ABC daytime chief on canceling soaps: 'I never thought I'd be the guy to take two of the shows off'


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ABC head of daytime programming Brian Frons told EW that he’s replacing All My Children and One Life to Live with The Chew and The Revolution because viewers crave information that can help improve their lives.

“We started with what was succeeding for us, and that is The View,” said Frons (pictured with AMC star Susan Lucci). ” We did a lot of research and there’s a lot of desire for information on the part of our audience. They want relatable hosts, things that they could use in their lives.  When they watch The Chew, it’s going to feel like a talk show in some segments, and like a cooking show in others. It’s like The View meets food.

“In the case of The Revolution, people are obsessed with weight in this country,” he continued. “They want a better life. This show delivers that.”

He also hopes both shows will delivers in the ratings and profits — something that became increasingly difficult with AMC and OTLT.  Both sudsers recently underwent cost-saving changes like changing production locales (AMC is now in the Los Angeles area, for example) but that wasn’t enough to keep them afloat. AMC averages 2.5 million and ranks No. 5 in women 18-49 among all soaps. OLTL averages 2.5 million and ranks No. 4 in the female demo.

“Viewership for the shows is in a decline,” he said. “We had trouble making profit on these shows, particularly on All My Children.”

Frons told the cast and crew of AMC personally before the announcement went out to the press some 15 minutes later. (The cast and crew of the New York-based OLTL was video linked at the same time). Unlike when CBS announced the demise of Guiding Light and As the World Turns, Frons said it was important to immediately reveal how the soaps will be replaced because “otherwise we will appear like we have no plan. It’s important for our affiliates. If we make the decision to take off two shows we value, then they need to know how we will replace them.”

The daytime executive admitted it wasn’t easy to make the cancellation call. “It’s very sad for me,” he said. “I came here because I wanted to work on the ABC soaps. I worked in CBS and NBC daytime and I always envied the quality and people who ABC had. I never imagined when I came in August of 2002 that I’d be the guy to take two of the shows off.”

Frons also was the guy to defend the company’s decision to shutter SOAPnet to make way for Disney Junior in January, 2012. At the time of the announcement last May, Frons told EW that while it was “sad news because it is a channel that’s been dedicated to soap fans, it’s not a dink on soap operas.” The beauty of SOAPnet was that it helped to keep the ailing genre viable; production companies that remain in the soap business were able to generate additional revenue by selling their reruns to the cable channel. 

Soap fans should take some comfort in knowing that General Hospital will not be affected by the changes and, in fact, should remain on ABC for a “long, long time,” Frons said.  It’s too early to say, however, whether the Los Angeles-based sudser will absorb some of the actors from AMC or OLTL.

The executive seems resigned to receiving a flurry of complaint emails and letters. “We didn’t expect anybody who has been a passionate viewer for a long period of time to be happy about this, and so we are hoping the head writers will be able to craft emotionally satisfying goodbyes. It’s not as good as having them continue. But we are having them turn the lights out the best we can.”

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  • jobobpeters

    good riddance, am i right people? what lazy oafs would waste their days watching tripe like these two shows instead of working or doing something productive?

    • Hiro Kitty

      Poor house fraus!!!! Whatever will they do with their 2 hours a day back?

      • Rose Caldas Young


      • I”MLIKE F YOU

        That’s a low life-form comment from a slug like you.

      • AcaseofGeo

        The complete reality is that the 2 new shows WILL NOT get any HIGHER ratings than the 2 soaps. But they will be much less costly to make and therefore turn a profit. Its ALL ABOUT MONEY. I understand the need for a profit, I just wish Fronz was more upfront about it. I don’t even watch these shows but I’m sad for their fans. Mine was “As The World Turns” so I know what you all are going through.

      • Wha’ever

        Frankly, AcaseofGeo, the argument “it’s all about money” doesn’t matter here because it’s not like soap operas have an artistic or cinematographic value or something so they are not produced for anything other than money. (BTW, I’m not saying every prime-time drama have an artistic value, but at least some of them try to provide some quality).

      • kath

        What is wrong with you people? Have you nothing VALUABLE to offer to this comment section?

      • soap fan 813

        do you think that only unemployed housewives watch soap? That showa how out of touch you are. For years (before soapnet & DVR), I recorded my soaps & watched them after work. They were a high point during a very dark time in my life. They are harmless fun entertainment. Don’t judge things you know nothing about.

      • susan M.

        Brian Frons should BE FIRED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!Has made a BIG MESS of daytime T V…………He make’s bad decisions…………It will cost him…THE CHEW ratings are 1.2 asof now……….He messed up daytime T. V. big time……He will lose alot of viewer’s for that one……SOAP FAN of OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ralph

      jobobpeters… sir are an ass. You could have a bit of compassion for people who are losing something they enjoy. Not all of us are “lazy oafs”…some of us enjoy watching these shows as an escape from stress, etc. I sincerely hope something that you enjoy is never ripped away from you after 40 + years!

      • jobobpeters

        hey ralph, if you have been watching these shows for 40+ years, then i really do feel bad for you. think about all that money or knowledge you could have gained. but instead you threw 40 years away on something that got cancelled! what a lazy oaf-like thing to do.

      • Jill

        not as lazy or oaf-like as trolling articles on websites and writing stupid things such as you do, jobobpeters….

      • Marleen

        jobobpeters… yes you are an ass!!! trolling websites and writing stupid things… yes you are an ass!!! I am educated and employed and have taped the soaps for 30 years to watch on the weekend. These are like chapter books. Each day another page. I will miss them and will not watch/tape the new shows.

      • ker

        Hey jobob! why do you even care are you going to waste your life on these two new shows? i carried a fulltime job and taped these shows when i had time to watch cause i was tired of “reality” tv at night, you are a jerk jo bob

      • Nancy Wizner

        Exactly WHAT are you doing here anyways? Don’t you have anything better to do? If you don’t like any of this — LEAVE!

      • Wha’ever

        @ker : if you are tired of reality TV, there are a lot of very good scripted television shows at night.

      • Karia

        Why do you people who do not support anything in your life but your own opinions get on here? Ive watched the shows for the 40 years and more. Not that they can’t be recorded. I have a clean house, worked full time, went back to college full time, took care of the lawn and the cars…now what I do for those two hours if just none of your business. Brian Frons is a damn idiot. No fan will watch those new shows…so maybe you can and come back and give your opinion on them. I hope your not a football fan because that means you watch TV for hours and its mindless BS. Get off your hinny and be man and go do the yard work or fix things on your rental property or if you own get busy. Dont talk about us that enjoy the shows or say a thing about being loyal to a show that long when Im sure your one of those sport idiots.

      • Victoria weir

        I agree just bcuz you are watching tv it does not mean
        Your lazy it just means that you found a mire of entertainment. That’s all tv is any way. Grow up just because you don’t understand something.

