'Bones' spin-off 'The Finder,' Will Ferrell on 'The Office' dip in ratings


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Broadcast ratings dropped sharply Thursday night, which wasn’t great for key episodes of NBC’s The Office and Fox’s Bones.

The Bones spin-off “backdoor pilot” The Finder (11.1 million, 3.2) was down 9 percent from last week’s regular episode. Yet, since its American Idol lead-in (19.6 million, 5.6) fell 13 percent, one could argue Bones retained a slightly larger portion of its lead-in this week.

Over on NBC, The Office (6.8 million, 3.3) dropped 18 percent as Will Ferrell continues as guest star and the show ramps up to Steve Carell’s departure.

The working theory: With the Easter holiday approaching and Spring Break underway, many viewers are traveling and therefore TV viewership is down (one reason why ABC and CBS are staying out of the game and aired repeats last night).

Meanwhile, the second week of The Paul Reiser Show (3.3 million, 0.9) fell even further, with NBC also airing Community (2.5 million, 1.5), Parks and Recreation (5.1 million, 2.5) and the one-hour 100th episode of 30 Rock (4.6 million, 2.2).

On The CW, Vampire Diaries (2.7 million, 1.1) dropped 15 percent, but Nikita (1.9 million, 0.8) was steady.

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  • Fido

    The Finder – not a Bones fan but this did look quite good – though Saffron accent was rather painful and all that “mustn’t get my brain damage looked at cos I’ll lose my special skill” was rather “yeah, yeah, seen it all before with House and Medium etc”, but all in all I’ll be checking out The Finder 101.

    • H

      I kept an open mind, but didn’t particularly enjoy the episode either. The new characters didn’t seem to have a lot of chemistry with each other, or with Booth/Bones either for that matter (even though they were obviously trying to create sexual tension between Bones and Walter, zero chemistry…). I also felt that Saffron Burrow’s character’s accent needs to be dialed back a bit as it was too annoying on the ear. Weak writing/characterization was a problem as well. Walter’s “brain damage” issue felt like a unconvincing and manufactured quirk to create another socially maladjusted “Brennan-like” character. Booth’s reason for hating Walter felt unbelievable as I didn’t buy that the Army would send a “finder specialist” to track an awol Booth down when it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where he would be headed with a pregnant gf about to give birth to his son… duh! I also felt that they missed out on a couple of opportunities that might’ve improved things as they could’ve had Walter’s paranoid nut find a kinship with conspiracy theorist Hodgins, (instead they made him adversarial and insulting to Hodgins)and if they actually showed/described his methods of locating Brennan’s long lost medal, that would’ve made me enjoy it some. Instead, they showed him “getting method” in his underwear (an insultingly obvious play to create eye candy for the female viewers).. Really? would anyone get nearly naked in a scuzzy hotel, and lay in unwashed bedsheets? Really poor sequence, imho. It was nice to see Danny Trejo in the episode, although I was surprised that he appeared to be shorter/smaller than I expected as he always appears to be huge in the movies I’ve seen him in… camera angles I guess. There’s possible potential here, but imho a lot of things really need to be fixed.

      • Victoria

        Such a hot couple and HispanicMatch was amazing

  • Garry

    I don’t know why on Earth Hart Hansen thinks “Bones” fans (or anyone else) would want to watch a new show featuring an obnoxious, arrogant d**che and his equally unappealing friends. By the time the episode was halfway through, I knew I wouldn’t watch them in a stand-alone series.

    • Ina

      The bartender girl was especially annoying.

      • The Critic

        I actually LOVED the characters – except the bartender. To balance out the group, I’d tone her down. Overall, I just want more back story, more context on their day to day lives – so many questions – they definitely need their own hour!

    • Elizabeth

      I know, the bartender was hideous. It was like you could see them storyboarding about a British bartender who regularly mispronounces words (but can spell them)…


      The bit with the coffee fell flat and they did a terrible job of “introducing” the character’s gift/disability. It was a stark contrast and highly unfavorable contrast to the comfortable relationships and well-developed characters on Bones.

