'DWTS': Are Kendra Wilkinson and her 'killer boobs' too sexy for the dance floor?


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Well, Kendra Wilkinson only did what she was told. After partner Louis Van Amstel implored his amateur partner to shake everything she had for Monday’s edition of Dancing with the Stars, Wilkinson shimmied more than enough in her mini tassled sheath to invite comments like “revenge of the stripper” and “the attack of the killer boobs” from Bruno Tonioli. But the judges weren’t the only ones reacting to her suggestive moves: The duo’s performance was mostly captured in long shots, prompting Van Amstel to question the cameramen’s motives.

“I noticed it last week,”  the pro said to reporters afterwards. ‘Why do they film from so far?”No one needs to explain it to Wilkinson. “It’s only too sexy on Kendra,” she said. “If this outfit and this dance was on somebody else, like a professional dancer, you wouldn’t even think [she was too sexy for TV]. Because of where I come from and because I lived at the Playboy Mansion, that `too sexy for TV’  is all over my forehead.”

She doesn’t fault Tonioli for his stripper comments, however. (Even Judge Len Goodman told Wilkinson that “the more you gyrated the more I palpitated. You fulfilled one of my guilty pleasures.”) “The judges sometimes use what they know against me, but that’s the way it goes,” Wilkinson said. “I’m a celebrity. I’m out there. That’s what happens.”

The former co-star of The Girls Next Door admitted that she felt a lot more confident on Monday. She and Van Amstel earned 25 out of 30 points for their samba. “I think I changed my attitude and it showed through the dance. It’s such a difference between going into week one and this week with the samba. I remember saying to Louis if I make eye contact with one person on the first week, I will just freeze and I will shut down and I will cry. Tonight, I made eye contact with every single person it the audience with a smile on my face and I actually meant it. I believed in myself and the judges believed in me and it was all a great thing.” — With reporting from Carrie Borzillo

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  • jack King

    Nope. She popped out a kid so her boobs are no loner sexy.

    • Angela

      to jack king: Are you kidding? how old are you? like about 13yrs old. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!! Please stop thinking out loud you are an embarrasment to real men who think women are beautiful no matter what the age or what they have done . .who raised you? oh yeah . .wolves? Do your knuckles drag the ground? I hope you never procreate. Poor woman.

      • sally

        Amen Angela!

      • Mark

        Saggy boobs are saggy boobs no matter how much of a real man I am. BTW, judge much?

      • RJ

        Not every woman who has kids end up with saggy boobs because of it. My wife has had two kids and she still looks freaking hot….and yes they nursed too.

      • @mark

        Mark, you are aware that silicone doesn’t sag, regardless of childbirth, right?

    • Mellissa

      Maybe boobs are no “loner” fun because there are two of them, Jack.

      • Ryan

        I don’t understand the rlebpom with her complaining about her body .ITS HER BODY!! I’m a skinny girl who doesn’t get many stretch marks during pregnancy and most of my weight comes off rather quickly after pregnancy-just like Kendra-but just because we are blessed genetically doesn’t mean we don’t get the chance to feel normal’. Meaning, I feel normal when I’m able to complain about my extra skin that I’m now stuck with forever and my round chipmunk cheeks that won’t go away. All you women who think you’re so entitled just because you’re bigger than me are so irritating and need to stop pointing the finger at us skinny girls BECAUSE we’re women with issues too!!! I can understand encouraging her and saying she is beautiful but to say she has no right to complain is RIDICULOUS! She’s a mommy too.

  • Edward

    Jack, you hit the nail on the head, when will these woman get it?

    • Sarcasm is fun.

      I kno right?!! Th3y Need 2 stAy iN the Kitchen Where They Belong LOL!!!!!

      • Marie

        You must be single!! If not you should be!

    • K

      Seriously. It’s like, why do we ladies even bother once we’re no longer teenagers and everything goes downhill? I mean, I have what have been described as “tig old bitties” and I had the nerve to live my life on the earth’s gravity, which has been dragging them down a lot lately…yet I still expect my husband to find me attracive. And he does. I must have him SO brainwashed.

      • cheryl

        Then how IS it that I’m 44 and they don’t sag??? Cause I didn’t breastfeed, dummies!

      • who cares

        @cheryl – thats why your child hates you

    • fg

      You’re right Edward, your mother should never have had you.

    • Pillow Pants

      When have you ever gotten it? And no, your hand doesn’t count. No, not even if you sit on it and make it numb so it feels like someone else.

    • Squishmar

      Actually, the fact that her boobs are fake should mean that there is no difference in how they look after having a child.

    • Alice

      This country is pathetic. I guess a lot of men have lost sight of what “boobs” are really for … infants. Of course, I’m sure you have to pay to get within ten feet of a woman’s breast.