      • Dianna Zervos

        I agree with you. I have watched amc from day one. I was 17 then and will miss both amc and oltl. Yes I do have a full time job. I would rather watch these show than the crap they are replacing them with.How many more of these so call self help shows do we really need? I know one thing for sure I will not be watching them. Or any other new show abc puts on. I think I will turn to cbs or nbc. I will miss you guys on AMC and OLTL.

      • susan M.

        I agree with you…People really like watching the soaps….It is an escape…….It really bothers me what the big wigs are doing . Good-bye to daytime T. V. Which I won’t watch anymore as long as The Chew & Revolution are on!!!ABC pepare to lose alot og daytime viewers , including me!!!!!!!!

      • Not lazy, stupid, or unemployed

        Jobobpeter IS an ass. How dare he assume that just because you watch soaps that you must be unemployed, lazy, or unintelligent. People like that who are so quick to judge have serious failings of there own.

      • D

        to jobobpeters—your comment on how people watching soaps have no life—what kind of a life do you have that you have the time to comment on anything on line. sounds like you have no life to me, except to put other people down for the things they might enjoy. Unlike the other responder, I do hope you have something taken from you that you have enjoyed for a long period of time. By the way, I could not care less about any response you may have for me. Your opinion means nothing to anybody.

      • TT

        I, like most of you normal people have watched All My Children and One Life To Live since Erica was with her first husband, Jeff Martin, then Phil, etc. I am not a lazy person, work hard everyday. Soaps are a release, to involve yourself with someone else’s issues, just to forget my own, even for a little while. ABC has been making wrong entertainment choices for sometime. I can’t stand watching the evening shows, they are boring. The only time I watched ABC was for All My Children/One Life To Live. So as of today, September 23, 2011, my friends, family and myself will no longer be watching ABC.

      • Julia

        I really loved all the abc soaps and I really believe that
        Brian Frons made a really made a stupid desision with
        daytime t.v. Find somebody to fire the man!

      • Robyn

        I cannot stand what ABC (Disney) is doing to daytime TV…some of us as you say “No life Peeps” have worked hard and now have the benefit of staying home..and if I chose to watch a soap..doesnt mean I have no life..I started watching GH well I should say Listening at work on radio band TV…I do not know why ABC is so clueless to give us a self help show vs a soap…Hello.. In this day and age who is really watching daytime TV…Its us the Peeps who worked hard and was lucky enough to stay home to raise our children..we are your target audience so give us back our guilty pleasure quit trying to shove Katie Couric and self help shows down our throats..PS get rid of the fake over dramatic star manning that you have made me turn the channel on GH every time she comes on…or give her some major acting lessons…

    • Kadie Campbell

      @jobobpeters: Excuse you for making such assumptions. There are a number of ways to enjoy the tv production of said shows that in NO way interfere with a productive life. For example, my mother programs her tv/vcr to record these shows and she watches them each evening instead of the inane (sometimes) prime-time shows. I watch the shows on hulu in the evenings after a full work day, similar to my mother and many others. Shame on you. How might someone classify you as a lazy oaf and you might take offense? Perhaps during the time you take for yourself? Be careful.

      • jobobpeters

        sounds like your mother is a lazy oaf who has nothing better to do. i bet she is crying right now as i type this. i guess she will have to find other lazy oafish things to do now like sleep in late or eat waffles.

      • @jobobpeters

        Or insulting people you don’t know on message boards on entertainment websites, like you?

    • stu

      YAY…2 more down…4 more to go!!

      • arb

        Um 2 the morons saying lazy, non working, no life people watch soaps, do you realize the stupidity of your statements being that your waisting your pathetic lives online commenting on the subject?!? LMBO Ignorance is bliss for you people! You must all never watch any TV & must not even have a TV then because any show you watch would fall into how you categorize the people who watch these shows!What are you doing on a TV commenting page? Waisting your pathetic lives! Thx 4 the laugh! ABC is making a BIG mistake canceling 2 beloved shows! And making how many actors & crew jobless?! Good job ABC! I won’t watch the stupid new shows that are the same as everyother show they have, The View, Rachel Ray & The Doctors are the exact kind of shows as the new ones! Get a clue & come up with something original ABC!

      • Emily

        I don’t get why people like Jobob are spending so much time degrading soaps and their fans. Are you a lazy oaf with nothing better to do than sit on your rump and criticize things you know nothing about? Sounds like you’re taking your aggression you have for yourself for being a lazy oaf and something else because you can’t face facts. Lazy oaf, get a life that doesn’t involve criticizing people for watching something you don’t like. I don’t like sports, but I don’t go around telling everyone they’re idiots for liking them. We all have our likes and dislikes, same as you.

    • sandy

      I have watched the abc soaps since they first came on tv. Todays news was like a stab in the heart. I was not a lazy oaf, I worked every day, the soaps was a way to relax before starting supper for my family. I too will not be watching abc afternoons anymore.We don’t need more food shows. All soap fans should black out abc in the afternoons,maybe they will change there minds. Even fans of other soaps should take heed it may be your favorite show next.

      • jobobpeters

        you were not a lazy oaf, but you sure sound like one now. all this crying and hub bub about a soap opera. yeesh, the lazy oafs are taking over this country…

      • jobobpetersisadouche

        yeesh, the rude morons who have nothing better to do but troll websites and make rude comments are taking over the internet…

      • zeezee

        Know you all know the pain and sadness and loss I felt after they cancelled As The World Turns for that cheap, rehashed drivel they call The Talk on CBS. UGH. Watched ATWT since I was 10 and never thought I would have to say goodbye. I cried FOUL but no one seems to hear or listen – but only to themselves.

      • Lori

        Arb, you said it the best!!!! People like Jobobbobob are showing ignorance when they post comments like this.

      • Dan

        It is time to say goodbye to “The Chew” or find Brian Frons a janitor’s job! I hate to break it to you, but the folks who watch AMC pay your salary, we might be willing to watch the show if you can advise your affiliatss to consider making it a morming show!

        I have many other places other than ABC to watch cooking shows as well as the daytime dramas, However, few inspired me as much as as much as AMC, good luck finding others to watch a show with so litte imagination that it rhymes with “The View!”

      • Tina

        I agree with everyone who has been watching the shows since they first aired. All we get is people that can’t speak proper language like what up, or your baby daddy? Why don’t they cancel some of these shows instead? I know for sure I will have several free hours in the day when the 2 Abc soaps are off the air! They should still be able to run they on “soap net” and allow people to pay for the viewings. I would, it is like a football game, hockey, it is something some people enjoy watching. We get enough garbage shoved down our throat!

      • Robyn

        For the ignorant people who are complaining about us Soap watchers…hmm let me guess your watching Jersey Shore.. and to ABC I think the cancellation of The Revolution says it all……….Disney ABC is another example of pure GREED…and if they were going to cancel the 2 ABC soaps..(something had to be known)why the hell did they move all cast and crew from NY to California..and than put them out of jobs…18 months after they relocated..Just what California needs more unemployed peeps

    • lightysgirl

      It’s called MULTI-TASKING, using VCR’s then DVR’s and still growing up getting a college and master’s degree, raising children and working full-time; and then being preparing to retire to watch them with only to find that will not be the case.

