Katie Couric to make CBS departure official this week


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CBS’ high-profile — and very expensive — attempt to juice up its Evening News telecast is expected to come to an official end this week. A well-placed source told EW that Katie Couric, 54, will confirm that she’s decided to leave the telecast to pursue other opportunities. Her contract officially ends in June.

Couric is expected to focus on developing a daytime talk show that may or may not involve Today’s Matt Lauer. Both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that there have been discussions to reunite her with her former co-worker and friend.

Couric, who anchored the Evening News since 2006, is not expected to publicly acknowledge her next chapter for some time.

In the meantime, the source also told EW that CBS will likely announce Couric’s successor next week, or before its annual upfront presentation to advertisers in New York. It seems likely that 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley is the frontrunner, though CBS’s Harry Smith and Russ Mitchell have also been mentioned as possible successors.

Couric and her team at Evening News earned Emmys for their hard work but they never translated into better ratings for the struggling franchise. At 6.1 million, Evening News has languished in third place behind NBC Nightly News (9.2 million) and ABC’s World News (8.1 million). CBS has yet to confirm Couric’s departure.

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  • jobobpeters

    Good riddance, she always looked like a old boy

    • J.R.

      Seriously? What a ridiculous statement. Second of all, since when is looking like an “old boy” indicative of whether she is qualified of anchoring a news program?

      • Who Shot J.R.?

        lol u mad

      • Lee

        nah…just a stupid thing to write. I’m a little baffled too, actually.

    • Tim

      Maybe she can get a chair on that old liberal hag show the View.

      • Jane


      • Bill

        She’d be more entertaining than that Hasselb*tch broad

    • Gwen

      What an informed, intelligent comment, you knuckle-dragging troglodyte. I’ll bet you wouldn’t have made a comment on Brian Williams’ appearance if he were leaving NBC.

      • Jenn

        And I LOVE Brian Williams, but his face is lopsided!!!

      • Who Shot J.R.?

        gwen is just a little baby who wants to cry and cry all day. go get your diaper changed gwen.


    So many articles on a woman who’s newscast has been a ratings failure… Who cares?

    • AcaseofGeo

      Yeah right. Definition of cloying, judgemental and pretentious. Why they EVER picked her to begin with is a mystery.

  • alanwillingham

    The Elite Mass Media has always amazed me in that they have paid millions upon millions of dollars to have someone read from a teleprompter. In Couric’s case, you have just another liberal shill who was just mundane until she and her crew did that editing/hatchet job on Sarah Palin… that sealed her fate with the 88.5% of the country the so-called elites sneeringly refer to as smelly, ignorant, unsophisticated flyover territory.

    Now, she and the liberal cabal intentionally avoid mentioning Obama’s complicity in rocketing gas prices… remember his threats about driving the coal business into bankruptcy and his intent as a candidate to cause skyrocketing gasoline prices?

    All is quite in the Liberal Mass Media about the fulfillment of those campaign promises… and now… .

    Several oil companies are showing an impressive profit and the federal government is spending itself into bankruptcy…. so Obama wants to criminalize success and glorify destruction, decline, and crumbling National Security. How’s that Hopey Changey thing working out for you Katie?

    • Gina

      No Alan, we do not remember… because he never said that.

    • Pope Carmelita I

      So you blame Obama for high gas prices, but say the oil companies (who are directly responsible for the price) are successful for making a huge profit…how do you think they are doing that? By making the price too high…

      I don’t understand why so many people don’t mind getting raped by big business, ignoring that they are responsible for many of our problems, and blame it on Obama instead. Denial/projection, anyone?

      • iyam

        big business or big oil is not the problem. The fact that government (which is obama) is creating mass inflation, and devalualing our dollar. Because of the mass failure of people like Couric who failed at informing you have no idea “or don’t admit” the fact the Oil world wide is traded via the US Dollar. When the dollar is worth less then it takes more to buy. Why has our dollar been devalued? because of the monetary policy of this president to borrow trillions and print trillions. Deny it all you want but that is reality spanky. If this is the first you have heard of it then you need to turn off Glee and pick up Atlas Shrugged. Or at least watch the movie

      • LOL

        LOL @ Atlas Shrugged. It’s just a Teabagger manifesto. A joke. Much like the “party.”

      • Lee

        this is what i don’t get, iyam. How exactly is Obama causing all this? I mean, i get it if you think he’s not doing enough to stop it, but you seriously don’t realize that the oil companies and the banks are the men behind the curtain? hahaha! ur like a man standing on his lawn bothered by the foreign neighbors moving in meanwhile the nice lawyer you let in is stealing your furniture.