      • Alice

        I don’t know why I bother responding to seriously disturbed people. But really, liking large breasts is one thing. Wanting women to have fake, huge implants and never get pregnant is … pathological. You’re “attached” to a silicone blob. Misogynist. Please get help.

  • William H. Bean

    Kendra Wilkinson and her partner were way way under rated especially doing what she was told what to do. And I must say she did very well.Good job Kendra.

    • Krysten

      I absolutely agree. I’d like to see any of these commenters take Kendra’s spot, outfit and Fall. ha ha ha

  • joe

    i beg to differ…i have watched this show from season one and there have been far seductive and sexier women dancing on the show…..sexiness is not all about the size of her boobs…its about her inner confidence..her ability to be alluring and how she presents herself as a woman….blantant in your face….does not make for attractiveness…its much much more then that….we love to see the whole package…the inward and outward attributes …….

    • shan

      Wow a real prince
      where have you been

    • Soap On A Rope

      @Joe Sorry, but no amount of inner confidence, or personality can replace a flat chest.

      • Jonathan

        @ Soap on a Rope: Beauty is temporary, shallow is forever. I’m a straight guy and I have to say, boobs are nice and all, but if I love the person and personally find them attractive, then I love their flaws too.

      • Soap On A Rope

        @Jonathan My problem is that it angers me that just because Kendra has large boobs, she is refered to in derogatory comments. It is a wonderful unique combination to have both beauty, personality, and a great set of large boobs. Who cares if they are real or she purchased them. Either way, they belong to her.

      • PAM62

        Soap On A Rope – There would be far fewer derogatory comments if her boobs were actually real. Her gigantic boobs are FAKE and gross looking… just like her. She’s trash.

      • lisa

        @Pam62- “She’s trash” are very harsh words. She’s also someone’s mom. How about some respect? I mean, have a girls back for God’s sake!!

      • Tori

        Yeah, someone’s mom who had a boob job and a sex tape. She’s still trash.

    • who cares

      kendra isn’t sexy…true she’s got a rockin body, but she’s an effing retard

      • mainoh

        The “r” word is no longer acceptable. I have a niece who is developmentally disabled and she is smarter than you

      • who cares

        kendra isn’t sexy…true she’s got a rockin body, but she’s effing developmentally disabled

      • Jesse

        heh heh heh!

    • ann

      The funniest part of Kendra was when she admitted her breasts were “fake”.
      How sexy can that be?!

  • j

    Title should be ARE, not is. You’re talking about 2 things here (a lady and her boobs) so that needs the plural form of be.

    • Mellissa

      Technically three things, as Kendra has more than one boob.

  • Bill

    Joe, Maybe you have posters of Susan Boyle in your room…Loser

    • Dan

      You’re obviously the loser here, not Joe.

    • Sparkle Girl

      You know Bill,speaking as a woman I would be much more interested in Joe than in you. Women like to be appreciated for all that they are, not just their boobs. So I’m thinking that you’re the loser here.

      • Katja


      • Soap On A Rope

        @Sparkle Girl We men think about boobs 24 hrs. a day. If the woman is intelligent or rich, then thats just a bonus.

      • @ Soap

        Your comment should have read “We boys think about boobs 24 hrs. a day.” Men live their lives and have other things to think about. Once you sleep with a woman or two, maybe you’ll understand.

      • Soap On A Rope

        I agree that we have other things to think about, but the censors won’t allow us to list them on this blog. So we are stuck with boobs.

      • BobS

        Probably true for many women. However, except for cases of reconstructive surgerey, women who undergo procedures to enlarge their breasts and then dress to display them at their most prominent…not so true! They are sort of deliberately going through life Boob first. Stupid to be surprised and/or offended when people notice what they have put on display. The displays are great…but don’t complain when they work!

      • Krysten


  • Kyle

    Mario is planning to marry and asks his family doctor how he could tell if his bride-to-be is still a virgin.

    His doctor says, “Mario, all the Italian men I know use three things for what we call a Do-It-Yourself Virginity Test Kit – A small can of red paint, a small can of blue paint and a shovel.”

    Mario asks, “And what do I do with these things, doc?”

    The doctor replies, “Before you climb into bed on your wedding night, you paint one of your balls red and the other ball blue.

    If she says, ‘That’s the strangest pair of balls I’ve ever seen!’,

    ………you hit her with the shovel.

  • A

    I’m the most hetrosexual guy on Earth. But Kendra is boring as woodpulp. I saw that stupid show on E! and it actually made the Playboy Mansion tedious.

    Is this what stars are now?

    The hell with it, I’m reading a book.

  • sam

    i’ve never really liked her from day one, kinda wanted her to go home two weeks ago, really wanted her gone last week — now this week, i really enjoyed their samba –so great, can’t believe i’m writing this!