      • Kat

        I agree. I liked the lead guy okay though not sure if he has what it takes to carry a show. I think they needed someone with more charisma and comic chops to deliver some of the ‘quirk’ lines he had. He was a little dry. The legal counsel guy was okay but not that exciting. The girl was AWFUL! Seriously. Almost turned off the ep because of her. And honestly, I’m amazed by how bad their dialogue was. Not Bones level at all. It was dreck. A weak ep of Human Target or Leverage would still be leagues ahead of this.

    • Jay

      Thats funny… because halfway through the show I said to myself I would DEFINATELY check out the new show show based on what I saw.
      So there are opinions out there other than yours. surprise, surprise

      • Crystal

        I will definitely be checking out The Finder myself.

      • Sara

        Definitely will be watching The Finder.

      • Darren

        Why, you liked the shot of him sitting naked on the toilet? Sufficed to say, I was not a fan of the episode at all. Michael Clark Duncan and Danny Trejo were entertaining, but other than that, the lead and the woman were atrocious.

      • Randi

        I felt that it would be an interesting show to watch, and if it does get picked up for the fall I would watch it for sure. I wasn’t expecting Stults to pull off the humor part of the character, but he did it quite well. The only things that I couldn’t stand from the episode were the “Ninja VS. Samurai” and such bets that they wrote on the chalkboard–did I miss the explanation for what the hell that was about? And the bartender chick was atrocious. Her accent was ridiculous and her entire persona was annoying as hell. Nix her and you’ve got a good show.

      • Diana

        I was thinking the same thing! I really liked all the characters and thought they had some good chemistry going on. I’ll definitely watch it.

    • Ambee

      I like Bones and I wanted to give the finder a fair shot, but I very quickly lost interest. I really tried – I like the actors and the idea theoretically, but I was really bored. I didn’t sense any chemistry that would keep me coming back. I didn’t think his actual finder case was interesting – I didn’t even finish watching the last few minutes of the episode. I hope it does well, but I won’t be wathing it.

      • Steph

        I was SO annoyed at this “backdoor” approach to a spin-off. If there had been a little of The Finder mixed in with Bones, that would have been OK. But it was almost like a different show. I couldn’t even finish it.

    • Spikenalabama

      Get rid of the bartender girl and I’m all in.

  • Barry

    It WAS Holy Thursday which would explain viewership decline.

    • destany

      Maundy Thursday, yes. The local Christian Church here had a service last night.

    • Tego Livi

      Spring Break was underway several weeks ago, though–we’re closer to the end of school than we are to Spring Break.

      • Sara

        Maunday Thursday would explain it…plus it is spring break where I am at.

      • Spikenalabama

        It was Spring Breakin southern Alabama last week.

  • Penny

    Wasn’t Parks & Rec at like 3 million last week?! GO P&R it was a great episode!

  • MD

    the only good thing about the Finder was Michael Clark Duncan

    • Mamma Mia

      I agree; someone should find him a show.

  • Eve

    Other than Saffron’s accent, I liked the characters of The Finder.
    As for the Bones characters in the episode, I thought this was the most true the writers have been to the characters this season.

  • hana

    What do Americans do on Holy Thursday? It’s not exactly a national holiday…

    • Stefanie

      Some of us Americans go to church on Holy Thursday, regardless if its a national holiday. A lot of people celebrate Easter…

      • Blame Leno!!

        Is this a Catholic thing? I’m American and did not realize it was a “national” holiday. I think you may be mistaken. I know about Good Friday but Holy Thursday? Had no idea that was a thing and I’m Christian LOL! Hana I was watching Bones…..

      • econruth

        Holy Thursday is the Last Supper. It’s not a “thing”. I was at Mass yesterday too.

      • RCB

        …although, recently, it was claimed that the last supper actually occured on a wednesday.

      • Tego Livi

        Virtually every thing about the “Easter Season” other than Easter itself is primarily celebrated by Catholics alone. Protestants are aware of the other observances (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc.) but don’t actually do anything to commemorate them.

      • G

        It is Christian thing even if you don’t know it. It is celebrated differantely in different denominations and different contrys. I live in Finland and we are mostly protestant contry (been since 16th century) and while it is national holiday we all observe it differantely if at all. It is part of Easter week same as Palm Sunday. And I hardly belong to church.

