ABC cancels 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live,' replaces soaps with lifestyle shows


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In a crushing blow to the daytime-soap genre, ABC announced today that it will yank All My Children and One Life to Life and replace them with two lifestyle shows. AMC will end in September, followed by OLTL in January 2012, to make way for shows dubbed The Chew and The Revolution. In an announcement, ABC says, “These new shows expand ABC Daytime’s focus to include more programming that is informative and authentic and centers on transformation, food, and lifestyle — cornerstones of programming that resonates with daytime viewers as evidenced by the success of The View.”

“While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can’t help but recognize how bittersweet the change is,” said ABC Daytime president Brian Frons in a statement. “We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic, and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions, and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways. A perfect example of this is The View, and that factored into our decision. The Chew and The Revolution are in the same vein and will be great additions to the lineup, with The View serving as an ideal foundation from which to launch these programs. They will also provide enormous opportunity for the creation of ancillary businesses and growth.”

The actors on both soaps were told less than 20 minutes before the announcement went wide to the press this morning. (Frons addressed the AMC folks in person on the West Coast, while the New York-based OLTL was videolinked.) General Hospital, the third most-watched sudser in daytime, will not be affected by the changes.

The Chew will be produced by Gordon Elliot (Paula Deen’s Home Cooking) and is a one-hour series that enables viewers to “get the dish” on anything and everything related to the world of food and beyond. Hosts will include Mario Batali (Iron Chef America), entertaining expert Clinton Kelly (What Not to Wear), Carla Hall (Top Chef), Michael Symon (Iron Chef America), and nutrition expert Daphne Oz.

The Revolution, from executive producer J.D. Roth and 3 Ball Productions (The Biggest Loser), is a daily show about health and lifestyle transformations. It will be hosted by a team of experts and rotating guest contributors and will feature a “unique concept.” ABC says, “Each week one woman’s five-month weight-loss journey will unfold in just five days, with daily results and a final transformational reveal on Friday.”

The enormous cost of maintaining old (and many think outdated) soaps was the primary reason behind the network’s decision to yank AMC and OLTL. Keeping the genre relevant and profitable remains job one at the three broadcast networks, and NBC and CBS have gone to great lengths to slash the budgets on shows like Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless to keep them on the air for rabid fans. Other soaps haven’t been so lucky (RIP As the World Turns and Guiding Light). The cuts haven’t affected the remaining shows: Y&R is still the most-watched show in daytime and is No. 1 among women 18–49, and Days is tied for third (with The View) in women 18–49.

AMC averages 2.5 million and ranks No. 5 in women 18–49 among all soaps. OLTL averages 2.5 million and ranks No. 4.

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  • Joe Petitjean

    Not really surprised

    • LOL

      Daytime TV is a wasteland.

      • What!

        The new shows sound very dumb, then again the soaps were pretty lame anyways. What they should really do is just have a bunch of cooking shows on instead and ditch the lifestyle shows that always come off as preachy

      • Richard

        I remember AMC as a teenager in the seventies. This show was popular on many college campuses during the seventies. Over the years Soap Operas have become too boring and they shoule be canceled. I don’t want to see anymore talk shows. There are too many boring talk shows on television. I am glad I have a career and work during the day.

      • mel

        I watched these shows for 25 years, then had to stop when when my kids went to school and I had to start working full time. I remember having withdrawal at the time, and know how upsetting it will be for their fans. Hopefully now AMC and OLTL can pull out all the stops and come up with brilliant endings. I may even start to tune in again….

      • Joanne

        These shows are part of the American culture, and they are just good fun. ABC is crazy to replace them with what-yet another snore cooking show! There are way too many of those anyway! Hopefully Oprah will pick up these shows. She is a smart businesswoman, and she watches too!