      • sdm

        Yep, that’s how I did/do it, but I guess when they are counting the numbers they dont take that into account.

    • laura

      you sir are an ASS

      • jobobpeters

        laura, if you don’t have anything constructive to say, please just be quiet and go back to the lazy oaf shows that still exist for you like general hospital

    • Rose Caldas Young


      • jobobpeters

        Rose, obviously your little oaf brain has been undone by this horrific tragedy you could only imagine in your worst nightmares. do not fret little oaf, for this is all but a dream, when you wake up, you will still have your two precious soap operas…JUST KIDDING, YOU ARE A LAZY OAF WHO JUST LOST HER FAVORITE TWO SHOWS HAHAHHAHAHA

      • jobobpetersisadouche


      • MissMel

        @jobobpeters:For the love of Christ, sir! If you have nothing better to do then insult people you don’t know online, can you at least learn to form a proper sentence? Your comments run on so much it hurts my brain to read them.

      • jobobpeters

        @MissMel, you are an idiot. Please go back to elementary school and learn the difference between “then” and “than.”

      • Dawn P

        jobobpeters why do you feel the need to be so rude and think you are better than others. If you don’t like the shows, don’t watch them, but don’t talk down to those that do. You must have very little self esteem if you feel the need to be so rude to others. You are a very sad person with no life.

      • Sharon G

        But it’s the BEST 2 HOURS of the day! They are my family after FORTY (40) YEARS! Jobobpeters, how do you know? Are YOU a lazy oaf who is home all day watching AMC, OLTL and GH??? It’s the pot calling the kettle black. Just shut up!

      • susan M.

        The Chew is having low ratings already… It should be put on the chopping block…….. Time to cancel thi ridiculous show!!! Haven’t watched it yet… and never will! OLTL should remain on ABC… I watch it everyday !!! Look forward to watching my favorite actor’s & actresses.. B. Frons does he have a heart?? Does even care what the viewers want to watch that is our daytime soaps on abc..Not THE CHEW or REVOLUTION…He should take a poll and see what the viewers want not he want’s.. that’s a good idea…He should do this and he will find out THE VIEWERS want AMC & especially OLTL!!!

    • Brenda Barrett

      Eff you, Frons. I hate this incompetent hack. These shows were canceled because they weren’t making enough money for Disney. Period. And why weren’t they profitable? In part because Frons meddled and changed them, rewriting the soaps’ histories and firing beloved fan favorites. Those changes eroded the core viewership. I myself quit watching AMC and GH when he ruined them, but fortunately he gave less attention to OLTL and it managed to remain a quality show. Also, this marketing “genius” obviously didn’t have the smarts to figure out how to expand viewership. All this hack knows how to do is produce low-cost reality dreck.

      • Seriously

        Yep, not even James Franco or fan favorite Brenda can bring up gh ratings… That’s how bad it is. He doesn’t get it! Lol

      • True

        Agree completely. He messed around with AMC until it became almost unrecognizable. It seemed like he was purposely trying to ruin the show.

      • Tess

        Don’t you get it?! He’s been looking to do away with these shows for a long time, hence why he did everything he could to diminish the quality of the shows and drive viewers away. Then after he did all his meddling he could show the numbers to all the ABC head honchos and say “see, they’re not making any money and they cost us too much and people aren’t watching them anymore” and they’d fall for his plan to get rid of them to bring in a bunch of crap talk shows. Where was he getting his research from anyway? And who exactly is still watching that cackling crapfest known as the View that it’s now the barrometer of quality daytime programming for ABC (after all these years)? I am so disgusted by this decision. I hope the new shows are utter failures.

      • mm

        I for one hate the view. I also stopped watching the shows when he started meddling in them. I for one will not watch whatever he puts on I would rather watch kids shows on PBS then his crap. I also hope the new shows fail and then maybe he will be fired.

      • Problem Is

        Yeah he basically doesn’t want to pay actors/writers/directors and just wants to peddle some cheap easy reality junk. But there is so much of that now that as cheap as it is he just might end up getting burned and not being the financial genius he thinks he is, we’ll see.

      • Felecia

        you are so right and all we need is another doctor’s daughter (DR. Oz) ABC keeping it in the family huh ?telling us how to lose weight and a show cll the chew talking about what to eat …maybe your wife cook Mr. Fron but I don’t and I don’t want to watch another episode of the foodnet work with a fat person cooking food (mario Batalli) slobering over tv well this retiree will just shut the dang tv off if soaps are cancelled and then let’s see your bottom line then

      • halo123

        What killed these soaps are
        If Frons had fired the head writers and hired new ones, I doubt these shows would have been cancelled.
        ABC had better make plans for what happens when the new shows under perform in the same time slot. He will have to answer to the brass for lost advertising revenue AND lost viewers.

      • Charissa

        I agree with the rest of you that think it is all BS, this man needs to go, first they get rid of Stuart Damon on GH, and now I hear they got rid of Nicholas on GH

      • Tina

        OLTL IS THE BEST SHOW ON OUT OF THE 3. Then I would say a tie with GH & AMC. OLTL NEEDS TO BE SAVED!!

      • susan M.

        Yes OLTL is a Quality show!!!!!!!! That’s why it should remain on ABC…They should take a poll & see what the viewers want… Too many cooking shows on already…We don’t need THE CHEW or REVOLUTION ( another tallk show ). Both are GARBAGE & rating will be very low.. Soap Fan

    • mg

      medical staff and students love to watch those shows. and people record them and watch later. why do we need more talk or reality shows?

      • SAM56

        I agree with you, after working all day fighting the traffic to get home from work, it is was good to have these shows to unwind. I hope ABC will regreat the day they cancelled these programs. I will not DVR the new shows. I have enought of those kinds of programs in the evening to watch.

      • Sharon G

        I agree. OLTL is my favorite. Then AMC. As for GH, I used to love that show but I am soooo sick of Stupid Spinelli. They get on a sl and just will not let go for YEARS!!! I cannot stand Spinelli and I cannot stand FRANCO and I’m almost ready to give this once-interesting & exciting soap up! Here’s an idea…bring OLTL in at 3pm & let GH go! And why not put AMC on sometime in the morning. GMA takes 3 or 4 hours doesn’t it? Who needs that much of GMA????

    • J

      Rot in helljobobpeters – you sound like white trash anyway

      • Bongo

        LOL, douchebagjobobpeters watches that God awful “WIPE OUT” show. Loser. I bet you’re fat, too.

    • Samantha

      Wow, what a jerk to come on here and spend so much time insulting people whom you don’t even know. Maybe YOU should consider doing something more productive with YOUR time. This isn’t just about the soap operas themselves, but the many, many people who will now be out of jobs.

      Before you attempt to insult me – I am college-educated with a masters degree, so I am no lazy oaf. In fact, I find that 90% of tv shows on these days are crap. But I can respect that they give people jobs in a time when the unemployment rate is so high.

