TLC 'looking into' allegations of coupon fraud on 'Extreme Couponing'


Image Credit: TLC

It seems even the coupon world isn’t scandal free these days.

Allegations of “coupon fraud,” or using a coupon to purchase a product that is not listed on the coupon, have been made against J’aime Kirlew, who appeared in an episode of Extreme Couponing last week, by coupon bloggers.

TLC said in an exclusive statement to EW: “We have received a strong response to the premiere and are listening to and reading the various comments around the show — as with all programs, we appreciate the feedback. While the series documents extreme couponing strategies, we take any concerns about specific tactics seriously and are looking into the situation.”

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  • Gracie McLou

    Rut row!

    She’s the mustard lady, right? I wondered why her husband had to “leave for work” during her checkout. He wanted none of the shady deals she did!

    • Teresa

      That’s too much mustard for anyone. They should donate most of it.

      • Cassie Thomas


      • chris

        No! She should give it back to the store. She stole it by fraudulently using coupons that did not apply to the products

      • Diane

        She would never donate. She is interested in wiping the shelf for the simple sake of it.

    • judy

      sure she should donate it, all of them she stole. I am a single mother of 6 kids and we dont need 77 mustards. Be serious when u shop.

      • Kristin

        I agree, Donate it, I am gonna start some extreme couponing for the needy in my area.

    • Debbie P

      She kept piling it in even after her husband said “I don’t even like mustard” she is addicted to the rush she gets at the check out plain and simple !!

      • Shelby

        This is clearly hoarding. Just wait and see if this people don’t end up on “Hoarding Burried Alive.” That way one show promotes the other! It’s just not common sense to buy that much stuff. Most of it will probably go bad before they use it and a lot of the stuff they will probably never use. Using coupons for only what you need saves you money. Extreme couponing ruins the looks of your home and you may even end up spending money on things you will never use, just because you have a coupon. Of course this is why they call it “Extreme Couponing.” Who would want their house piled with all that stuff. If you have a basement fixed just for that it wouldn’t be as bad but No Way am I having scott towels stuck uner my bed. Tacky, just plain tacky, but I love watching the show!

      • carol

        Hahahaha! this is the same thing we noticed when we watched the show! “but we don’t even like mustard”. I agree with shelby, too. Buying what you use and stocking up on what you use is fine. But packing your poor kids rooms with toilet paper and hot sauce is horrible. And then they claim to donate it!? why did they go through all the trouble of neatly stacking and shoving the stuff if they don’t plan on keeping it ? why not donate the things food banks truly would need and appreciate. Food. I think these people are and embarrassing and GREEDY.

    • Diane

      Her husband doesn’t even eat mustard.

      • GABAleta

        Because no one else in the house of 5 could possibly eat mustard…

      • Mindy

        Oh, come on! You could have a family of 10 and not go through 77 bottles of mustard in a year. Even if you had hot dogs 2 nights a week. Get serious!

    • Tina Thomas

      This is getting waaaaayy out of friggin hand! Man thinking about the red cross and the national u.s going broke and the homeless and the other countries are dying of starvation and we using the coupon to be just entirely selfish.. they wont share or donate to others who are in desperate needs like for families with cancer or people have no jobs. come on!! I think they should have a law baised on limited on couponing because the stores are really Loosing alooot of money by doing this. The Governement or the lesgialation need to address this!! come people lets make a new law on this and let this be heard!!! Thanks!
      I cant believe how this are so greedy!!

      • B L Brown

        You are an idiot!

      • Lindsey

        What??!! Not everyone does what this lady does. I think there should be a crack down on the people who abuse it but not those of us who use coupons lawfully and use them to donate to pantrys!
        BTW you made no sense.

      • momof6

        The retailer reimburses the store the face value plus a few cents on the dollar for taking coupons!… The store doesnt lose any money on it unless someone uses a coupon for the wrong item (like this lady did)

      • shannon

        it is ridiculous the amounts of coupons that people are using all at one time and the clearing of the shelves…but the stores are not losing money. the manufacturer of the product gives the store back the face value of the coupon plus 8 cents for each one as long as it was used the proper way. no one is really “losing” money.

      • CRABBY

        I wonder if there is a coupon for a book on how to spell?

      • Mindy

        Wow – who would’ve thought that coupons could be such a controversial subject?

        To those of you that hoard: Shame on you.
        To those of you that buy to donate/share: Way to go.
        To those of you afraid to try: Don’t be afraid.
        And, to those of you wanting to emulate the savings you’ve seen on TV: It’s not real. Be happy w/even the smallest savings.
        And to everyone else, remember: You save the most by not spending anything at all.
        Happy shopping!

      • Terry

        The stores are not losing money (unless it is TRULY fraudulent). The manufacturers give the money to the stores. We do not even know if this lady is a fraud. Hoarder, maybe. Overboard, definitely. Having 6 months of supplies of stuff is fine for me. Having 3 months of supplies of stuff is fine for me. A LOT of the extreme couponers do donate their stuff, haven’t you watched the shows?

  • kelli arizona

    These horders annoy me! Why not use their obsession to stock food banks or homeless shelters?

    • Sarah

      I just donated 6 bags of groceries to a family in need. Most of us are not hoarders. We’re just frugal and know what we’re doing!

      • Amber star

        I’m glad there are people like you. If I knew how to coupon I’d donate too!

      • PrincessBride

        The problem is, those of us who use coupons wisely – and who are considerate enough to not clear off shelves, and who use a percentage of our savings to purchase food for food banks, are not “extreme” and don’t make for good TV.

      • Brad

        I knooooooooooow what you mean, Amber !!! I TOTALLY want to, like, donate to needy people toooooo. But, like, I don’t know HOW TO coupon either !!! Coupons are soooooo hard!! Like math!! (You’re an complete idiot, btw.)

      • Julie

        To Brad- WOW! That was very unkind of you.

