'The Real L Word': Meet the season 2 cast! -- EXCLUSIVE


R.I.P. to Rose, Jill, Mikey, Tracy, and Nikki! Those five former Real L Word cast members didn’t make the cut for the second season of Showtime’s revamped The Real L Word. Instead, there is a (nearly) brand new cast of luscious lesbians that join season 1’s lone holdover Whitney Mixter in the newest iteration, which launches June 5. EW is exclusively revealing the cast of the new group of gals, which — in addition to Whitney — includes magazine entrepreneur Claire; media and business exec Francine; fashion designer Romi (who you might remember from season 1 in a supporting role); ready-to-start-a-family couple Cori & Kasey; and LGBT activist Sajdah. Along with the full cast breakdowns, you can check out a teaser for season 2 and the season’s official poster below:

Whitney: She’s back! (And she’s the only season 1 cast member to return for the second season.) Here’s what’s coming up for the Hollywood special effects artist and activist this season, according to Showtime: “By far the biggest complication is Sara — the temptation Whitney just can’t seem to resist — despite her friends’ warnings. But beyond the girl drama, Whitney is making 2011 her year to re-focus on her creative passions and give back to the community.” Whitney will also be launching and hosting a monthly ladies’ night party in West Hollywood and delving into some special effects makeup projects with her best friend, Alyssa, as well as “scheming a blowout charity event to determine once and for all if the reigning lesbian subgroup will be ‘pants’ or ‘pumps’!”

Claire: The St. Louis native just moved from New York City to Los Angeles and is starting her own online lesbian magazine focusing on the sapphic lifestyle and fashion. Claire’s Showtime report: “We catch her in the middle of a major life change — leaving her life in New York City, amazing girlfriend included, to see what Los Angeles has to offer… and if her ex-girlfriend of five years, Francine, is really ‘the one.'” Which brings us to…

Francine: Claire’s ex from college is a media and business executive who is just now coming into her own on the L.A. dating scene. Apparently, Francine thinks that she and Claire are “tragic” together and “doesn’t know what to make of Claire’s move.” Says Showtime’s official dossier: “She’s already on her way with a successful career and a great group of friends whose support is a welcome presence as she also grapples with whether or not to come out to her traditional Japanese mother.”

Romi: The fashion designer wasn’t officially a cast member in season 1, although she did indeed appear, and now she’s got her new girlfriend, Kelsey, in tow. “A social butterfly, Romi’s a fixture at every party and a trusted confidant among her friends,” reads her official bio. “She’s also developing her own jewelry line, starting a new job and struggling to be emotionally and sexually available to Kelsey. It’s a lot to bear and Romi is stretched thin. Alcohol has helped her manage in the past but it’s become a toxic medicine. She knows it’s time to make a change, but there will be consequences.”

Cori & Kacy: The Culver City, Calif., duo are entertainment executives, have been together for five years (legally married for two), and are ready to start a family. They’re excited — and overwhelmed. “They have to find a donor, a doctor and figure out their insemination plan,” says their combined bio from Showtime. “Cori also has to bid adieu to her carefree party days and quit smoking. It’s an emotional journey without a roadmap.”

Sajdah: The resident of Van Nuys, Calif., is an LGBT activist and was once nominated for high school prom queen. Now, Sajdah has gone butch and is finding her way in L.A.’s lesbian world, having just moved from Washington, D.C., where she was the first of her family to graduate from college. Reads her Showtime bio: “Articulate and opinionated, Saj isn’t shy about making friends or speaking out on behalf of the gay community through activist work. Yet, the ins and outs of relationships remain a mystery for her — until she meets her first girlfriend and is forced to learn, and fast!”

Catch a video teaser of the upcoming season here:

And here’s the official poster for The Real L Word season 2:

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  • greg

    Look I am as Liberal as the next guy but these Lesbians do not look ANYTHING like the Lesbians I see here in Atlanta

    • Alpha Andro

      What kind of lesbians do you see over there Greg?