      I have sympathy for fans who have lost their beloved shows, but I have no sympathy for you who apparently has so little of a life that you must repeatedly comment about shows you degrade and insult. And you call soap fans pathetic!

      • Lori

        He probably eats cheese puffs all day in his basement at the computer desk.

    • Ekim

      You are very rude! And who are you to judge people that watch our show? As I am an actress getting ready to lose my job! Don’t you EVER call my fans LAZY!

      • Ekim

        This comment was intended for The rude “jobobpeters”! Sad!

      • peggy

        Ekim I don’t know which show you are on but know that there are millions of LOYAL viewers behind you. People like this “Gobstopper” on here don’t have a frickin clue about how many people this affect. For that matter, neither dies Brian. Frons. I will NOT watch ABC anymore.

      • Charissa

        Ekim you are correct, you are about to lose your job and I feel for you, there has to be a way to stop this, you had contracts, and I am so sure they offered all of you a reasonable amount to break contract? I say you fight it, tell that idiot you have a legal and binding contract and the amount of money that they are offering is not enough then get ABC for breach of such contract, did other shows offer you yet?

    • Evan Quinones

      I like the fact that you actually took the time to read (or at least skim) the article. Then take even more time to write about it. Which shows you care. Because you took 5 minutes out of your time to write about something that you supposedly don’t care about.

    • Jill

      shaddup, troll.

      • Mustafa

        Exactly right! Frons ruined the qutaily of the shows, that’s why viewership for ABC soaps declined. Rather than take the blame for doing a terrible job, he blamed it on the genre, saying people don’t want to watch soaps anymore. No, they don’t want to watch the crap that you turned them into. And somehow the higher ups at ABC were dumb enough to buy it. If these people are so smart about numbers, they would look at the 5 million on CBS, look at the decline on ABC, and they should have realized that the qutaily suffered under Frons’ incompetence.That’s why the numbers went down.Frons must have had compromising pictures of someone and that person must have just died.

      • Sanae

        DVR and On Demand are precisely why soap opears / scripted programming are viable. I have to wonder how much DVR viewing was taken into account as well as how much additional viewing on SOAPnet was counted in overall numbers.They are looking to develop programming for network daytime that is the same as what is available on every other cable channel out there. That isn’t the fault of the public, that is just short term thinking on the network side.Now, if only Anne Sweeney could follow Frons out the door.

    • Angel

      Way to go dude. Does belittling people make you feel better? Are soaps really less trivial than sports of any other form of entertainment? They’re MADE for some easy entertainment, where you can miss a few days or scenes when needed and pick up where you left off. I don’t who can choose what is meaningful and what isn’t but you don’t sound qualified

      • jobobpeters

        At least I’m not a mouth-breathing soap watcher. I live in my parents’ basement playing Dungeons and Dragons… a REAL productive hobby!

      • Charissa

        You call that productive? Idiot! Wow, still living at home with your parents, Nice one. Do they cook and clean for you also?

    • Whatanidiot

      Yeah, ABC is “taking a stand” against the “tripe” all right. Has nothing to do with the RATINGS or anything.

      Yeah, soaps and their sub-2.0 ratings are the problem and dumbing down America. With their small fan base consisting mostly of middle aged and older people who have no power in this country anymore. Yeah, THIS is the problem all right.

      It’s definitely NOT the stupid, imbecilic douches like jobobpeters himself, walking around texting people when he’s not texting in his comments on Youtube videos, who are ruining the world.

      Thank Gawd they get rid of this garbage so they can put on more talk shows and reality shows. Those are for da smart peoplez. American Idol iz da best show on TV, yo.

      Let’z make da world a betta place and keep texting and watching Youtube videos and browsing facebook and tweeting. Stop wasting your time wif da soaps u moronz!

      • jobobpeters

        hahahahha you are so dumb

      • Charissa

        I sure hope you are being sarcastic here, by the way smart peoplez? Not smart if you look at all the misspelling in your comment

      • Donna Lewis

        maybe they could air some shows that teach people how to spell and use the english language !

      • Sharon G

        Dungeons & Dragons…REALLY! Now that’s a really smart way to spend your time. And, down in mommie’s basement? Sounds PSYCHO to me!

    • Kan

      @ jobobpeters…But yet you sit here commenting MULTIPLE times about an article that you supposedly don’t care about…taking time out of your “productive” day to make fun of people & try to make your life worth living. Now that is a waste of time, you “lazy oaf.” Go F yourself.

      • Kim

        to everyone responding to jobobpeters he isnt worth it he is probably a piece of sh*t look at all the time hs is wasting on something he thinks lazy oafs care about I bet he spend alot of time INSIDE his locker in High School…….geek alert Whats the matter did the pretty girl who ignored you in High School watch soaps LOSER do you know what a DVR is used for???

    • Kan

      @ jobobpeters – Because being an internet bully is so productive. You, sir, are a troll. Hide behind your computer, troll, with your worthless life.

    • April C

      I dunno, maybe the lazy oafs that lay around and watch four-hour football games?

    • jp

      ever heard of a dvr you idiot?

    • Ms. Dipesto

      STFU loser. I DVR All My Children every day and work a 40 hour week. I’ve been watching it for years and this is heartbreaking news. What do you do beside living your life as a total douche nozzle?

      • jobobpeters

        it’s okay ms dipesto. you can cry on jobob’s shoulder. but go make some dinner first.

      • Shaddam

        You really need to read more than one suorce, Miffy. There are several articles out there which show that one of the side effects of AMC being taken off the air is that viewers who would normally leave their TV on in the hours leading up to AMC now either leave them off and change the channel. ABC is losing money in the hour leading up to The Chew and they are trying to include the uptick just before One Life To Live comes on the air as part of the ratings for The Chew. And it hasn’t been a win for ABC. Haven’t you read about the number of sponsors that have pulled ALL their advertising from ABC and sold it to other networks as a result of the backlash??PS since you took a previous post to insult me, I thought I’d let you know that I never watched AMC. I watch OLTL because I have a friend who was on the show, so it was a personal vested interest to me. The way this situation was handled starting with AMC and the OLTL was horrible and crassly manipulative. That is what has the fans even more up in arms when people like you belittle us and think that we are somehow not intelligent because of the form of entertainment we enjoy. Insulting us does not add to your argument it only shows that we have reason to fight back.

    • Pam I

      Excuse me, but when does watching one or two TV shows, whenever they are on, make a person a lazy oaf? You might not like soap operas,but that doesn’t mean that people who do are lazy or anything else. We all have different tastes in what we like to watch. I hate criminal shows, but I would never insult people who do because that is their choice. Different from mine, but not bad. Live and let live, and don’t judge others based on what they like to watch on TV.

      • Niki_T00

        Wow…Really People…You are all spending more time responding to someone that is obviously a troll…and a douche, We have all established that, instead of talking about the actual issue…the cancellation of 2 Shows, most of Us have watched for Years…All You do by responding to him, is keep him going…forget him and talk about whats important

    • maggie

      you obviously have nothing to do all day since you spend so much time insulting people on websites. Why don’t you do something more productive?

