Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin -- FIRST PHOTO


Image Credit: Phillip V. Caruso/HBO

Does Julianne Moore look the part of Sarah Palin for her role as the former Alaska governor in the upcoming HBO movie Game Change? You kinda sorta betcha! Below is the first photo of Moore in the role, which starts shooting today and co-stars Ed Harris as John McCain and chronicles the historic 2008 presidential campaign. Here’s your pic:

The pic was first posted on People.com.


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  • snapthejap

    scary!!!! Get me drunk, and play the shell game w/Moore, Fey, & Palin (not allowing them to talk– as the REAL Palin would no doubt say something stupid) and I’d be hard pressed to pick the correct one.

    • Ben Linus

      I’m pretty sure Palin has bigger breasts so if you put them side by side it would be pretty easy to tell them apart. They should have gone with some one like Katey Sagal; she looks the part, has a healthy amount of talent, probably requires a smaller pay day, and knows how to play stupid from her Married With Children days.

      • Franklin Price

        Palin has bigger breasts? That got me to thinking… mmmm, breasts.

    • Cygnus

      Since Palin is all about the hair, glasses, and business suit, virtually any white woman could pull her off. Fey only took it to the next level because she got the mannerisms and voice down, and she’ funny because Fey is so liberal.

      • Barry

        Fey SUCKS!!!

      • L

        Wrong. One of the first things I remember hearing about Palin was how much she looked like Tina Fey. That was WAY before the actual impression.

      • Joseph

        Agreed with L. Tina Fey and Sarah Palin do look very alike.

    • Moe

      Funny thing with Libs everyone they disagree with is stupid. Watched this over and over since Reagan, Look at gas prices our national security and employment. She knew the problem and has spoke about and stuck to her guns and you should wake up and see she was right then and right now.

      • uh

        She was dumb then and she’s dumb now.

      • Ted

        Funny thing about conservatives, everyone they agree with is stupid.

        Palin has always been in the wrong and will always be in the wrong. Palin has no idea what the problem is.

      • merleb

        Ted, great post.

      • Moe2

        The funny thing Moe is when people, of any political affiliation make generalizations about another they LITERALLY make themselves appear stupid. I’ve worked many a job in public service including retail and be assured that politics has nothing to do with it. It’s human nature to call someone stupid if they do not agree with/like what you are saying. So my dear Moe, you are stupid.

      • sambarber

        as opposed to YOU, natch, who thinks everyone you disagree with is stupid. Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

      • thin

        Moe2 is right on all counts. Moe2 for president!

      • yup

        I bet she has a great plan for single-handedly controlling the global gas market and lowering prices.. like changing the numbers on the signs.

      • atm

        She is not smart enough to finish one term as governor without causing the people of Alaska to figure it out. She is a tool for the tea party. I just hope they portray her accurately. How hard can it be for a smart person (Moore) to portray a total moron?

      • Johnny Alien

        There’s nothing funny about American politics, it’s a horror show!

      • kathleen

        the problem with you conservs is your stupid HA! bet you didnt see that coming..

  • Mike Honcho

    She’s gonna have a hard time living up to Fey.

    • HP_Loveshaft

      Fey does not, repeat, NOT look like Sarah Palin. They may both be MILFs with glasses and brown hair, but that hardly constitutes “lookalike” by any stretch of the imagination.

      • helena handbasket

        Fey does, repeat, does look like enough like Palin to be convinving. Moore does not.

  • bmospr04

    Wow, she has transformed…Emmys and GG noms are in her future

    • Kirsten

      Really, because of one picture? Thank goodness they judge on actual talent. As Cygnus above mentions, it’s not that hard to get the Palin ‘look’

  • Simon Jester

    Is there anything Julianne Moore *can’t* do?

    • The Dude

      Win an Oscar?

      • Drew

        sadly, so true haha

      • deedeedragons

        I really wish she would win one, i don’t want her to turn into a female Peter O’toole.

      • KCC

        actually she needs to be nominated to win one! (and i know she has been nominated in the past, but i am talking about the kids are alright and a single man)

  • Meredith

    holy sh!t she looks just like her

    • Agent Smith

      I have to disagree. She looks like someone wearing Palin’s hairstyle, glasses, and usual attire. But that may be all that’s necessary for a telefilm character.

      • Tye-Grr

        No, her actual performance will be what matters. Did Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon look exactly like June and Johnny Cash? Hell no! But they played them beautifully. Let’s wait and see if Moore can nail Palin’s mannerisms. The look can only take you so far.

  • Red

    Does she look like Palin? Not really. But I’m sure the accuracy of her appearance will match well with the accuracy of any film made from this book based on unnamed sources who — surprise! — disliked Palin.

    • Ryan

      So the book could have been written by almost anyone?

      Sorry, I guess she has her “fanbase,” but this woman(real Palin) annoys me to no end. I mean you’re an elected official, you run for VP, you lose, and you quit the job you were elected for? That’s just not cool in my eyes, those people voted you in and you turned your backs on them. I care not what her excuses are/were as the simple fact is you let the people you represent down by quiting regardless of reason.

      • Reilly

        Kind of like the dopey senator from il who with nothing but ego abandoned his elected office after one year to run for president.

      • HP_Loveshaft

        Well said, Riley. You stole my thunder.

