'DWTS' eliminated contestant: 'Judges were harsh' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Karina Smirnoff may have taken an embarrassing spill during Monday’s Dancing with the Stars but the judges were forgiving of her mishap with partner Ralph Macchio. They were far less accepting, however, of the couple who earned the lowest score of the night. For more about this week’s eliminated contestant, head to the jump:Chris Jericho is quick to admit it: He didn’t love the reaction he got after dancing the tango to Journey on Monday (Bruno Tonioli, in particular, compared Jericho to a “lump of granite”). “The judges were harsh,” the WWE wrestler told reporters after Tuesday’s elimination show. But he also recognized that it wasn’t his best performance — he and partner Cheryl Burke only earned 22 out of 30 points – which is why he became the fifth dancer to leave the ABC show.

“It was starting to get to me,” Jericho told reporters. “My kids were coming this week but we were getting ready to do two dances a week, and its hard. You have to put everything you have into this show when you sign up for it. It was a great experience, but at this point in the competition, every dance has to be your best. And last night, it wasn’t our best. Last week we were in the bottom two. I was shocked, I was a little bit angry. This week, we could pretty much feel it coming.”

“It’s an upset, because I really think Chris had the potential to go all the way,” added Burke. “It was an off night.”

Remarkably, it seemed that Jericho was the one having to cheer up his partner — not the other way around. Burke admitted that she was feeling some burnout going into this season but Jericho reminded her of the pros of being a pro on DWTS.  “He helped me to be excited for this show,” she said. “After doing it for so many seasons, sometimes you get used to the schedule. He opened up my life, reminded me to be proud of what I do.”

“It’s easy to not see the forest through the trees sometimes and Cheryl’s been doing this for so long,” added Jericho. “If anything, I made her remember how damn good she is. She is still the best dancer on this show. That’s why she gets stuck with guys like me and makes us look really good. It’s a special talent she has. I wanted to always let her know that, that it’s pretty damn cool that she gets to do this for a living.”

But some things aren’t cool to Burke — like when the judges cross a line. “It’s turning more into the judges show than an actual dancing show,” said Burke. “I think sometimes the judges can be a little harsh. Bruno was mean to Chris. There was nothing that he could take from what Bruno said. There was nothing positive and nothing for him to work on if he were to make it to next week. I hope this doesn’t turn into a mean show.”

For an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Burke and Jericho talking to reporters, check out our video below.

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  • Dana

    totally agree they were too harsh to Chris so sad he’s gone

    • Gina

      Me too. I loved watching him dance. I think he’s been consistently underscored. Hoped Kendra was leaving.

      • Jake

        How can a score of all 8s be deemed as “too harsh”?!? That’s a freaking good score and there are better dancers left. I think Chris is a fantastic personality but I think they shouldve pulled back on the sleeveless outfits. He was at his best in that dance where he had the green shirt, tie, vest and hair slicked back. He looked sharp and so was his dancing. It all clicked. His shirtless vests became too distracting on his bulky frame.

    • sam


    • JJ

      Chris was done in by having to tango to DON’T STOP BELEIVING. He should be going after the producers for making him dance to the worst pairing ever of style of dance and choice of music. And that’s saying a lot considering how ill chosen most of the music is each week.

      • Melindora

        I agree with JJ. The song DID NOT fit the dance, and this was not the only time this has happened (example-that song Wendy danced to that reminded her of how she rose up in the media world). And is it me, or do they need to either get better singers, or just play the mp3,cd, or whatever instead of someone else singing the song. Let’s face it, last week, when the singers sung Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, I wanted to die-it was bad. It also bothers me when they either speed up or slow down a song just so it works for the dance.

    • Linda

      She’s correct in her assessment that this is turning into a judges show or something other than a dancing show. So much filler it is annoying now and difficult to watch.
      Bruno – overly flamboyant to the point of extreme.
      Len – lewd and rude
      Carrie – kind of forgettable

  • hs in sf

    Kendra should have been eliminated – not Chris.

  • tracy bluth

    Ugh, what’s next? Kendra stays and Ralph goes? It’s like she’s this season’s Bristol.

    • Bobbie

      Omg! I was thinking the same thing! Lol!

      • CA Viewer

        OMIG I said same to my daughter when she was announced safe.

    • Katja

      That is exactly what my husband said – she’s this season’s Bristol.

    • Pat

      Bristol was much more graceful and elegant than Kendra. The judges told her almost every week what great lines she had, she just needed to get into character more. And Bristol has class, and Kendra has none.

      • Me

        Um, Bristol’s comment that winning would be a giant middle finger to those who hate her and her mother wasn’t super classy.

      • Millie

        The judges were smoking crack or were given envelopes of cash before commenting on Bristol. I knew something was fishy when Len — who hates ALL props and “clever” dancing — praised Bristol’s gorilla costume.

        Moreover, how much classier is Bristol than Kendra anyway? At least Kendra makes no attempt to pretend she’s anything other than a woman who made her way via sex, whereas Bristol likes to pretend she’s not a woman who’s made her way via sex. Bristol’s jobs are all based upon the fact that she got caught having sex due to an illegitimate pregnancy. They both make money due to sex and therefore, neither is classy.

    • Bobbi

      Kendra bothers me much more than Bristol did.

  • vincentdante

    except I’d rather watch Kendra dance.

    • Clarissa

      Kendra looks like what she is and isn’t a good dancer. I never cease to be amazed at how people don’t care about morals.