      • whatevs

        Brad, if you’re going to call someone a complete idiot, it would be wise to not use “an” in front of a word that begins with a consonant. Maybe you should have used English instead of math for your example.

      • Gigi

        Brad I guess you are the idiot.
        What Amber is clearly trying to say it’s hard to collect various coupons in order to get the real savings you hear about. No need to be so mean.

      • Grow Up

        You are all idiots…. argue about something that matters, not some hoarder with scissors.

      • Michelle

        @Whatevs, lmao. Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black!

      • ryan

        Yeah wasn’t that horrible! The husband was like shouldn’t we leave some, and she just had no shame and did not care, she wanted it all. Although I think episode two has a guy making boxes for troops overseas, so they are not all crazy.

      • SM

        But why buy something that you don’t need just for the sake of “saving” money… seems like a waste of money to me.

      • Mike

        @whatevs, no disrespect but you are an idiot as well. The word “an” precedes a word that starts with a vowel not a consonant.

      • cathy

        Me and my daughter coupon. And we are extreme couponers, anything we get we can’t use we donate. This means a big donation once a month. We just shop very frugal and we donate as well. I hate it that the show has made people look at us in a bad light. We just try to save money and share what we get.

      • Eunice

        TO: BRAD.. You are very rude. what u said just makes you look even dumber.. grow up..

      • Ashley

        @ Mike…The way that you were telling whatevs is the right way was the way she said it. She said NOT to put it infront of a consonant.

      • Becky

        @Brad You are AWESOME! Don’t listen to the others. I knew what you were getting at and think it was really FUNNY!

      • Aunt.Bees.Pickles

        Yeah, Brad – that was pretty harsh.

      • NWfamilycares

        Sarah, thank you for your generosity-those families in need appreciate it. My daughter and I use coupons so that we can get needed supplies for the local homeless shelter. It all adds up and we get the tax write off in the end, plus the feeling that we’re making a difference in their lives.

      • Kelly

        I am disgusted at all of the NASTY Judgmental people commenting on this page. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves!! Are you all so perfect that YOU can say what another person needs or how they should use it?? I am a coupon-er and I hope to be able to save my family as much as these ladies have. I have used coupons to purchase a number of products that I don’t NEED, but by using those coupons i am able to help other people. Thanks to the EXCESS of condiments and other products I have purchased using coupons, Our youth league is able to put on TWO Community Picnics every season. Those picnics provide funds for children to participate in sports programs that their families otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. We have also provided products for and organized many Pancake breakfasts, dinners and BBQ’s in support of our troops Which I am proud to say my husband is one of. I don’t really need to explain or justify this to anyone, because if took the time and it take s TIME to research, clip out and organize coupons for MY family it is of NO one’s business or concern what I do with those products afterward!! Why in the world would you condemn someone for saving money for their family??? Knowing the economic hardship so many people in our country are suffering from, it makes me ill to see such negative harsh judgment!! If Amanda does eat every single one off those candy bars.. who are YOU to judge her?!?! You should also know that sometimes when you buy an excess of one product, especially when it pays YOU to buy it, even if you can’t use it all yourself, YOUR getting PAID and in turn can purchase other products that you will use and need. But I’m sure you were too stuck on how many candy bars or mustard’s you didn’t think someone else needed to pay attention to that IMPORTANT fact!! Keep up the good work ladies, and gentlemen, your doing your family a great service and should be proud!!

      • crystol

        I have been inspired to coupon by this show. My church encourages to have an emergency supply for at least a year should we need it. I make regular donations to many and share w others how i try to save money. I agree couponing is frugality. My personal policy is to stock up by purchasing 4 of what i can get the best deal on i.e. Tooth paste for .25 and bar soap and deodarant for free. Or paper towels and dish soap for .75 all i want to do is stretch our dollar down to the penny and put away for family emegercies.

      • Lindsey

        @ Kelly. I don’t think anyone is trashing people like you and I who donate tons of goods to places who need it. It is mostley for the people who clear shelves just to clear them and then hoard them all and not think twice about donating any of it. When shopping people should always think about other people who may need that item too.

      • Vanessa

        I do the same thing as you. I take my hobby and people in need. It makes my hobby more enjoyable knowing I helped someone out.

      • CouponinginTulsa

        Sadly, these extreme couponers, hoarders, whatever you want to call them, are the reason that those of us that use our coupons for just what we will actually use are being punished by the stores ever changing coupon policies, only one coupon will double per transaction, only 20 coupons per visit, etc. We cannot get the amazing deals that the people on this show get because they have tainted the way regular people who use coupons are treated at the stores. It’s nuts and they need to show the real deal. Take them to Homeland. Talk about strict coupon policies.

    • Maggoo32

      When you understand the art or task of super couponing, you would know that the hording comes with saving money. Sometimes you have no choice to buy quantities of items to make the deal work and save money. And actually, many of us “horders” do stock food banks and donate. Any opportunity I have to get something for free or in large quantity, I do share. I supply tons and tons of items to the animal shelter, and I don’t even have a pet. Understand before you judge.

      • @ Maggoo32,

        I understand that one doesn’t need that many bottles of mustard. I don’t care how much you save. I use coupons and will buy several of one product because I will use it and it won’t go bad, however, that’s just crazy.

      • A

        You got the first part right – “sometimes you have no choice to buy quantities of items to make the deal work.” But that second part, about saving money, is a load. Truly frugal people supplement their budgets with coupons, and they shop based on need. How could someone be saving money when they fill a garage with a product in such large quantites they can’t possibly ever use it all? Food bank donations are at an all-time low, pantries across the country are really struggling, yet we glorify people on TV who proudly show off closets-full of foods and products they don’t even use. There’s something very “let them eat cake” about it, and it’s disturbing.

      • Trish

        You might donate to the animal shelter.What about all the food do you donate to the food banks and if not shame on you.

