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The votes are in, Roomies, and in the end, the voting power of Chuck-dom, passionate followers of Gossip Girl, and loyal fans of Big Bang Theory earned themselves today’s mega-scoop! Thanks for your participation in my non-scientific Spoiler Room scoop election.

If your show didn’t win, try again! Or harass me until I listen. It honestly works. Ask some of your fellow question-askers for testimonials.

You know the drill: Send scoop requests to Spoilerroom@ew.com or Tweet them to me (@EWsandraG)

See you Tuesday!


Let’s not be any more cryptic than we have to: Chuck has a lot in store for the finale episodes of the season, and between the bachelor(/ette) parties gone wrong (CIA action!), last-minute wedding details (and missions), and possible tragedy (dun, dun, dun), I don’t even know where to begin….With the tragedy, you say? You got it. (How morbid you are…).

The terrible event takes place the night before Chuck and Sarah’s big rehearsal dinner and sadly involves “someone we love,” says a source. I know, your mind probably went exactly where mine did upon hearing this: Does this mean we’ll say goodbye to a member of Operation Bartowski? Sadly, it could mean just that. Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak said nothing to help quell my fears either.

“Death is definitely a possibility,” he said in an email. “Remember: we killed Stephen Bartowski in our penultimate episode last year…” Devestating.

In an unrelated but equally squirm-worthy tease, Fedak said all the bachelor party hijinks that have been teased are only part of the craziness that will occur. “We’ll say this… one of the partygoers (someone who isn’t a spy) may find himself being tortured by Ray’s men,” he said.


If you haven’t picked up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, may I suggest you do it post-haste, Gossip fans? Seriously. EW has an exclusive First Look at the Gossip Girl finale, and once you see this photo, you’ll want the full story, which is…

We knew the final episode of this insane season would be momentous, but this two-parter (airing May 9 and 16) promises not only multiple cliffhangers, multiple parties, and a love square that has more than stirred up Gossip land in recent weeks, but there’s also a sweet moment, seemingly crafted especially for the Chair fan in my heart. Executive producer Stephanie Savage explains:

“We want to be a little mysterious. We love the idea, first and foremost, that it’s Chair, in chairs,” she says of the sneak peek.

Fellow exec producer Josh Safran adds: “It could be a wedding. It could be a bris, if you see yarmulkes in the photo. It could be someone’s bat mitzvah, maybe Eleanor’s, because she’s converting to Judaism.” Joking aside, “It’s on the Internet already that Blair is going to get engaged in the last several episodes. So this may or may not have something to do with that.”

But what about the seemingly happy place Blair and Chuck seem to be in? It’s been a long time coming, they say. “We’re setting up this story where Blair has always been in search of her fairy tale,” Savage says. “So the end of this season, Blair’s story is very much about, What is that fairy tale? Is that fairy tale being with her first great love, Chuck Bass? Is that fairy tale being with Prince Louis, who people know is coming back to the show? Or is that fairy tale being with the dark horse in the race, Brooklynite Dan Humphrey, who we’ve seen recently she has so much in common with?”

“We try to build everyone’s story so they can all collide into each other, and I just feel like what you can expect is the fun of watching how the stories intersect, and what happens when you do,” Safran adds.

I don’t know how much more of all this drama I can take. Wait, yes I do. A LOT MORE.


It’s high time Raj lost his selective mutism, right gang? Well, as I teased a while back, it’s going to happen. But not naturally. In fact, it’s quite unnatural, actually.

“He has access to the world of science, and, we presume, a school of pharmacology. So, maybe he talks to a guy,” BBT executive producer Bill Prady teases. “Maybe someone has an idea of how to help him, and I’m just going to say that maybe it’s a lesson in waiting until things come to market.” Oh, Raj.

As much as his run-in with inebriation will serve as a lesson in the importance of drug testing, it will also serve a slightly bigger purpose, says Prady. “The cure doesn’t [stick], but I think that it’s possible he’s at the beginning of a journey to deal with something he’s dealt with all his life. This is a first step…. I don’t know if it’s a good one.

But while Prady says there will be “no resolution” to Raj’s mutism problem this season, he doesn’t rule out the possibility of touching on it next season. “It’s a thing that really starts to get to him. He looks around and even Sheldon is in an odd, twisted relationship. Another thing is that his best friend — the guys who’s been his best friend for years — is now engaged. He’s looking for a way not to get left behind.”

When he puts it that way, my breaks just a little for poor Raj. So shall we brainstorm, Roomies? Should Raj get a girlfriend next season? If so, I accept casting suggestions (which I will claim are my own if I like them).