  • jim

    Chris Jerecho and Ralph Macchio give new meaning to the word “Class”. What gentlemen. I agree that the judges are becoming more rude than helpful. I guess they have begun to think that theya re the show, more than the contestants. This has been a tremendous group—Petra, Ralph, Hines, and Chris are terrific.

  • sam

    Chris was superb last week but he was the weakest of this weeks dances because everyone was so great and stepped up their game. It’s really too bad, even Kendra who i never liked, i loved her dancing for the first time with her samba.

    • Erin

      I’m with you, Sam. I loved Chris, but Kendra did have a better dance than him this week. The judges were WAY too generous to Ralph in giving him eights this week. There’s no way he did better than Chris, even though I like them both. I’m worried, but I think Kendra might make the final 3 alongside either Hines/Kym & Romeo/Chelsie or Hines/Kym & Chelsea/Mark. Ideally, it would be those three couples in the finals… I’m over Kirstie.

  • Barack Palin

    Much as I hate to admit it I really enjoyed Kendra’s dance last night. I mean if anyone knows how to slut up a dance its Kendra and she sure showed she knows her stuff last night.

  • B

    I can’t enjoy Kendra. I don’t feel that she has any respect for the show in anyway. I have enjoyed everyone else. Chris was one person that surprised me this year, with his class and joy in dancing. He worked hard and it showed.

  • Ihatekendra

    Kendra cannot dance. She is vulgar, ugly, nasty, offensive and trampy. Can’t believe that skank got the encore. I really hate that ugly trailer trash piece of doodoo.

    • Hutchy

      Methinks someone is in their late 30’s and about 50 lbs past their wedding weight, and feeling a little threatened. Just a guess.

      • @hutchy

        me thinks I LOVE you!!! Your comment made me laugh, and could be applied to a lot of people posting on here. And bump the late 30’s to mid to late 40’s

      • Marianna

        Threatened? By Kendra?? You thinks wrong. What man in his right mind wants to go jump into the lake Hugh Hefner swam in first. Threatened, that’s rich, threatened only if there’s an outbreak of syphilis and there’s not enough penicillin to go around.

      • gataroo

        I have a feeling that most (all) men would rather jump in Kendra’s lake than yours Marianna

    • Kitza

      Kendra remains on the DWTS because the producers want her there. She creates drama, drama creates ratings, ratings generate money-the bottom line. She certainly isn’t there because of her dancing skills-her scores have consistently been the lowest or near the bottom.

      • dj

        If you really knew what you were talking about, you’d be brilliant.

  • Ihatekendra

    Kendra cannot dance. She is vulgar, ugly, nasty, offensive and trampy. Can’t believe that skank got the encore.

    • Jill

      I totally agree!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I agree w/Cheryl – its becoming more about the judges, especially with Bruno’s over-over-over-over-the-top antics. Just park your butt and critique the performance. You get 15 seconds, jackwagon, make it count!
    I’d like to vote Bruno & Ballas off the island…

    • GS

      I’m totally with you on voting Bruno and Mark off! Can’t stand either of them!

      • Mitzi

        If the producers won’t get rid of Bruno can they at least hotglue his seat to the chair so we never have to see him leap up and start the pelvic thrusts and finger waving. Ugh.

    • JJ

      Pretty ballsy of Cheryl to publicly criticize the judge’s growing egos. Maybe she really is planning to leave thes show.

  • Beverly

    I agree with Cheryl — DWTS turning into the judges’ dog and pony show. (Carrie Ann is fine, but Bruno is definitely getting to be way too much and Tom Bergeron is obviously not thrilled about it) Len and Bruno are fun when they play off each other, but Bruno is just tooooo over the top this season. Chris IS a nice guy and I enjoyed watching him dance and talk. Ralph Macchio is one heck of a gentleman too. Italians rock!!!!

    • !

      You’re right. Most of the time Bruno is fun, but when he lay down and told Kendra he wanted to do it with her, he went over the line.

  • tina

    I can’t believe Kendra is still on this show and Chris is gone. This is the down side of public voting shows unfortunately. I just don’t see who her audience is.

    • jodipo

      all the idiotic men above… you know the ones that go to a strip club and give a naked woman all their money as if she would go home with one of them. Yeah, idiots with penises are her audience

  • Jake

    Maybe Cheryl needs to take a season off. She seems burned out. Even Maksim took off a cycle to reboot and he was better off for it. She’s lost much of the spark she had in the earlier seasons and she hardly ever gets really bad bad dancers and always gets someone with personality so she has very little room to be bitter about the show. She always used to get a slobbering love affair from the judges and never seemed to mind then–now she says Bruno is harsh and the old guy is pervy–hey Cheryl, Ive got news for you…theyve always been like that!! And while agree that it’s not about the judges, it’s technically not supposed to be the professional dancers either. Quit your the whining and think about how much the show

    • Sally

      Wrong. Bruno has always been over the top, but not as bad as the past couple of years. And Len – he wasn’t nearly as pervy as this year.

    • Ntomom

      I agree with this, even Kym took of a season and she’s back as well. The male judges have been a bit over the top with the cleavage comments etc…Bruno is just Bruno..but I bet they could tone him down a bit by just saying something.

  • Bob

    I agree with Cheryl. The judges are supposed to give constructive criticism. Instead they just want camera time for themselves.

    • Suzi

      I am sick of Bruno. He is repulsive!

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