      • Misty

        @Trish: shame on her? Like it’s her DUTY to donate items? People who don’t coupon don’t realize the amount of TIME and EFFORT that go into the planning and shopping. Granted, some people go overboard with their own personal stockpile, but to say “shame on someone” for not donating items that they acquire from couponing is the same as saying shame on you for not donating the overtime check you got this week, or your income tax refund, or your weekly paycheck. That money is money YOU EARNED and it’s your decision as to what to do with it. Shame on you for saying shame on you.

      • PrincessBride

        Actually, truly frugal people shop when they know an item is going to be the best deal. The don’t stockpile enough to supply an army barracks for a year, but they don’t wait until they run out of something to shop for it. Depending on the item, I usually have a couple extra backup on the shelf, and when I start to get low I wait for the cyclical sales. So, for example, I might keep 3 or 4 tubes of toothpaste under the counter. When I get down to 1 or 2, I buy when the sale rolls around and I can match it up with a coupon. It’s a balance of need – yes, I need toothpaste – and timing – I want to buy my toothpaste at the best possible price. If I find a deal that allows me to get more toothpaste than I need in reserve, then I bring the extra to the homeless shelter.

        @trish – I’m of the opinion that donate to help defenseless animals is important too, and if maggoo32 chooses to use her savings to help animals, more power to her. You should not dictate how someone else contributes to charity.

      • Mary Ratliffe

        Couponing has saved our family and marraige- my husband was laid off for almost two years, and i make a minimal amount at my job. We have 3 teenagers, a house payment, a car payment… the usual expenses. I am no “extreme” couponer, I don’t buy 50 bottles of mustard, but I may buy 5. I have cut our food budget down to about 75 dollars a week, and our house always has fresh produce in it. I donate things like deoderant, bodywash, laundry soap to local shelters. Yes, I bought 20 dove womens deoderant at Kroger a few weeks ago, when they were on sale for $2.00. I had 20 coupons for $2.00 off, so these were free. I promptly took them to a battered womens shelter. I do not keep a stockpile under my kids beds, or have a garage full of perishables, but I do have a kitchen full of healthy foods to feed my family, and if someone I hear of loses a job, or gets sick I put together a Love box for them. Thank God for coupon sites like The Krazy Coupon Lady, Hip @ Save, Couponing to Disney, and Bargains to Bounty. These sites taught me basic couponing and helped our family survive this troubled economic time, and help others!

      • Nocharmer

        @misty. Exactly. I hate this american attitude that if, somehow you were able to LEGITIMATELY get something for free , that you don’t deserve it ( mustard, maloxx, Medicare ) and should be ashamed. That’s just stupid. As you said, extreme couponing takes a lot of effort and thought . Why the hell would someone go through all of that just to give it all away? And, seriouosy, if you really have a problem with people extreme couponing- if the thought and concept bugs you- then donating the proceeds shouldn’t make it better.

      • Melissa

        Never use donating as an excuse for hoarding. You can still stockpile enough for your family without clearing the shelf. When you clear the shelf you are hurting the average person who makes to much money qualify for food stamps and is trying to save money. Not only that when the normal consumer who doesn’t use coupons goes in to shop and finds the shelves constantly cleared they call coporate and complaing about the manager, then corporate calls the manager and gets mad at him, then the manager gets mad at the couponer’s and that when policies get changed. It’s a vicious circle. Stockpile enough for your family not a WHOLE ARMY

      • 88Keys

        You can’t spend your way into saving money. Yes, having a reasonable stockpile of non-perishable items will save you some money in the long-run. But the only real way to save money is to NOT SPEND IT. Buying 77 bottles of mustard you don’t need just because they’re only $.40 a piece is not saving money.

      • Jamie

        Where does everyone get the coupons from. I would like to start clipping coupons but alot of the time the coupons are missing out of the newspaper.

    • Mike

      Fuel prices are going up and the economy is in the tank. The price of food is going up because it costs more money to produce and move food from the producers to the stores. The system is close to breaking now. Be as annoyed as you want, but the day could be coming where those who have a stockpile of food in their basements are going to be feeding those who were “annoyed.”

      • April C

        here here. It’s called food insurance.

      • Janice

        Food insurance? Do you watch Fox News/Glenn Beck? Food insurance is called “farming” Go start a garden! Jeez.

      • Grow Up

        Yeah, I remember after World War III, when there was the international Pop Tart shortage. It was rough, but luckily since Im a hoarding selfish person, I had a stockpile of about 2000 boxes that I stored below my childrens beds. Thats what I call Food insurance! But seriously, who do I call about getting Food insurance, Geiko? Do you think if I bundle my other insurances with them (i.e. Home and Auto) that I could get a deal on Food Insurance?

      • AB

        @Janice: You’re going to argue semantics? Really? April was trying to say that Mike had a good point. What’s YOUR point?

      • chickie

        @grow up – thank you, that was damn funny lol

      • Francine

        Nicely said, Mike. In fact, the Morman church urges its members to keep a year’s supply of food and supplies on hand in case of an emergency. That way, you’re not dependent on a food bank or some other government agency that could “dry up”.

      • CG

        “Oh no honey, the world as we know has come to an end. Thank god we have 2.3 years worth of stockpiled mustard to gnosh on in the basement…even if it is the generic kind!”

      • shameka

        I must agree with you

      • azwife35

        Amen! With continued high-unemployment and more and more people turning to foodbanks & government relief organizations, I think it makes more sense to stockpile at least enough products to see you through a few months or even a couple of years. Why not? The stores aren’t hurt by it, and manufacturers are more than willing to continue printing coupons. What good are they doing in the landfills?


      Actually, TLC did have a couponing special on a few months back that did showcase a man who did this extreme couponing to benefit a local food pantry. It was nice. One concern is how much processed food do these people eat? Do they ever eat anything fresh from their local farmer?

