Susan Lucci reacts to 'All My Children' cancellation


On the heels of ABC’s shocking announcement that it will end its long-running daytime soaps All My Children in September and One Life to Live next year, AMC star Susan Lucci — who has played diva Erica Kane since 1970 — issued this statement: “It’s been a fantastic journey. I’ve loved playing Erica Kane and working with Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with All My Children. I’m looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.” Perhaps she should give CBS a call — we hear they’re hiring.

ABC cancels ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’
‘One Life to Live’ exec producer Frank Valentini staying at the helm
CBS renews ‘The Young and the Restless’ for three more years

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  • Annie

    I am going to miss Erica Kane and Susan Lucci.

    • Uh-Oh

      I wonder if Susan Lucci will age like the picture of Dorian Gray once they turn the camera off?

      • Charlotte

        Ha! Good one.

      • AcaseofGeo

        I’m not surprised by these cancellations but I am very saddened. When “As the World Turns” was cancelled last year, I knew that based on budgets and ratings that ONE of these shows would be next…just never thought it would be 2 at the same time. I guess the soaps are a dinosaur but wow! When they burned brightly they were one awesome form of can’t-wait-for-what-happens-next entertainment. Sad.

      • starlet

        That’s just mean. And there’s no reason for it.

      • Lit major

        The reason is Susan uncannily does not age…like maybe she has a portrait in the closet that does? Do you read,starlet? Ever? It’s actually a complement to point out how young Miss Lucci appears.

    • send a message

      send them a bar of soap in protest to:
      ABC Daytime
      320 West 66th Street
      New York, NY 10023

      • sherry

        making a big mistake cancelling AMC! we have enough talk shows and none of them are worth watching!

      • patricia simmons

        So how did it happen you were just sitting around deciding how to save money and thought lets take off 2 shows that have been popular for the past 40+ years – I am sure your new shows won’t stay on the air for forty years. ABC I guarentee you will lose thousands of viewers over this. SOS SAVE OUR SOAPS.

      • s. mason

        Sorry to hear that the ABC network has found that they need to cancel two soaps at the same time. I do watch All My Children and have since it started on the air. I feel sorry for those actors who up and moved their homes and families from New York. I think, if ABC had a bit of decency they would have told them way back when that they were cancelling and there was no point in relocating to the west coast.

        I know that the two programs that they have slated for these time slots will not be watched by me, and I’m wondering just how ABC arrived at the decision of showing this type of program. Enough is enough. Perhaps there shouldn’t be any more big networks and everything should go to cable. We already have the food network, the woman’s network, comedy network, so why not a Soap Opera network. In the old days there was loyalty to the big networks, but now, everything is reality this, reality that, and there’s only so much of that, that people can stomach. Perhaps everything is now being geared to the 20 and 30s generation. If you’re over 40, forget it – you either watch some junk, or simply turn the TV off all together. It’s beginning to get a lot like that now.

        Everything costs way to much money these days to produce. Sporting figures, movie figures, tv figures – all get paid far too much when you look at what the average joe gets paid. The reality of everything is that we’re pricing ourselves into the poor house.

        Sorry to all of the actors and behind the scene people who work on these soaps.

      • linda

        it sucks hate reality TV put those shows on cable leave the soaps ALONE>

      • Denise Costa

        It is more sad to know that I will be faced with 2 more shows that are like all the rest!! I will NOT watch them at all in protest to knowing you have taken away something that never need to be fixed or lost. This will just make me NOT watch this station or any of your shows at all.

        The President should think about this and not move forward. His job will end soon and he would not like someone pulling the plug on him – would you now!!

        Change your mind because change with those shows will be worse then you will ever know.

        WRONG DECISION. They have loyal fans and you have done nothing but changed so many lives for the worst.

        I am sure you are not thinking about that.

        Please have these shows continue and do NOT replace them with those other ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • halo

        Great idea. I am so sending soap today.
        I used to watch AMC everyday, but one too many baby switches turned me off.

        Here’s hint to Mr Frons
        And you would pick up a lot more viewers.

      • Sheila Bernard

        lOVE IT!!!