      • Stacy

        I’m not catholic (Lutheran) and still went to church on Thursday…and I loved the Finder!

      • Steph

        It’s a religious holiday but not a federal one, if that’s what you mean by “national.” In the same way a lot of Jewish holidays are national if you are jewish, but they aren’t observed by the government (offices open, etc)

    • jaymi

      Others are already traveling for the upcoming Easter Sunday.

  • ggny

    Geoff was great i thought he really did well with the character and Michael Clark Duncan was well MCD and i got to say biggest surprise was Danny Trejo i really hope if this show goes to air that he get a regular spot on the show…But yah the chick was annoying and im pretty sure if it does make it to air she will be recast

  • Ellen

    Please don’t mess with bones. I couldn’t believe Finder. Wanted to turn it off……

    • Bandit

      What do you mean ‘don’t mess with Bones’? Who said anything about messing with Bones?

      • Simm Fan

        They did mess with that episode of Bones.

  • christine

    The Finder was awful, that’s why ratings should have dropped. I keep hoping the main Bones characters when be shown more and about half way through I was ready to switch to the repeat CSI episode.

  • Tom

    The quality of Bones has been dropping for some time. Acting is great, but the writing has so many gaping holes I only watch it if I have nothing else in que. The Finder episode was absolutely fantastic! I hope it makes it as its own show. I will definitely be watching it!

    • Elyse

      I agree. I found I was more interested in The Finder, than Bones!

      • Abby

        I totally agree! I have two episodes of Bones in the DVR that I haven’t watched (even though it was on my tv at the time, the last two just didn’t hold my interest) but I actually watched and enjoyed The Finder live. Better than Bones has been in a while.

      • The Critic

        Totally. Bones has been pretty predictable for some time. It was so refreshing to have some new blood, new energy and most importantly new quirks! Just wish we got more of the backstory on how the Finder and posse came to be… guess we just have to cross our fingers Fox greenlights it!

  • Kyle

    Why has no one been talking about the epic episode on Community last night? By far one of the best of an already extremely strong season. Loved it.

    • Jasper

      Kyle, I feel your pain. Community is consistently (well, pretty near) intelligent, well written, well paced, and very clever. In fact, my FB status report this morning was this: I do believe that “Community” is the funniest show on TV. Why doesn’t that show get more love?

  • Justin

    I liked this Finder episode, but still love Bones. Walter is quite an eccentric character. I agree that the bartender’s accent did get on my nerves though. However, Parks and Recreation was on point last night! WOW!

  • Redwood City

    Reminded me of a BAD take-off on the great show “Burn Notice” When I watch Bones I want to see Bones!!

    • econruth

      That’s what I thought too. A poor copy of Burn Notice. The girl was incredibly annoying!

      • Dixie

        Yup, a bad bad bad version of Burn Notice.

    • Tom

      The only similarities to Burn Notice was that it is a three person team, and the used the season one theme song. He isn’t a spy, doesn’t have incredible fighting skills, and is really nothing like Burn Notice. I am a big Burn Notice fan.

    • Steph

      I thought that at one point, too. I didn’t mind the actors and the show doesn’t seem terrible, but the whole Bones tie-in was beyond hokey.

      • Leah

        They’ve already tested our loyalty this season by adding Hannah and preempting us several weeks in a row that it felt like a cheap shot. I didn’t appreciate being blind-sided like a guinea pig test audience. It wasn’t a terrible pilot, but there was nothing new to offer. It was mixture of Burn Notice and Human Target and also kind of played on Mozzie’s philosophical nature from White Collar. I’m not sure how it will do if Fox decides to run with it.

      • Jackie

        I totally agreed and am so glad someone else thought that. The whole episode was so contrivied.

  • LP

    I really wanted to like The Finder because who doesn’t love Geoff Stults? But I just couldn’t get past annoying Saffron Burrows and that terrible accent.

    • LOL

      Holy crap! Less than 3 million people watched Community? That can’t be right, can it? If so, WTF is wrong with this country?

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