      • Nocharmer

        No. He did extreme couponing. ON THAT EPISODE he donated cereal to a shelter. He is not in the habit of donating his hoard to charity. He does it when being scrutinized. He resells the stuff he clears the selves of. His name is Nathan. I. Tired of his guy pulling at peoples heart strings fooling them Into thinking he’s something that he is not. Extreme couponing is a LOT of work and time. No one is going to put in that kind of energy just to give it all away. Think about it.

      • howdousavethen

        Last episode Nathan was shopping for care packages for 1000 US Troop members. Who cares if these people save money? How do you save yours?

    • Teresa

      Amen! I got 42 $1 off one Mueller’s pasta coupons a few months ago & only kept some of it. I donated some to the food pantry & gave some away to people who can use it.

    • jenny

      A lot of people donate their excess food to food banks/pantries. Honestly if I could buy all the food I needed plus enough to feed 5 more families for $10 I’d do the same.

    • Leslie

      Wow! That is so true. I didn’t even think of it that way. Their “talent” could be used to help so many people, schools, churches yet they stockpile their homes to be on a TV show.

      • Kelly

        HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?!? ARE YOU THERE, DO YOU KNOW THEM PERSONALLY???? WOW PEOPLE, ITS SICK HOW NASTY YOU ALL ARE!! I am a Military wife and MANY, MANY times other wives in my community have come to my house and been able to get things they need, things their budget didn’t allow for in that paycheck. HOWEVER, I don’t need to tell the world about it!! A good deed isn’t done for recognition or a pat on the back..Its done because its within your heart and mind to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Lets hope none of you ever need the help of someone with a stock pile, what shame you would have to hang your heads in to take someones generosity after placing such negative judgment upon them……..

    • Cassie FLACPNLOVER

      So true; you can run a small food pantry from your stockpile. Even if it is just for coworkers, church members or whomever. This is my only problem with these people they don’t BLESS others…with their gifts.

    • Sunny

      Alot of us do. She is the freak of the coupon world.

    • Sunny Ray

      Most of these comments are because of the jealousy people can’t do as well. What people choose to do with their products is their business not yours… Oh it is a free country the last time I checked. I have couponed and buy what I need and I also donate to my foodbank. I don’t believe in shopping without coupons. I think it is crazy how much of stuff someone has but don’t knock it. Most people are pure jelous of not being able to do so well. That isn’t your job to bust someone for fraud. What gets me is how many stupid people who say they don’t have time nor do they use the coupons and throw them away.

    • Miss Thang

      all these haters kill me. To bad to bad, maybe one day you will be glad.

  • HBaldwin

    They should also investigate all of those persons who have taken her classes (between 400 and 750). It possibly could be a coupon ring!

    • Jane E.

      Wow! 750 people all shopping the way she does is a big deal.

  • Jane E.

    I really hope TLC makes good on their comment. There really are a lot of viewers that were greatly disappointed by the apparent fraud committed on Jaime’s segment. I’d really like them to remove her image from their publicity and edit her out of future airings.

    • cc

      I did not read that it was proven she committed fraud on that segement.

  • Bekah

    I agree, Kelli. I think having a few months of stockpile is fine (because you never know when you’ll be out of work or something) but who needs THAT much stuff ~ just so you can say “look at me”?? I hope she gets busted hard, coupon fraudsters are just making trustworthy savers look bad.

  • Nicole

    I hate this show it glorify s people who go into the store take all of the products off the shelf leaving none for anyone else.Also having 18 transactions at once and or having several people meet you at checkout so you get around the rules of limiting things to one transaction.What if I wanted some toothpaste or cereal and didn’t get any cause some jerk came in and bought 50 and the store ran out

    • Teetee

      That would be a tragedy.

    • Mike

      Show up earlier or ask for a raincheck.

      • shameka

        Mike I said the same thing…just go early!!!!

    • Teresa

      But, yes, most of them do seem to be hoarders. There is no need to keep that much stuff on hand.

      • mary

        i agree on tht its too crazy how much stuff they got instead of sending the troops some of tht or people from japan

      • Nocharmer

        @Mary. How much of your family income did you send to the troops? Did you or your husband go out to work everyday 5 days a week just to send all your money to the troops( who already have enough toothpaste, btw). I just don’t understand how a person can feel justified in gelling another how to spend the fruits of their labor. You don’t just show up in a line at the store and get free cheese, you know? You have to plan and organie and pay for gas and supplies. How dare you? And I don’t even extreme coupon. I barely coupon at all.

    • Alexis

      I do think the multiple transactions are wrong but think people should be allowed to buy every item if they are following the rules.

      • lee

        This not following the rules. Having friends come and check out your order is getting around the rules. 18 transactions is getting around the rules. I do the occasional 2 0r 3 transactions to take advantage of Catalina deals or ECB’s, so I’m not innocent either. Just pointing out that they are bending the rules.

      • mommie

        I’m one of those coupons that I guess you all would think goes over board,I have had my share of trouble with stores and coupons. Kroger told me if i wanted more than the limit I could not do more than one transaction at a time but if I wanted I could go out and come back in as many times as i wanted. I stock pile to help others I find the deals and do the shopping then they pick up what they need and pay me when they can some can pay right away others have to wait till payday or until they get the ss check, so yes I have cleared shelves off but I have also went and had to get rain checks so for those of you who complain about us couponers we also encounter empty shelves so quit blaming us just because you didn’t get a sale item its not always our faults sometimes the stores just don’t get the product in due to warehouse problems.
        I have already paid CVS for 24 of the purex 3in 1 sheets but the warehouse is out so they have not been able to fill my order again I already paid for them plus I had them order them for me rather than clear there shelves which they said I could do any way.

      • allison

        @mommie Hopefully you can find a coupon for some punctuation because you desperately need it.