Since it has been renewed (Thank you!), can we assume that Fringe will go out with a bang? And by ‘bang’, I of course mean a cliffhanger so perpetually mind-blowing it will make even the casual watchers cry themselves to sleep. — Quincy
You better believe Fringe is going out with a bang. In a conference call with reporters yesterday, I asked (and in doing so, shared my wisdom with a room of reporters…you’re welcome) creators Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman about two rumors in the Fringe-verse: 1) Will a beloved character die? 2) Will there be a third world introduced? Turns out half was true. “Somebody who we all love deeply will die, but we’re not introducing a third world. There’s our world and then there’s the world where Peter was taken from when he was an 8-year-old. We still have plenty of story to tell just in those two worlds,” said Pinkner. “Maybe at some point in the future there will be a third world, but not yet.”

The Fringe honchos also guaranteed the safety of the altverse world – maybe not all of its characters, but the world itself. anyway.  “It’s not going to end. That’s our plan to go forward. It’s part of the language for the series now,” Wyman said. “We can promise that it’s going to be even more compelling, and we’re going to develop those characters even more and we’re going to see our characters through their eyes and their characters through our eyes. It will definitely dimensionalize further.”


Image Credit: Patrick MacElhenney/FX

I have a question about one of my favorite shows, FX’s The LeagueWill the show address the NFL lockout and answer the question: “What does a fantasy football league do when there might not be a football season?” Will it been addressed directly or will it be ignored?  Thanks bunches! – Tasha
Because I am about as aware of the goings on in the sports community as I am what it feels like to see over the counters at the bank, I’ll toss this to a real expert: The League’s co-creator and executive producer Jackie Schaffer! “The guys in The League are hoping, just like everyone else, that there is football this fall. There has to be. If there’s no fantasy football, what’s left? Their jobs? Their families? Uch. Rest assured they will suffer through the fears of a lockout just like the rest of us,” she says. “Although one of them is secretly hoping there is no season so he can stop playing. But it’s not who you think…”

Never see anything here about One Tree Hill anymore. Got scoop? Thanks! – Geralyn Starr, KCMO
Forgive my oversight. Austin Nichols (Julian) will help correct this injustice with baby scoop! ” We got married in episode 13, then we’re trying to adopt, and there are some more things that may possibly get in the way in the next five episodes that you’ll see,” he says. He doesn’t explain exactly what those things are, but reveals that we will begin to get some answers in the April 19 episode, which he directed. “I can’t tell you much about that adoption and that new baby, but it was one of the most important things in my episode that I directed and [what] I had the most fun with,” he says. “You know, I got to cast a ton of babies. We had to have twins, because some babies can only work for a short period of time. So I got to go in a room with all these babies and look at all these cute babies and go, Yes, I want that baby, I want that baby [laughs]. It gets complicated when you’re casting babies. I think at one time we had triplets. We’ve had rubber babies and all this stuff, and it’s been interesting.”

Will Brooke & Julian have the happy ending with their new baby on One Tree Hill? Will baby mama back out at the last minute throwing Brooke into a deep depression that Julian can’t pull her out of? Will Naley’s baby be fine? Will this the end of the Hill as we know it come May? OMGooooooodness…so many questions and no spoilers..how is a girl gonna make it?  — Lacy, Mississippi
Simmer down, Lacy! That’s…quite a mouthful. I cherry picked one question out of this bundle and posed it to Nichols, who absolutely agrees with you on one front: He wants to see Julian and Brooke happy as can be. “You know, I think that she’s such an important character in this world, and she’s had a rough go. Julian finally came into her life, and he was a guy that kind of swept her up and made her feel that it was going to be okay — that they were right for each other and would live happily ever after. TV shows are definitely about drama so there’s definitely going to be some of that, but I think that they’re the ones for each other. I think they found each other.” Heart=melting.

Has there been any further word on the release of the first Pushing Daisies comic? Thanks! — Diana
Not a spoiler, but I’m happy to answer. At last report, the plan was for an early 2011 release – obviously, not the plan any more. A few sources confirm to me that some business-y talks are currently holding up the comic. A slight consolation? Some have said good things come to those who wait. I counter that better things come to those who whine about waiting. We’re on the right track…:)

My vote for Friday’s scoop is Vampire Diaries!! Thanks for all the great info!!  –Beth
You’re very welcome. I’m thankful for your thanks. But you know what we should both be most thankful for? Last night’s episode of TVD, because (un)holy crap! Outstanding! (Check out Mandi Bierly’s recap.) And you know what? It only gets better from here. “Everyone’s life will change by the end of the season,” teases Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie…who’s alive. (Thank goodness.)


