'Glee' scoop: Details on the season's final episodes

Glee is finally back after a seemingly endless hiatus and they’re ratcheting up the drama for the final batch of episodes. Now, we already know that next week is Glee‘s supersized episode, featuring New Directions’ cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” but now Fox has released details on the final four episodes airing this May. Sadly, there’s no Gwyneth, but a ton of other good stuff in store. Here’s what to expect [and here lies the requisite SPOILER ALERT]:

  • May 3: April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) returns! Meanwhile, Sue (Jane Lynch) brings back the school newspaper and, naturally, begins to plant blind gossip items. Plus, a secret is revealed about Sam (Chord Overstreet) that brings him closer to the glee club.
  • May 10: New Directions performs at the McKinley High prom and the dreamy-but-duplicitous Jessie St. James (Jonathan Groff) shows up.
  • May 13: Jessie helps New Directions prepare their performance for Nationals. (Should they be trusting him again?) But the big news is that someone will die. (The episode is titled “Funeral.”)
  • May 20: It all comes down to this — New Directions heads to New York for Nationals!

Plus, based on last night’s coming attractions, Kurt (Chris Colfer) is back at McKinley! See below…

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  • Jojo

    Just please let these episodes be better than the last one.

    • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

      More Charice please!

      • Angie

        Please no. She can’t act.

      • @Angie

        Finally! So glad someone else is not on the Charice train.

      • Christine

        @Angie She can’t even lipsync

      • Charice is the best thing that happened on Glee!

        She acted well her part, an exhange student! Don’t expect her to act like a really confident American teenager, ok?

      • Fantasia

        I agree, Charice is so very charismastic, and easily the best singer on Glee since it started. I hope they make her a regular to boost the falling ratings.

    • Cygnus

      Geez, these upcoming eps sound like they’ll suck as hard as the rest of the season. New Directions plays the prom???? Honestly??? Did they just play the Talent Show last night??? It’s like the writers just make some thin conceit to put the players in a singing number. Sounds like another filler episode.

      I wonder if the funeral will be Coach Beast. Since she’s been MIA for several eps. Maybe it’s Glee’s plan to have the coach be their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, with a new one every year.

      • Rosie

        Ahaha, Harry Potter joke. ^__^ Okay, anyway, I agree. Last episode was weak, and the whole season hasn’t been nearly as good as last season.

      • tessa

        Yeah, that wasn’t a talent show, that was a benefit concert benefiting the glee club. Get it right! (Get it? Since there’s a Glee Song named Get it Right. Funny!)

    • Gael

      has anyone else noticed that they say may 10th and then a new episode may 13th?
      explanation, please?

      • Suzanne

        I did! Those dates are Fridays, why not on the regular night?

    • kellybelly

      Is it just me, or did last night’s episode bug others too? I mean 6 people in the audience for their own fundraiser? Really? Where are all of these kids families? Parents? Neighbors? Friends? Who does a fundraiser and doesn’t go out and sell tickets or advertise it!!
      And where was Figgins — as principal, wouldn’t he have shown up as a rep for the school function. Just totally unbelieveable.
      What I loved about Glee in the past, was that they took realistic situations and heightened them just a bit to make it more dramatic and a comedy.
      This episode lost it’s charm, and that was just so annoying.

  • klover

    “someone will die” i think will either be the bully (suicide) or Wil’s ex-wife. would be great if it’s Holly tho. tired of her character now.

    • Flyer

      I really hope the death won’t be Karofsky. What kind of message would that send, in light of the whole “Things DO Get Better” campaign? If it’s gotta be a person (as opposed to another mascot), I hope it’s Terri and that it’s played more for humor than sadness.

      • Lois (from Smallvile) STINKS!

        It’s not Terri. I read somewhere that she is slated to apprea in most of next season’s epis.

      • julie

        it’s not karofsky. ryan murphy and brad falchuk have already said they are planning a happy ending for that storyline. not sure what they plan but they have both said over and over that karofsky will not be killing himself because that’s not the kind of show they were. i have a feeling it’ll be someone we don’t see that much.

      • Emily

        I bet it is Jesse that dies

      • kas

        I’m betting it will be Sandy Ryerson.

    • Jackie

      Actually, when I read the “someone will die” part, I thought maybe it would be Sam. I really like him, so I don’t want him to die, but then when I went back to “Plus, a secret is revealed about Sam (Chord Overstreet) that brings him closer to the glee club”, I thought maybe he’s sick or something.

      • Angie

        I don’t think it is Sam because they are obviously setting him up to be a major player especially once Finn graduates. Ryan Murphy said he was the first to “replenish the stock” as it were. I think his secret is that he is gay like he was originally intended to be… Also I think he has family problems.

    • orville

      I thought perhaps (though I certainly hope not) Mr. Hummell considering his past health problems.

      • Bill

        Yeah, I thought of Burt Hummell when I read it as well.

      • Laura

        It’s not Burt Hummel – he’s signed for next season.

      • SisterZip

        Please, oh PLEASE, don’t let it be Burt. I don’t know if Kurt could take that. I don’t know if I could take that!

      • pig butts

        it’s gotta be sam that dies. actually, please let it be sam that dies. that character is terrible.

    • Andrew

      It’s not Karofsky. They were thinking of having him commit suicide but decided that was no the direction they wanted that storyline to go in

    • SupaFan

      If it’s not Kurt’s Dad, how about Finn’s Mom? I am thinking that with her gone, Kurt’s dad can no longer afford private school and he returns. Sad way to do it, especially with the big “I’M BACK” thing at the end of the trailer.