      • Charissa

        Starting to wonder if this person we are arguing with works for that boob Frons or maybe it is him, if so you suck major!

    • JR

      You are 100% wrong and an idiot.

    • Problem Is

      The problem is do you actually think the reality tripe he is replacing them with is going to be something productive? And TV is mostly about what to do when you are tired of being productive.

      The real reason he canned them is because he is too cheap to pay writers/actors and wants some low production cost reality shows even though they will almost certainly get noticeably fewer viewers than what he is replacing. At least he could be a man and just be honest about it. Reality TV is cheap to produce.

    • AsaBuchanan’s#1 fan!

      There seems to be a misconception about soap viewers being lazy, overweight people. Wrong! A lot of people dvr it! Like any genre, there are different types people watching all kinds of shows. To stereotype us loyal soap fans is wrong. And F-You Frons! You suck!

    • Angel

      For those of you soap haters… first of all- why are you waisting your time and effort on this issue. Most of us soap watchers TIVO our “stories” and watch them later. We are not all lazy! We work hard and enjoy watching these shows that we have watched with our Grandmothers and Mothers! You have No right to speak on this matter! For all I know you are a lazy a**hole with too much time on your hands to talk about something you don’t even watch!

    • Kathy

      So your saying stay at home mothers or in some cases fathers are lazy and should not sit down to watch an afternoon tv show? The women in your life must love you.

      • Lori

        There is no women in his life no women would be with a loser like that, he insults people online because that is the only way anyone would talk to an ass like him!

    • Kip

      Lazy Oafs? I’ll have you know I watch AMC and OLTL on DVR while I jog on my treadmill @ 3.5 MPH on a 5.0 incline 30 minuntes twice a day. You don’t have a clue.

    • Shelisha

      Lazy oafs!You should really avoid hasty generalizations. I work every day from 9 – 5 and I watch soaps during my down time just like other people watch a variety of shows for enertainment purposes.

    • Jill

      I do work. I work all day in an elementary school; I am also a single mother who enjoys unwinding after I get my daughter to bed by turning on my DVR and watching the soaps I have watched since I was very young. I am not lazy and I do not appreciate being called such. You should not pass judgement on what other people choose to watch. You are free to dislike soaps but do not judge me for having a different opinion of them. I love my soaps and this is devastating to me!

    • rileyjo

      You are a simpleton. Think about the hundreds of people who are now jobless, from the actors, to all the behind the scenes people. Frons is a liar and a hypocrite

    • Michelle

      Hey, idiot, we do work!!!! Ever hear of DVR???

    • Lori

      What a ignorant comment just because these shows aren’t your thing doesn’t mean the ones that love the shows are lazy oafs . Turn the channel moron if you don’t want to watch them and leave these shows to those that do!

    • Lori

      No you are wrong dumbass!

    • teresa

      Your a ass. I work every day have 4 children & a husband.Change the channel if you don’t want to watch !!!!!

    • Ross

      what about those seniors in nursing homes who watch AMC & OLTL are they lazy oaffs? Alot of these seniors live to watch there stories!

    • Charissa

      Oh like watching food for an hour is going to be a healthy thing, or watching stick people fit into fashion we will never will. Also you are basing the ratings on women from 18-49, seriously? What about the women that kept the soaps on for all these years, women from 50 up? Bone heads! I am playing Trump right now, Frons, YOU’RE FIRED!

    • A Wright

      Are you stupid jobobpeters??
      I work 40 plus hours a week, exercise,go play with my grandchildren and still can dvr and veiw my soaps later,How dare you jobobpeters you do not have a brain! Taking away Icons for Crap Reality TV Grow up and Shut UP!

    • kara

      first of all i have a full time job and this is just a getaway u freak!!!! u apparently have nothing but the internet so where is ur f:ing job ????? kiss my ASS

    • Christina

      some people cannot work therefore it is not laziness they are subjective to if they stay home to watch these soaps.
      It’s going to be a shame to not be able to watch OLTL anymore. The cast will be missed

      • Box

        The locals who live in the Puget Sound know never to trust the weeahtr man. It’s not his fault, the weeahtr’s just hard to predict in this neck of the woods. The forecast can be 100% chance of rain, however it rarely lasts all day and there are periods of clearing.

    • Christina

      I hate idiots like Diremommy who say things like those lazy moms who watch soaps all day. I’m sorry do you not watch tv after work idiot? I am HOME during the day, & I DVR the soaps anyways, so that i can clean my house, take care of kids, and keep to my schedule all day. at night… after kids go to bed, and house is done, I turn on my soaps. around 10 p.m. does that make me lazy or you stupid? thats a no brainer

      • Manu

        Homer Jay – DVR Recordings and On Demand service are all ceutnod in the ratings. That’s why OLTL’s ratings have actually GONE UP by 1 million viewers this year – it’s gotten so much better that people have been watching it online and via their DVR and those viewings are ceutnod in the ratings. Its increase over the past year also shows what a ridiculous decision it was on the part of Brian Frons. He has always had a hatred for the genre that had nothing to do with ratings or dollars made for ad revenues. He just reviled the genre and wanted to eliminate it from television.His decision also had one more destructive element that has been talked about at websites such as this – the ratings for the shows BEFORE “The Chew” have dropped significantly. So much so that many local affiliates are dropping ABC’s line-up prior to The Chew for their own local programming. People who used to keep their TV on before AMC started were now turning it off because AMC is no longer on. This has led to a significant reduction in the national ratings for the hours leading up to OLTL and that means MUCH less revenue for ABC. If you don’t think that didn’t figure into ABC’s decision to let him go (and believe me, they are letting him look good because they don’t want to admit that he screwed up), then you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Flaviana

        sucks that I can’t watch those movies since I live in Germany Did Cindy today. 13 Rounds. Had not pull-up bar.. so subebd with bar rows feet elevated above hands. .. Right now I’m working on my shoulder mobility, OHS, and speed through the middle

    • ELLA


      • NANCY

        Ella I too find myself disabled after many years of hard work and raising children. These shows to forget for awhile that I can no longer do the things I once loved to do. As for jobobpeters, his mom should kick his ass for playing games in her basement instead of getting an education or even a job. Then he could be a productive citizen of this country. Instead of being a rude mooch!

    • Newelette Stevenson

      Probally learn how to type correctly!

    • penny majewski

      excuse me who ever u are but alot of us retired people love these two soaps u r ignorant for thinking only lazy people watch them

    • Rob

      So who will be watching this other dribble they are substituting the shows with? No matter if its soaps or more talk shows (like these people can’t pick up a paper or visit a website and read, or even for that matter watch the world or local news broadcasts), people tend to be home at varying times of the day and night. Night shift, morning shift, bankers hours, teachers hours. There are people who DVR primetime shows and watch them in the a.m. while processing financial data sheets because they’re still at the office when these shows are originally broadcasting. Point being that you don’t have to be an unproductive lazy oaf or haus frau to watch TV. Bet many of you who couldn’t wait to try to put soap viewers in their place have televisions much bigger than necessary, considering tv-watching is mindless according to all of you.

