The CW renews 'Supernatural,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Gossip Girl' and two more!


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The CW just announced early renewals of five shows for next season. Ready?

Gossip Girl, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210 are all coming back, along with a first-ever all-star edition of America’s Next Top Model.

All will return next fall. None are huge surprises — Vampire Diaries is the network’s biggest hit, Gossip and 90210 are solid-ish and Friday’s Supernatural has helped keep the network strong on TV’s toughest night. Doing an all-star edition of veteran Top Model also makes sense as a way to potentially boost its numbers after 16 cycles. As for the shows that were not renewed…

The CW brass still has a few pilots to watch for potential fall season candidates, so final decisions are not yet made on the rest of the network’s shows. Still awaiting a CW verdict: Hellcats, Nikita and One Tree Hill — and One Tree has to be setting some sort of record at this point having been a bubble show every season for the past eight years.

Everything hinges on the quality of the new shows, but I’d predict that at least two of the three will likely return (and that One Tree is almost certainly one of them). The CW already has two holes on schedule — replacing Smallville and finding a partner for Top Model — and the network typically orders only two or three new shows each year. So it’s probably not going to let two more holes open up by cancelling more than one show.

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  • Bernice

    Nikita better be coming. I will be so hurt if it doesn’t come back.


      me too

      • jeremy

        Why couldn’t they have cancelled Supernatural? It’s so totally the worst show on the CW!

      • Jeremy W.

        You are a disgrace to the name Jeremy. Turn in your badge at the front desk. From this day forward your name will be Bjardker.


        You know, I’ve never met anyone named Jeremy that had a brain. And you with your comment on Supernatural didn’t help the Jeremy cause at all.

      • Melody

        First and foremost, Supernatural is the best show on TV. Secondly, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Why the hell would you want to wish a show’s cancelation and disappoint a myriad of fans? I can’t stand CW’s Monday-Wednesday shows, but I don’t wish them ill will. Grow up.

      • TayMads

        Really? People are allowed to have an opinion. So what if he doesn’t like the show Supernatural. There is no reason to insult him. He is allowed to state his opinion. But I agree with Melody. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. I don’t like Supernatural personally but I am not going to knock it. It just isn’t my type of show.

      • Rack

        @Jeremy, watch your mouth! Supernatural is one of the best shows on TV. So glad its coming back for another season.

      • Zakry

        Jeremy doesn’t really watch Supernatural. He doesn’t really have an opinion. He’s a nine year old who likes to post snarky things to tick people off.

        Ignore him. He’ll go away.

      • Anno

        Angelbear! There are some decent Jeremies out there. There is Jeremy Irons, Jeremy W (above), Jeremy Davies who is awesome on Justified and would be fun to see on SN. There is also Jeremy Piven but he would probably help support your point. Not all are bad.

      • harry

        oh, Jeremy you poor misguided soul.

      • merlin217

        So that was a joke, right it is one of the best shows on TV now period!!!!!

      • Sooze

        If I don’t like a show, I don’t comment about it. That’s a waste of time. YAY for Supernatural!!

      • Girish Winchester

        Sod off Jeremy! Supernatural is the best show on televison!

      • raiders5869

        You have no clue about whats good on T.v. SPN is the best show,you must like them reality shows,so Jeremy (gay name dude) go watch Dancing with the Stars or something like that.


      nah it’s not coming back, they cancelled it

    • Flip

      So glad Supernatural is returning! It’s my favourite show!

    • Tyler

      OOOHHHH MYYY GOOSSH the CW NEEDS to renew Nikita, likt right now. It’s one of the best shows. Nikita, Supernatural and TVD ARE THE ULTIMATE BEST!
      CW needs to stop being idiots and renew Nikita!

  • Kyle

    Ouuuuuuupppp!!! Very good news!!

  • jeremy

    Awe man! I wanted Supernatural cancelled!

    • Geoff

      Prepare for war!

    • Tana

      I will kill you in your sleep.

    • geordiegirl1967

      Hmm. Your comment is strikingly similar (identical) to one posted on spoiler TV. I’ll say here what I said there. Sorry to disappoint you ‘Jeremy’ but SPN is here to stay. I don’t understand why some people’s first reaction is to be negative. If you don’t like SPN don’t watch it. Why wish for it to be cancelled? There are lots of shows I don’t enjoy, but if others do good for them. I wouldn’t try to impose my taste on them.
      Great news for the show and very well deserved. I am thrilled.

      • lisa

        Im thrilled to see Dean & Sam!! Best show EVER!!!

      • cindy

        I’m thrilled it’s been renewed. Love Supernatural.

    • The Internet

      Dearest Jeremy… Get bent.

    • Barbara J

      Don’t feed the trolls. He’s obviously making up for having a tiny penis.

      • Li

        Or none at all! Supernatural rules!!

    • Jen

      Eat sh*% and die.

    • Melody

      I’ll hold him down, you all grab spiky feathers and tickle him to death – then we will salt and burn the remains.


      Supernatural is too good, they cant cancel it cos its helping CW being competitive towards others

    • Adriana

      I just feel the HUGE need of SALT AND BURN you!!!
      Why do you think that is?

    • TheHunter

      you will probably be salted and burned on the ceiling now, my poor, misguided friend

    • m.

      i wanted you dead , but it didn’t happened !

    • Zakry

      See what I mean?

    • callicokaty

      What’s the matter jeremy, Does your girlfriend have the hots for one of the Winchester boys?

      • Heather

        Best comment EVER! :) SUPERNATURALL FOREVER. I haven’t seen a great horror show since Buffy and Angel which both ran for a good amount of years. and are still being continued by Joss in comic book form!

        and Jeremy….if you find a hex back in your house…it wasn’t me.