      • Sheila Bernard

        HALO, YOU ARE SO CORRECT! The writers should be fired !!!

      • Sandra hartsell

        No, you can’t do this to me! This is the only tv show that I watch and I watch it every day and have for 35 years. This decision to cancel sucks. I look forward to coming home from work every day and watching AMC. Why would you do something like this?

        No one wants any more talk shows are reality crap.

      • julie

        I completely agree ….HUGE mistake…I hope their new shows FAIL ……

      • Vicky

        Terrible decision to remove shows that have WORKED for years. I am so sick of seeing talented actors and writers replaced by terrible shows. I’ve had enough of reality! I look forward to never watching ABC again after this ridiculous move.

      • Marian

        I have watched these to shows since I can remember. They actors almost seem like part of the family. Please reconsider. There is still alot of Soap watchers.

      • moxie

        I agree with Starlet. How much a person reads has nothing to do with it. I thought that comment was mean spirited too. Maybe it wasn’t intended to sound that way but it “reads” as unkind.

      • micheline normand

        i am french but i learn to speak and understand english listening to all my children for so many years,i am so sad that the show gone to stop in september and i don t understand why because it is such a good soap.I m not gone to watch the new show fore sure because it is just a question of money. Micheline Normand, Gaspe

      • deana

        This is such a shame.I wonder if they will move the shows to a cable channel,like they did passions.I hope so.

      • Joyce

        I will not watch ch 7″s new shows it was so nice watching the soaps and will miss the people from the shows i hope some one will pick up these programs bye channel 7

      • Theresa Gallarzo

        I am so mad I been watching since 1975 don”t miss it and i tape it and watch it later in the day family called me and asked me now what are you going to do like i set and eat bonbons all day that is why i tape it so i could do other things that i need to do sad just sad i love the show.

      • Susan

        i”ve been watching all my children since the beginning and will miss it so much. I just always looked forward to 1 o’clock everyday. I loved all the actors very much . I wish them all the luck. I also will miss One life to live I watched that when the 2 shows combined for a while and have been watching it since. I will also miss the show greatly. Good luck all and God Bless all of you for the great acting. You always made my day complete.

    • donna

      icannot believe it need more money go to cbs

    • Tallulah Bankhead

      Tim Gunn as a replacement show? Nice guy but Boring! Won’t watch. ABC has really blown it big time thanks to Brian Fons. Fire Frons!!!

    • jodyrice

      I can not believe that All My Children has been canceled!!!!!!!I have watched All My Children since I was in the 9th grade, and I am in my 50’s now. I am very dissappointed in ABC and will not watch anymore ABC. Good luck with the ratings when All My Childre3n is gone!!!!!! All My Children has always been apart of my life!!! PlEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • clara barbera

      I am very unhappy of the AMC and OLTL cancellation. Why doesn’t another channel pick them up like soap net. I only watche them at night on Soap net anyway. I work during the day. Anyway once OLTL goes off the air I will be saying goodbye to ABC after nearly 50 years of watching and that includes ABC news witch I watch everynight. Bye Bye all of you

  • jkeown

    Erica Kane should be Victor Newman’s next wife

    • victor’s mom

      Best. Idea. Ever!

    • angelwhiteraven

      I’d watch that!

    • Ugh

      i’d totally dvr it. her and nicki throwing down = YES!

    • maryellen

      thats a good one give everyone arun for the money. hahaha..

    • Peggy

      Sounds good to me. Victoria Lord— Can become a long lost twin sister of Victor’s too? Vicky/Victor?

    • Barack Palin

      Thats brilliant! Hopefully someone at Y&R is reading these posts.

    • Judy Preston

      That sound good!!!


    High school/college years, I loved All My Kids. It was the little bit of snarkiness I enjoyed and it satisfied my nosiness, which meant I kept out of other people’s business in real life.

    With so many reality tv shows now, what’s the point to these soaps? They’re poorly written, poorly acted generally, and redundant. Thanks for the memories, but it is time.

    • Flip

      Because many of us don’t like reality show GARBAGE. We like scripted drama. You’re clearly a snob.