      • Terri

        I have also watched these shows since day one and I also recorded them before I got laid off. The shows Fons says that will replace our beloved soaps will help us???? That’s the biggest joke I have ever heard. What will help us is to keep or bring back our daytime soaps. I would like to know where they get their numbers from too!!! They certainly are not going into every household in America to get their ratings if they were they did our shows would have much higher ratings. What about the people who still record?? I have not liked GH for a very long time the story line has lost my interest and OLTL has a much better story to tell and so did AMC. ABC is not helping their ratings by killing off our soaps. If anything it will hurt them and I know that I am not the only person who changes the channel when the idiot show the Chew comes on. Nothing will rate any higher than our soaps did. We need them and want them back in our lives. I no longer watch ABC except for my local news and I am sure I am not the only one. ABC will fail miserably if they do not bring back our soaps!!!!! ABC Soap Fans Stand United!!!!!!

    • Rob

      So who will be watching this other dribble they are substituting the shows with? No matter if its soaps or more talk shows, people are home at varying times of the day and night. Night shift, morning shift, bankers hours, teachers hours. There are people who DVR primetime shows and watch them in the a.m. while processing financial data sheets because they’re still at the office when these shows are originally broadcasting. Point being that you don’t have to be an unproductive lazy oaf or haus frau to watch TV. Bet many of you who couldn’t wait to try to put soap viewers in their place have televisions much bigger than necessary, considering tv-watching is mindless according to all of you.

    • Jean

      Soap fans are not lazy people!! We work hard……maybe jobobpeters lays around watching sports all day….CANCEL SPORTS!!

    • kelly ryan

      Who are YOU? Crazy

    • Kris

      up yours crack head.
      If we are lazy then you are too for spending all of your time posting comments.

    • dionne

      You sound ridiculous!!! and very bitter! I work and record the soaps so that I can watch them. Just because u may not watch them don’t insult other people that do!

    • dionne

      anyone that has something negative to say, about the soaps should kick rock! This shows have been on longer than all of these dumb cop shows, now what

    • Elette Rapovich

      Apparently the same “oaf type” category that you fall into Jack off or whatever you want to call yourself today. Your hand getting a little tired yet?

    • Janice Marie

      For your information I work fulltime as a Teachers Assistent for special ed children. I am also a wife and have two boys, ages 9 and 12. I have a family, job and a house to take care of I don’t have time to be a lazy oaf. However,I do enjoy my two soaps,which I DVR everyday. After my children go to bed is when I watch them and I fast forward all the comericals. So don’t assume just because someone watches soaps they are lazy and don’t work. For your information being a stay at home mom is also work. Some of my friends are stay at home moms and I was one too about 10 yrs ago.

    • Clancy

      jobobpeters: You’re really funny. You might want to think about writing one liners for comedy central. LOL, LOL!!!!

    • TresStars

      Some people dvr these shows while they’re at work and watch in the evening. Imagine that an alternative to your one track mind. Go figure.

    • NANCY


    • mary

      Jobob you r out of touch with reality if you think we soap fans are lazy or not working. I work 10hr days plus raise a family, clean house cook dinner go to the gym 5 days a week and OH YEAH, DVR my SOAPS! that is MY DOWNTIME after everyone else I care for is asleep! Keep your Lost, or Dancing w/the Start and Especially that singing show where even the judges can’t stand it long enough to get a paycheck! You need a job if you have enough time to post ugly comments to hardworking people, I am very sure you are one of those people on government assistant, modified loans, and brick cheese!

    • barbara

      I can not believe 2 popular soaps have been yanked out the air!!To know GH has not been affected is no comfort!!!I am not a lazy person I work for a living.There are enough cooking and informatonal shows on cable.leave the games shows and soaps to the local networks!!!!!!!

    • me

      jobobpeters, you have anger issues. And a huge problem with life!!! Soaps to close to home for you? LOL A little fantasy in life isn’t so bad. Lowest common denominators… LOL No one said you had to watch them, I’m thinking you do and things don’t come out the way you like them so you have no other life other than to demise others for what they enjoy. LOL You, yourself is what a, Quote, unquote “lowest common denominator” truly is. LOL

    • latasha hollind

      Personally i really dont care what this sad person name jobob has to say im one of oltl biggest fans and im sad that they r ending my show i will not be watching this new show that they r replacing oltl with abc just lost one of there daytime watcher i guess i will be watching wgn maury here i come i will miss oltl luv u guys i hope i will beable to see u all soon

  • diremommy

    how is watching soaps any different than watching ANY show on tv? how is it any more of a waste of time than prime time, sports shows, reality dreck, etc?

    • jobobpeters

      because these shows cater to the lowest common denominators, the lazy oafs and the “dire mommies.” they are a plague on mankind and i, for one, am glad that abc has finally taken a stand against these horrendous atrocities. hopefully the other networks will follow suit.

      • MeinTN

        People…just ignore little jobob. Just trying to get a rise out of everyone. Don’t respond to anything he says. We all know he’s an idiot.

      • Mary

        You are a dumb a**!!!!!!! People can dvr soaps!!!!!! You are probably the lazy fing loser!!!!!!

      • ginger

        Joblowbob, or whatever, I hope YOUR dire mommie is proud of what a jerk her lowest common denominator has become. Getting all of this attention on the board is probably the happiest day of your life.

      • Lucy

        you are an a$$!!

      • Ms. Dipesto

        You should have been a stain on the sheets instead.

      • jean

        You are so rude. I’ve only met one other person as ignorant as you in my lifetime and he is married to my step daughter. You need help to think disrespecting people makes you a big person.

      • ker

        you are being ridiculous, you obviously are an oaf yourself if you have this much time to comment on the internet!

      • halo123

        I get the feeling that obobpeters didn’t get enough hugs from his “lazy oaf” mommy when he was child.
        That and he really needs to get off his “lazy oaf” butt and learn about GRAMMAR and run-on sentences. More of a plague than “dire mommies”
        Oh and obobpeters Do you have a problem with MTV’s “Teen Mom”?

      • kelly ryan

        Your name says it all probably….Job(less)

      • Elette Rapovich

        As I have stated numerous times jack off you really are good at showing off your ignorance and I am having fun putting you down for the count. You have become my retirement project.Think you ‘ll ever earn a retirment or will you just get carpal tunnel syndrome.Bye bye jack off or as you prefer to call yourself jobopeter meaning “peter-what”-petering away maybe?

  • P Lindley

    I WILL BOYCOTT ALL SHOWS ON ABC IN THOSE TIME SLOTS…after watching faithfully for 35 years..dvring and taping while working…I will not watch some dumb cooking show I can get on the food network…and by the way I stopped watching the View 3 years ago when Joy Behar became such a witch!!