      • monea

        like they dnt have cooking shows on all day any way.Do they no hw many people love those shows n plan there day n nigth around them. CRAZY

      • Saraya

        I understand ABC’s reasoning behind replacing the daytime soaps, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Daytime soaps pull in decent ratings and have one of the most loyal audiences in television. I doubt a lifestyle cooking show called “The Chew” will pull in over 2 million viewers.

      • deedeedragons

        The Chew? WTF that’s the best title they could come up with? It would be pretty funny if it wasn’t so sad.

      • Linda Lynxwiler

        I think it is a big mistake to take these shows off the air. I have been a faithful fan for over 40 years. The reality shows are being shoved down our throats already on several different channels, if we wanted to watch that garbage we could tune in to those shows anytime day or night. Who cares, there are enough of them already. Don’t take away the short escape we get from reality by taking off the shows that give us a few minutes of pleasure. I hope your ratings go down the toliet, because that is what you deserve. Don’t count on me to watch your crappy choice of viewing, because I WILL NOT HAVE MY TV ON ABC.

      • Mary Lee

        I am just crushed that they have chosen to cancel these two shows – I have only wathced for a couple of years but these shows are now part of my life and I cannot believe they will be gone!!

        One good thing – I don’t need my expensive Direct TV anymore – I can go to basic cable – I certainly won’t watch the new shows – could care less –
        I watch TV to relax – if I want education I know where to find it!

      • Jackie Souadjian

        Taking All My Children off the air, What are you thinking?
        If yor really need that time slot for something else. At least keep All My Children of Soapnet in the evenings. I have been a viewer for 35 years. No All My Children, It is the only day time TV that I do watch. Please, re-think this. Keep All My Children on the air. Thank you Jackie Laguna Beach, CA

      • Fran Robinson

        Taking off OLTL sucks. Who cares about healthy good eating habits. People are going to eat what they wanat anyway. These shows are boring………This was a great mistake on your part. BRING BACK OLTL or you will lose your 2.4 million watchers. I will not be watching those STUPID shows! I have watched OLTL for over 30 years. I am really pissed off that it is gone. VERY DUMB MOVE!

    • shawshank

      Am I the only one who found the most exciting part of the article a daily dose of Carla Hall? Carla Hall!!!

      • shawshank

        HA! On the homepage they just added a picture link for this article with Susan Lucci on one side and the Kardashian who guest starred on the other side. Yes, truly two iconic actresses who represent these soaps.

      • Just sayin’

        I noticed that. There’s some saving grace I suppose.

      • Karen

        Got to say my eyes lit up when I read that!

      • RD

        Although I don’t watch these shows, hearing that they are cancelled makes me sad. But Carla softens the blow!

      • Sugar

        I am with you, Shawshank! I feel nostalgic to think of these shows going, but won’t it be fun to see Carla? And maybe they will have guest spots with other TC cheftestants? Fabio? Antonia? I think it could be fun.

      • abadstroller

        Hootie-hoooo! Though I watched AMC in college and post grad, I haven’t seen it since…but it does make me a little sad to hear that it is going off the air. Having said that, Carla Hall rocks!

      • Ollie

        Carla Hall!!!! Yay!!!

      • shelly

        carla!! hootie-hoo

      • Karen

        Yes! I love Carla!

      • ARIA


      • @Aria

        So…soap operas aren’t junk? If I want to be entertained with a story(and good acting), I will go to the theatre. but If I happen to be home during the day I think I prefer to see something relevant. I think this is a good move. It’s current.

      • SirLizard

        The looming end of daytime soaps makes me sad, so my positive takeaway from this article will be the nice bit about Carla Hall!

      • DJ

        That Kardashian cameo was the last straw.