    • whatswrongwiththat

      What’s wrong with someone buying up everything of one kind (assuming they need it)? When there was a huge recall on formula I would take my coupons and discount checks the company gave us and purchase all of the liquid premade formula they had. Sometimes I spent less than 5 bucks on 20 jugs of formula (each jug lasted one day). The only reason why I stopped at 20 was because the store was out. Does that make me a bad person? And how is it wrong to have multiple transactions using different people? It doesn’t say “one per family.” It only says one per transaction. If there are two people checking out, I don’t see a problem with that tactic at all. Heck, I know some people who would have their children check out a third or fourth time so they could get the discount even more times. It’s not illegal. People do it every day.

      • Jason

        Of course, if everyone shopped like that then no one would have any.

    • AB

      The real trajedy is that Nicole never learned how to use punctuation in school.

      • Occam

        The real tragedy is that AB never learned how to spell tragedy.

  • Bonnie

    yes, i wondering the same thing, addicted hoarders! its good to save and i use coupons too, but this is too much, i do know i worked at Target and yes they accept coupons even if you dont have the product, but other stores will not allow this, this much stocked up food, etc. should be donated to the needy, our troops, and food pantries! it makes us regular couponers hard to find these items on the shelf when the hoarders take it all!

    • Mel

      I am a couponer and I have never experienced anything like that at Target. They always check to see if I have the item on the coupon and are very picky about the wording also. I cannot believe a company would allow that because if they get audited, they could possibly not receive the money back from the manufacturer for the coupons because the items were not purchased. I don’t know what Target you worked at but they need to look into that.

      • timmsa

        The reason Target let her do it is because she bullies the cashiers and yells at them. She also claims that she talked to the manager of the store and he said it was ok. There are videos of her target trips out there on the internet and if you look at 1 of them, you will she asks for something in the back, well watch the nails. When she checks out it is the same lady that helped on the floor. The cashier was in on it as well.

    • R.I.

      I worked at a Super Target for 3 years, the kind with the big grocery store attached, and Bonnie is correct. We were told from top-down management not to “confront” the “coupon people.” It wasn’t until I graduated to checkout that I got a lesson in what the supervisors were talking about. The really extreme ones would stand there with a calculator and argue over literally pennies. I had one lady hold up my line for 20 minutes actually CRYING to the manager when I wouldn’t accept her expired coupons. And when she started yelling at the top of her lungs that we wouldn’t accept her (expired…hello!) coupons because she was black, the manager gave in just to get her to go away and stop causing a ridiculous scene. I’ve had customers beg, curse me out, physically threaten me, and even watched a lady change the date with a pen right in front of me. By the time I left about 3 years ago, they were starting to try to crack down on the really outlandish stuff, but even now, if you make a big enough scene in a store checkout line, especially during a really busy time for the store, the store manager will likely go “the customer is always right” route. Like with shoplifting, the stores just write off the fraud and pass the cost onto the customers. On a $1.00 coupon, the store gets the dollar back from the manufacturer plus anywhere from 3 to 8 cents for handling that manufacturer’s coupon. Three to 8 cents is not worth alienating a customer who may have $50 worth of other stuff in their cart.

      • 1st-Time Mommy

        I am so glad I don’t work retail any more. I remember all too well the people who would straight up try to STEAL from you and then make a scene when you confronted them.

    • Carol

      Wow my Target is very difficult with coupons and has to verify every item. It is embarrassing, I do not buy a ton just a few items and they reat me like a criminal I rarely go there.

      • Target

        My Target is also very diligent about coupons, and I’ve seen countless people turned down for expired coupons, wrong items, you name it. From what I can tell, the store is in the right. They’re also very diligent about items which they’ve set quantity limits on – back when my youngest was still a baby, I was trying to buy 8 cans of formula (about 6 weeks’ worth, since I didn’t want to have to run back to Target all the time); I had to go down to just 6, since that was apparently their limit.

  • Bonnie

    I mean my goodness one man had like 1,000 toothpaste stocked up and why?? these food items etc. dont last forever!

    • Stephanie

      Did you not see Nathan very well? He has been the ONLY one now shown on 2 episodes in which he donated. In the case of all that toothpaste, he donated it to “Operation Troops” to help fill 1000 bags. So in his case, he was doing something.

      As for this J’aime who clearly said on her episode, “Clear the shelf” are you kidding me? It’s THESE types of couponers I do not care for. Buy your little quantity but please for the sake of all others, don’t entirely clear a shelf. It’s rude. She clearly violated alot of coupons and committed fraud. How can someone be aired as a Super Couponer who decodes coupons and uses them to buy products that aren’t even in their cart? Furthermore, if you want to really portray a super couponer, find someone who stocks up on normal, regular groceries. So far we’ve seen people stockpile alot of junk, over-processed foods and everyday HH goods that usually yes ANYONE can get super cheap or free. Show us a REAL show of people buying what we all really need. Meat, dairy, produce, paper products and show us a super low total. I don’t care to see 70 bottles of mustard or 65 bottles of Maalox. Another thing is this show is way too staged. Anyone notice the parking lots are empty when these people go in, the lines in the grocery are not busy. The cashier literally closes their lane. Please, show us these same people shopping regular hours like the rest of America. Stop setting up these transactions, telling the cashiers to override their coupons. Yep, I’ve seen many of those coupons “beep” only to see the cashiers overriding 1/2 of their coupons. In my area, no store would ever let you get away with that. The cashiers need to take some responsibility too. Plus no store ever would allow ME to do 18 back-to-back transactions OR call in friends to check out for a measly $10 off coupon deal. TLC really needs to do their homework before airing these shows. So many stores are pulling coupon policies as it is now because of these people. (And yes I’m a hard core couponer, but NOT like these folks who are taking it way too far hoarder-like.)

      • Teresa

        I agree with you. There is no need for all that mustard or maalox. The multiple back to back transactions is ridiculous. I doubt most stores would allow that. I’ll pay attention to the parking lot & other cashiers on the next show. I hadn’t picked up on that before.

        I’m so glad Nathan is one who donates. There was a lady on another episode who also donates. She’s the one who goes door to door for coupons & has the leftovers delivered to her house from the newspaper. She also teaches people how to coupon & helps others all the time. She’s a retired nurse.