Image Credit: Glenn Watson/USA Network

I’m SO excited about the Burn Notice movie this weekend. Any scoop about that or season 5 for a big Michael Westin fan? — PJ
Well, you’ll definitely want to watch this weekend’s movie if you want a good primer for next season. Not only will aspects of the story affect next season, but some characters from the movie will be showing up next season as well, according to creator Matt Nix. Also, check back this weekend for my chat with Nix, where we talk about the Sam Axe movie.

Would love to know if NCIS is ever planning to tell us the story of how Abby and Gibbs first met. They have such a great relationship. It would be great to know their story. Also, it’s been a while since the spotlight was on Abby. As for this season, I predict that E.J. will be out by end of season, so [the relationship between her and Tony] will be done. Gibbs just doesn’t like her, so she is short term. As for Ziva and Ray, I think that Ziva’s trust issues with men will not let her easily forgive Ray for keeping secrets. I predict that they will agree to give each other space, but not quite call it off entirely. — Adele
There are no plans to immediately delve deep into that story. As I told you earlier this week, though, look for Abby’s storyline to get a little bit meatier as we head into the end of the season and her “friendship” (as executive producer Gary Glasberg describes is) with new agent Matthew Willig heats up. And I know some of you weren’t too happy about that, but I have to admit, I’m thinking a slightly jealous Gibbs will be awfully adorable.

I’d really like to hear something that’s a “cut above” on Supernatural. It’s been a mixed season and I’m hoping the remaining episodes tilt that mix in a more positive direction. What say you? Thanks. — MS
I say while we probably shouldn’t expect the sunniest season finale (honestly, have we ever gotten one of those?), we can at least take comfort in one fact: We’ve seen the last of evil Sam…for now, according to executive producer Robert Singer (yes, he’s the character’s namesake.) “Oh, I think you’ve seen the last of that particular evil Sam. What next year holds, who knows,” he laughs. (UPDATE — yum: ‘Supernatural': Sam and Dean travel to the Old West in ‘Frontierland’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

When can we expect to find out whether Fairly Legal has been picked up for a second season?  The decision will greatly influence how I remember the final scene of the season finale. – Bruce
Could be a little bit until we know for sure, I hear. Hang in there.

NCIS all day!! Which past agent does the eyeball belong to? Who’s going to die?!? Any scoop would be great!! — Melissa
From what I recall, “past agent” was never exactly the terminology used. Don’t get me wrong, though — it could definitely be a former agent, but just keep that little fact in mind when placing your bets. No one is safe…especially if you’re in any way, shape, or form connected to a man named Gibbs.

Would love to know if NCIS is ever planning to tell us the story of how Abby and Gibbs first met. They have such a great relationship. It would be great to know their story. Also, it’s been a while since the spotlight was on Abby. As for this season, I predict that E.J. will be out by end of season, so [the relationship between her and Tony] will be done. Gibbs just doesn’t like her, so she is short term. As for Ziva and Ray, I think that Ziva’s trust issues with men will not let her easily forgive Ray for keeping secrets. I predict that they will agree to give each other space, but not quite call it off entirely. — Adele
There are no plans to immediately delve deep into that story. On the Abby front, however, as I told you earlier this week, look for her storyline to get a little bit meatier as we head into the end of the season and her “friendship” (as executive producer Gary Glasberg describes is) with new agent Matthew Willig heats up. And I know some of you weren’t too happy about that, but I have to admit, I’m thinking a slightly jealous McGee will be awfully adorable.

I’d love something on The Middle. Frankie is my favorite because she reminds me of my mom. Did I mention my family is totally dysfunctional? — Heather
Is your mom also royal wedding crazy? If so, she and Frankie very well might be soul mates. At the Exporting Raymond premiere in Los Angeles, Patricia Heaton spoke to us about Frankie’s latest regal infatuation. “Frankie gets obsessed with the royal wedding — like really obsessed. Buy-plates obsessed,” she said. “That’s coming up timed to the real wedding I believe.” Also coming up? Sue’s graduation! And prom!

I’m so worried about baby Hogela on Bones. Since it doesn’t look like BB are headed anywhere, they’re the last reason I’m watching the show. Please tell me the baby’s going to be okay? —
Well, I can’t tell you that exactly. (That’d totally ruin the suspense!) But I can tell you that the delivery goes very much in typical squint fashion: Angela and Hodgins are helping solve a murder from the delivery room! Thank you, web cams.


Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/The CW

90210, please! — Stacie
Prom’s the place to be during sweeps, apparently. Like so many other shows (Glee, The Middle, etc.), we’re headed to prom in the final episodes of this season. And even though Tristan Wilds (Dixon) couldn’t say much (“CW head hunters are perched on my roof,” he jokes), he did offer up one tease: “I will say that Dion gets pulled in to help plan the prom, so you can watch for that. See what trouble he gets into.” The more, the better, I say!