      • Mary

        Im really sad Ive been watching OLTL since it started all of my 5 kids watched it with me even my husband sometimes. Dont we have enough food shows on not that I dont watch them but how will I survive without Vicki and Clint its just not fair. I plan my days around the show, my kids napped when the show was on so I could watch in peace. Im very upset. Although Ive watch its on Soap Net sometimes and recently on the computer I think it still draws many people to daytime. Im not a fan of reality TV especially that Jersey show. I want my OLTL to stay on the air. Put it on at a different time. DO SOMETHING TO SAVE IT P L E A S E

      • Emily


      • Monique

        Relevant: On OLTL I am currently watching an anti-bullying storyline which has been pretty well executed DESPITE the lack of investment in the soap since Frons has taken over. The soaps were the first to tackle issues of HIV/AIDS, abortion, suicide, and many other relevant topics in US culture when other mainstream genres wouldn’t touch them.

        I have nothing against Carla Hall, but nothing called the Chew will be able to last a 40 year institution.

        It’s argument that the soaps are an institution is not a good enough reason to keep them on. I do recognize the argument that at times the soaps can provide incredulous stories and plots.

        However, I can get what ABC is offering to replace the soaps with anywhere. I guess I will have to watch soaps outside of the US where they still enjoy the status that US soaps in the 70s and 80s had.

      • Donna

        Carla WHO!

      • lou

        look i am a huge Carla fan but it sounds like she will not be a permanent fixture on the show… so i say, give her a show on Bravo or the Food Network- hell! give her a network– Hootie!CN. just don’t mess with the daytime dramas.

      • jp

        can’t stand hall. Hope ABC has something else lines up with this fails.

      • Alex

        Cookwithlove Carla! I lmao when Tom Colicchio told her he didn’t give a “dang” about the love, her dish didn’t taste good. Her daily — no, just no.

      • Barbara Clifton

        I’ll miss All My Children and One Life to Live and probably in the near future General Hospital will be next. I read they thought people would not care ever since all three networks put on the OJ Simplson trial and Casey Anthony triil. I watched anything but and called to complain that the trials took over all three networks. It wasn’t fair. I’ve been watching those shows and with the help of a video recorder Days of our lives too for 35 years. First I watched with both my Mom and Dad. Then with my husband. Even my 36 year old daughter has been watching. True when we worked we had to record them but now I’m retired and now I’ll really miss them. They were a way to step out of you lives into a different reality. Like reading a book you donj’t have to pick up. I won’t watch those stupid new shows they put on. How are ABC disrespect their audiance. Barbara Clifton

      • carolyn

        i have been watching AMC and OLTL from the beginning. I feel like i am losing my family turning the channel to other soaps maybe that will help especially since Jr is on bold and beautiful now. abc is sure making a big mistake.

    • Flip

      This is so sad! OLTL is so good and I really love it. Cancelling one soap is bad enough, but TWO AT ONCE?! Just awful!!!

      • Maya

        OLTL hasn’t been good in years. It got so trashy I used to feel like I needed a bath after watching some of the episodes. I finally had to stop watching it.

      • PGP

        Maya, if you stopped watching the show how can you say it isn’t good? To be honest with you the show really has been good lately, and ironically it is the only show which makes money for ABC! I give General Hospital another year or two and it will be gone too!

      • Rob

        Don’t worry, I am sure that all of these soaps will eventually be on DVD one day…500 DVDs for the thousands of hours of programming.

      • Long time fan

        I am very sad!!!I’ve watch Erica and company for 40 plus yrs. Oh how I will miss it all. I’m going to have to dig out my old VHS tapes and start watching my re-runs. It’s a real shame. I’m not going to watch ANY replacement…

      • anon

        Two at once is just brutal. And it kinda sets the shows up to fail because you’ve lost a lot of daytime viewers.

        Some commenters on another website suggestted OWN should pick these shows up, since they are hurting for programming.

      • Kathaleen

        This is a sad day and makes me up set enough to write. The hearing of the cancellation of OLTL is bad, but the cancellation of two shows at the same time. OLTL sory lines really help people to learn of various problems in the real world. I had been watching soaps since the 1950’s. I really like OLTL and GH. Is it possible to bring OLTL back “if or when” the new shows don’t make. Is it possible that the cancelled shows could be played on SOAP NET as a daily show

      • Annie

        SOAPNET will go off air ih January as well. OWN seems to be the best bet for these soaps. OLTL would have topical storylines and now is airing a bullying story that is not only relevent, but well acted. Such a shame.