      • Miffy

        You’re clearly delusional. The writing and acting on these shows is generally laughable (though there are some gems here and there, but those people usually get out quickly). The only difference between you and the OP is that he/she likes unscripted garbage and you like scripted garbage.

        That daytime genre is dying. Suck it up.

      • Davad

        A lot of actors got their starts on soaps, back in the day. Having to film a 5 day a week show teaches an actor a bunch about the business. Also, there are more crew jobs all down the ladder that will be going away for the next Dr. Judge Rachel Judy Oprah show.

        I remember back in the college dorms (men’s dorm) and at a certain time each day you’d hear from multiple rooms down the hallway, “These are the Days of our Lives” hehe.

      • angie

        If I am up at 4 am central time I watch RYANS HOPE on soap net. Right now its 1977 acually 1977! It is blast to watch back that far.The clothes,the hair,the issues,the uniqness of the time. I wish we had a CLASSIC SOAP STATON! Like Secret Storm,Edge of Night,Dark Shadows etc. WHY NOT? AND TIVO RYANS HOPE WHEN YA CAN IT WILL HOOK YA!

    • kay

      I pay a fortune for 250 channels a month. Watch something else you don’t have to watch them. It is not like you have no choice

      • s. mason

        Yes they give us 250 channels – but when you look at it – so many of them are pure junk and you get to watch it all in different time zones – hence the need for 250 channels.

    • silk

      LMNOP — If I have to choose, I would much rather watch Soap Opers than those stupid reality shows. Examples: Housewives series — bunch of women have nothing to do except fighting with each other and shopping; MTV — bunch of stupid teens do nothing but party and fighting; Bravo and TLC — promote dysfunctional family values, need me to go on?

      • Linda

        I completely agree with you Silk. I only watch one Soap, AMC. But I refuse to watch any other daytime shows because those reality shows aren’t real but they lie and say they are. They are scripted just like AMC only AMC is better. At least on AMC you don’t expect it to be real.

      • peggy

        I agree…I think that they are well acted. A show that can make you laugh and cry is worth millions in my book.

      • Peg

        Don’t waste my time watching reality shows because they’re not true reality shows. Would rather watch the ABC Soaps. Many of us senior citizens look forward to watching the soaps. Gives us something to look forward to every day. We even discuss them at tea time. What is happening, and we even try to guess what is going to happen next. Sometimes we take a real wild guess and it turns out that we’re right. Keeps our minds grinding away, which will make many of us senior citizens very, very sad. We’ve outlived many of our classmates, friends, relatives, and neighbors, and, here, we’ll be outliving the soaps, which is pretty much the same, and we’ll greatly miss the characters in them just as much as if they were part of our own family… AMC & OLTL characters and aactors, you’ll greately be missed by many of your fans of all ages. Not just by us senior citizens… Charley Sheene’s life is like a character we’d probably see on a soap opera one time or another… He really sorta kept us entertained, just like the soaps do. They could probably start up another brand new soap opera based around him and his shin-nan-a-gins, just like a character similar to Clint Beaucannan,(OLTL) with being a good guy one moment, turning into a bad guy, and, possibly realizing the errors of his ways, and try go return to being a good guy again, especially with teh show going off the air.

      • Steve

        You know, it makes me wonder when they talk about old married couples and one of the spouses dies, sometimes the other passes soon after. They say it is due to a broken heart, missing them, nothing to live for, many of other resons. Someone needs to do a study and see if there is a spike in old folks dying after these shows go off the air. Do soaps keep old people alive longer because the characters are like family?

      • MoonAngelwings

        Oh God, I hate reality shows. Watching real people burn their reputation for the sake of TV time. I know TV Exec’s want to cut cost of writers & actors salaries, but I think it’s going to blow up in their face. Next on TV, “I need to get rid of My Parents, because they too old and need the Life Insurance money” I’ll just rent movies on Nextflixs than give any credence to Snooki..Yuck!