Psych, please! They’re coming back soon, right? Would love some scoop on what’s coming up next. Better yet, let’s talk to James Roday, k? — Diane
I like the way you think. I’ll get on that speedily. Meanwhile, I can tell you that episode 4 of the new season has the words “Gus’ Got Game” in the title, which finds the guys trying to help Gus piece together a wild night. Um, yeah, we can’t lose on an episode like this.

(Archana Ram, Stephan Lee, and Carrie Bell contributed to this report)

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  • Kelly

    Thanks for the spoilers, Sandra! In the NCIS scoop, you mentioned a slightly jealous Gibbs would be cute . . . I seriously hope you meant McGee . . .

    • Sandra Gonzalez

      You never know, Kelly…Kidding! Yes, McGee. Fixed. Thank you! :)

      • aughra

        Be sure to take out the first one with Gibbs–it’s unfair that Adele gets two questions, and me none? Then again, it’s NCIS, so I’ll read it twice anyway! (And Gibbs may be a bit jealous/protective, too!)

      • aughra

        Oh, and it was devastating. The other looks like devesting. I kept my vest, but sniffled throught that scene. Sadly, there’s only one name on the title of the show; anyone else may have a target on their back. I recall at Comic Con how Mark Christopher Lawrence declared that he did NOT want Big Mike to know anything about Castle–as soon as he did, you know he’d be killed off. Sadly, the name of the show is not “Big Mike.”

      • haryox

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  • Roy

    I’m betting the “eyeball” on NCIS belongs to the NSA agent from the “Power Down” episode because her eyes could “unlock” any eye sensor such as MTAC has.

    • Bob R

      Nice call Roy. I forgot all about that.
      I kind of like EJ – I thought Gibbs was over the top

      • Alison

        That is a nice idea, Roy, I like it. Unfortunately, I think it’s already been revealed that the eyeball is male.

      • jules

        Can’t, for the life of me, remember who this NSA agent is. However, I agree with Bob about EJ…I like her too and thought Gibbs was acting like an 8 year old.

      • annie

        I think that Gibbs’ biggest problem with E.J. is that she is a redhead….his type…..and DiNozzo got her first.

    • Theresa

      I am wondering if the eyeball belongs to Leon Vance… haven’t seen him in a while…hmmmm

      • Bella

        Vance’s eyes are brown, not blue. I’m thinking it could be Gibbs’ dad.

      • znachki

        Nope – Gibbs dad’s eye couldn’t open the MTAC door. It has to be someone who no one knows is missing – since they would have deactivated access otherwise, and I don’t think that the character is important in a personal sense, but important to the plot of the finale arc.

      • Nicotine

        I’m thinking (but hoping it’s not) Mike Franks. He’s a former NCIS agent and he’s shown to still be active in some missions, so it’s possible his clearances hadn’t been revoked.

      • CJ

        I’m thinking it belongs to Jenny Shepard.

      • Sue1

        I thought the same thing, CJ.

      • AltDave

        I was thinking Franks too. Hope not for his sake, but he’d look kinda cool with an eyepatch!

      • Lauren

        My two thoughts are it is either Mike Franks or Lt. Col Mann. Both have blue eyes and would have access to MTAC.

      • seeingdouble

        I am thinking the eyeball belongs to Agent Fornell. It’s the correct color, he has access, and they have been showing us a lot more of the “odd couple” friendship between him and Gibbs lately.

      • Bobbie

        The eyeball belongs to Special agent Chad Dunham. He has blues eyes ,right age, Would have access to Mtec. Played in Season 7-episodes 1,4,7. He also played True Blood in which his name was Terry Bellefleur. Which is the in last name of the victim found in the field in Two- faced where which the P2P killer manipulated the eyes. It is also the episode that the eyeball was found.Todd Lowe played Chad Dunham.

      • Bobbie

        Also Kevin Todd Lowe(not the same person) is the vice president of research and development for advanced laser Doppler(Lasek) You can check this out on aurinc.com
        I think it is a play on names.

      • badprobiemcgee

        Just saying that the eye ball can’t belong to Jenny Shepherd because her eyes weren’t blue. It’s a good thought, but definitely the wrong color.lol. However, I did think that was a possibility at first.

    • LNW

      Ok I like all of the guesses except Ducky already said the eye belonged to a male! So it narrows things down a bit. Good call to those who named Dunham, Franks or Fornell.

  • Jedi

    Renew Chuck for 1 final season!!