      • fan of david

        I will miss David – at least we can see him on housewives but his character is so fun.

      • mary


    • Brenda Barrett

      Heartbreaking. Losing OLTL will be like losing members of my family; I’ve been with these characters for decades. I can only hope that these new shows fail and that Frons gets the boot — that moron is largely responsible for ruining AMC and GH.

      • cheryl

        Hope these lifestyle shows fail and the idiot who is killing 2 long running shows will be fired. We have way too many lifestyle shows anyway. Thank God for syndicated shows to watch instead of these Rachel Ray wannabes.

      • Jas

        I totally agree..He should be fired..He’s the worst thing to happen to abc daytime..

      • Cheryle

        I agree with Jas cnd Cheryl

      • michelle

        U are so right. I have been watching one life to live for yrs now im 23 now and still watching it. I was like wtf this morning when I heard I think abc is making a big mistake I mean come on if I really wanted to watch food shows i’ll watch food network I want my damn one life to live. What im I going to do now around 2pm now. Sit around and watch some damn cooking show I don’t think so. I love blair and todd and also Vicki and clint and bo, nora, rex, gigi, star, john, jessica, I can keep going I love them all. I mean the show has meanings behind every show bullying, rape, diferent personalities just what goes on in daily life. So if you going to take 2 good shows off count me out because Im not some boring cooking show people I already see on food network. ABC YOU HAVE ONE LESS PERSON WATCHING YOUR NETWORK

      • Sharon

        I’m with you all….Think these new shows will bomb. Hope that Frons gets fired for his senseless decisions!!

      • Ruth

        I hate the fact that the best shows I love are going to be no more. Don’t put them on OWN or soapnet as they charge to watch thier channel and I can’t afford any more bills. Just bring them back Please. I won’t watch ABC anymore either. All my soap friends are so upset.

    • monea

      I’m with Aria. If we need to see a cooking show we could turn to food network. thats were cooking shoes belong……

      • Dot

        I work, I don’t cook -no kidding – why do they keep pushing cooking shows on us – – one show tells us how to loose weight, the other to cook – a lot of women, as I, have grown children – just enjoy good writing and acting – not eating -

    • stephanie

      are yall freaking nuts? That is what food network an HGTV is for.. leave AMC and OLTL ALONE..

      • zee

        I agree, thats what food networks for….I’ve watching OLTL and AMC since high school (1978) now what the h**** to watch!!! Fire the person who had that stupid idea!!!

      • bet

        i love this show i been with this show for year they croe evething up leave it on

      • Sherry

        I agree leave AMC and OLTL alone ….thats what we have the food network for…..These soap opera have been with us for years they are a part of history ..I watch them with my mother and now my kids are watching them with me …If you take them off the air I will not have no reason for the tv in the daytime no more!!!!!!

    • Razor

      What would be truly awesome is if a true catastrophe happened to both towns and both casts were brought together for a 3 part finish, a la the old miniseries concept. I don’t want to see everyone wrap up their happy little lives—I want war, asteroids, nuclear bombs, death, destruction, mayhem, and a hella-rockin’ kick ass speech from Erica Kane as she whips some ass. How completely awesome would THAT be?

      • Lucy Pena

        I’VE BEEN WATCHING FOR ABOUT 30 YRS I DVR all 3 shows AMC , OLTL and GH. THE STORYLINES ARE PART OF THE REASON I watch but I also enjoy the hair, the make-up , the fashion and the music presented in the soaps. I MEAN DAYTIME WITHOUT ERICA KANE! VICKIE, DORIAN AND THE BUCHANANS YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING. Something is obiously wrong with this decision.