      • Patty

        I agree Silk! I’ve been watching AMC since I was a teenager 30 years ago, and OLTL only for the past 5 years. It’s been great to record them and escape the stress of work when I got home. I never watched any other channels Soaps. The ‘cooking’ show and ‘revolution’ shows they are replacing our soaps with will definitely be banned by me. Maybe I will ban ABC altogether. I don’t watch the talk shows- only occasionally Regis & Kelly (only because she was on AMC w/ Mark) And there is only 2 reality shows that we watch- survivor and American Idol. I’ve laughed and cried with AMC over the years, they are like my family!!! It’s a shame ABC is cancelling them!!

      • valdar

        @steve: great thought. and for the record, I think if anyone were to do that study, they would find the very spike you suggest.
        @davad, I am VERY concerned about the wholesale loss of jobs to which this will lead. not just on the shows themselves, but the soap magazines, which have nearly nothing to write about anymore. the crews, ancillary services etc

      • Tallulah Bankhead

        You sure got that RIGHT!

    • roseyangel

      So the interests and the time so many fans hv give to these soap should just go lay down and die off? Is Sheen’s the best tv has to offer, yuck

      • Denise Costa

        Exactly, AMC and One Life to Live have never been better…The first thing I do is come and home and wonder what is going on next.

        GREAT story line and it is NOT what should be.

        TOTAL disagreement!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • angelique

      Soaps give an outlet to the realworld.. because no matter how f’d up ur life is its never as bad as erika cane’s or todd manning’s… who wants to see some highly paid idiot on the tv telling us how we should live, act, or look….. get over your self ABC… ur not worth my time.

  • A.Olivas

    Ratings are from 18 to 49 that are probably working and not able to watch t.v. during the day what about 50 to 70 that are at home do they count in your ratings? just what we need more talk and cooking shows??????????

    • dee dee1

      Exactly. Can’t wait to see a new game show, cooking show, talk show, reality show etc. Yuck!

      • Allie

        I heard they were replacing AMC with a Tori Spelling talk show. Yep, more reality shows. I have been watching AMC since it started in 1970–so it is like saying good bye to a childhood friend.

      • Diave VonHabsburg

        C.B.S. here we come,we are being sent by ABC!!!

    • Peg

      Avoid the daytime talk shows like a passion. Give us senior citizens a break. We need them like a hole in the head. Give us a soap opera any time of day. We really need the challange of the plots. Something to really discuss with other seniors and to try to guess what is going to happen next. With the way the economy is going, the 18 to 49 year olders are mostly working during the daytime hours to keep their families afloat, which leaves the soap operas moreso for us senior citizens to watch. Many of us even aged with some of the characters in the shows, with some of our peers even passing away in real life. Including Liz Taylor, GH’s “Ice Princess.” Was amazed to learn that Tony Geere had an affair with her in real life when he let that out during his appearance on Oprah’s show, another show we’re also outliving. Operah’s show is occassionally an exception to the talk shows because it varied on topic of discussions and her guests. I don’t watch it that often. Only when she has interesting guests. Don’t really need more shows like hers on the air. There’s already enough of them on the air to avoid watching presently.

      • Sword

        PEG..stop pretending to be a senior.

      • halo

        I hope this comment appears this time.
        Peg, I’m pretty sure Ms O is smart enough to pick these up for her network.
        Just a thought. If you and your “senior” friends write letters to her new network, you never know!

    • rp

      Can’t believe this! This is the ONLY,ONLY thing I watch and make time for. OLTL AND AMC are th best soaps that come on tv. Can’t you take something else off of tv please???????

      • rp

        Talk shows are ok but never catch my eye for more than 2 seconds! Its just crazzzzzzy to take AMC AND OLTL off the air to put talk shows on. There junk junk junk!!!!!!!

      • Mary Samples

        Yes I have watched Erica since 1976 and also OLTL. Do not know what I am going to do but it will not be watching the The CHew who thought? It is going to be a big deal. Does anyone know how they are going off the air?

  • diane workman

    i think its terriable what you are doing to your loyal poeple who has watched these shows for 50 yrs SHAME ON YOU A.B.C.

    • sonia ~ locoforhooping

      30 yrs for me.

      • mel

        25 for me

      • Peg

        Over 30 years… Before Luke & Laura’s wedding and before Liz Taylor was on GH for all 3 of them on ABC. Even watched Ryan’s Hope in the daytime on ABC, just before before AMC would come on at 12:30.