    • angelina evans

      hey! watch it! if you dont like a show so dont like it but do you want to cancel it when so many people watch it

    • Sandy

      seriously dude you are an idoit to want a show that has a more loyal fan base than any other show has ever had get cancelled! i never found a jeremy i have liked and you just made me hate the name a million times more!!!

  • Geoff

    Brilliant news. My tv would be epically boring without Sam and Dean on it every friday.

    • TeamFreeWill

      Don’t forget Cass! I completely agree with you – SPN is well written, well cast, and simply one of the best shows on TV. Kudos to the CW for actually realizing that and keeping fans happy.

      • Kayjee

        Still sad about the Misha who played Castiel in the alternate universe. He was epically funny, especially compaired to the character he played. RIP Alt Misha!

  • Lucy

    Excellent news, my Jared Padalecki crush reigns supreme for yet another year…

    • Leilana

      I hear that my friend!

    • Meg


    • Gina

      lol MTE! I’m glad I still get to see his pretty face every week.

  • Sherry

    Awesome, that makes my day!! I love Supernatural!!!!

  • Stacie

    Gossip Girl? Surely it should be Gossip Pensioner by now, is that crap still on? Happy about Supernatural and VD, the show not the disease.

  • Hannah NY

    Winchesters forever. End of.

  • Rhia T

    Yay supernatural. Dean is so funny and Sam is so hot. Now to get JDM back.

    • Marilyn S.

      That would be cool if they could get JDM to guest star, but given his busy schedule, I sadly don’t think it will happen. Maybe he can do a cameo during the final episode whenever that happens. I’m just glad it’s not this season! Love live Sam and Dean!

  • Alex

    When will we hear about OTH?

    • kate

      Mid May upfronts at the latest. There’s been rumors that the cast and crew want to hang it up after this season….I hope it comes back though – it’s one of my fave shows.

  • Anna

    I am so happy about Supernatural it just keeps geting better with age.
    Rethink Nikkta IT IS GOOD SHOW!!

    • S.

      Agree – Thursday nights have come to mean CW night for me with TVD and Nikita. It would be awful for them to cancel Nikita, but then I guess I’m out of the demographic and not important.

    • Steph

      Very glad Supernatural gets at least another year!

  • Solange

    Yes! Supernatural!!!

  • Kat

    Yippie ki-yay! Yiii-haaa!
    Confetti – it’s a parade!
    I’m so happy, the Winchesters will be back for sure. I’m so not ready to see them go.

  • yasha732


  • Dave

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Nikita get higher ratings than Gossip Girl and 90210?

    • CJ

      Yeah…it does. All the time. If Nikita isn’t renewed, it will be a crime of Firefly-esque proportions. It is one of my favorite shows.

      • Dave

        So then what’s the deal? Why is the CW so much more supportive of Gossip Girl and 90210? It is just because those shows generate “buzz?” (even though that buzz doesn’t really mean anything). Or is it because those shows appeal more to teen girls, the demographic that the CW

      • Dave

        So then what’s the deal? Why is the CW so much more supportive of Gossip Girl and 90210? It is just because those shows generate “buzz?” (even though that buzz doesn’t really mean anything). Or is it because those shows appeal more to teen girls, the only demographic that the CW seems to care about.

    • Zoe

      actually, CW doesnt only look at the TV ratings but looks at the online ratings as well and gossip girl and 90210 are 2 of the mostly watched online shows.. plus both those shows have a loyal fan base!

    • veronica

      No, Nikita’s ratings are actually much worse than Gossip Girl and 90210. You have to keep in mind that the CW’s advertisers don’t care about total viewers, their focus is on young adults. In this respect, Nikita is a flop although it does well in attracting older viewers.

      • Dave

        I wasn’t talking about total viewers (even though Nikita does indeed rate higher with total viewers). I was thinking of the 18-49 demographic. I believe all 3 shows get about the same ratings in that demo. 90210 and Nikita both got a 0.8 in 18-49 last week, while Gossip Girl got 0.7. Like i said in my above post, I suspect that it may be because Gossip Girl and 90210 appeal more to teen girls. In that demographic, they do better than Nikita. But CW really needs to start caring about other viewers besides teen girls only.

    • kate

      One Tree Hill also gets better ratings than 90210 and Gossip Girl. I think Nikita’s problem is that it skews older and CW is having an identity crisis now w/ Dawn Ostroff on the way out – do they keep with the targeting of young girls (GG, 90210, Hellcats), or do they try to target males and adults more?

      • Sparky

        Absolute crime if Nikita does nt get renewed over crap like 90210. The show has done a really good job over the last few episodes of reinvigorating the storyline and it has worked. I know I find myself really looking forward to each new episode lately and I tuned in on Thursday nights for Vampire Diaries. Best thing ever that network did was to finally close the door on the disaster that has been Dawn Ostroff. Fingers crossed that the next President finally knows a thing or two about some good TV and puts some worthwhile shows on that network like they used to with the old WB – those were the days.

      • Girish Winchester

        Well, atleast Dawn Ostroff didn’t cancel Supernatural in all his years as the president & he did allow Vampire Diaries to air! So, I don’t hate him! But I do agree that CW is one of the girliest channels ever! And its ironic, coz Supernatural is the most macho show out there without an ‘R’ rating!

    • Summer Bay

      Yes, but the audience they get is super religious, they stay with it.
      Plus this year 90210 ratings are up overall (GG down) probably thanks in part to the Teddy storyline.

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