    • D MEYER

      I will boycott ABC daytime for sure. I quit watching “The View” after Rosie started and Joy is such a biotch. Elizabeth and Sharie are the only decent ones on the show. The View is totally slanted to the left and they never let Elizabeth say her views which lean to the right. So they should rename it “The Liberal View”. I come home for lunch and watch AMC and have done so for over 25 years and have now been watching OLTC too. I love both shows and have my own at-home business that allows me to take 2 hrs from work and destress while watching these shows. They are much better than Reality TV.

      • Mary

        Wy do you think you can compete with the Food Channel and who wants another show about weight loss or health. The news is so horrible now it is good to watch something unreal. I love All MY Children and One Life to Live. I record them every day and watch them in the evening. Take off trash like the View( a bunch of women all talking at once and arguing) The Bachelor (stupid), Wipeout (really stupid) I have watched ABC for many years but it is going down the hill fast. I will watch General Hospital until you take it off. I guess I will have to watch old movies. I certainly don’t want to watch your cooking show or medical show


    • TinLV

      I will boycott all ABC shows period ! No ABC, No ABC Family, No Espn( and I’m a big sports fan), No Disney products or media of any kind. If ABC cares so little for an audience that has invested 40 years in their product, then why should I be interested in any of their other product ?

      • jobobpeters

        wow, if you invested 40 years in this product, i am shocked and appalled at the life you must lead. in 40 years, making only $5 per hour, you could have raked in over $100,000 in the time you wasted watching these two shows every day. now if you would have spent such time pursuing an education, obtaining a graduate degree and obtaining a better job, you could have made in the millions! way to go, lazy oaf!

      • jobobpetersisadouche

        to quote Blanche Deveruex: “Eat trash and die”, jonbobpeters

    • Terri

      I completely agree, P Lindley and D Meyer. I also quit watching The View when Bahar came on. I am so tired of the same old cooking, reality, talk shows. These have come and gone over the past 30 years, but what has remained steady: soaps! That is until Frons made drastic changes. I doubt seriously if he has been a loyal, longtime watcher. Whatever show a person likes – if it’s a part of their lives for 25 years it’s a great loss when it’s gone.

      • maggie

        I agree with you that cancelling AMC & OLTL is a great loss. However, I will point out that you couldn’t have stopped watching The View when Behar came on, as she’s been on The View since it began.

  • mickey

    If anyone at ABC Daytime thinks that fans who have invested years into watching a show daily are just going to watch Mario Batali and Tim Gunn toss food and “make it work” around, they are sadly mistaken.

  • Misspriss_1

    I will not be watching the Chew, ( what a stupid name )
    or anything else that idiot thinks that I want to see on ABC during the weekday!!
    Brian Frons, your name will live in infamy, YOU IDIOT!! YOU KILLED THE SOAP OPERA!!

    • dee dee1

      I agree. A food and weight show. I’m so glad so many people are interested in helping live less stressful lives while jobs continue to be cut, gas prices go up, no money for our schools, our military people still stuck in a war, and you ABC want to tell us how to better our lives, good luck! What a stupid move.

  • pb

    i think it is aweful!!!!!!!!!i cant blieve both soaps are cancelled-i really enjoy both of them. maybe another network will pick them up? sure hope so!!!!!!!!! soooo sad to see them go! AND to be replced by yet more talk shows-which we def DON’T NEED!!!

    • stu

      we need more court shows!!!

  • Rochelle Brummer

    I have watched All My Children since I was 13….I am not nearly 51. It is a daily habit and talked about with other family members. I will not be viewing ABC daytime shows ever again. Replaced with food conversation? I don’t think so. I hope the ratings drop for your network.

    • jobobpeters

      Rochelle, I am sorry. I truly am. I am sorry that you lead such a pathetic and lazy oafish life!

      • AJ

        Hey jobobpeters, you seem to like to say the word “oaf” a lot. Are you obsessed with oafs? Do oafs make you hard and wet? Because you sure like that word and if that’s what turns your crank, I’ve got the perfect thing for you. OAF OFF, @$$hole!

      • SueMcCabe

        Ur the one who’s pathetic. Why are you on this site if you don’t like the shows? Maybe you should find a site for people that just like to hurt other peoples feelings…I’m thinking of a word….Bully that’s it! Pick on someone else! Meaning get a life jerk!!!!

  • Pam

    Soaps are not just for lazy oafs. They are a fun escape from the daily grind. I work all day and DVR the episodes to watch in my leisure. Yes, leisure time “after” I have been productive all day. Get off your soap-box

    • jobobpeters

      And get off your lazy oaf box Pam! There is no excuse for watching this tripe. It is only fit for lazy oafs and troglodytes.

      • Brenda Barrett

        Hey troll, don’t you have a billy goat you should be chasing? (I doubt you’ll get this reference, as you’ve probably never read a book.)

  • C. Bisgard

    You should soon be able to cancel abc altogether. The cable networks provide enough food, talk, news shows, etc. So far they don’t seem to have either tried or been successful on daytime soaps.

  • Mary Larson

    I have watched “All My Children” for the past 20 years. They have become part of my family. I look forward every day to see who is doing what. When I am not home I even tape the show to watch later.
    If it wasn’t for “Dancing With The Stars” program I would never watch ABC again!

    • stu

      we need more court shows!!!!!!!!

    • Susan Mason

      I agree with you Mary. I do not want to watch a stupid cooking show and I am old enough to know what to wear. I love DWTS but will watch NO MORE when they take my soaps off the air!!!

    • Sharon G

      Right on, Mary! I started with AMC in April, 1970, when I was home from WORK on maternity leave! Once back to WORK (stress WORK for Jobob), I came home for lunch everyday to watch. I caught only 15 mins of a 30 min show! Then came VCRs, then the best ever, DVRs! Add SoapNet and you NEVER had to miss a show! After OLTL leaves in Jan, the only ABC shows I’lll watch are GH (unless they keep on with this Spinelli nonsense) and DWTS and, maybe, The Bachelor/Bachelorette (depending). Guess I will now tune into Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless. Of course, Lifetime has great movies and I can always go to the pool, read a good book on my e-reader, go shopping! I will so miss AMC and OLTL. I hope ABC chokes on The Chew and their other stupid reality show. You have literally ruined my retirement (from 49 YEARS OF WORK!) Jo-bob-peter or whatever your stupid name is, how many years of work have YOU put in and exactly WHAT do you have to show for it? Sounds to me like mommy and daddy are STILL taking care of you!!!!

  • C Sellers

    I am with you P. Lindley I WILL BOYCOTT ALL SHOWS ON ABC IN THOSE TIME SLOTS. I watch most of the shows on ABC but that may change also. I know there are good shows on other channels but I grow up watching shows on ABC. I guess this is a good time to find another favoite channel

  • BetsyBoo

    So sad to hear the news. AMC has been a staple in our home since the beginning. We’ve sat around the table munching our lunch while watching as we got mad, sad and happy of the exciting plot. Lunch will never be the same without AMC.

  • mary lou

    I will miss my two favorit soap opera.