    • elizabeth buss

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I’ve been watching these two show for over 30 something years. They are a part of my life. They take me out of my “real” life by putting false romance in and then showing me that there is worse out there by the crap that happens in your storylines. Not to mention the “real” life situations such as rape and bullying that the stories bring to life.



      E. BUSS

      • brenda

        I can”t beleve that they are taking off these soaps. I work all day and when I come home I like to just enjoy my soaps please don”t take them off. been enjoying these soaps for years. I don”t want any more talk of cooking shows.

      • Tess

        AMC is part of my life too. Has been for nearly 20 years now when I started watching in my teens. It guts me to think the folks at ABC think they’ll do better with crappy talk shows rather than keep two shows that still have loyal viewers. I would bet most of those loyal viewers will do like I will be doing – watch till AMC and OLTL have their send offs and then find another channel to watch from 1-3pm. Good luck finding viewers for those lousy talk shows, ABC. I won’t be one of them.

        Anyone else who is upset by this news should contact ABC as I did to voice their disgust with this decision. They may not care to change their minds, but they should still have to hear how mad we all are.

      • karen


      • Vickie

        Devastated! I have watched both shows for over 30 years. Sometimes one or the other would fall into a lull, but the other one always balanced it out.
        These shows provided me with an escape from my own problems for a couple of hours. If i wanted to watch cooking shows i would tune into one of the dozen or so other channels that specialize in those. No wonder Americans are obese.
        Poor poor choice ABC. Hopefully the OWN network will pick up these wonderful shows.

      • Jill Fleury

        I agree with you 100%. I have been watching for 25 years and I can’t believe ABC would remove 2 shows like this.

      • Sharon

        I have watched AMC since I was little. I remember going home from Elementary School asking my Mom what happend on the show. I’ve been watching OLTL for about 20 years. What a shame they are cancelling them. Will NOT be watching the new shows….will find anything else!!!

      • Steph C.

        THIS MAKES ME HATE THE ABC NETWORK! My soaps are the only reason I even watch that network. BIG MISTAKE, ABC!!

    • corina

      What the h***! Dont want to see cooking shows. Fire the person who cancelled oltl. I’ve wathced this for 27yrs. I really love this show. Pls keep it on or have another network like own pick it up.

    • Rush

      Leading the article with “crushing blow” is a bit strong. There *are* still soaps on daytime, and the genre still goes on with primetime long arc dramas.

    • ryan

      These were the best soaps on daytime tv! I hope ABC at least gives it a chance to be bought up by someone else! 2.5 milliobn each day is actually quite good! plus the rebroadcast on Soap tv, and I think it plays on hulu as well this show was actually a gold mine. The Chew and the Spew sound god awful…sorry but dont’ they? You people who really care about these shows better do some save our show or it will be gone!!!

    • cindy

      This is a very sad day for us who love our beloved soaps. Hope someone who works at own network sees this will pick up these shows. If anyone wants abc to keep our shows call abc at 818-460-7477. Please keep my oltl. I’ve watched this 26yrs. I love this show!!!

    • Reyna

      I will not be watching those boring shows. They are not entainment to me. We get enough of those type of shows on the cable channels.Those two SOAPS are more entertaining. WHY? This sucks

    • JudiK

      Leave our soaps alone, we need them there our therpy.

    • Annie

      Thanks for nothing!! More boring
      cooking shows– why not take a survey& you’llsee who watches soaps

    • Debbie

      I have been watching amc and oltl since I was 5 no kidding either and i’m 32 I’m gonn stop watching all abc shows if they do this

    • Sherry Knox

      Most of the shows I watch are on ABC but if they take my soaps off I will never watch ABC again!

      • dian

        I agree! DELETE ABC!

    • annie


    • joni

      Just what we need is more cooking shows and reality shows! Hope they don’t make it.

    • cathy

      I’m glad to see the show has not been canceled as yet but I could do without Biancas role. This role will probably be the reason I begin watching another soap. Could you please write this roll off?

