'Weeds': Mary-Louise Parker has a ball in chains -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


Image Credit: Mark Seliger/Showtime

Last we saw drug-dealing mom Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), she was being led away in handcuffs at the airport after falsely confessing to the FBI that she killed a woman. Well, she’s still wearing the cuffs in this promotional photo for season 7, which premieres on Showtime on June 27 — and not much else. But like a clever magician’s assistant, she seems ready to slip herself loose at the first opportunity. Take a look below.

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  • UGH

    She is so severely hot. One of the best looking actresses in Hollywood.

    • SteevoNYC

      I’m over her and her smug facial expressions.

      • JAM

        sounds like Steve the Troll got the ole MLP rejection! know what I hate, smug pricks from NYC named Stevo

      • Robert Dobbs

        SteveONYC-thanks a lot. A bunch of us have had to console MLP for hours now because of your comments. She was EXTREMELY upset that a guy who idolizes an alcoholic, drug addicted retard from Jackass would be ‘over’ her. She was counting on your undying love, as you were VERY important in her life. And now you took it all away. Shame on you.

      • Amanda

        Doesn’t look smug to me, more like sultry.

      • Future Ex-Husband

        Mary-Louise, don’t you listen to that guy. You are the hottest thing on T.V. or the big screen. Love ya!

      • Jeekybaby

        Sounds 2me your suffering from a classic case of “hata”

      • Tom


      • Jeremy W.

        I can’t believe she’s almost 50. That’s amazing.

      • nancy

        go ahead and chop it off at this point

      • Shay

        Hater =)

      • Larry

        Let’s all pray for nudity from her this season

      • The Boss

        Smoke a BOWL loser!

      • llisa

        don’t worry, she was over you before she knew you existed. (HA! snark!)

      • steven

        get high get stupid get home depot chains

      • lake

        how am I supposed to read without my eyes now?

    • Peyton

      agreed! what a MILF!

      • DOOD


      • gazmo

        DOOD!!! You forgot and left the last OO off your name!!

    • mike speed

      mary your awsome in weed’s and this pic wow thank’s for that realy

  • Aunt Sassy

    LOVE her!

  • davey

    She gets better looking as the years pass – Love “Weeds” but the show needs to end in the next season or two.

    • JBD

      You love Weeds but you want the show to end? Doesn’t sound like love to me…

      • Mike

        Okay, I’ll give it a shot. You love a show so much that you don’t want it to overstay its welcome and start milking and stretching plot-lines so that the actors/actresses and production staff can keep getting paid easy money. And eventually, the show no longer resembles the show you used to love. I loved the show FRIENDS but in season 8 I thought they had about one season left in them. But they stretched the plot, put Joey and Rachel in some interesting situations that everyone would rather put behind them and created an entire season that maybe had good laughs, but mostly forgettable storylines (season 9). Then redeemed itself in season 10 with finally getting to the closure that could have come a season earlier. THE OFFICE. I love that show…but outside of the Michael Scott closing arc, the show is past its prime and needs to end. But, alas, I’ll keep watching because I’m a glutton for punishment and I like the characters. How did I do?

      • Eric P

        It does sound like love, sometimes its better for shows to end before they get run into the ground we’ve all seen it happen.

      • Nemo

        Another example: One Tree Hill. Should have ended WAY long ago…but I love the show.

      • buffyluva

        One word. X-Files. I loved that show to bits, but everything after Mulder was abducted? Ick.

      • Larry

        Well said Mike! And ditto to every one of your points.
        And JBD – sometimes you need to let the ones you love die in peace so that they don’t suffer any longer. We want to remember them as the great shows they were; not one that is desperately clinging to life.

      • one tree hill


        Totally agree about One Tree Hill. I took it off the auto-record on my DVR after the “will they die?” fantasy/dream thing with Quinn and (ugh I even forgot his name…he was so bad)… and I never have looked back. I noticed it on the schedule about a week ago and even said “that’s still on and new?” The show should have ended with Peyton and Lucas’ wedding.

      • Joseph Farrell

        On the other hand, there are shows like LOST, that set an end date too early and writers ending up writing themselves into a hole.

      • DJ

        I understand where he’s coming from. They’re running out of options for the story lines. She’s gotten out of being killed, running from dealers, DEA, fire, and now they’ve been on the lamb, assumed new identities, and she even married the President of Mexico. Where else can it go without being contrived? I love the show, A LOT, but it’s going to get ridiculous if it doesn’t end soon.

      • ali

        Just to clarify, he was the Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of Tijuana. But I agree, they can only take it so far… I hope season 7 is awesome and that they can come up with some good stuff for an 8th season, but if not, I’ll always have re-runs! PS: I have a total crush on MLP and Justin Kirk, everyone should check out Angels in America!

