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What a lovely day it is for television news, Roomies!

I’ll keep today’s usually-rambly intro short: You want scoop? Ask! All you have to do is email me at spoilerroom@ew.com or find me on Twitter (@EWSandraG), where you will see I’ve already started celebrating Supernatural‘s upcoming Western episode (see below for scoop!). Don’t see yours below? Come back Friday; there’s a good chance it might be there then.



Smallville‘s better-than-ever farewell season continues Friday with the appearance of Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes in an episode that will have both fans of the mythology and beloved Clois squealing in delight. As teased in previews, the episode indeed features an iconic phonebooth transformation (but not into the full tights-and-cape). The moment is all you’d hope it to be, but what got this nerd really excited? The steps that were taken toward creating a critical part of mythology: our hero’s name. Also great: Lois’ interactions with Jaime, Clark’s almost child-like reaction to Booster douche (who is actually as frustrating as he his hilarious), and the arrival of clumsy Kent. Take it all in, Smallville fans, because we’re in the homestretch. Luckily, the show’s been making it more than worth the 10-year investment.


We left Michael Westen on an unsure note at the end of last season: Is the covert op headed for unburning? Well, if I were to give you a straight answer to that, it would simplify what’s going to be an extremely complicated task for our hero in this upcoming fifth season, kicking off June 23.

“One of the big questions of the season is what are the terms on this [decision]. What is the cost of that?” executive producer Matt Nix teases. “Is Michael the same guy he was when he got burned? Is he willing to give up the things he gained since he did get burned?” Like his family. His gang. And, recently, a girlfriend.

“Over the course of the series, people sort of talk like Michael’s burn notice is a switch that can be turned on and off when, in fact, his reputation was destroyed,” Nix says of Michael’s rough road to reputation recovery. “Everyone in the world is being told this is a bad guy who can’t be trusted. That may be something you can do over night, but it’s not something you can undo overnight.”


A few weeks back, I laughed out loud when I first read the loglines for “Frontierland,” the highly anticipated episode of Supernatural that takes Dean and Sam on a search for Samuel Colt, because it said Dean was “beside himself with excitement” at the prospect of time traveling to the Old West. I remembered that line as I watched the episode, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s hard not to smile a little as the boys head back to the 1800s, zarapes and all. The episode also marks the introduction of Castiel’s angel lieutenant, Rachel. And for those of you who pondered: No; she’s definitely not a romantic companion. Sorry, the real love-fest in this episode is between Cas and Bobby, who share some really great moments, particularly when one of them finds themselves caring for the other. (D’awww.) The real hero of this episode, however? Sam’s thingamajig. You’ll have to watch to see what I mean by that (…perv). Bonus scoop: Dean has a “fetish,” and we learn what that is. It might be related to something I already mentioned.

 For a sneak peek at the episode, click here.



Image Credit: Carole Segal/AMC

Anything on The Killing? I’m obsesssssed. A dorky fan — like you! — Annie
I’ll forgive the “dorky” comment because I’ll assume you’re echoing the language I used in my Q&A with Mireille Enos. If not, pffft. Kidding, obviously. I’m a total dork about this show, and for good reason. And it’s only going to get better, according to Enos. “This case is going to try [Sarah] in every facet of her life. She prides herself in being in control of her world. And this case will definitely affect her life. She’ll feel less and less in control of the events in her life,” she tells EW exclusively. “It has an affect on her personal life because she’s unwilling to walk away.”

Being a avid Castle fan I am dying for more news about the finale — I know Andrew Marlowe has said Castle and Beckett will not be getting together this season (and probably not next season) but PLEASE, PLEASE tell me he won’t end the season with the one or both of them going off with someone else. I think the writers do a fantastic job playing “cat and mouse” but to me that would make everything that has happened in the back half of season three a complete charade and I would feel cheated. Appreciate any and all scoop — G
I think Marlowe and Co. know what their bread and butter is. That much I can say. As far as the finale, if I were you, I’d be expecting a major game-changer.

Can I have a Sheldon/Penny scoop please? They’re my favorite two characters of the The Big Bang Theory and it’s been a while since we’ve seen a truly amazing scene with just the two of them! Did I mention that I also want to see them together? I didn’t. I do now! – Sophie
You want to see them together as in together, together? If so, sorry, you’re out of luck. Now, if you said “Leonard/Penny,” then I might have a different answer for you.

I’m in need of some Big Bang Theory!! — Bri
I think you should check Inside TV on Thursday for some major scoop on Sheldon’s new [_o____t_]!!!