      • AB

        I see your point, but honestly, how many coupons for meat, dairy, produce do you get/see available? I don’t see too many. Even the coupons I get from Vons or Ralphs that give me a flat dollar amount off my bill (I had one that was just $10 off a purchase of $10 or more recently) excluded dairy! I mean, really! Everyone needs milk and the store coupon excludes it. I was surprised it didn’t exclude meat, bread, and produce.
        I wish there were more coupons for essentials and healthy food that you actually cook with instead of processed stuff and junk food, or cleaners and paper goods, but the reality is, there isn’t. The couponers are just stocking up on what’s available.

      • Marilyn

        Agree with you. But, I guess TLC thinks the rest of us are a bunch of boring souls who wouldn’t be entertaining enough. Saving $60.00 just isn’t interesting enough for them.

      • Conly

        HAahahaha – “I don’t care to see 70 bottles of mustard and 65 bottles of Maalox” – I couldn’t agree more with this statement! I am 100% in agreement with everything you just said. The over-processed “center aisle” foods bought in bulk (where is the fresh produce and meat? who needs that many bottles of deodorant and medication?), the completely staged scenes that include empty shopping aisles and cashiers who are 100% dedicated to spending 4+ hours helping these people check out. And maintaining a cheerful attitude about it! This is just not realistic. I have to wonder what all is going on behind the scenes to get these stores to agree to be so cooperative with the extreme couponers on the show. Maybe it’s just for the publicity, but I don’t know, I wonder if the producers are actually paying the difference on any items where unexpected issues come up with the discounts/coupons just so that the total will come out to what looks like a shocking savings at the end. This is the only thing that makes sense to me, because there is really no way to know for sure what EVERY single item at the grocery store costs before you get there is there? At least one woman on the show claimed to have this knowledge prior to going to the store but I don’t see how. I know there are the sale ads, but as far as other items go that are not in the sale ads, the prices can change daily. So I don’t understand how these people can claim to calculate their spending to the penny prior to going to the store, and then get through the check-out without any unexpected hiccups in their strategy, especially when you are talking about $1800 worth of groceries! There will be unexpected issues, and I bet the producers step in when it happens.

      • Proud2BACouponer

        I am a new couponer and loving it. I shop at 3 different grocery stores, and I’ve shopped often enough where I know how much the items I purchase cost (without the sale) at each store. I make a list and can estimate how much the grocery total will come to, so it’s not impossible. Personally, I hate going to the store when everyone else is there. I go when I know the store will have the least amount of people in it. Usually first thing in the morning, late at night, or in-between paychecks. (I live in an area when 1st and 15th of the month is when military gets paid and the stores get ridiculously packed, so I stay away from the stores on these days/weekends.) All in all, my point is that’s it’s possible that TLC didn’t have to set anything up. These extreme coupons have a system they follow even without the cameras. TLC just needed to pick up a camera and follow.

      • SCqpomom

        Sorry, but Nathan did not do this donation alone. He sent out a message on his blog asking people to send donations to him. He has pictures on his website of what people sent. Unfortunately, he was given all the credit. Seems like this was just a way to “make him look good” in the public eye because of the backlash he received from the last episode. If you do the research on him, you will find out that he sells his stockpile. There’s more to these Extreme Couponers story than what’s being seen on TLC.

      • Renee

        Nathan was ONLY donating because he got called on it after doing these shows. People in the online couponing communities know that he does not typically donate ANYTHING and instead SELLS what he gets for free instead.


        Thank you! I totally agree with all those that are saying these people on the show are going overboard. That much mustard…. really? Its wonderful to get a great saving and provide for your family or even friends but these people are really selfish. There are so many people starving and have nothing and yet the people on the show have way more then they will ever beable to use. If they want to save nonperishable things then fine but what about all the food that expires. How about donating that stuff, what could is it sitting on a shlef.

  • Jamie

    I’ve been so excited about learning this whole couponing process and watching the Extreme Couponing show. I hate to say, but now, I’m very disappointed. TLC should have done their homework before airing that lady. What a disgrace she is to those of us trying to raise our families honestly.

    • Auntie LaLa

      Don’t be discurraged Jamie. There are great LEGAL and ETHICAL ways to coupon and save. You can stock what you NEED, DONATE to others, LEAVE product on the shelves, and be polite at checkout:) I do it every weekend.

    • Couponer101

      You know, there aren’t alot of fresh produce, meat, dairy, ect. type of coupons, however, when you are saving on everything else, it frees up money for those type of products.. It evens out.. everyone needs to chill out.. and I agree with everyone that has said before… Where does it say that because I saved money on something, I have to give it away. Let him that be without sin cast the first stone.

      • Nicole

        I keep hearing people say that there aren’t any coupons for dairy products out there, but there are! There are coupons for cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and specialty milks (soy, almond, and Smart milk) all the time. The only things I can think of that I never see coupons for (and I’m still in my first month of couponing so I may even be wrong on this) are eggs and regular milk.

      • Gabby

        Nicole, I am also new to couponing and have seen many coupons on the milks you mentioned. I have also seen coupons for Egglands eggs. I have coupons for buy bacon get x amount off of eggs or produce. I actually saved enough w/ my coupons that I could buy fresh produce.

  • Jessie

    How about instead of spending hours upon hours cutting coupons, these people get a job and actually pay for the items?

    • Diana

      Well Jessie, I spend a lot of time clipping coupons and I work 45-50 hours a week as well. I make a decent salary. I don’t have a lot of debt, I do however, have grandkids that I am now having to take care of and I don’t know if you have noticed or not but the price of gas and groceries and everything else has gone up quite a bit while my salary is staying the same. So just because someone spends time clipping coupons it does not mean they don’t have a job. And you must not be a clipper because spending that much time is at least a part time job an I save as much at the grocery store using coupons as I would actually working a part time job and at least I can set my own hours and still have time for my grandkids.