      • jodipo

        Sure, except Obama did not quit his elected position any mroe than Palin would have had she (and McCain for that matter) made it to the white house. That woman lost the mational election, got caught abusing her power ads Governor, then quit her job halfway through to make a reality show and go on book tours. Big difference pal, and not seeing it just makes you look stupid

    • @Red

      And yet you would probably have no problem if the book/movie were about Hillary Clinton.

    • @Red

      Yeah, good luck finding someone who DOESN’T dislike her–like a needle in a haystack.

    • @Red

      If you’d bother to read the book, you’d see that NOBODY, conservative or liberal, comes off well. So that shoots down your stupid, paranoid (of course) theory.

  • Zombie Jesus

    If Sarah Palin was a character in Game of Thrones she would have killed the direwolf last week on top of a dragon with a bow and arrow. Oh course she would also claimed to h

  • Bobby’s Robot

    One of my favorite actresses playing one of my least favorite humans – should be interesting.

    • miss k


    • jones

      Good one.

    • Jan

      I love Julianne Moore, but clicking over to this article about the cretin she’ll be playing is as far as I can go.

  • nykolus

    i had my doubts, but wow… you betcha!!!

  • Pope Carmelita I

    I could tell it’s Julianne Moore…but only because I knew it was. If I had seen the pic by itself, I might have thought it was really Palin…

    Now we’ll see how she does on doing the voice accurately…

  • Tim

    This is an interesting photo, but I’m actually more keen to see how they make Ed Harris look like McAncient.

    • kate

      Yeah, I’m more interested to see McCain. Any woman can make themselves look like Palin.

      And when are they going to announce who’s playing Obama, Biden, Edwards, Hillary? This book/movie is about more than McCain/Palin.

  • Big Walt

    Apparently I’m the only one who thinks she looks nothing like her.

    • Jackie

      Moore’s face is thinner, and she’s way prettier than Palin. The hair and the glasses, though, do give her a passing resemblance.

    • Michelle

      She doesn’t look anything like her. She looks like someone wearing her getup. Moore’s face is very Irish looking, and she’s thinner than Palin. Palin is prettier than Moore playing Palin, although Moore is prettier as herself.

  • JLC

    I hope she does a better job with the Alaska accent than she did with her Boston 30 Rock accent (which, admittedly, was played for laughs).

  • steve

    Sort of, but better than Tina Fey, a little bit like Palin. Palin has bigger eyes and cheekbones, but Moore can pass off as her. I’m from AZ and also interested to see Ed Harris as John McCain…same hairline at least. Movie should be interesting…AZ was really upset that they didn’t win the presidency…as I recall.

    • dave

      McCain lost my vote when, shortly after he selected Palin as his running mate, it became obvious she was a complete and utter moron.

      • Anonymous

        Well, she’s no Joe Biden. That’s for sure.

      • SusanL

        For those of you dissing on Sarah, do you know anything about her other than what the media has spoon fed you? NO, that is why you keep saying she is stupid. You are stupid for letting the media choose your candidate.

  • TR

    Why get excited, it will be another HBO hatchet job.
    Why do liberals (who claim to be smart and open minded) feel they need to make fun of anyone who dares disagree with them?

    We’re in a new period of McCarthyism from the left…
    if you don’t like someone political views, call them a racist.

    • PJ


      • miss k


    • Amanda

      i totally agree
      i don’t understand when people don’t agree with their points of view, they are automatically stupid

      • Nicole

        No, you can disagree and still be respected for your beliefs. Being stupid is what gets you labelled stupid. Palin has more than earned that reputation.

    • @TR

      Another functionally illiterate Tea Bagger, criticizing something they know nothing about. Game Changer could be seen as a “hatchet job” on practically everyone who ran for the presidency and vice presidency in 2008–no one comes off looking good, you goon. Why don’t you read a book, now and then instead of whining and moaning about anything you perceive as unfair? Moron.

    • L

      The liberals aren’t the paranoid ones.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Right, because the liars and hypocrites on FOX News (staff and guests) are always SO fair and understanding of everyone with which they disagree. Hey Kettle: you’re black!!! (pardon the pun)

    • kate

      Well, if they follow the book Game Change – it is really a tell all on everyone in the 08 campaign. Most people seemed to think John and Elizabeth Edwards came off looking the worst in it, but there are some negative things about Obama and Hillary as well. I hope HBO will include all of that and not just focus on McCain/Palin, which is honestly so played out. They may cut some of the more salacious Edwards stuff though since Elizabeth Edwards has passed away…who knows.

    • Juneau

      Or waste everyone’s time by questioning the citizenship of the POTUS?

    • sascha

      people dont hate sarah palin because she’s conservative. They hate her because she’s dumb as a doorknob and wants our respect and vote for a job that will allow her to control us.

      • Anonymous

        Palin isn’t dumb, she’s of average intelligence, like our current President.

      • David

        Sorry, Anon, but if Barack’s of average intelligence, Palin is below-average in intelligence. You can’t make up the dumb stuff she says. And a lot of it sounds no more intelligent than those people you see getting arrested on COPS.

      • Michelle

        No, the media just ignored all of Obama’s gaffes, like when he said he visited all 57 states.

      • Bill

        I’m sure your referring to the time she said she had been to 57 states already, oops that wasn’t her that was your messiah!
        Or maybe when she said “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” –on a Kansas tornado that killed 12 people.
        Oops that was your messiah also!

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