Will they ever bring Jean back to NCIS?  I loved her and Tony together and thought they were such a great couple. I know he was undercover but really think he loved her. — Lola
No plans, sorry. But perhaps you can garner enough support in comments to start a movement. May I offer an NCIS consolation prize? I’ve teased quite a bit about the finale, and you likely still have questions. But after viewing the season-ender, there’s one answer you’ll have: what Gibbs is building in his basement.

What’s the future hold for the The Chicago Code? — Chris
“Well you can expect [Caleb] to kick some ass — because I’m playing him. And ass kickery goes wherever I go,” star Matt Laura jokes when posed this exact question. Putting back on his straight face (and yes, the fun-loving actor has one): “I think respect is paramount to [Caleb and Jarek], and I don’t think either of them are willing to negotiate on that,” he says. The problem with that approach? It makes for quite the tense “chess match,” one that fans can look to reach a boiling point very soon. “I get to call him in some ish coming up,” Lauria teases.


Image Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC

I would like to see some more Community or Chuck spoilers. — Becca
Sure thing! Would you like spies with that? On the night before Chuck and Sarah’s rehearsal dinner, something terrible will happen to someone we love (an incredibly important member of Operation Bartowski), and it will force the team to confront their greatest enemy: the CIA. “Chuck’s team will find themselves facing a CIA agent who’s tougher than Bentley, Beckman, and Shaw combined,” executive producer Chris Fedak teases.

Please, some White Collar scoop? Will we get more Peter-Neal-Elizabeth scenes? Love three of them together! — @_st07 via Twitter
There will definitely be more of the trio than there was last season, according to what executive producer Jeff Eastin told me last month. But I still wouldn’t say it’s as much quality time as Neal will be spending with Sara — some of which includes diamond lingerie.

So many rumours…but my question is clear: Is this One Tree Hill‘s last season? I grew up with the show, but since Joy, Sophia and James are done after this season. I don’t want the show to continue without them! — Ingmar
Sadly, the future is still in the air for One Tree Hill. In fact, Austin Nichols, who plays Julian, is in the dark as much as the rest of us. “I wish I knew more. I wish I knew it was going to be a series finale or just the end of the season,” he told us. Judging by the finale, it could go either way, he says. “I think Mark [Schwahn]’s really good at doing that, and I think that he can make an episode that does have closure but that can also plant seeds for the future,” he said. “I know that this happened to us last year as well. The end of season 7, he had an ending that was satisfying, he also had an ending that was an end. So we’ll see what he did this year, I definitely know that it’s going to be good, and the fans will love it.”

Would love scoop on The Middle! — Adam
This week’s episode brings a big milestone for the Hecks: a new TV! But it’s not intended to last. Frankie only buys it for the royal wedding, but never technically gets to use it because she won’t have her sight by the end of the episode!

Anything on Gossip Girl that DOESN’T involve Blair. I know you have a girl crush on her, but let’s get some other scoop. — Tori
First, I wouldn’t call it a girl crush — it’s more like a quiet admiration for a … whatever. So it’s a girl crush. Can ya blame me? Anyway, here’s something about the smartest van der Woodsen. [Cricket, cricket] I mean Eric (Connor Paolo). Ah ha! You forgot about Eric. Well, I assure you Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran haven’t forgotten him. In fact, they have big plans: college. “Eric was always going to go to college. And when you find out where Eric will be going to college, you will see how that’ll shape up in season 5,” Savage says. Considering Paolo has booked a pilot (Revenge, ABC), we’ll just have to see how far away Eric tries to get from the madness. And judging from what I know about the finale, he should probably aim for at least Dubai.

And is Nate going to get an actual storyline at some point, or is he knee-deep in guest stars for the rest of the season? — @maribells01 via Twitter
Well, in the next episode, airing April 25, Nate definitely plays second fiddle to the Raina-Chuck parent drama plot, but it is rather sweet to see him doing the supportive boyfriend thing. But I’m with you, let’s get him something juicy to do — or someone.

Some Gossip Girl, please! It doesn’t even have to be about Chair! (But better if it was. Hint Hint.) — Tara
Lily is going to jail! Well, if Billy Baldwin, who reprized his role as Serena and Eric’s dad last night has any say. “In the real world, I feel almost like she should suffer the consequences. She got caught. Let her be punished,” he said. “Let’s not punish her disproportionately — let’s not punish her because she’s a rich woman — but if you tarnished or destroyed a reputation of an innocent man like that, and a judge threw you in the slammer a few months, serves you right.” Brutal! Yet, I kind of love him more for it.


Image Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Justified, please! — Shane
Wednesday’s episode finds Tim playing bodyguard to Raylan following last week’s attempted shooting. (Yes, there’s one Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner joke.) And while that’s a lot of fun and games, trust me when I say it’s probably the last time we’re going to be seeing Raylan smiling for a while. The last three minutes of the episode will change everything. P.S. — I love this show more than moonshine. P.P.S. — Moonshine is awesome … someone cool once told me.