      • @ Diana

        Jessie is talking about those people that spend so much time on it. Referring to the type of people that spend countless hours organizing and planning. If you think about it, a few of those people would make out more financially if they worked instead.

      • Arlene

        Why do you have to look after your grandkids? Where are their parents? don’t have children if you can’t look after them 100% and stop relying on stupid grandparents who pick up the slack

      • Jane

        @ Arlene-
        How unbelievably ignorant and rude you are! You don’t know why she has to look after her grandkids so why make such a STUPID comment? Maybe children’s parents died? Or maybe they both have to work and she’s kind enough to help out. NO parent can look after their kids 100%, even stay-at-home moms sometimes need babysitters. Seriosuly, good for Diana for helping out her family, and Arlene- get your head out of your rear end, who are you to judge? My sister had to go back to work and so my mom babysat her GRANDKIDS during the day, and it was a wonderful experience for all- the children adored my mom, and my mom loved spending time with them. I guess in your stupid mind it’d be better if my sis had dropped htem off at daycare with strangers.

      • Maybelle

        Who the freak cares? Do any of you read what you are saying? Insulting strangers on the internet is a cowards way of bullying!! Get a life people!!!

      • shameka

        Arlene is an orphane and didn’t get much love so she’s a little jealous…its ok…alright everyone let’s give arlene a group hug!!!! : )

      • Canadian Couponer

        My 3 kids cut coupons with me, it’s a great life lesson about where to save money, my kids also understand that some days mommy doesn’t have money for treats (slushies and/or hot chocolate) just “gross-eries” (picture a 5year old not liking to buy potatoes or dish soap). My combined house hold income was under $40,000 with 2 people working full time. My kids also understand not to ask for something unless it is on sale, they know to look for the sale tags.

      • Teresa

        I agree with you 100% ,I just started using coupons a feewks ago and it has saved me lots of money! With the economy the way it is right nowgroceries are so expensive ! I just buy what i need and cut coupons of Items I only need and canot belive how much i saved!!! I love it!:0)

    • Angela

      We have one income in my home, Ive been looking for employment for years and have a disabled child. Its not easy to find a job these days and using coupons helps us spend less. Whats wrong with that.

      • Jennifer

        There’s nothing wrong with it if you’re willing to spend the time and if you will actually use the items you get with coupons. Me, I use a few here and there, mostly on cat food, but since I find that even with coupons name brand items cost more than store brand, I rarely use coupons for much else. It’s not saving money if you’re buying stuff you wouldn’t get otherwise.

    • Westchester Mom

      Yes..Get a job and pay taxes for working. That would be nice. The Stocpiles are embarassing. Who could eat all that processed food? Who needs 30 of anything?

      • A couponer

        Wow – goes to show how much you know – NOT. I have been at my job for 8 years, I pay my taxes, I coupon and I stockpile. I also have a garden every summer & can – oh yea – And I am a mother. Stop the stupid commenting when you have no clue what you are talking about.

      • Occam


        I prefer to exercise my right to spend my time raising my children rather than working full-time and “paying taxes” (which our family of four does more of in a year than you probably do in five)and having my children raised in day-care.

        I clip coupons, save 20-30 dollars per grocery trip, cook healthy meals, raise my own children and save money for my childrens’ college education and my own retirement years.

        If you choose to rely on the government to care for you….well….good luck with that.

        Should people buy 100 bottles of mustard to store under their bed? The answer is obvious. Should I be ashamed of clipping coupons to maximize my savings? The answer to that is just as clear.

    • Teresa

      I see nothing wrong with spending all the time someone wants or needs, so they can save the most money possible on grocery shopping. Those women on that show who have children HAVE A BIG JOB, TAKING CARE OF THE CHILDREN & the shopping, even if they don’t go to a paying job. All women who have children, including the ones who stay home with them, have huge jobs.

    • Holly

      It’s really a shame that this 1 couponer J’aime has caused so much turmoil. I am new to really being very frugal & using & learning to use coupons to get more for our money. I purchase what I know we need & will use. I have a shelf with extra’s of items I know we use alot so to catch on sale Sure I stock up a few extra pieces every few months. So no I am not hoarding but I am trying to keep one step ahead when our economy is lacking so badly. Sure some go over board with it but many are just trying to save where they can in today’s trying times. The one guy Nathan sure has a huge stockpile, but on both times he was on the show he was donating SO much of his finds. That’s AWESOME. I am truly sick that I think a Jessie posted “How about instead of spending hours upon hours cutting coupons, these people get a job and actually pay for the items?” How dare you speak like that when you have no idea how or what others are dealing with. I know for me I am not working not because I don’t want to but because I am not able to due to a disease that has caused much stress. I would LOVE to be working and not struggling so much. But I can’t change how life has turned out for me and I know there are many others in the same boat as me the last we need is someone like you to spit out words as you did without knowing the obsticles we face daily. How dare you put good people down for things out of their control. So yes to help me & my family I shop the sales and use coupons in the correct manner when I can to help my family get through when times have become so hard. Don’t bash all doe trying to save where we can.

    • timmsa

      why would we pay full price for something when we can get it cheap to free.

    • Proud2BACouponer

      If you look, alot of the couponers shown have jobs. There was only 1 that I remember who did not have a job.

    • Savanah

      @Jessie – I would much rather spend 8-10 hours (that includes my meal-planning & shopping) every week. Of course, I could put my 4 boys in daycare full-time and never see them just so I can pay full price for groceries & household goods….

      For those discussing the over-processed foods & lack of produce coupons, I try to save as much as possible on the center aisle items as I can so I can afford to spend more on meat, dairy, and produce. Even as prices rise, my budget doesn’t. Instead of cutting out the more expensive, healthy items, I try to save everywhere else.

      Coupons for healthy things – write the manufacturers. Send a compliment (via email to save postage) and you will normally receive a letter & coupon/s in the mail. Couponing to Disney has a 5 A Day campaign where she reminds people to contact 5 companies (takes 5-10 minutes) and a spreadsheet that shows what they sent her (if anything).