      • Bre

        Whoa whoa there people. Atlas Shrugged was never intended to be the tea party…holy book? not sure the right word for it, the movie got terrible reviews for wooden acting, and just because you’re a liberal doesn’t mean you watch Glee. You watch Glee because you’re into musicals or like characters or don’t have cable (there’s nothing good on Tuesdays). I, for one, have always admired Katie and think these whole “gas prices” have nothing to do with her

      • Randy

        The oil companies are in a very competitive business. If they price too high, others will get the volume, and they will make less profit. Sorry to be so elementary, Pope, but Obama’s policies have a lot more to do with the problem. No president can control the economy, but his policies are consistently counterproductive.

    • Tarc

      Look! Sheep! What else has the fundamentalist right brainwashed you with?

    • Kacey

      Wow, drink a little too much of that conservative kool-aid, did you?

    • Jim

      Alan you hit the nail right on the head !!!Brian Williams is the male version of Katie. The two of them are so Pro Obama it sickens me.

      • AK

        So the news doesn’t tell you what you want to hear and you call it biased?

      • Lee

        here’s a thought: maybe they are pro-facts. maybe they are not ready to believe in simple black and white.

  • jaymi


  • Barb

    Do not get why this woman or any other anchor for that matter, has been so highly paid. They read off a teleprompter.

    • Kathie

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

    • tvfan

      Yes that’s so true! Everyone who makes more than they should like people who really don’t contribute and make the lives of others better should remember how it’s like for those of us who pay taxes and pinch every penny we actually earn! To those who make more than they deserve: PAY IT FORWARD because remember you wouldn’t have what you have if it wasn’t for the little people!

      • Lee

        So, Barb, if it’s such a mindless job that requires little skill but pays highly, why don’t you go get a news job? Why don’t you go out in the field year after year in hazardous and sometimes dangerous situations in order to report the news? Because that’s what every “lazy” anchor you see on TV has had to do. UGH!!! So sick of mindless people focusing on tiny things thinking that’s where the enemy lies. Try that million dollar corporation that lied to you but that you want to give tax breaks for.

      • Bre

        agreed! And trying have working hours that mean you don’t get to be with your family much, and you’re always being criticized for doing your job.

  • PN

    I think she wanted to announce it herself rather than have all these entertainment shows and talk shows host give all this speculation and rumors about it. But CBS
    evening news show has been stuck at third place the whole 5 years since she’s been on it.

  • Shelby

    What other opportunities? She’s anchoring the news on one of the major networks. How can a news person get any higher than that?

    • Lee

      Maybe it’s not about higher. Maybe it’s about different.

  • pie thrower

    Does this well placed source know when Katie will be taking her next dump and what color it will be?

  • sober person

    Finally!!! I truly gave Katie a chance in the beginning. As a middle of the road independant, even grew real tired of the obvious left leaning bias. CBS this time I hope you focus on just giving us the news, keep your agenda and opinions out of it, PLEASE!

    • LOL

      LOL @ “left leaning bias.” Nice try, Teabagger.

      • Tim

        It’s okay LOL glum day for you. I’t okay for a ‘it’ to cry.

      • Loch Ness

        Tim doesn’t know how to write. Must be a teabagger.

    • Tarc

      Only fundamentalists and people that have never even seen the ‘left’ press would call CBS news ‘liberal’. The real answer is: the American mainstream press blows these days. Truly. And then there is the 24-7 wingnut propaganda channel Fox News.

      • Lee


    • Lee

      So I guess you HATE Fox, huh?

  • April

    A female can handle the Evening News as I think Diane Sawyer is doing a fine job. (Nothing brings Brian Williams though.)

    Katie just wasn’t a good choice.


      I agree. Diane Sawyer keeps it interesting and Brian Williams is great. I just think that Katie is plain boring. She could be much better as something other than an anchor.

  • Mr.Beepo

    If CBS is looking for someone to simply read a teleprompter, Barry Obama will be available in January of 2013.

    • Tarc

      I’m not an Obama fan and I think that’s very unlikely.

    • Ghost of Pia

      What is Mr. Beepo going to do without Glenn Beck telling him what to think?

      • Lee

        uh oh…

  • janie jones

    She did one good thing,she gave Sarah Palin enough rope…!!Ha!

  • Joanne

    What’s the big deal about this? She’s just like the rest of the 6:30 news, she reads the news. She’s one of the liberal darlings since she challenged Palin. The liberals love that!!

    • Lee

      You mean that since she showed how inane Palin is? I really don’t get how people refuse to see her idiocy…oh, yeah, they voted for Bush. (sigh, and look where that got us)

  • ANNE

    Why not compare her to Meredith Vera.. who is doing a better job.
    Since we have to hear every single
    day about Diana and Kate…Whata

  • Mike

    Wow, a lot of bitter comments. Perhaps all of you are saddened that you’ve never anchored the nightly news?

    And who cares if she is a liberal? There are certainly enough conservative d**ches reporting the news.

    • Tarc

      And ten times more conservative d**ches writing pure fiction and reporting it as the news…

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