Would love some scoop on Nurse Jackie. Bonus if it’s on Coop. He cracks me up! — Bethanny
There’s some solid gold Coop moments in next week’s episode when Coop gets some devastating family news. I know, it sounds terrible. But his pain is our gain in this case. Just wait till you see his reaction, and Jackie’s, for that matter, when he literally cries on her shoulder.

I can’t wait for the new season of In Plain Sight! Scoop? — Lauren
The show returns with some new faces, some returning faces, and one huge twist: a surprise engagement! But while Brandi and Peter are thrilled about the engagement, the episode presents new challenges to the couple — and much of it starts when Brandi ends up in cuffs!

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  • Jason

    Thanks for the Smallville scoop – can’t wait for Booster

    • Flyer

      I really like Eric Martsolf’s work on Days of Our Lives. Can’t wait to see him in the Booster role!

      • kim

        This episodes looks like it’s going to be a gazillion times better than last week’s Kent episode. I can’t wait.

      • Flip

        He was better on Passions.

    • Jenny

      I know!!! I’m so excited!!! Although, I’m really sad that I can’t watch it live. Oh well, that is what my dvd recorder is for!

    • sun

      Looking forward to Booster as well! Excited for the Clois scenes and separate Clark and Lois scenes with Booster, Beetle and Cat!!

  • Rue

    Great scoops. Keep them coming.

  • Harper

    Excited to see more Cas again after last week’s superb episode. This season has suffered for the lack of Misha Collins and the Angel, Castiel. And glad to hear Rachel is not a romantic companion. Seriously wish they had let Misha go out west though – Cas would have looked great in a cowboy hat!

    • Dee

      I totally agree, Harper!

    • Jack

      Good god Haper74 from twitter, you really are all over INTERNET spewing your butthurt Cas/Misha speeches. ^^ You’re a grown woman, have some dignity.

  • John

    Smallville’s better than ever farewell season? Give me a break. The show has been a trainwreck all season. Only Clois shippers are happy.

    • Zakry

      Your opinion.

      • Jason

        Scared that that might be fact, Zakry??

      • Orac

        I’m with Zakry. This season has been great. And I could care less about your stupid “shipper” arguments.

      • Carrie

        I agree with Zakry. This has been a fantastic final season. They brought Martha, Jonathan and Lionel back. Lex will be back for the finale. There have been plenty of nods to the Superman mythology and lots of cute Lois & Clark moments. I’m thoroughly enjoying this season.

    • lauren

      couldn’t agree more…so not a clois fan! they need to get rid of them! lois i mean! not clark!

      • kim

        Yeah like that’s going to happen. Maybe Chloe the self-proclaimed superhero will die a slow painful death. Maybe she’s the one that will finally push Clark into becoming Superman. I’d be cool with that so long Chloe bites the dust!

      • Carrie

        You do realize that Lois & Clark are one of the most iconic couples, right? Don’t hold your breath.

      • sun

        Wished Chloe to die since season 3! But. She. Just. Wont. Die.

    • Xavier

      Only chlollie shippers are happy with this trainwreck. Soulders is always spoiling the crybabies with anything they ask for.

      • Kalie

        I’m a big Lois & Clark fan and I love Chloe & Oliver together. I’m really enjoying this season and I don’t think you have to choose one couple over the other or one character over the other. I don’t get the people who have pitted Chloe against Lois. The characters are best friends on the show and I think they’re both great. In fact, all of the current characters on the show are terrific.

      • sun

        They’re not only best friends but cousins as well!!!

    • kim

      What show have you been watching? The clois has been pushed aside in favor of chlollie and cless lately. And not all cloisers have been happy with a lot of the saccharine-rich but passion-free Clark and Lois interactions. But I’d still take ‘boring’ clois over any amount of Chloe, Tess and Oliver screen time. Those three really suck the joy out of episodes for me. (Qualification: Oliver only truly sucks whenever it’s anything to do with chlollie. Free of Chloe he’s mostly great.)

      • sun

        Have to agree:
        1. Clois pushed aside for non-iconic unbelievable (to me) couples;
        2. Not all Cloisers are happy with the almost-zero intimacy (no touch nor real kisses, wth?);
        3. Still take Clois st over unimportant supporting characters’ st;
        4. Ollie’s almost great when Chloe-free

    • Helena

      re: Smallville. “Luckily, the show’s been making it more than worth the 10-year investment.” Ehh no. Not really.

    • Jenny

      Smallville has been a trainwreck all season? More like for the PAST SIX SEASONS.

      • sun

        It’s funny how people complain about a train-wreck of a show and still continue to watch it… for 6 years! lol!