      Oh, my stockpile doesn’t contain anything I wouldn’t use within a year (most items are 3-6 months) and I do donate food & pet goods as well as send expired coupons to an Army base in Italy.

      • Isabel

        I’ve heard this before but don’t really know why they say to send expired coupons to the army??

  • archamius

    doesn’t surprise me at all. esp. since she’s the accused. something about those stripper boots and ridiculous outfit.

  • bradlypitt

    what did she allegedly buy with a fraud coupon. i believe it. those coupon/hoarders are clearly crazy.

    • Michelle

      I didn’t see the TLC special, but I saw her YouTube videos. For example, she would use a coupon for $4 off Clinical Strength Secret Deodorant on a much less expensive Secret product. So she would buy the correct brand, but not buy the specific product listed on the coupon and end up getting it for free.

      • JulieB

        Doesn’t the register prevent fraud by not deducting the coupon amount if the bar code of the product scanned does not match the bar code on the coupon? I thought that was how it was always done; you know, the store using technology to prevent fraud.

      • Heidi

        RE: JulieB’s question- No the register does not always match the coupon to the product correctly, even if you are legitimately using the coupons. I have seen on receipts where if I bought 2 products from the same company, for example one of the more expensive secret clinical deodorants and one of the lower priced deodorants and try to use a secret clincal coupon and a regular secret coupon on the correct product stated on the coupon, sometimes the register will attach them to the wrong product. This doesn’t end up being a huge issue for me usually, since I am in fact buying both items and the cashier can override most problems caused by this if needed. Target’s store coupons tend to attach to the product which they were intended for better than some of the manufacturer’s coupons, however some of the reciepts end up being quite confusing to figure out.

  • Mattie

    Good luck with trying to pull off any one of these extreame couponer’s transactions, you’ll be quick to learn that it’s not as easy as it’s shown to be on tv. They don’t tell all the TRUE drawbacks to using coupons, limits on products, limits on like coupons,limits on transactions, or how much time and effort it takes to even pull off a small transaction. This show is just another show to make people look like freaks and I must say they do a really good job at it.

  • smokinggun

    I was wondering about that myself. I rarely use coupons b/c I think they are actually tools to make you buy products and spend more money, but usually they have the words “limit 5/transaction” and I know the stores in our area limit their sales. I don’t usually pay that close attention, but after watching the show last week, I looked in the sales fliers and all of them said words to the effect of “limit 4 per customer” Per customer, not transaction. I think that: a. either the stores are somehow part of the production and waive regulations, b. the volume of coupons is too confusing and hard to keep track of for cashiers (for any normal person), c. fraud is being committed.
    I really had a strong negative reaction to “J’aime”. She was clearly playing it up for the cameras, surely fantasising in her head of her own spin off. She would need to hire a stylist though.

    • youneedspectacles

      You need spectacles. The coupons do not say Limit 4 Per Customer. They say “Limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip”. One could rule a ‘shopping trip’ is going in and out of the store a few times…

      • smokinggun

        maybe so, but these people are doing it all in one trip.

      • fjlo

        I have never seen a store advertisement that reads “limit, like, 4 per shopping trip”. Is it 4 or is it more? Youneedspectacles, you need to learn how to write, read and reason. Thanks for the laugh. Your comment was so stupid it made me chuckle!

      • Jennifer

        Coupons often just have “limit # per transaction” but store flyers will often say “limit x# per customer”. It varies.

      • fjlo

        How does “limit X per transaction” and “limit x per transaction” different? Don’t you have to give the cashier the coupon (unless it’s one of these save 20% all day).

      • @fjlo

        Seriously? or are you simply trolling? It’s “limit 4 like coupons per transaction”. All P&G coupons have this wording now. NOT “limit, like 4 per shopping trip”. It’s not valley girl dialect, it’s English. Like means same.

      • karmink

        @@fjlo – it’s youneedspectacles” that wrote that. fjlo was calling him/her out, I guess. Who cares. Exetreme couponers are crazy and I am sure they lie all the time

      • Kristen

        actually @karmink, not all extreme couponers are liars. Some of us do it because our husband thinks he needs to use a quarter of a bottle of body wash in every shower!

    • Occam

      “She would need to hire a stylist though.”

      Epic win.

  • Cheryl

    Wow I have never been able to use a coupon for something I don’t have in my cart. I do know that Target will take a manufacturers coupon as well as their store coupon for a single item but that isn’t fraud. And I use coupons every chance I get. But I don’t go to the extremes they used on the show. Best I have ever managed is taking a $70 grocery bill down to $14 and I have only been able to do that only once. Most times I try to match up my coupons with the instore savings to try to maximize the savings.

    • Maria

      I think the cashier was in it!

    • Jason

      I think part of the entire process is knowing you’re buying 1000 items and using just as many coupons. If your strategy depends on de-frauding the manufacturer and the store then it stands to reason that “wearing them down” by presenting a 3-hour checkout process would be part of it. Who would have the time or reason to check that many purchases against the coupons?

      • tnsmoke

        Cash register scanners are supposed to be able to tell if the coupon is for an item that was already scanned and if not it shouldn’t accept the coupon. Maybe some smaller stores still use only the cashier to match the items with the coupons. I think coupons are great but when you get into any extreme behavior you waste hours of your life that you can’t get back, time away from your husband and kids hovering over your coupon empire. Get a life. Moderation is fine and having 3-4 of something on hand but hoarding dozens of one item is sad.

    • momaj4

      I watched the show and I hope they are clipping their “Box Tops for Education” also. This is easy money for local schools!!!

      • lyn

        okay i am a couponer and yeah i get alot of groceries, but i hae a rotation in my cabneits oldest experations in fron when they get at least a month in experation i give them to food pantries and charities. it’s not all bad.

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