italian, sounds crazy doesn’t it?

    • yesyousuck

      No, but you do.

  • justavoter

    The only reason I might watch Oprah’s finale would be to find out who paid for million dollar commercials so that I make sure I NEVER buy those products.

  • roz

    Give me a break. When are these puffed-up libs going to figure out that those MILLION DOLLAR advertising rates they charge (to fatten their already-bloated wallets) ARE OFF-SET BY HIGHER PRICES we folks end up paying for in the long run!



      • davey

        Sorry…can’t hear you – can you speak up please?

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