  • Susan Mason

    I have been a LOYAL fan of ABC for over 40 years. Not just Soaps but also news and sitcoms. You could have just brought on some new characters but instead you have hurt the hearts of many loyal fans. I for one will NEVER watch ABC again when my Soaps disappear.Looks like NBC or CBS will be my new favorites!!! Too bad. Good bye forever!!!

    • suki

      Well, if the shows are not doing well, it’s because Frons has set out to sabatoge the soaps to promote his agenda. I will not be watching the new shows. Chew is a really stupid name for a show. If I want to watch cooking shows, I will tune into The Food Network and not ABC.

    • D MEYER

      I totally agree with Susan, I will no longer watch ABC after these 2 soaps have left the air.

      • Elette Rapovich

        Well apparently you do or why do you chime in?

      • Elette Rapovich

        This was meant for jobobpeters after telling some one to get off their soap box because they have such a pathetic life–well as he is following these pathetic inputs–apparently he knows what he speaks of–nothing else to do with your life?DUH!!Well there’s a jack ass born again!!Have a good life jackoff

    • jobobpeters

      you people are pathetic. do you really think that the faceless corporation that makes billions each year cares about your little boycott? the misguided ambition and priorities in this country are sickening. how about, instead of declaring your loyalty to a different network, you declare it to not being a lazy oaf anymore and doing something productive with your life!

      • chris

        And what exactly are you doing that is so productive other than sitting your fat butt on your computer calling people names on a comment board????

      • Whatanidiot

        Look at da productiveness! What nobody here realizes is jobobpeters is currently taking a 5 minute break from helping crack babies in Somalia to post these insightful and helpful comments.

      • please understand

        this “oaf” person wants and needs your attention…stop giving it to him and take away your his “artificial power”…answer him no more!!!

      • Nancy Wizner

        OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Jobopeters – this is for you— I have been watching AMC for the entire 41 years. I have worked every day, came home for lunch at 1 and watched then went back to work. I have raised two children who are now adults and are also watching. They WORK EVERY DAY. Thank God for DVRs. I resent the “get off your butt” I resent “what will we do for these 2 hours” I resent the work “lazy!” Today’s world is for working women,who also raise children. We deserve to kick our shoes off and relax with our favorite soap at night or on our lunch. I am 59 years old and still watch. My children are 22 and 24 and watch. Lazy – I DON’T THINK SO!

      • Stephanie

        STFU jobobpeters!! What do you do all day that is so great besides insult people on the internet? You are a low life piece of sh**!

      • Elette Rapovich

        Well I always say it takes a lazy oaf to know another lazy oaf. What hayfield you spending your day in today jobo-jackoff

  • Bonnie

    Dear Mr. Frons,

    I am sure that you have done everything in your power to prevent such a Big Tragedy. How many people are going to join the millions of jobless? Let’s face it, it will cost the Network much less to produce another unwanted program of food and talk. The soaps are a mini vacation that many of us take on a daily basis, to escape our every day routine. I am adding my voice to those millions and ask you to please reconsider. You will be saving alot of people their jobs and careers. Thank you for listening.

    • D MEYER

      Mr. Frons, if we wanted to watch a cooking, homestyle show, we would watch: Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart and the other dozen or so cooking shows on Food Network or Lifetime and Bravo. So you will be losing many, many soap fans. Maybe the next one without a job will be you for making a very poor decision to end these 2 shows.

      • Ina Molinari

        To say I’m devastated is an understatement.I’ve watched and taped since 1972. I so looked forward to the day I retired to watch all of my shows.I retired in’09 and GL and ATWT retired with me. Now OLTL and AMC. I am so sick.I do have a family but The Soaps are my joy and my Getaway. I am so sad. I will NOT watch another Talk show.Cheap way for the Networks to disappoint Devoted Fans.I will not buy any products ABC promotes to show that Soap Fans are not happy with their disregard for the Soap Stars and their Fans. Poor decision. And twice sad for the AMC crew that moved across country to LA from NYC only to lose their show anyway. Palmer Cortland,Mona and Myrtle are turning over in their graves so as not to see the error of ABC/Disney! You are losing Oprah at 4 and so now what will you do for 3 hours. Poor Decisions, ABC…Very Poor…
        ABC…You are “LOST” in this House. There is another demographic out here other than the 19-49 age group…You can believe older folk can boycott your station and sponsors just like the Boycott of Buses to end Jim Crow Laws.

      • Dan Hammond

        Dear Mr Frons
        I just heard the horrible news that you are going to cancel AMC and OLTL! I also read about the 2 shows you will be replacing them with…talk shows…REALLY! I for one will not be watching ABC in the afternoon without ALL 3 SOAPS on the air. Especially with them being replaced by 2 more horrible shows. You still have time to fix this…months to change your mind and everyone else involved in this decision. I don’t understand why you would kill off these shows. Do you really think people will sit and watch the new shows leading into GH? Not me. I won’t. As much as I love GH as well, you may have just put the nails in their coffin too! NO AMC, NO OLTL and NO OPRAH…ABC Daytime will be all but dead!
        Please hear the pleas of the viewers and keep our show on the air….lets not make this another ABC tragedy story.

      • martha sielski

        i agree..we dont need any more cooking shows.i hope another channel will pick it up..

    • Rose Caldas Young

      This is a very sad situation. Soap operas are a very relaxing way to kick back after many hours of work and real life. It is great because it is not reality. It is almost like playing dress up. It is fantasy. We have enough health,mind and body, cooking,talk, political, and news shows on TV.We do not need any more shows that tell us what we should eat. How to prepare the foods or how we are not living our life the right way. So please change your mind on this erroneous decision. Keep our soup operas on TV. NO MORE REALITY PROGRAMS. Thank YOU

      • Corbin

        I agree with Ms. Young. They were naughty pleasures that you enjoyed watching because they were fantasy. The networks are fighting for the lives and the soap opera genre is the first casualty. Between CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC I may look at maybe four or five shows. The rest of the time I’m looking at television from other countries. If anyone is really interested in the soap genre, check out the K-dramas and J-dramas on the internet. I’ve been a faithful watcher for a few years now. They are subtitles very well and the characters are people you can care about even if they do speak Korean or Japanese.

      • Lisa

        I refuse to watch this station after my soaps are gone. Forget the Chews. Buy a cook book. Keep our soaps on the air.

      • Linda

        I agree with Rose Caldas Young 100% I couldn’t say it better. There is barely anything on except “reality”shows. You’re going to do what you are going to do to save a few bucks. That’s life but I hope another network picks these 2 shows up. Good Actors Good Story lines and it’s so enjoyable that the story lines do not end up 10-15 minutes of love making. Is that the problem? Not enough sex and violence to keep people interested?

    • Lindsay

      Dear Mr. Frons,
      I will NEVER EVER watch the crap
      replacing my favorite daytime dramas or any other programming on ABC ever again! I will watch reruns of Matlock or Becker first! Thank goodness for USA! They’ve saved primetime programming, maybe they can save daytimetoo!

      • SueMcCabe

        ABC-All bout cash! Took away 2 good soaps.Watched for over 40 years! I’m done watching ur daytime shows! Watching CBS and NBC!

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