  • lauren

    wow, such breaking news about the killing. sike! c’mon. it’s obvious that this is going to affect her personal life. we need moooooooore!

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Just for future reference – it’s “Psych!” not “sike!”

    • DUH

      agreed. how bout some REAL Killing scoop??

  • Juanita L

    Me Gusta.

  • BLM

    You’re not alone Sandra. I have a total girl crush on Blair as well. So, what do you know about the Gossip Girl finale? Spill!

  • Christine

    The way that was written made it seem like Deans fetish is for Sams thingamajig.
    I can hear the Wincesters already.

    • Ellie

      haha, that was unfortunate. my guess was the zarape.

    • Orac

      Clearly it’s a gun thing. A common fetish among some men…

  • Jackie

    Sam, Dean, cowboy attire… I just went to my happy place.

  • JessK

    So glad to hear SPN is not going to be shooting itself in the foot (again) by trying to turn this new character into a love interest for anyone.

    As for the Western thing, unfortunately all I can think is “I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool!” Alas, Supernatural, you will never quite be as good as the best shows out there, but hopefully this time round the fanservice will be more enjoyable than cringeworthy.

    • Melody

      Ha! Great Doctor Who reference! I still love me some Supernatural and cannot wait for the WW episode.

    • Xavier

      SPN is a good show, but sadly it has lost its marbles. Now its just ripping more and more on hit movies, with no f***** originality. wont last past season 7.

    • AB

      Jess, I thought the same thing!! LOL 4 1/2 more days!!

  • HeySandra

    Why do you keep referring to Josh Schwartz as Josh Safran? Maybe I missed something, but it is getting annoying…

    • Remy

      Because Josh Safran IS an exec producer for the show. No mistakes made.

  • Nataly

    Re: White Collar. Very sorry to hear it. One thing I absolutely do not want in new season is more focus’ shifting from Neal & Peter partnership to Neal & Sara. Just why producers always think romance is necessary to attract viewers? WC did just great in 1st season without it. I watch buddy show and crime drama, not soap opera.
    Very dissapointed!

    • x files


      • erin

        times two

    • Dee

      I couldn’t have typed it better myself! I am NOT happy about this Neal/Sara stuff at all!

      • Billie

        Me either. Now, if they’d said Neal/Alex, well that would be a whole ‘nother subject.

      • Bette Dell

        SO agree! Really, WC? You were doing so well, and already you’ve fallen into the typical (self-sabotaging) trap for TV writing… Have a bit of Neal/Sara if you must, but don’t forget that we initially and continually watch WC for Neal and Peter. That’s what it’s really about, so THEY should ALWAYS remain as the strongest focus.

    • Shane

      Angel just never has done it for me. Something about a buffy spin off. It wasn’t good enough to srpoput the humor and dark comical nature of the original. (Just my 2 cents.) Plus, Kim doesn’t like it either. (Although she did relay something about evil cordelia and that sounded promising.)

  • Michael

    What is Gibbs building in his basement?

    I do find it funny how people hate smallville for what it doing to superman but love what Nolan has done to Batman

    • Super Disappointed!

      Are you seriously asking how people can be annoyed with Smallville when its latest atrocity is turning Darkseid,one of the best Superman villains ever, into the equivalent of the Smoke Monster from Lost? Oh sorry right I forgot its way cooler than the Smoke Monster cuz this time its Smoke With An Agenda! Thank god this garbage is finally going off the air.

    • Bette Dell

      Meh. Who cares? Damned Gibbs has been pissing me off lately with his bitter attitude. I hope he’s been fashioning a wooden stake so someone can drive it through his excuse for a heart >_<

  • Ferniesfreckles

    No fair!! You get to watch the episode before anybody else! Can’t wait to see Dean in a zarape.

    This really has been a very good season for Smallville, haters to the left.

    • Xavier

      You have such low expectations, don’t you.

      • sun

        Not everyone have to lower their expectations to enjoy a show… just saying.

  • Mels

    Excited for Smallville and I totally agree this has been an excellent season, but where in this day and age do you still find a phonebooth?

    • Liz

      Apparently Metropolis still has phonebooths. Clark did contact Lois as the Blur by calling her at phonebooths before she knew his secret and the again when he proposed to her.

    • sun

      It’s a show about aliens on earth with super powers and, instead of pondering on that possibility, we have to wonder where to find a phonebooth? Really?

      • Ugo

        Bonus tip: timing a Tabata can be a pain by ysoluerf. If you take time to reset a stop watch for 10 seconds rest you are actually resting longer. There are numerous iPhone and Android Tabata timer apps and Tabata timers for laptops. Or you can Google GYMBOSS. Its a cool little timer that can beep for various work/rest cycles and its $20.

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