      • Mary Samples

        Boycot abc

    • lango

      Nothing lasts forever, kids.

      You’ll have to find some other way to occupy your afternoons I guess.

    • Sherry

      38 years for me! Since I was 12 years old!

  • Diane

    Noooo! Not another lifestyle show. The camp of AMC is what has sustained it since black & white TV days. Why trash it’s originality for more of the “same old crap”.

    • rp

      CRAP is a great word or it!

  • Liz

    ABC = Absolute Bull Crap

    • Tess

      Contact them and say so. We need to tell them this is unacceptable and let them know we will be turning their channel off when the lights go out on these two beloved soaps. They need to be told how much of a mistake this is that they are making.

      • forrest

        from the article, these shows were not profitable. Where was the viewership that sponsors wanted? It wasn’t with these shows. They were loosing out to talk, self-help, and reality shows. So that’s what’s taking the place of these programs.

      • Lisa

        I wrote to ABC to complain about the cancellation of AMC. Just read a story online where Agnes Nixon says she will try to save them. Wonder what she can do at this point?

      • c.shepherd

        it is a shame amc,one life to live are being cancelled.we do not need any more cooking shows,or living well shows.I will not be watching abc

      • Cher

        I have been watching AMC for 40 years. There has to be something more we can do besides sending a bar of soap. Go Agnes and the VP at Hoover! Thinking, umh.

    • lony

      ABC is going down the river like most of the others, loved AMC for 40 years,now you will put on some more garbage.goodbye ABC

    • Jewel

      Good One!!

  • Linda

    I have recorded this show and watched it after work for over 30 years. What am I gonna do now when I come home ??

    • Lesley

      How about cleaning your house~

      • Nan

        Your just a rude and ignorant person!

      • mbs

        Yes, nothing like working a whole day, then coming home and working some more. Many people relax after working all day (sounds like you wouldn’t know about working, though). Many, like Linda, watch AMC when they get home. How sad your life must be to go out of your way to post that.

      • Kiki

        LOL good one Lesley!!!

      • Allie

        snarky response. I actually did my ironing or cleaning while I watched the taped show. Doubtful that all the reality show addicts do anything productive, because they are too busy texting who they think the next American Idol should be.

      • April

        So nasty if you have nothing nice to say why don’t you go somewhere else. Some people actually care & becauuse, she enjoys a show after a hard days work is her choice. Why don’t YOU GO Clean something. Rude witch

      • me

        I love that show please dont cancel it

      • Carol

        I think it’s very rude and arrogant to criticize people who like soaps. They are entertainment and are meant to entertain! What’s so intellectually superior about watching a “reality” show or a cooking show? They are all forms of entertainment. Lay off the criticism of soap fans.

      • Annie

        If you havent figured out how to watch favorite t.v. shows AND clean your house… have a serious problem! BTW Lesley..I take it you’ve seen Linda’s house?? I agree, you are a rude person, probably related to the Frons.

    • stu

      play w/ urself!

      • Anonymous

        stu, all I have to say is go screw yourself. That was unbelievably rude and disrespectful.

    • Julie

      Same here. I have been watching them since I was young. My mother goot me hooked. I know what I’ll do now. Watch CBS!

      • rp

        Same here. If they take oltl and amc off, its absolutely nothing else on ABC to watch. Bye bye abc and hello CBS.

    • Mathew Woods

      All i can tell you is y’all should watch General Hospital.

    • Red Sam Rackham

      You could watch movies on some cable channels I suppose.

      • s. mason

        Have you seen some of the junk movies they produce. I wouldn’t pay to see many of them. Yes, there are excellent movies out there, but they are far outweighed by not even the old “B” movies that used to be shot many years ago.

        I don’t like paying good money either to go and watch a movie, when every other word is a swear word. No wonder the world is going the way it is. We’ve let the nuts take over!

  • dianne

    Both shows should have “retired” years ago!