  • dante

    While she is a much better dancer, of course, Kendra reminds me of Kate Gosselin. She never, really, has acculturated to the ethos of dwts. Petulant, vulgar woman.

    • DJ

      I totally agree! She is like Kate G’s younger, sluttier sister.

  • Sylvie

    That was Kendra’s best dance and she and Louis knew it was great. She deserved batter scores and I think she is right on with her own perceptions of the prejudice. Anybody else who had danced that well would have had at least 9s.

    • Rs

      I agree!! She was great and definitely underscored! And I happen to really enjoy her goofy sense of humor.

    • Katja

      There was something very awkward about a lot of her movement, though, as if she was overthinking what she was doing and pushing her body TOO hard to shake. That kind of shaking needs to look effortless, and she didn’t always make it look that way, which surprised me given her previous experience. (Which doesn’t bother me at all, so I’m not judging her stripper past or anything…you can develop good fluidity in your body doing that.) And I couldn’t get past her physically counting the music with her entire body at the very beginning of the dance – she was visibly counting until she was supposed to start moving, and it was totally obvious and awkward. From watching DWTS every single season, I’d say the judges usually give 9s when the dance was flawless enough to viewers at home but there were some very minor technical issues that only the judges would notice. If someone like me at home can notice awkwardness and Kendra bouncing as she counted, it’s more likely to be a dance that the judges will give an 8 to. I thought it was a pretty fair score.

      • CSDiva

        I totally agree, Katja. You can totally see she’s counting, and her movements simply don’t flow. The score was totally fair.

      • Jenny

        I thought her dancing was lousy except when she was shimmying. She lost her place a few times and you could see it all over her face when she did. She messed up very obviously at one point. So yeah, the shaking parts were good, but not worth more than the score she got.

  • Annka

    Bruno should be leaving this week. He is disrespectful to the guests. Judging dancing is one thing, calling them strippers and displaying himself on the desk and demanding Kendra’s participation is just being a pig. I felt bad for her. She danced well, did as she was instructed, has done nothing to garner such lewd reactions from Bruno and was clearly uncomfortable with the situation.

    Bruno’s actions and comments were inappropriate. I would like the show much better if he was gone.


    • sally

      Bruno was very inappropriate. I felt very uncomfortable with his “do me” comment. Prime time TV, what a pig.

      • Kat

        The “do me” was maybe going too far, but she’s not the first person on the show Bruno has said that kind of thing to. I mean, last week or the week before, he solicited Maks and said he could afford whatever price. That seems to be just the way Bruno jokes around with everyone – I don’t think it had to do with Kendra’s stripper/Playboy past but rather the sexy dance she had just finished. Bruno LOVES sexy dances. (For instance, he wanted more sex from Ralph last week.) I think that’s just his way of telling the contestants how great he thinks they did; if he’s throwing himself at a contestant, they know they must have done really well.

    • Jaded

      Kendra has referred to HERSELF as a stripper in previous episodes. She gets pissed at any mention of being classy, and she did a stripper dance on top of the judges table. What do you think people are going to say?

      • Soap On A Rope

        I will admit that she is not the girl that you may have hoped your son would bring home to dinner, but give the girl a chance. I believe that inside, she is a sweet person.

    • Debbie

      I agree totally about Bruno. I feel he was way out of line with Kendra and although she may not be my favorite, I truly feel she deserves an apology from him during tonight’s live result show.

    • Stee

      she did a lap dance on the judges table!! that’s what was inappropriate

      • Garry

        Kendra has made a “career” out of selling herself and/or her body, as a stripper, centerfold, and one of Hugh Hefner’s private wh*res. She has forfeited the right to be offended by any comments about her body or sexuality.

      • naynay

        Garry: Very well put.

      • irish

        Garry pretty much hit the nail on the head. If she didn’t always advertize her past it would be left alone. You reap what you sow….

    • Millie

      ABC fascinates me. They allow Bruno to get away with these incredibly vulgar comments. Carrie Ann spends most seasons salivating over whatever black male athlete is a halfway decent dancer. They cast as “stars” people known best for being strippers or Hugh Hefner’s in-house-prostitutes or getting pregnant as a teen. They continue to allow the female dancers to be all but nude on the dance floor (even though they’ve stated they get more than 1000 complaints per week about the nudity). Some of the dances have bordered on vertical sex. And yet… Adam Lambert is still banned by ABC from appearing on one of their shows.

      • Gibbs

        Good point about ABC. I’m not opposed to the dancer’s outfits at all, but ABC is not the family network they portray themselves to be. They try to come across as sqeaky clean. I guess with Tom Bergeron as host, it tricks people into thinking its no different than Funniest Home Videos, right? Half the contestants (not to mention the other hostess) are former strippers, club dancers, etc…and the pro dancers end up in playboy.

