President Obama to appear on a final 'Oprah' episode

This should make for a good episode of Behind the Scenes on OWN: Harpo Prods. has confirmed that President Obama will appear in one of the final episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

He’ll tape his episode with the Queen of Daytime at Harpo Studios on April 27;  it’ll air May 2. The First Lady is also expected to make an appearance.

Winfrey’s final talk show will air on May 25.

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  • Rebecca

    George W Bush is going to be on Oprah?! Oh, right, no the guy pretending to be a president is going to be on Oprah, darn, I would have watched if a real president would be on her show, but since that Kenyan-born impostor is going to be there just promoting himself…no thanks!

    Oh yeah bring on the hate!

    • Sarah

      Don’t feed it… don’t feed it…

      • marissa

        lol love it

    • 12345

      Only ignorant bigots believes this hokum.

    • LOL

      Sparkle cow voted for Bush? LOL

      • amie

        “Sparkle cow” lol, that is great. I love it.

    • Jay

      For all we know, you might not even be an American yourself… So I advice you to stop trolling on the Internet because you are behind the safety of your computer.

    • Ron J

      Rebecca, shouldn’t you be getting teabagged somewhere?

    • Mocha

      I’m going to assume you’re just joking or trolling, because otherwise your post just makes me feel terribly sad for your intelligence level (or lack thereof).

    • Susan

      No need for us to bring on the hate Rebecca, your doing that all by yourself. Good job…that is what America needs more of, raciest.

    • johnc11

      Should he be working in the White House to reduce the deficit and debt instead of showing up on TV?

      May be he only care about running for his 2nd term but not the American people!

      How selfish he is!

      • k

        He’s spent his whole term shmoozing and getting nothing done.

      • Dianna

        Do you even know what you’re talking about? Perhaps you can do a much better job.

    • Nona

      You already did!

      • Nona


    • Rose

      Rebecca…No one has to bring on the “Hate” because you just did… That is quite enough hate to be at one person’s finger tips. Peace and blessings to you!

    • Dianna

      Blah, blah, blah… Oh Rebecca just s please shut up you tea-for-brains, ignorant, butthead, Palinist. What are you really afraid of? Perhaps you should be afraid of burning in hell for hating your fellow man. May God have mercy on your hate-filled soul.

  • alex

    That is completely and so racist Rebecca, if that is your real name

    • Robbles

      She is just mad about being the worst singer on youtube

  • charlie


  • samuel

    dont care

  • Tony Garcia

    Even more reason to see why he’s in there, and people like you, Rebecca, will NEVER be in a higher place of Power, cause people like you SUCK!!!

    • k

      Anyone in office or in a “higher place of power” has sold their soul to the devil. There are no more good guys, period.

  • Ron J

    Sadly, I think Rebecca and the rest of her tea-bagging friends think that Hawaii isn’t part of the US.

    • Razor

      How can it be? The people there are BROWN for God’s sake, and they only use HALF the alphabet, and you can’t spell “Jesus is my Lord and Savior” with only HALF the alphabet!

  • liz

    Unfortunately that sorry sack of dog caca was already on… At least it’ll be someone more catching to the eye

  • Belgie

    Good luck getting people behind this one. Though you make some VERY fascinating points, you’re going to have to do more than bring up a few things that may be different than what we’ve already heard. What are trying to say here? What do you want us to think? It seems like you can’t really get behind a unique thought. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

  • W

    Both Obama and Oprah disgust me. Yay America. (sigh)

    • Mrs. Understanding

      don’t be so easily to be disgust. Clearly you need to be educate to what is real and what is fiction.

  • mama

    Another reason I will never watch OWN. The day Oprah became a political cheerleader, her credibility kind of fizzled. I was the biggest supporter before she went political. Glad she is almost done.

    • Cain

      She had Bush on a couple of times.

    • @mama

      Agreed. Just one more reason why I’m not setting my DVR for her last show. Oprah has done some wonderful things, but once she started with the political stuff I felt she over stepped her bounds.

    • Dianna

      News flash, she has always been political and she isn’t going anywhere–she owns her very own network.

  • mama

    She has had all Presidents on before. But not pushing for them before an election or while they were President running for a second term. She had them on after they were done.

  • Vardit

    Maybe she will surprise him by giving him a gift to Kenya – a one way ticket!

  • Vardit

    MKaybe she will surprise him by giving him a one way ticket to the moon!

    • johnc11

      One way ticket to Hell is even better!

  • George

    From the negative comments it show that America is still in the stone age. America is far behind in human relations.

    • k

      Americans should just close down the borders, pull our troops back, drill in Alaska, and worry about us for a change. It’s “human relations” that’s keeping our country down.

  • Michael

    Just no more of these Troop have it worse then your or the troop are fighting for our freedom crap

    You know Rome fell because they trun their back on their people and only care about their soliders look like american doing the same

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