NBC yanks 'Paul Reiser Show' after only two episodes

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NBC is no longer mad about Paul Reiser, pulling The Paul Reiser Show off the air after airing only two episodes. The comedy — which replaced Perfect Couples in the Thursday-at-8:30 p.m. slot and featured the Mad About You star playing himself — drew a meager 3.3 million viewers for its April 14 premiere and was dismissed by critics. Last night’s episode performed even worse, attracting only 2.5 million viewers and earning a 0.9 rating in the 18-to-49 demo. The network currently has no plans to air Reiser‘s remaining episodes, and will show repeats of The Office in its place for the rest of the season.

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  • Josh

    It really isn’t a good show. Which is a shame because I was actually starting to warm up to Perfect Couples.

    • Dani C

      Totally agree! I was really liking Couples, and i would kill for a second season.

      • Jackson

        I think we should pitch that as a reality show – You murdering people in order to keep your favorite lackluster shows on the air.

      • Victoria

        They should have called it Paul Seinfeld show and india-brides was amazing

      • Jess

        This is probably the worst show of all time.
        Reiser was never funny and never will be. He’s a whiny beeattch, nothing more.
        Who is the blue hell EVER though this could work?
        Hopefully blackballed from TV for life.

      • r

        @Jackson I’m not gonna say Dani C deserved that dis, but LOL.

    • Jen

      I kind of liked Perfect Couples too. Why anyone thought Paul Reiser was a good idea is beyond me.

      • katie

        Definitely – Perfect Couples was far better than this Paul Reiser stuff. And Paul Reiser’s show was a weird fit for NBC Thursday night. Not sure why they ever thought to put it there. NBC = idiots.

    • Merrydan

      Totally agreed. Once Perfect Couples warmed up after a few eps (the pilot was horrible!), it was very entertaining!

      • myangeldust

        So true. I used the second episode (the origins episode) to successfully get more people to watch Perfect Couples.

    • elmo

      What a steaming pile of dookie this was.

      • Channing Taintum

        His canceling has had a longer shelf life on EW’s homepage than his show’s actual run on NBC =)

    • Jennifer

      My sister nearly went through the roof when this happened, now she’s getting half her wish.

    • myangeldust

      YAY! No more Paul Reiser. BRING BACK PERFECT COUPLES! Young pretty people acting silly and cracking jokes. How could NBC ever attempt to replace that with some fat, old man who was barely funny 20 years ago to imitate a show that only Larry David could do? Srsly? I WANT PERFECT COUPLES!

  • swss

    Thank. God. I actually turn off the TV between Community and The Office. Painful.

    • Tajah

      Me too. It was a horrible show. Was looking for anything else to watch for 30 minutes until The Office.

      • DTO

        That show was WEAK! Cat Whisperer subplots? Picking up the wrong kid from school for a play date? This guy considers himself funny? F**k you, Paul Reiser.

      • Jillian

        Why don’t you go exercise for those 30 minutes or better yet get DVR and get control of your life back?

      • Tajah

        @Jillian way to take a comment about a show to snark at me about my life, which you know nothing about. Blow me.

      • myangeldust

        Seriously, Jillian, low blow (no pun intended). I too was lost for that time so I used my DVR to play back episodes of Perfect Couples. Now it seems that 30 minute hole will be there forever. BRING BACK PERFECT COUPLES!

    • Melissa

      I was thinking the same thing. It was just painful to watch. I almost felt bad for Paul Reiser he seemed very uncomfortable.

  • JPX

    That’s so funny! I remember seeing the commercials for it and thinking, “That looks awful and Reiser looks old and fat.” Reiser waited far too long to do another TV show and now the world has forgotten about him.

    • Gigi

      I agree completely. Those were my same exact thoughts.

    • Kristen

      Yeah, they better not let any old, fat people take up space on prime time.

      • Cy

        Darn tootin’, Kristen! Only slim, attractive people for me!!!

      • Huh

        Yeah, like Jackie Gleason,James Gandolfini, the Belushis, Kevin James, Roseanne Barr, etc. And they shouldn’t have forced us to watch like likes of Sydney Greenstreet, Marlon Brando, Charles Laughton, and their ilk in those classic movies. Oh, how we’ve suffered!

      • DJ

        Don’t forget @!#% My Fat Old Dad Shatner.

      • Douglas

        @Huh, Yes Brando was fat towards the end, enormously so, but in his movies in the 1950s, he was, quite simply, The Sexiest Man in the World.

    • SaraJeanQueen

      I definitely do not think he looked old/fat, but I agree it didn’t look good from the commercials. I feel bad for him.