      • dot dot dot

        ya GREG what do they look like

      • Mock

        I’m a lesbian in Atlanta and I agree with “greg”…the fine ones aren’t as out and proud…or they live somewhere else

      • Kayla

        I’m not sure what part of Georgia you live in. Where I am, IN GEORGIA, there are multiple women who are very sexy and they are ‘out and proud’.

    • kim

      those must be some straight up butch looking women in Atlanta

    • amy

      LA Lesbians are completely different than any where else.

      • Mandy

        Victoria lesbians do

    • Kate

      There are plenty of feminine lesbians in Atlanta and elsewhere. You’re stereotyping based on lesbians who look obviously gay. The ones who don’t, you just assume are straight.

      • Mae

        Very true!

      • Serena

        Beautifully said Kate!

      • Pammie

        Exactly! I am a fellow lesbian and it totally shocks people when they find out.

    • sherdz

      the original L word rocks.. I would always love to watch them..

    • Suzie

      Dude, u r definitely not going to the same bars I am. There’s plenty of hot lesbians in Atlanta!

    • web rookie

      So very sad to see the classy lesbians were not carried over for season two. The zest pool of std’s and debautury is more than a little predictable for our crowd. I too am an activist for the LBGT community who tries to show that there are rebel lesbians out there who don’t wear fedoras or sport fohawks. Some do actually work, don’t take anti-depressants and are not filling for disability. So sad to see the stereotypes being perpetuated. No wonder the young community have such a hard time coming out. Being LBGT is no longer a moral issue for people its a debautury issue. Bring some class back Ileane Chaiken. You have a responsibility to the community you high lighted.

      • Straightshooter

        OMG I TOTALLY agree with you. Im %100 straight but I love the show,and I think last years cast was so classy,and far more exciting. Very glam and true Hollywood. I dont wanna bad mouth this new brood,but OMG REALLY? With the exception of Whitney ,who I love,she kills me,so funny. But the others??? Trashy,almost dirty looking,skanky. They ALL look in need of a shower. lol. I CANT watch Claire,she seriously gives me anxietey,just looking at her. Bad move,replacing last years beauties!!!

      • lotusfemme

        i’m an out femme lesbian (over 20 years) and i am trying to figure out what web rookie is trying to say with “debautury”….what does that mean? is it a lesbian term for something i don’t know? at any rate, i love the show – especially Whitney. i am glad rose had a very limited cameo appearance in season 2 because she was just plain MEAN! i eagerly await the next season.

      • darlene vanderhei

        i agree with you i loved all the girls from season i , rose and tracy, nikki and jill, and mikey they were so funny. and very sexy , tracy and rose. that cast was the best and i wish that you would bring them all back again.

    • DMG

      Oh alot do and in the south here for sure. But i would live in la. Who knows may move there some day. I really like the orin. lword when it first came on,but this is more to how it really is in the lives of gay people interact. CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS SEASON!

    • James

      I like the show.

      • Bunny Bonacquisti

        I love the new Real L Word , it’s much better and the women are more real , then the old ones were . Not to good on the first . And thats truth

    • AgingHippy

      You’re probably right. However this IS television–how many “housewives” look (or live) like the BRAVO channel bunch.

  • Aunt Sassy

    Too bad you live in the wrong place. Here in LA the lesbians are fierce and AMAZING!

    • lisa

      happy to read that, fierce & amazing,lol.
      this poor show is going to die quickly,seriously Showtime,cancel it

      • sherdz

        right! we would love to see more on the original casts..

    • sherdz

      cool! i would love to come to L.A. then… and see Bette Porter in person..

    • Jessie

      I find the second season boring & predictable. I miss the ladies from the first season…they were a very interesting group (esp. Tracy ;)) and mature/classy ladies.

      • James

        I agree. They were very classy. Grown up.