      • Soap On A Rope

        @Millie I have never heard anyone refer to dancing as vertical sex. Would you prefer they all dance while lying flat on the floor. I assume that you found fault with the classic movie “Dirty Dancing”?

      • Beth in MI

        Adam Lambert simulated oral sex on stage. That is why he is banned from ABC. No big loss anyway.

      • Millie

        Well, soap on a rope, if you’ve never heard of that phrase before, perhaps you should stop spending all of your time in the shower getting dirty.

      • Millie

        Beth in MI: Same show as Lambert’s, Janet Jackson grabbed a male dancer’s crotch at the beginning of the show and Rihanna’s video intro was a take off on torture porn videos. And somehow ONLY Lambert gets banned?

      • Glowbug

        You make good points –Bruno is getting worse with vulgar comments and calling someone a stripper is disgusting–and some of the pro-female dancers wear almost nothing — esp Edyta wears the skimpist–so Kendra was involved in Playboy–big deal–you would think she had been in prison–lots of men like the Playboy image–her dance this week was good —

    • Anonymous

      Bruno’s comments were totally inappropriate. I was shocked. He owes her an apology, even if it’s a private one.

    • Gayle

      Bruno’s a flaming pig. ABC needs to curtail these outbursts.

      Len’s a lewd old perv. Last week he couldn’t get enough of whatshername’s tatas. This week it was Kendra’s bootie.

      Funny, you’re right about Carrie and her swooning over black athletes.

      And someone, anyone please knock Brooke off the stage please!

      The only one on this show with class is Tom.

      • mujer

        If he was directing those comments at the male I might be weirded out but the females really have nothing he wants.

      • restore sanity

        So what if they’re black? Would it be more acceptable if they were white? So she flirts a little, big deal. Bruno is downright raunchy.

    • Amy

      Yeah, Bruno was extremely crass after Kendra’s dance. She’s not the first person to get up on the judge’s table, but he hasn’t asked anyone else for a lapdance. That was just out of line, regardless of Kendra’s past.

      • Kat

        He asked Ralph for more sex last week, and he solicited Maks’ gigolo services. Bruno is ALWAYS crass about people doing the sexy Latin dances. I actually think it’s hilarious that he gets away with the stuff he says, but it doesn’t bother me because he sort of verbally fondles everyone with equal frequency and intensity.

  • darkstar

    That’s right- she DID exactly what the pro asked of her and she was EXCELLANT ! IT WAS HER BEST DANCE ! She was enjoying herself as much as everyone enjoyed watching the confidance. Great job Kendra

  • chooch850

    Kendra’s Samba was much better than Kristie’s, but the judges gave Kristie better scores. Hmmmm…. sure seems like something’s wrong with that.

    • Zach

      Disagree. Kirstie’s had a lot more ballroom content. This was a personal high for Kendra, though. She killed it, and based on this week alone, she deserves to sail through to the top 6 as she likely will.

    • Debbie

      Again, I agree totally. I do like Kirstie better HOWEVER last night Kendra’s Samba was much better and should have received the same or BETTER scores.

    • Joanne

      Agree. Kendra outdanced Kirstie by a mile. It is also tiring to keep hearing people make negative comments about Kendra’s attitude and actions, yet they’ll praise Kirstie even while she is on there trying to act like a teenage school girl. Disgusting for a 60 year old and NOT entertaining to say the least.

      • tina

        Exactly what I have been saying.She is a disgusting, obnoxious, and annoying. She thinks Maks is in love with her, when in reality he is using her to win the competition. Both of them need to go already.

    • Beth in MI

      You do realize that the samba has more technical elements than shaking your butt and boobs, right?

    • Dan

      I was 85lbs before I got preg, got up to 125lbs, which I loved! I got so eetcixd when I went to my appts and got on the scale. I hated being so skinny! I weigh like 105 now. Still not happy lol. I wanted to stay at 120-125. However I have a lil bit bigger booty which I love but im still not satisfied bc it looks like a roadmap!!!Stretch marks everywhere! And my boobs didnt move from an A cup at all! Any1 wanna donate some? lol. My stomach use to be so flat and now its a lil flabby only when im wearing tight jeans and sitting down u can see the rolls. Alot of girls complain about being big or overweight or watever, no one knows how it is to be so skinny every1 thinks ur anerexic and what guy likes a super skinny girl wit no booty and no boobs just flatness everywhere. Sucks guess we all have our own opinions about ourselves. only prob is all of you that are bigger than what u like u can lose the weight!!!! me on the other hand I cant gain any, my metabolism is way to fast. how do u think I feel lol.

  • Suzanne

    I think that tonight Kendra showed us what she has…..GREAT DANCE KENDRA

    • Dan

      Kendra has already shown the world what she has–big boobs, no class.

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