Revamped 'Law & Order: LA' sputters in ratings


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NBC rolled out the latest incarnation of Law & Order: Los Angeles and, despite shuffling the cast, the show returned to a series low Monday night.

LOLA delivered 5.9 million viewers and 1.5 preliminary adults 18-49 rating, down 32 percent from its last original. Lead-in Chuck also did no favors for its renewal odds — 4 million viewers and a series low 1.3 rating.

LOLA and Chuck weren’t the only ones falling to new lows last night, though. ABC’s Dancing With the Stars (4.3) was down 9 percent to a cycle low. While Castle (3.1) rose 11% this week to win its hour. 

Olivia Wilde returned to Fox’s House (3.2), yet the show slipped 6%. Chicago Code (1.8) was steady.

CBS tried out Mike & Molly (2.5) in the Two and a Half Men slot and found out the show just doesn’t pull the same numbers without its powerful lead-in: Molly fell 17 percent to a series low. CBS also aired HIMYM (2.7), Mad Love (1.9) and Hawaii Five-0 (2.4).

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  • Rob

    Sorry to say it because it is my favorite show but Chuck is gonna get cancelled.

    • Catherine

      Rob, I love Chuck too, but I kinda feel like this would be a good last season for it. I think it is time.

      • Jenn

        Don’t call it LOLA, Hibberd.
        It’s just another example of your pathetically insipid and juvenile writing.

      • Jenn

        And don’t call seasons “cycles”, Hibberd. It’s moronic.

      • Brett

        Grab those knickers and give ‘em a hard yank, Jenn, ’cause they’re clearly stuck far up into the area they’re meant to be covering! Hibberd calls the DTWS run a “cycle” because the show’s run doesn’t correspond with a typical television “season” that starts in the fall. Perhaps the distinction was a little over your head.

  • A

    The networks need to stop taking all these long breaks in between episodes. House was new last night after a three week break. Law and Order:LA has been on hiatus since before the holidays I think and comes back on a new night and time. It’s gotten to the point where no one knows when and where to expect a new episode, or it’s such a long break you can’t remember what happened on the last episode. What happened to new episodes Sept-May, off for two weeks at Christmas and off for the summer? Let’s get back to that.

    • JLC

      Well said. The only way I ever know when a new episode is coming on is if my DVR picks up on it. And we all know the networks hate DVRs. We need some consistency.

    • Danielle

      Exactly!!! And…stop with the repeats! When was the last new episode of “The Middle” or “Modern Family” (I know..different night, but, still).

    • tomm

      Well, they cant run more than 22 eps, so they have to drag it out.

      But, why not go back to the Sept-March timeframe as was done in the ‘old days’? Dragging seasons out to May with reruns and interuptions loses peoples’ patience.

      • A

        I remember when I was a kid it was Sept-May. Except for the holiday season, it was never more than one week at a time they would play a rerun of a show.It would be like once a month maybe you got a rerun. Now it feels like we’re lucky to get two new episodes every month. I don’t mind a rerun, but when they’re putting 3 or more weeks in between new episodes I feel like why are they even bothering to have the show on at all.

    • PJL

      I agree 100%. I’m sick of repeats, preemptions, long breaks, changes in time/day. No wonder numbers are down for all the networks.

    • Olivya

      Completely agree. You never know when new shows are coming back so you lose track and interest.

    • Mikey

      Costs, labor laws and the fact that TV shows today require more time to write, film, and edit than ever before make the scheduling of TV shows impossible. On a regular drama, it’s like producing a small film every week for 22-24 weeks. Production values on network and cable tv are the highest ever. Not making an excuse, just stating a fact.

  • PHD

    oh and they need to asmit the mistake and bring back the original L&O

    • Gon

      Never understood why they chanceld it.

    • D

      Bingo! The original was fantastic. Stupid move to cancel it.

    • capetillo

      I totally agree with you. I have been watching L&O ever since it started years ago!!

    • Kiki

      i know right! why kill of the original and then expect people to watch a spin off …. stupid!

  • krisa

    um, because skeet was one of the best things about the show – cute, smart & a family life to throw in when needed.

    • Brett

      Sorry, but Ulrich was a zero. The least interesting character on the show portrayed by the actor with the narrowest dramatic range.

  • Catherine

    I agree with everyone! They need to bring back the original (it will never happen though) and killing off Skeet’s character was DUMB!

  • Diane

    Too bad that not a lot of people watched LOLA last night because it was really good. From Skeet’s character dying (the little actress who played his daughter should be up for an Emmy) to the sight of Connie coming up the escalator, it was all good. Plus Alfred Molina is always a treat to watch. Now that is an actor.

