Agnes Nixon on canceled ABC soaps: 'I will do everything possible to keep them alive'


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Agnes Nixon released the following statement about the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live, the two soaps she created for ABC more than 40 years ago. “ABC’s decision to cancel All My Children and One Life to Live saddens me greatly,” the 83-year-old queen of daytime soaps said. “I treasure the decades that the worlds of Pine Valley and Llanview were brought to life by our talented casts and crews. I appreciate that the network allowed our teams to break new dramatic ground and always supported our commitment to the honest portrayal of social issues. We hope we have entertained our viewers and perhaps even educated them along the way.

“My deep gratitude goes to all the talented people who have contributed to All My Children and One Life To Live over these many years; we were always family, made up of writers, producers, directors, actors, crews. Equally important in that family are our loyal fans who shared this journey with us. Although ABC has concluded there is no longer a place for our shows on their network, I will do everything possible to keep them alive. God bless you all.”

Will a cable net rescue the canceled soaps? (Sound: crickets)
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Do canceled soap stars have another life to live?

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  • jt

    I’d like to see them come up with a new version of the soap. Just totally tear it apart and reinvent the genre.

    • Pat

      Save our soaps…All my children and One Life to Live

      • fay

        save our soaps

      • Kathleen

        Please save our soaps.

      • tony

        I am saddened to hear that ABC wants to cancel our beloved soaps to replace them with cheap reality shows and talk shows. You have disrespecked the millions of fans,actors,cast and crew of these beloved shows. I will never watch anything that ABC has to offer ever again ,if they take our beloved soaps. Take that ABC and shove those reality shows of yours.

      • athena

        they should take our favorate couples from all my children and one life to live and move them to general hopital!!! dont change their character,just give them a new address!!!oh how i’d love for them to keep our favorite characters going!

      • trish bradshaw

        I started watching AMC and OLTL when i was a teenager,now they are taking my beloved soaps off, It saddens alot of people. Dont we have enough talk shows and cooking shows, and way too many realty shows Please save AMC and OLTL

      • susan M.

        Save our stories!!!!!!There is alittle time left.. Agnes Nixon , please strike up a deal with another cable channel for OLTL…Brian Frons can do it . He has the clout to do it…Since Prspect Park isn’t coming threw with their idea to put OLTL on the internet this Jan. 2012..(PROSPECT PARK). KEEP OLTL ON THE TELEVISION. Do something else ,don’t give up!!!! TRY, TRY, AGAIN!!!!!!!!Till we get a cable station’s ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Millicent Jaundoo

        I still can’t believe that this is the last week for One life to live. I been watching this show since I was in my early teens I am 39. I cruddy when I found out it was ending after being on the air for so long. I truly love this show.I wish there was a way for you Agnes Nixon to keep it on the air. I thought it was going to go to the web so disappointed about that.Please save One life to live. Very sad loyal fan.

      • Millicent Jaundoo

        I still can’t believe that this is the last week for One life to live. I been watching this show since I was in my early teens I am 39. I cried when I found out it was ending after being on the air for so long. I truly love this show.I wish there was a way for you Agnes Nixon to keep it on the air. I thought it was going to go to the web so disappointed about that.Please save One life to live. Very sad loyal fan.

    • Thomas

      l hv grow up this soaps get rid of all thid stupid talk shows and let the soaps stay alive too many good shows are gone find away to keep them alive Thank u Ms Nixon

  • Artressa Vandelay

    Good Luck Agnes!! Save our Shows!

    • AngelBaily

      Please do anything you can to save our soap, its characters and wonderful actors and actresses. The thought of them being saved has made my day even a little bit better.

      • tv bug

        Instead of cancelling SoapNet, why don’t they just transferr all of the Soaps to that channel?? It would boost Soapnets ratings and keep on the shows that we have watched these many, many years.. Actually, that’s probably to logical for those in charge of decisions..

    • dee dee1

      Go get em Girl! Give us hope!

      • kim

        Please save our soaps… I will not support any show on chanel 5 ever again

    • David

      Please Agnes Save Them! This is just too unbelievable that they would cut these long standing shows for more talk shows and reality crap! This is insane! Save them please save our shows!

