PHOTO: 'Spartacus' casts its new Naevia -- EXCLUSIVE

Slave leader Spartacus isn’t the only part on Starz’ cult hit that’s being recast for season two. Lesley-Ann Brandt, who played Lucretia’s “body slave” Naevia, left the show during its protracted hiatus.

But producers have now found an actress to take over the part, and heeeere she is …


EW has exclusively learned that Cynthia Addai-Robinson is the new Naevia, who you’ll recall fell in love with gladiator Crixus during season one.

Addai-Robinson was previously in ABC’s FlashForward and appeared in shows like CSI: NY and and Numbers. She’s repped by Pantheon Talent and Liebman Entertainment.

After Starz aired its successful Gods of the Arena prequel in January, and Spartacus season two is expected to return early next year along with newcomer Liam McIntyre replacing Andy Whitfield in the lead role. For more on what’s to come, check out this link below:

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  • Cate

    Isn’t Naevia not with the escaping gladiators? I seem to remember that after Lucretia found out about her and Crixus, she cut off all of Naevia’s hair and sent her away somewhere, and Crixus promised that he would find her. The slave that is on the run with them is the one that is in love with Spartacus, I think her name was Mira. Am I wrong about this?

    • s-k-s

      Nope, you’re right. Naevia either ran away or was sold – I can’t remember now – but she was definitely NOT still at the house when Spartacus started the revolt.

      • Liz Lemon

        She was kicked out of the house and Lucretia cut all of her hair off.
        I guess they’ll run into her on their journey.

    • MP

      You are absolutely correct.

    • James Hibberd

      you’re right, of course, fixed

    • Alethea

      Well i guess her going to find her fast

  • Steve

    Well it is obvious why they cast her. She has a hyphen in her name just like the previous actress.

    • Flip

      She looks like the original which will make it easier for me to accept her as the new Naevia.

  • Kristie

    Lucretia cut off Naevia’s hair and sent her to the mines when Lucretia found out about her and Crixus. Crixus was hell bent on finding her.

  • Roncon

    Definitely Not as pretty as the other girl.

    • Mehmet Apaydın

      you’re so right pal!

    • jk

      Yeah, previous gal was divine!

    • Liz Lemon

      Really? I think she’s prettier. I never thought the other actress was that attractive.

      • John Ryan

        Maybe you should buy a pair of glasses.

      • JL

        Very disappointed in the re-cast of both Spartacus and Naevia. Really, that was the best they could do. Neither play the parts as well as the priors and neither looks as good as the priors.

      • ML

        I agree with LIz Lemon. Maybe John Ryan needs glasses.

    • Jenn

      That’s not a good picture – I know her! And she’s lovely!

    • 64OT

      They are both extremely pretty, just different.

      • ML

        I agree. They’re both pretty just different looking. I think the new Naveia is way prettier though. Her lips are amazing!!!

    • Tattiana

      The 1st naviea was more wamanly and gorgeous. The new navia is more girl like and cute. Slightly different looks. But still pretty

  • xav

    So, so, so against this. The actress was tacky and horrible to leave and I would have vastly preferred it if they didn’t recast her. It makes the show look like a daytime soap and terribly amateur.

    • kaddy

      It wasn’t tacky for Leslie to leave…the hiatus was very long and she had other (work-related) commitments.

      • Sammy

        Not what I heard. I heard she got a big head and tried to haggle for more money. Wen she wasn’t getting what she wanted, she and her reps threw a tantrum and she got fired. Considering what happened to Whitfield, THAT is tacky.

    • Frank Mondana

      It wasn’t tacky. The show stopped for a break which turned out to be longer than expected because of Andy Whitfield illness.
      So, was she supposed to stop working and wait? Most actors require a paycheck for silly things like food, rent/mortgage, utilities and all the other normal living expenses we all have to pay. Not all actors are wealthy so they can’t just stop work for a year. What about you? Could you leave your job for more than a couple of weeks and still make the rent?
      Maybe next time you might want to actually think about what you say so you don’t end up looking ignorant and arrogant.

    • Frank Mondana

      I almost forgot another point. When Whitfield became ill, there was probably a very long period before the producers knew they were going to continue the show. Nobody is going to hang out and not accept work because MAYBE the show will go on. What would you do if you worked for a company that relied on one person to run then that person gets sick or leaves? Would you just sit on your butt for an unknown amount of time until it was decided the company will replace that person?
      Probably not. As mentioned before, we humans enjoy things like food and a house to sleep in that has electricity and running water.

  • bruno

    i wish they would have just let the show go. i don’t think it can live up to itself anymore with sparty gone. le sigh..

    • Travis

      the fact they’re recasting spartacus really makes me want to not watch the new season

      • Bill

        The only reason they recast Spartacus, is because of Andy’s continued battle with cancer.

      • MikeyNYC

        Andy Whitfield would have been HORRIFIED if they didn’t recast his role. You seem to forget that a show like this employs hundreds of people and generates hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue, so as Andy said in more than one interview, he’s very happy that the show is going on without him and wasn’t cancelled because of his illness.

  • bhm1304

    I hope this new “Spartacus” doesn’t kill this show, Andy was just so damn good. Kind of loved “Gannicus” and believe he became part of the revolution. Can’t wait to see what becomes of the lovely Viva Bianca “Ilithyia” – she had one of the best final scenes in the finale. A little nervous about the re-castings but I have faith in DeKnight and his fantastic crew.

  • MonaLove

    NOT COOL. They are replacing some of the most important characters with new actors. It wont be the same. They should have just dropped her character if the actress quit

    • Truthy

      The actress who originally played Naevia was recast because she chose to leave the production for a guest spot on CSI. Which is lame. Also, Liam Mcintyre has the blessing of Andy Whitfield as a replacement because of his cancer.

  • entire leaves

    Tacky and horrible to leave? What an ignorant comment. The show was on extended hiatus. Cast and crew can’t always afford to sit around twiddling their thumbs, they need to be working. She probably weighed the pros and cons of staying based on the amount of work they were offering her (remember that as stated the character was sold off so we don’t even know how many episodes she will be in. Maybe just one or two) and decided she was not at a point in her career that she could afford to stick it out. I’m disappointed too but I wish her well.

  • MonaLove

    i will miss Andy.

  • ?mylove

    I love this show its one of the best things to ever come on t.v. I dont think these changes will hurt the show. Im just upset that it is taking so long for the next season!

  • Roger C.

    WOW, so that’s two main characters that have been recast. Wow, you might as well have rebooted the show! LOL!

  • Steve

    I will stay faithful to this show for three reasons. 1: Andy gave his blessing over his replacement. 2: The writers are AMAZING. 3: I so desperately want to see Illythia get hers!


    WEll the original Naevia is better looking.. but this young chick will be interesting to see screwing butt naked.

  • Fisherfrank

    She wil be missd 4sure. Her replcment must be up 4 da task! Since they hired her. The show is thee gr8tes of all tyms got 2 say.

    • Dood

      uh WRONG, she was PART of the revolution and ending scenes

      • DeanChristian

        actually dude… YOU’RE wrong… MIRA was PART of the revolution and ending scenes. it’s me.

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