      • Aly

        So the dad has two wives that die? how ’bout no.

      • Marie

        Carole filmed scenes here in New York, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t her. I think Finn’s mom is safe.

    • Gael

      i think its going to be principal higgins.
      another retarded story line

      • Gazza

        NOOOOOOOOOO! NOT FIGGINS!but I do like he idea of holly… not because i hate her or anything, mind… or maybe it’s Shelby?

    • Shamus N.

      Weren’t they saying someone would die during regionals, and it turned out to be the Warblers’ mascot? It could probably just be Britanny’s cat.

      • Lizzy

        No, they confirmed it is a human and someone we care about

      • kellybelly

        No Lizzy – I think they said that the person who died was human and someone we “know”.

  • amy

    what do you mean “Sadly, there‚Äôs no Gwyneth…”??? she overstayed her welcome. one episode was more than enough.

    • Brett

      Much like the show itself.

    • mejaki

      No Gwyeneth IS something to look forward to. I have to second that. Once was WAY more than enough.

    • lila

      Agreed. Nothing against Gwyneth, but she adds nothing to the show in my opinion. Would rather have the time spent on her spent on the other characters instead.

    • Karen

      Agreed a million times. (P.S. YAY GROFF)

  • tigger851

    hoping the shows get better, bored with the one from last night….

  • justaguy

    I thought this was a supersized season with 25 episodes. That only sounds like 22?

    • Aly

      there’s a super-sized 90 minute episode.

  • Shannon

    Aren’t the last 2 episodes of the season airing on May 17th (Tues) and May 24th (Tues) instead of May 13th (Fri) and May 20th (Fri)?

    • Swanfirefly

      I think they want to work around GleeLive! so they can preform Nationals songs at the concert

  • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

    I want more power-belting songs! I want more of Charice!

  • saint of E. 69th st

    wow last night was bad..real bad and I am gleek as they come….got a bad feeling it is the beginning of the end for the creative juggernaut..still gonna watch..but excitement is waning..these teasers are not that great same old guests…

    • pig butts

      totally agreed. that episode was atrocious. it seems like every character is bordering on homer simpson level dumb. the mercedes scenes made me want to tear my hair out and the cheesy sue-per villains thing was just terribly unfunny.

      • Colleen

        The “benefit concert” and having Mercedes act that way was atrocious. But I did enjoy Blaine/Kurt/Santana and their confrontation with Karofsky. I also thought the lunch thing with Will and Emma was sweet.

  • Yikes

    Really and truly, how much more Glee will there be? I know that in 2009 it was given a two year pickup, but does anyone other than me hope that we are on the downhill side of the show that couldn’t stop. If they would just have the songs mirror the story or a little bit of a stream of consistency through the episodes that would be fine. Unless there is a big turnaround, they’ve lost me. I always wait for the show writeups now and then go to YouTube.com to see the songs in an episode.

    • kellybelly

      Completely Agree! Songs should mirror the storylines.

  • Caroline

    KUUUUUUUUUUUUURT! Your hat is awesome!

    • suebrody

      So excited that Kurt is back! Now I hope the episodes get back on track.

  • Jojo

    Charice has proven she can’t act so I’d vote they reduce her role even more and tell a good story.

  • Luke

    Dear EW, no Gwyneth is good news. Stop kissing her butt already.

    • Joanne

      So agree.

  • nk8950

    Last night WAS bad! Why does it say the last two episodes are on Fridays? Friday May 13th is the series finale of Smallville. Can’t have that…I can’t miss it.

  • Brenda Barrett

    Cannot wait for Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!! Rachel Berry will be happy again soon.

    • Jackie

      As long as he doesn’t, you know, go cracking eggs on her head or anything.

      • Brenda Barrett

        I’m guessing he’s coming back to make amends, and that’s why he offers to help ND prepare for Nationals. I hope he and Rachel will reconnect romantically. LOVE him and can’t wait to hear his beautiful voice again.

      • Jackie

        I really hope that he is there to make amends, but I don’t know if I want Rachel to take him back as a boyfriend. She deserves better than him.

    • Karen

      The back 9 of last season were a tad uneven (whereas this season is ALL uneven) but Groff really made it awesome. I can’t wait for Jessie, no matter what he gets up to. I’m embarrassingly psyched for his return.

    • SisterZip

      Maybe he will make Finn jealous and go back to Rachel!

  • glee is in it for the long run

    most of these comments are way over dramatic. just because glee has been losing its touch doesn’t mean its reaching its end. What show hasn’t had its weak season?
    And i’d hardly call this a weak season…i mean if you had one of tvs most successful shows even when your having a writers block, i would say your doing pretty good.

    And glee has such a strong fan base and dominates viewership that i can promise its not going anywhere soon.

    Little too quick to judge there.

    • Just sayin’

      One of TV’s most successful shows? A bit of an overstatement. Popular, sure. Most successful? Highly dubious.

      • Marian Rivera Asia’s Primetime Queen

        Oh accept it.

      • DUH

        considering the ad $$ and iTunes $$ and concert $$ and all the other merch $$, i would say it’s arguably one of the most successful. considering most of the stars were unknowns (jane lynch was prob most famous) when they signed, i’m sure their contracts weren’t huge, which is prob why production values are high.

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