    • susan averette


      • rose

        I hope it helps! The prorgrams that took their place are PITIFUL

    • tonya phillips

      I will no longer watch any ABC show if they cancel amc and oltl!! I hate ABC!!! Now!!! it will be blocked from my tv!!!

    • sue

      wow, you are making a big mistake taking these soaps off the air. They are a part of a lot of peoples lives for a long long time. If we wanted to watch cooking or educational shows, we would, but we chose to watch all my children, and on life to live, and you are taking that away from us. In the end, you, ABC will be the losers, you have lost millions of viewers. You can never replace amc or oltl. very wrong. Will never put on channel 7 again, even to watch the news. NBC here i come.

  • orville

    But yet they keep GH?

    • gypzyjedi

      Canel Jerry Springer…save AMC! life without Erica…I can’t even fathom it….sob.

  • Dicazi

    I gave up watching soaps years ago, but more reality shows……REALLY, that’s the best they have?????

    • Jen E.

      My thoughts exactly. I have to bet this will bite ABC in the butt.

      • Anne S.

        I hope it DOES bite them in the butt. Soaps aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they obviously have quite a following to have lasted over 40 years. I don’t know anyone who records shows every day such as these replacing AMC & OLTL, but I know PLENTY to whom soaps are the guilty pleasure they record without fail EVERY day. OLTL, especially, really tried to remain up-to-date and relevant. As for the one who said it became so trashy they quit watching years ago, I’ve found all the ABC soaps to be generally LESS racy the past several years than they were 15-20 years ago. They sometimes had a scene or two when a long-awaited couple finally got together, but it wasn’t an everyday thing by any means. There are already too many shows like the planned replacements. This move just means we’ll have even less options in daytime now – nothing but court shows, talk shows, and cooking shows, and most of them not worth a flip!

      • mary


    • Bobby’s Robot

      The Chew??? Seriously???

      • Sugar

        I have to agree there – The Chew? There’s got to be a better name…? And for that matter, The Revolution doesn’t sound too original either.

      • Scott

        I was about to type the same thing..stupid name…

      • bootsycolumbia

        You took the words right out of my mouth. The Chew–what a dumb name.

    • Pat Webb

      Reality shows, they’ve got to be kidding. This 53 year old doesn’t watch those shows. Might as well call ABC the new cooking channel. I enjoy AMC.

      • Reyna

        I agree with all of the above. Both are totally DUMB NAMES. How could ABC think they will have a better turn out watching something such as that.

      • Lyn

        They are only concerned with the 20-47 age group. I read where they said “only the 57 population was watching”. What an insult. The younger age group are all working. All of us 50 plus certainly don’t care about some stupid cooking show. So if they don’t care about us, why watch all the other shows day or night. I say to hell with them. I won’t be watching ABC at all. Hope “The Chew” tanks quick. Hope all of you other fans quit ABC as well.

    • mel

      They should take a page from Telemundo – produce a soap for 6 months and see how that does instead of The Chew (horrible name) and Revolution. I’d be up for watching something with a soap with a beginning, middle and end five days a week.

  • amie

    Its the end of an era.. an evil twin, waking from a coma with amnesia while sleeping around anyone who glances your way..era. Seriously though, I will miss you Erica Cane.

    • Betty

      You must be a pretty big fan of Erica’s huh? Since you don’t even know that her last name isn’t Cane, it’s Kane.

      • Bea

        And my aunt spells Bettie with an “ie”. Get off your high horse and mill around with the little people for awhile.

      • disgruntled redhead

        Get off it, Bea. Amie obviously isn’t that big a fan or she’d know the correct spelling of the character’s name.

      • @ disgruntled redhead

        Really, she used the wrong consonant, get off your pretentious high horse.

  • Still a Sad Day

    I have an appreciation for long running tv shows. Though soaps aren’t my thing, for something to make it that long, it is sad to see it go. Which soap will be the last to sign off????