    • mostboringseasonever

      Although I’m a big fan of Skeet Ulrich, the show is better without him.
      The pairing of Alfred Molina and Corey Stoll was great.
      And, I loved the addition of Alana de Garza from the original L & O.
      I thought it was a terrific show last night.

      • jdeep

        I agree. This character was not a good fit for Skeet. I thought the show was much better without him. Great show Monday.

  • Fortune

    people need to stop saying ”we dont know when our favorite shows are coming back on.” At the click of a button you can find out when ya shows are coming back on. Especially when they are shown on tv as ”new episodes begin on blah blah blah.” Fact is the original L&O is better.

    • tomm

      Well, biggest problem is distractions after months of reruns. There are better things to do than check every week when new eps are on. If they are not on for awhile, people move on.

      • Fortune

        u dont have to ”check every week” there is a set time when the shows come on. Go online find out when ya show comes on and put it on ya calendar. Easy as pie. If you love a show you will stick around.

      • try this

        Set your DVR for “1st run episodes only” and you’ll never miss a new episode! Welcome to the future.

  • jen

    Too bad the ratings don’t reflect the quality. I thought both episodes were great. Hope people get on board in future eps. I will miss Skeet, but Molina as a detective works for me. The ending of the first episode, and the beginning of the second, were heartbreaking. And, I like the new opening credits.

    • Ray

      I completely agree. I admit that I was skeptical about moving Alfred Molina from ADA to detective, but it worked perfectly. Both eps were beautifully written and acted, and it’s a shame the ratings didn’t reflect that. Plus the new opening credits are great!

  • tomm

    NBC, please cancel “Chuck”, so that many nerds will go outside and see the world.

    • Annie

      Haha.. that’s great… what a wonderful comment!! haha

  • Inga

    What @A said. It gets exhausting trying to keep up with shows these days. That said: I am now an Olivia Wilde worshipper, last night’s episode of House was really good. As far as LOLA goes, I had a problem with the 2nd hour story. The WHY of the Russell Williams-like character would have been more interesting than the same old consensual rough sex crap. A really successful straight-laced guy who has guarded presidents suddenly rapes&kills women? Why? How? I thought the “why”would be the L&O twist. *sigh*

    • LTC

      This was based on a true story out of Canada. A Canadian Military guy, with an excellent rep, raped & killed women – no reason. They raved about the interview done by the police officer to get him to open up.

      For a story like this, sometimes there is no why. And the real guy protected the prime minister.

  • Jeff from Jersey; yes New Jersey

    Sorry to hear about the ratings decline of Mike and Molly. To me, the baseball episode wil be considered a classic and if the producers don*t hire the deadpan Cubs fan, the very funny David Higgins, to be part of this merry group of funny people, something is amiss in the land of funny.

    • tv fan

      I really enjoyed Mike & Molly’s baseball episode last night too! I didn’t know that was David Higgins playing the Cubs fan! he did a great job, and he was very funny too!

  • tomm

    Comcast, now that you own NBC, please overhaul the schedule!

    • katie

      New Comcast management did hire a new Chairman of NBC entertainment and it will be interesting to see what he puts on for the Fall.

  • Tully

    I really enjoyed the two episodes of L&O:LA in its new Season. I’ll miss Skeet Ulrich but he looked kind of gaunt, hope he’s in good health and making movies. The second episode not only brought back gorgeous Alaina de la Garcia but also the thrill of watching an interview between a smart detective and a cunning suspect, a fantastic scene! L&O:LA is back in very good shape. Love it!

  • Mark

    I liked LO LA 2.0 a lot. Sorry to see Skeet’s character get gunned down but hope the show will acknowledge his death and his family’s grief in future episodes. One slight knitpick: the scene where the Mexican boy is in protective custody in a holding cell at the courthouse waiting to testify. The ADA comes in to visit him before proceedings get underway, then leaves. The kid is killed by a woman posing as a translator and she escapes. If the kid’s testimony was so critical to the prosecution, and they thought enough to visit him in jail, why not have a deputy and/or district attorney staff member there to make sure he’s OK? Too much suspension of disbelief for me, but the rest of the show is nicely written and shot. Love this show.

    • Brett

      Because you’d assume that the kid’s safe in a holding cell by himself with a guard out front. Nobody suspected the “translator.” That was far too tiny a nit to pick.

  • Carolyn

    I was watching this show only because Skeet Ulrich was in it. I watched it tonight, but I won’t be in the future.

    • Annie

      I was totally watching it only for Skeet too… so sad : (

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