  • TCin NJ

    Dang…would love to know what happened to Rose’s GF Natalie that finally told her off

    • michelle

      i was thinkin the same! darn

    • dot dot dot

      They broke up

    • Brodi

      She was gorgeous. I would like to know too.

  • danielle

    Where is Rose and Natalie?They were the most interesting on the show.

    • kim

      actually I tuned in to watch micky, and whitney..
      Rose was ok, but not as exciting as those

    • michele

      Natalie and Rose where deff the most interesting.. And on top they were not the typical “lesbian”.. Lipsticks

  • Nicole

    So excited for Whitney’s return… she should get her own show… love her!!!

    • Anita

      I Completely agree with you she should get her own show i would definatly watch it.

    • Mac

      Whitneys over rated …..she is ruining her game by showing her true colors…pathetic

      • Gina Marie Ravo

        How the fck does that make any sense?? Ruining the show by showing her “true colors”?? ITS A FCKNG REALITY SHOW SWEETHEART!!! Whitney rocks 4 being true 2 who she is n u suck 4 being a Phoney jackass !

  • Jen

    I going to miss Rose and Natalie. Glad Whitney is still here. I could see them discarding half the cast but not all but 1???

  • Muhammad Hussein Kganye

    Tell me more,So that I can more infomation.

  • Andria

    Loved the show, but it isn’t going to be the without Rose and Natalie!! I will miss them!!

  • Melissa

    I’m excited for season 2 and to see what happens with whitney and sara, but im curious to know what happend with rose and natalie?

  • Mike

    Okay seriously why is this show needed? I’m not trying to hate, as a gay man I would be equally put off by a “Real Queer as Folk” show. Enough with the reality shows!!! “The Real Housewives of…” brand has gone too far. I do not see why ‘scripted reality’ has any appeal. Crap like this is why solid, well-written, well-acted fiction no longer holds any appeal and why quality tv shows get canned.

    • Jennifer

      As a gay man, YOU have plenty of shows with which you can identify (hello, LOGO?!!? Pick a show, any show!!)Us?? Not so much.

      • josiane


    • Le HIROSHI hétérosexuel


      – –

      Just my 1,000,000 yen. Maybe I think too much; but between the lines, I think MIKE, whether he’s gay or not in this context is irrelevant (IMO, the reason he says he’s gay is to make sure lesbians won’t be misled by themselves), is just trying to say he’s FED UP WITH REALITY SHOWS – NOT EXCLUSIVELY with this reportedly lesbian-oriented type.

      – –

      But again, I’m Japanese (“as opposed to any of the native speaker of AmE/BrE”), so I might be right or unwrong with that which goes: “as a gay man I would be equally put off by a “Real Queer as Folk” show. ENOUGH WITH THE REALITY SHOWS!!! “The Real Housewives of…” brand has gone too far. . .”

    • Le HIROSHI hétérosexuel

      . . .By the way, the American girl, third from the left, is so hot!

      • Sunnilocs

        Le Hiroshi you’re soooo funny! Love it!!! I get your point and I hope others do as well the humor is gratis.

  • Octavia

    I am so excited for this

  • kim

    come on you took mikey off, guess if i tune in this season it will be for whitney,,,


    These girls are relatively hot.

    – –

    Ironically, the poster looks like they could be joining some sort of entertaining-only mud or bikini wrestling intended for the opposite sex.

    – –

    Wish I had this on cable here.

  • k8dee

    Did they really describe the black chick as articulate? How did they expect her to speak? Yessuh, we’s colored folks sho can talk good? Wth? Really, people!!!???

    • bijoux82

      I wondered that as well. Is it surprising a black woman is articulate, or that an LGBT activist is articulate?? Either way…

    • Robert

      reminds me of that Chris Rock bit. “He speaks so well!”

  • Femslayer

    That’s exactly what I was asking my self! .. Anywayz Whitney is the realest thing in that show.

    • Veera

      I think you’ve just captured the answer preftecly

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