'Big Bang Theory' finale scoop: Sheldon getting a new [SPOILER]!


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Someone grab the Roommate Agreement! I’m not sure the following news is allowed…

Just before the fourth season closes off for the Big Bang gang, expect a twist with exciting possibilities: Sheldon Cooper is getting a new roommate.

As teased in the new issue of EW, everyone favorite creature of habit is parting ways with his longtime roomie, Leonard.

“You have a situation where Priya is staying with her brother, and Leonard is spending time with Pryia,” executive producer Billy Prady says. “The current sleeping arrangement isn’t the best one. I think a little experimentation with people in different spots [is necessary].”

But who is the (un?)lucky soul to take Leonard’s spot in the apartment? Prady wouldn’t say, specifically, but guarantees, “It will be a human, and it will be someone we know.” Prady elaborates: “One of the things that Sheldon will [learn from] his new roommate — temporary or permanent, we don’t know — is just how long Leonard has been skating by. He’s going to have a terrific experience with this new roommate.”

My official guess? Amy Farrah Fowler! I mean, consider what Prady told us about their ever-developing bond: “They’re very, very similar types of people in terms of their approach to the world and their academic background, but the fundamental difference is Amy is game. Whereas Sheldon has made a decision that friends are a burden, Amy having met Sheldon — and through Sheldon finding Penny — Amy sees the possibly of having girl buddies, and that kind of life that she didn’t have growing up. And she’s really excited to have it. I don’t think she’s particularly good at it, but she jumped into that with both feet.”

Pssst. For more on Amy and Sheldon’s “bond,” read tomorrow’s Spoiler Room! For more scoop on other season finales — including FringeBonesGrey’s AnatomyNCIS, Parks and RecCommunity, and The Big Bang Theory — check out the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now.

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  • Brian

    while i apreciate the show trying new things, this sounds like it could ruin the show if permanent. it’s probably only going to last a few episodes tops.

    • Victoria

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  • ps

    I agree-I don’t like Leonard with Priya and I can’t imagine Sheldon without Leonard.

    • Akane

      As much as I love Raj, his sister is very annoying, she should go. The idea of Sheldon having a new roommate might be fun, who knew he could get along better with the ladies, but my guess is Raj.

      • Scott

        If Leonard moves out to go live with Priya, then it makes sense for Raj to move in with Sheldon seeing as Raj and Priya’s rich parents pay for the flat. I’d be surprised if it was Howard because he and Bernadette just got engaged. Which leaves Amy and I just can’t see her moving in with Sheldon given how he is. So it must be Raj.

    • Tania

      I’ve got to agree. Priya is annoying & controlling. I think most fans are just waiting for her to get the heck out there.

  • Jackie

    I think that Raj is going to move into the apartment with Sheldon, and Leonard is going to move into Raj’s apartment with Priya. I definitely think it will be temporary.

    • Orac

      Clearly this. It couldn’t be more obvious.

      • Sue1

        This does make sense.

    • Penny

      This would be awesome. I love that Raj antagonizes Sheldon when they are alone together. I think it could create some good comedy!

      • Templar

        If the desk episode is indicative of how Raj can torture Sheldon, bring it on!

    • Marcy

      I agree! That WOULD be awesome!!Hysterical!!

    • Dorimifah Solatido

      Yes, that’s how it’s gotta go, and it’s not permanent.

    • ben

      Seems the likely scenario. Just hope they finally fix Raj and his talking around women issue. That joke played out the first season

  • ax20

    who kinda hopes penny and sheldon become roommates?

    • maggie

      Me!!!!! That is exactly what I was thinking!

      • Lore

        Yeah, i would love that, maybe Penny doesnt have much money to pay the rent and shes going with Sheldon, it would be bazinga!!

    • krikky

      Me too!! I think that would be WAY funnier than AFF or Raj or Howard.

      • Dorimifah Solatido

        That would be funny, but Raj is the more convenient choice plot-wise.

    • Sarah

      Mee two. Penny and Sheldon are the complete opposite of each and would be at each other’s throuts in no time!

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    • FedUp

      Get the heck off here!!! Advertise in a proper place.

  • what the hay

    Dear EW, do you really have to title this “Sheldon getting a new [spoiler]”
    Cmon! if you’ve been following the show at all you can deduce what Sheldon would be getting without clicking the link. It’s like titling a thread ‘Howard proposes to [SPOILER]’
    So I guess to avoid any other end of season spoilers I should veer away from this website?

    • Orac

      Hey, he could be getting another cat. It would be the zazzy way to end the season.

    • Remy

      Or a new girlfriend. That’s what I thought this was going to say.

  • awfaw

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  • Elle

    Amy Farah Fowler has ruined the show for me. I just can’t stand her so I have given up what used to be one of my favorite shows.

    • ggny

      seriously she has maybe 2 scene at week and that is at best and she ruined the show for you? If her 2 scenes a week ruined the show for you then you werent a true fan in the first place

      • Elle

        And you know me so well that you can tell that I am not a “true” fan by one comment? I just don’t find this season as good as previous seasons. She is part of the reason why. Does phrasing it that way meet with your approval?

    • steph

      aw sad, Amy Farrah Fowler is my fave!

    • Tania

      Got to agree with GGNY. If you’re going to let a minor character “ruin” a show for you, then you couldn’t have liked the show that much in the first place. You don’t like this season – fine, no gun to your head but really…ruined? Get over it.

  • melimo

    NO Amy can’t move in! I would rather Penny leaves her apartment (For financial reasons maybe)and then because Amy spends so much time at Sheldon’s/Penny’s that Sheldon feels crowded in and takes the lease on Penny’s old apartment.

  • Mike

    It’s Raj and I know this may sound like a joke, but it isn’t Penny sleeps with him(Raj).

    • krys

      Why Mike? Why? Why would you just flat out say that without a spoiler alert. Did you not at all learn from Sheldon’s quote to Stuart in the comic book store? Being in the know I will stay hush, hush.

    • tito

      I really hope this doesn’t happen, I hate when shows make the cast members sleep around with each other. But Raj and Shelly living together would make great comedy for a few episodes.

    • LR

      It’s a problem with Chuck Lorre shows, other sitcom as well, but this is bad about it. Everyone just has tons of sex, with no real consequences. Kinda of kills it. In real world nobody is okay with gf or former gf having sex in front of you.

  • Torrin

    Could it be Stuart, the comic book store owner.He already used the shower.

    • orville

      He was my first thought too, but it could also be Penny’s ex-boyfriend (the name escapes me at the moment) since Sheldon seems to find him fascinating in a sociological way.

  • Jen

    It’s not going to be Bawwy Kwipke is it? lol

    • Carrie

      God I hope it’s not Barry! YIKES! He would be hard to listen to for 23 minutes!

  • Javadude54

    My guess for the new roommate… Howard.

    • Nic.

      That was my first thought, too.

      • D

        Not if he has a “terrific” experience with his new roommate. Howard would kill Sheldon

  • BK

    I can’t stand Amy. Rooming Sheldon up with her (let alone PARTNERING) would be plain boring because the characters are not different enough. That is why the scenes between Sheldon and Penny are the best.

  • katie

    Penny and Sheldon pls !!!!!

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