    • Joyce Mitchell

      I am 73 year old and I have watched both shows ever since they went on the air. When I cannot watch, I tape them to view later. Please save these shows.

  • bee

    Put them back on the radio!!! i think that would rock!

  • Diana Morrison

    I have been watching All AMC since the beginning, I was 13 years old. It was my mothers favorite and is mine too. I also watch One Live to Live. I tape both while at work and watch at night , I really cant stand all the so call reality shows! Not really reality at all! l Dont know what ill watch now!

    • Grammy

      I cannot believe ABC is doing this…and to think they want to replace AMC and OLTL with another version of The View …. I will give up Grey’s and Private Practice in order to boycott ABC. Obviously, management isn’t thinking about the fans who built this network …

      • tony

        You are so right, these shows have been around for over 40years and millions of fans have made them popular, and now ABC wants to take them away from us ,and the fans.What is ABC thinking.Their so-called reality shows will never get any good ratings and will be cancelled.Then ABC what will you do? You should listen to the fans and save our beloved soaps.

  • sutpidabc

    These are the only two shows I watch in the daytime. No more ABC for me.

  • AngelBaily

    I like the radio idea in addition to keeping them on television. Maybe having a soap station and not just soapnet. I think the soap opera is a genre that is appreciated by certain people just like some appreciate reality tv that I don’t like. I like the fact that a soap opera is new and fresh everyday in a story form with characters that I can get into. I still love Tad and Dixie even though Dixie is gone. I still can dislike Todd Manning, but I appreciate the fact that is daughter Starr has grown up in a decent way and want to see how she will turn out in the next twenty years or so. In order for that to happen, we need to have the show around. Unfortunately ABC does not get that, and that is there loss. Another network or station can benefit from that. Agnes please get them to see that. Advocate for this and us. We love you to Agnes.

    • Peg Bundy

      Consider this: even if you could just run 2-3 shows per week, that would reduce the cost and still keep your loyal fans. You could find a network on cable!
      Please remember if you go to a cable network it has to be a channel that is on everyone’s “basic” cable. Not a channel that you could only get with certain providers like satellite.

      • Lisa

        What about Oprah’s Network? She seems to be a fan of the genre.

  • Rusty

    Thanks Agnes!!! We are behind you!!!

    • Ashley

      Please save these shows!!!! I want to see Cara and Tad’s marriage play out and the whole Todd storyline now that the original Todd is coming back.

    • susan M.

      Do something else for OLTL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katiedid


    • jennrae

      Women! You know all women want to do is learn how to cook for their men. Riiiiiiiight.

      • Holly

        My boyfriend told me to stop whining about the new cooking shows and five minutes later asked me to make him a sandwich because he didn’t want to get up. I threw the sandwich at him, got the remote, and turned on OLTL.

      • katsi

        The talking corpulent meatball, Mario Battali, will host the replacement show “The Chew”(not kidding) UGH-chubby, shorts-and clog wearing chef who eats with his hands and stuffs his mouth so full that food gets stuck in his 3-day old redheaded beard. Grotesque. Is this the best they could come up with? No thanks-don’t wanna barf.

      • linda

        We know how to cook..we’ve been doing it forever ..

  • AE

    i’m deaply upset. ive been watching AMC for 40 years. i hope you can save my show.

  • carrie vieira

    i am 54 and have watched these shows sence i was a kid . i watched with my Grandma after school every day we shared our Christmas and Thanksgiving with them. my kids watch them and my hubby retired and watches now as well . i feel like abc has proven by this action that they only care about rateings and money and not the fans . i feel better but damnit im still mad.

  • geneva

    please don’t take our soaps away. they are part of my life.

  • Philly Ray

    Forget the radio…do podcasts!!

    • Brett

      Philly Ray, you have an excellent idea.

  • A.D.

    Please save them…they coulda been cut to 30 min but getting rid of them all together is soo effed up!

  • Maxine

    I am really truly sad about this news and i would do anything to help keep it on TV if it would help. I’ll buy every product they advertise!! One Life To Live will forever be in my heart.

  • Beverly Cook

    It is a sad day for soap fans!!! I just cant believe the best day time shows are ending!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!

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