    • bamabunny

      I think CBS will be the last holdout. I think GH will go eventually (completing ABC’s pullout of the soap biz…we saw this coming when they axed SOAPNET), followed by Days, which will get replaced by another Today hour, or possibly something from the Weather Channel side of Universal. B&B next, and Y&R will be the last standing.

      • OMG

        You’re probably right. Can’t have enough hours of Today. what are they up to now, 4-5 hours? Rename it to the All Day show.

      • bamabunny

        That or give the hour back to the affiliates for more syndicated programming. Anderson Cooper has a daytime show coming out in the fall.

        Soaps were a specific genre for a specific era. Killed by the Internet, reality TV, 500 channels, but mostly by the two-working-parent household. Any remaining desperate housewives are too busy taking their kids to soccer practice, working, or online.

      • yummycupcake

        that sounds great. i love the today show. better than trashy daytime soaps.

    • Marie

      I agree & this might be a very female thing for me to say. I don’t think soap operas get the respect & credit they really deserve. It takes a lot of work & talent to bring such crazy stories to life each week.

      I would love to see some cast members stay loyal to the genre. There is still ‘The Young & the Restless,’ ‘Day of Our Lives’ & ‘General Hospital.’ Lack of loyalty is also quite a problem in soaps. A lot of people just use them to eventually get movies or night time dramas.

  • Dicazi

    The Chew????!

    • orville

      I know–perhaps the worst title ever.

      ABC News still hasn’t even put the story up on their website.

    • Beepela

      Soon to be followed by “The Shoe,” a show focusing on the world of designer footwear…and beyond!

      • Jim

        NEXT… cooking with marshmallows & molasses… The Goo

      • Sugar

        Followed by – People suffering from depression – The Blue.

      • Raymond

        and stay tuned for hair styling tips on –> The ‘Do

      • Sue1

        Also coming-The Zoo-Washington, Behind the Scenes.

      • truthsquad

        The Brew…blue collar guys sitting around drinking and sharing their world views…

      • Yo Yo

        Or a reality show about pool players… called The Cue.

      • Eric

        I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the actual cooking segment slated to take it’s place should the show go belly-up: The Stew.

      • AK

        And “The ‘Bu,” featuring lifestyle tips from Malibu’s leading trendsetters and experts.

      • disgruntled redhead

        Let’s not forget “The Moo”, a Real Housewives-type reality show featuring dairy farmers in Wisconsin.

      • SueN

        Or because ABC is full of s*!t, the LOO.

      • KathyNYC

        Or the Poo – for obvious reasons.

    • OMG

      The Chew? Really horrible title. Hopefully it will be a show about food, but all I can think of is spitting tobacco. Very appealing… not. Glad I’m not avaiable to watch daytime tv.

      • jezoebel

        The Chew. Followed by The Swallow.

      • Tom Mc

        Followed by The Spew.

      • Yo Yo

        Or the poo. Come on I could do this all day.

      • Emily

        I. Am. Dying.

    • Selbbep02

      I find it funny that we need another hour of food shows on top of the prime time shoes we lready have and the 2 food channels that are ‘all food, all the time’

      • RichLeC

        It’s disgusting. How about “Saliva.” Or “Canker.”

      • Reyna

        You all are totally funny. LOL

    • abadstroller

      Oh, we could have fun with this! “The Moo”–all bovine, all the time. …All things Hebrew, all the time insert obvious title)…no racist or religion-ist intent at all…just interest in such a topic. “The You”–for the entirely self-centered, clearly ALL the time. “The Queue”–potentially boring show unless executed well, just watching people wait in line and what they do to pass the time. “The New”–trendy fads, up-coming and out-going…Can I stop now? Whew. Thank you!

  • Ayala

    That’s all we needed! More so-called “reality”. I am completely done with ABC. You suck!

    • tomm

      It’s not ‘reality’ in following around ‘real people;. More like news fluff shows.

      This is what happens when viewers drop out. Can’t expect TV networks to be charities.