    • BM

      I’d like to think Chuck will be renewed for more than just 1 more season!

    • tvwatcher

      Yes, please. How much longer do we have to wait to find out whether Chuck will be renewed? And have the show’s producers decided how to end this season without knowing if they will be renewed?

  • Roy

    Also, as Kelly pointed out above McGee would be and is the most likely one to be jealous of Abby. Her relationship with Gibbs is more “Father-Daughter” so while Gibbs might not like it I doubt he would be “Jealous”.

  • Skylark66

    Nothing is going to happen to the Hodgela baby. remember Harthanson thinks they are the perfect couple to teach all about relationships and how to handle them to everyone else on the show. (gag)

  • L

    Here’s a crazy thought: Blair stops “waiting for her fairy tale”, grows up a little and realizes she’s beautiful and smart and can stop defining herself by dudes like Serena does.

    Oh wait, this is Gossip Girl, the show that actually describes the GUY WHO TRIED TO PROSTITUTE HER TO A FAMILY MEMBER *as* a fairy tale.

    • Ada

      Blair was willing to prostitute herself for Chuck. I’m not saying he was a saint in that situation but Blair wasn’t exactly a complete victim. So I wish people would stop harping on this. Move on! PLEASE!

    • Ashley

      Hate chuck all you want, Blair and him are birds of a feather. They may do slimy things, but they are the only ones that understand each other completely.

      • Gigi

        Yes, because two messed up people being in a relationship together always works out for both of them. Ok. Chair fans are delusional if they think that Chuck won’t hurt Blair again, since he hasn’t changed this season, just gone back to hurting people he supposedly cares about, Lily and Raina. If Chuck actually reforms, I might ship them again, but if they just got back together now their is no way they’d work out.

  • Sharb

    I’m with Jedi. Please renew Chuck!!!! I would love more than one more season, but at this point I’ll take it if that’s all I can get. Please!!!!

  • Michelle

    As long as Chuck and Sarah are safe!

    • Pan

      I’m in it for Casey, I hope he’ll be okay too.

      • Katie

        I don’t know about Casey…I read something about Adam leaving after this season which set off alarm bells in my head. Wether it be true or not, I hope our magnificent trio will be okay.

      • LM

        I think Casey dies, too. His character has gone the distance it can go and there hasn’t been much development in him this season. A new and fresh character could really inject fresh energy into the show. I’d like to see Dalton back as a regular as Volkoff.

      • Nerdista

        I’m totally fine with Casey leaving.

  • Laila

    Hmmmm, why not get a Bollywood actress for Raj’s girlfriend? My choice is Deepika Padukone!

    • Stacey

      She’s gorgeous, I saw a pic of her on the Cannes red carpet!

    • Orac

      Because Raj is getting a boyfriend, not a girlfriend.

      • Dewi

        RMS is NOT a very good tool if you need something more than just an iniencdt logging solution.The problem and change management functions within RMS is horrendous and the web front end they provide is extremely limited! You can’t even see problems on CSC for crying out loud!

  • Eric

    Hi Sandra, you made a typo in the line:
    “my breaks just a little for poor Raj”
    I guess it’s your heart that breaks, right? Also, I googled that Deepika chick, she’s hot.

  • jenn

    Alede got her question answered twice…lucky gal. lol Thanks for the NCIS scoop.

  • JJovana3

    Photo released to EW pretty much ends any hope for Chair reunion, which realllllllyyy sucks. I guess no season 5 for me. Good bye Gossip Girl. It was fun while it lasted. For the most part.

    • BLM

      What are you talking about? I have the photo in front of me and it’s Chuck and Blair both being lifted on chairs at some sort of Jewish-related party, holding hands and laughing. Looks like some sort of happy reunion to me.

    • chase

      JJ, I think you mean Dair not Chair which means I won’t be watching the show any more this season…

  • dianneiriarte

    Thanx for all your scoops. Can’t wait to come to NY n June. Going home visit mothers grave & visit brothers. Enjoy my visit its been 25yrs had my daughter at Bellevue hospital LOL!!

  • lisa

    Raj sleeps with penny!

    It’s true I swear!

  • Pamela

    Gibbs knows that Tony & Ziva belong together & that’s why he doesn’t like the EJ/Tony relationship.

    • Red

      On the contrary, Gibbs’s “never date a co-worker” rule #12 would apply to Tony and Ziva as well. Why do some people insist that every male-female pair of TV co-workers HAS to get romantically involved?!

    • Unhinged

      So Gibbs is secretly a Tiva shipper? You see a new justification for why NCIS should be ruined-I mean why they belong together almost everyday.

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