    • GAIL

      This is a disgrace. I understand they weren’t reaching their demographic of 18-34 yr. olds. How many 18-34 yr. olds are stay at home moms or retired? This is ridiculous. Do not need another talk show or reality show or Housewives show. At least a soap is a drama with fun storylines. I hope ABC reconsiders!!!!

  • Flip

    Sounds like her statement was written by PR. In reality, she’s probably furious and hurt.

  • cregis

    Now Lucci can hang up her botox. Can’t stand that woman.

    • Kiki

      I agree. I just hope she isn’t going to be showing up on Hot In Cleveland more. She ruined that show

      • ML

        She did not ruin HIC It was a fun spoof. ABC is not doing their research. There is no room for more of the same reality BS! There are plenty of other places to see that crap anytime day or night.

    • Kathy Wilkerson

      how can you say that. Please don’t ruin it for those of us in mourning

  • hippyhip

    I love La Lucci. I’m devastated for her. I hope she ends up on OWN with Oprah.

    • jlovesoaps

      Yeah! Can’t Oprah save our soaps?!

      • cdawn

        What those of us that enjoy our soaps need to do is send our thoughts and comments to ABC. I did and will continue to do so. Go to and send them your thoughts. I will refuse to watch ABC daytime at all if they cancel both of these shows.ABC needs to know that we don’t want their crappy reality shows. If I want reality I can turn it on TLC or discovery or all the other idiot channels that put out this crap. I choose to watch soaps and I guess I will learn to watch other soaps on other networks. GOODBYE ABC!

      • halo1

        Ok, 3 attempt now at posting.
        I think Oprah is smart enough to realize that if she kept AMC.OLTL and bumped the time slots back from 1/2 to 4/5 it would pick up a lot of viewers. And since she is still trying to get all the programming in for the network, you never know.
        Start writing letters. Ms O is smart and I doubt she will ignore all soap fans. Especially since she is (or was) a fan herself.

      • Noble

        Oprah won’t touch this. She wants her OWN to suceed and not go asleep. I used to watch soaps and occasionally still do, but soaps is not Oprah’s style. She’s a saavy businesswoman and from her current line-up her style isn’t daytime drama tv. Isn’t there a soap cable channel? That’s where these shows belong.

  • Andy Bluebear

    Adios, Erica Kane, AMC, and Pine Valley! During your best years, you mixed camp with drama and socially relevant issues. You will be missed.

  • romancelover

    I will definitely not be watching your stupid cooking or weight-loss shows, ABC .. I want my soaps! Granted, I haven’t watched AMC or OLTL since my college days, but I would have watched if the stories were good enough, and by that I mean the LOVE stories. Don’t want to see bed-hopping, I like a real ROMANCE. Soaps used to have adventure and romance, especially in the ’80s, when they were at the height of their popularity.

    • Cris

      So you’re furious ABC has cancelled these shows and you won’t watch the replacements, but you haven’t watched these shows since the ’80s?
      I’m sure ABC is concerned about your continued lack of interest in the time slot.

      • KKC

        Well I watch AMC everyday and I will NOT watch the stupid replacements! And I am in the 50 to 70 demographic and I have A LOT more money to spend now than when I was in the 18-49 group!

      • romancelover

        I’m just putting my two cents in on why I haven’t been watching, it’s because the storylines were no good, soap “analysts” keep trying to give every other reason for soaps’ downfall – women working, etc., I’m a stay-at-home mom and I don’t watch anymore, for no other reason than that there is no love on these shows anymore, just bedhopping. I would watch soaps again in a heartbeat if they had good stories. But I will NEVER watch the lame stuff ABC is bringing in to replace them.

  • Lemon

    I’m confident that Erica Kane, Jessie and Angie, as well as a few others will be showing up on GH. Time will tell.

    • lo

      GH? hope not. That show sucks.

    • Chrisie

      UGH please don’t torture me with the idea of Susan Lucci on GH. I haven’t watched AMC in years – it’s gone down hill and I’ve disliked Susan Lucci/Erica Kane for years! (ever since SMG left the show). I will however miss OLTL but GH is the only one I watch regularly and have since I was 11. Oh well. I agree cancelling them for reality/talk shows is just stupid. I can’t stand reality shows and we do have enough talk shows already.

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