    • Parks

      You are glad to see these shows cancelled! Many actors will be out of work. You are heartless!!!!

  • mel

    As a previous fan of ABC’s Daytime lineup (you just can’t watch everything) I am sad to see these two shows get cancelled, and am sad for all those actors and crew. Will definitely miss hearing the theme music to AMC.

    • Jo

      In college, these shows were the hottest. People would structure their class schedules just to be in the dorm when the shows came on. I don’t watch them anymore, but hope ABC fails miserably with their lame new shows. The soaps should move to internet or OWN or another cable channel, if they can. They have lasted for over 40 years. Come on, somebody, buy the shows!

  • TWS

    Even though I don’t watch soaps at all, this is a massive cancellation – two shows with a lot of history getting the axe like this is quite shocking IMO.

    • Zoe

      Ditto. But the writing was on the wall with the Soapnet cancellation a year ago. It was clear then that Disney/ABC had no use for soaps anymore. I never watched these two regularly, but I lived through Loving, the City, and Port Charles being canceled, so I feel for the fans. Can’t imagine how someone feels who has watched AMC or OLTL for decades–it must be like losing a part of yourself.

  • Amelia

    FU Brian Frons. I hope karma finally bites him in his behind. Because he is an evil evil man.

    • Indydavid

      Right on, Amelia! The man destroyed ABC Daytime.

    • Brenda Barrett

      ITA with both of you.

  • Ap

    Wow…the rumors are true

    • Dicazi

      AND ABC had denied them as late as a couple weeks ago.

  • Seriously?

    The Chew??
    A – Always
    B – Being
    C – Clueless

  • Danielle

    This is kinda sad, I must admit. I haven’t watched “AMC” in years, but, I used to watch it religiously. I can’t imagine many of the actors from either shows getting TV jobs right away.

    • Elle

      It does seem possible for soap actors to transition to primetime. That guy from AMC went to Knight Rider and just recently appeared on Castle. The guy Colin Eggleston went from soaps to Melrose Place and now that new movie Something Borrowed which looks awful but still. I just realized…maybe this is why Castle had so many AMC actors on the soap episode. Sort of to cushion the blow.

      • L

        Well, some of the more established actors won’t find new work. C’mon, can you see Susan Lucci doing a cameo on Law & Order?

  • eyeheartnyc

    Yikes – given that The View tapes right next door to OLTL and has their cast memebers on all the time, to say that their success is the reason that OLTL is being cancelled has got to sting a bit.

    • Maya

      It also proves that ‘The View’ is hurting for material, and that comment is B.S.

  • orville

    How many soaps does this leave on the air? Four? Five?

    • Shannon

      Only 4 soaps left now – Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful on CBS, Days of our Lives on NBC and General Hospital on ABC

      • Maya

        and the Bold and the Beautiful can go ANY time.
        The Young and the Restless is still OK, but not as good as it used to be. It’s a shame – I used to love taping soaps and watching them while I’m on the treadmill. They just can’t seem to find writers with any imagination anymore.

      • Marisa

        Y&R and B&B should just be counted as one since they’ve always just blended together to me. I can’t believe DOOL is still on, though.

    • Anne

      4: Y&R, B&B, Days, & GH

      • charlotte

        This is sad. I remember watching All My Children when I was in high school. I loved Tad and Dixie. I remember when Kelly Ripa was on it as well. I’m going to miss them when they are all gone, dead evil siblings coming back from the dead and all. I guess it’s truly an end of an era. I use to watch Young and the Restless and General Hospital as well.

      • Carlotta

        Looks like ABC just lost a viewer. Does ABC have any idea how many loyal viewers they are going to lose. If I want to watch a cooking show I’ll go to the food network, and there are way too many “helpful” or “informative” shows on now regarding improving your life, how to make friends, what to wear, etc, etc. These 2 shows have been a wonderful “escape” from everyday crap for many years. I definitely will not be watching/taping/recording either of these two new shows. I am really disappointed

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