      • Gigi

        He actually looks like a lesbian. But who cares? He just waited too long. He should have done something right after Mad About You finished.

    • PN

      I do think that Reiser packed a few pounds and let his hair turn gray since his previous series, but I don’t think like that (the nasty old/fat comments) with the other comments.

      • kowalski

        He wasn’t ever Brad Pitt to begin with. Who cares if he’s fat if he’s funny… but he wasn’t funny.

    • myangeldust

      I said that same thing during Reiser’s promos. But it’s not the fat or the old parts. It’s the talent part. Reiser has no talent. He hit his peak as the corporate weasel in Aliens. We only laughed during Mad About You because the 1990s was a sitcom wasteland. Don’t even make me list all of the crappy comedies from that decade.

  • Amit

    Too bad his return to TV wasn’t more successful, he was gone for so many years, it must be hard to fail so dramatically this time around. But the show did’t seem interesting (to many people, apparently ), and I didn’t watch either …

  • Channing Taintum

    Never understood his popularity. Or why he was even considered a comic.

    • Vic Nardozza

      I agree 100%.

      • kel

        Same here. Hated “Mad About You”.

      • Jess


      • JPX

        I hated “Mad ABout You”! The show should’ve been called “Mad at You” since all they did in every episode was argue.

    • erin

      I liked him in My Two Dads. His arrogance in Mad About You put me off.

    • myangeldust

      Mom pants, acid wash everything, fade haircuts, no Sofia Vergara. Everything in the 90s was neutered.

  • chris

    here’s an idea. 30 ROCK. Thursday night line up can go from 8-10, and put whatever crap they want at 10. I want 2 hours of non-stop awesome comedy (then I can watch Archer at 10)

    • Jess

      That sounds like a perfect line up to me!

    • Fog cue

      PROBLEM: Archer already had its season finale you ho!

      • chris

        i guess I mean next year then

    • myangeldust

      Bring back Perfect Couples and make it three hours of comedy again. ’nuff said.

  • haleysname

    I was enjoying Perfect Couples, too bad it can’t come back.

    • jk

      Yeah, is there any chance that can happen? They still have some unaired episodes, right?

  • Player87

    The whole “playing himself” thing wasa big turn off for me. It sounds a lot like stuff that’s been done. No originality. Too bad. I like Paul but not the premise. Too many other guys in the show were predictable, too.

    • JPX

      I agree, just look at Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • Player87

    The whole “playing himself” thing was a big turn off for me. It sounds a lot like stuff that’s been done. No originality. Too bad. I like Paul but not the premise. Too many other guys in the show were predictable, too.

    • Jess

      An unfunny fat pathetic old moron playing himself? Yeah, great concept.

  • Kiki

    Reiser should have stayed off TV and remained on the ‘Where are they now?” list. You knew this was going to be a total stinker

  • john

    never heard of it

  • Kujo

    What an awesome idea! Cancel one show before it’s given the chance to develop, replace it with a bad show, and then yank THAT show off the air after only 2 episodes. Someone got fired tonight.

    • Merrydan

      NBC pulled a FOX.

    • Jillian

      What do you expect from NBC? These are the same executive idiots that handled the Leno-Conan transition so elegantly.

  • Chris

    Never even heard of this show and it has already been canned. NBC must have done a horrible job promoting it before it aired if I never saw anything. Typical for the last place network!

    • Jess

      Chris misses the point AGAIN.

      Never comment again, Chris. You are hopeless.

      • @ Jess

        Chris is right and who are you to tell someone not to comment. You’re pathetic.

    • Pink Lemonade

      They did do a terrible job on promotion. I saw one promo and it was pretty uncomfortable. Paul Reiser was just stanidng there begging for viewers. Not funny. I don’t mind Paul Reiser at all. My favorite role of his was as Carter in Aliens. He was so smarmy and evil. I was not a fan of Mad About You.

      • Tuzo

        NBC putting this show on the air: it was a bad call, Pink Lemonade. It was a bad call.

  • RK

    I didn’t laugh once during the 2nd episode. Still, NBC, give a show a chance…you cancel one show to only put in a worse one?

    • Desmo

      There is no conceivable reason why they should give this show a chance. Not only were the ratings terrible the critics almost universally panned it.

      • PN

        I saw the 1 1/2 star rating that USA Today gave to The Paul Reiser Show and knew that this would be the outcome. It was trashed by critics left and right and I think that led to fewer people watching.

  • Smallville

    Seen two stories about this show, after the first ep, and now t.he cancellation.

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