      • Sam J

        Seasons 1-3 in Agrestic I liked alot. The latter seasons get weaker and weaker.

      • Jack

        I agree, Mike. I think a perfect example of a show staying only as long as it needed to was LOST. It was and still is my favorite TV Show of all time. Yes, the fourth season got a little dull, but that was only because they couldnt just end the show. THey answered almost every question, and lft the est up to the viewers imagination. I respect that in a show. There was closure, but enough to keep discussion going after the show ended. I’m only about halfway through Season 6 in Weeds right now, but it seems like its trying to do the same. IT wants to give us closure, and a quick, unexpected ending would be very unsatisying. As soons as they can find a decent yet satisfying spot to stop, I am sure they will.

      • Mike

        Jack totally agree on lost. I added that by accident further below instead of in this thread lol

      • Tim

        MY EYES!!!

    • catie

      nip/tuck syndrome….just went toooooo far!!!

      • eric

        So why did 24 have to end! WHY!!!!

      • nancy

        there would be no other reason why not to watch this instead

      • mark

        24 ended because it was getting more and more difficult to not write the same season over and over. Keifer Sutherland even said so in an interview. I really loved that show, and wasn’t terribly disappointed when it ended. A little sad–I miss Jack and Chloe, but I felt good about how it all finished.

      • jerry

        It’s always better to end a show instead of letting it die. The same applies to music. If Jimmy Hendricks didn’t die when he did, who knows, he might be doing superbowl halftime duets with Elton John. Better to die with dignity so you can be remembered for your accomplishments rather than your downfall. In this regaurd, Mickael Jackson should have died 15 years ago!

      • bob

        they must have had a sale at lowes

    • Adam

      Completely, 100% agree with davey. Showtime just doesn’t know how to end a show with dignity, they just keep it on the air until it shrivels up and dies.

      • Joseph Farrell

        Agreed. I’m really hoping this doesn’t happen with Dexter… but I fear it already has…

      • Collieflower48174@yahoo.com

        i truely agree! i hope its dosent happen 2dexter either! the show hung sux! i wish they would bring back curb you enthusiasm! what r they gonna do with californication hank can only screw up so many times jeeze

      • Larry

        It’s already happened with Dexter. The last season sucked big time and that’s being kind.

      • James

        Dexter is fine. The fifth was just fine and they are going to come back really strong with the 6th season. As far as Californication goes. They are starting filming already at the end of May on the 5th season which will probably air this year too. The creator has said that the 5th season will start 3 years ahead of where S4 ended with Hank living in NY and having had written like 3 more books, one being his life and times, and he goes to CA on business and ends up staying a lot longer than he wanted. Thats from the creator so, Californication is coming back very refreshed, and Dexter has a new showrunner that is a series veteran, been a writer since the first season, so we should see a return to old form with Dexter, but with some really great, new story lines. It may even top the 4th season. Im hopeful.

      • MCS

        Wasnt Chip Johannesen (sorry about spelling there) a writer from the very beginning, and he messed up season 5 royally.

      • Rick

        He not only messed it up royally, he got fired from Showtime even though the last season had the highest ratings ever. Even Showtime knew last season was sh!t.

      • megan cooper

        This show is still awesome! If you don’t like it, quit watching it! MLP rocks!

      • Cupcake

        They ended a couple of shows before they were done. Queer as Folk, The L Word, and Sadly Dexter is going to be on its last and finale season. Weeds after this season should be done… Unless theyve got something kick ass up there sleeves.

    • Meg

      This will be the last season of Weeds.

      • Lala

        That was what they said about the last season

      • Yellow

        I like watching grass grow.. It’s like weeds just easier to handle

      • inrecay


    • SxylilChris

      I love Weeds too, and I know what you’re saying. The show needs to end because it has jumped the shark. It’s still funny, at some points, but it needs to end before it goes too far overboard.

      • VeronicaFMars

        OK people – i agree that all shows have to end eventually – If you love something you must let it go. I love it – So those who would have the show end. What would be the perfect tied up all ends ending?

    • J.B.

      Next season or two? Try three or four seasons ago. I love(d) the show too, but it’s been a shell of its former, hilarious self since the season 3 finale.

      • Luke

        i disagree i used to think the same way that when the town burnt down the show was over but i have since watched and re watched the dvds and really love that they left agrestic the on the road quality added an interesting dynamic and made the consiquences of nancy’s sitch seem ore real and threatening particularily the tunnel season and the last when they were on the road

    • Alicia

      why would u want it to end???um????hello?????

  • Mike

    example #3 – LOST defining an end date 3 seasons in so that they didn’t aimlessly keep adding more mysteries and mysteries without being able to find a way out. Granted, people will argue that they did that anyway…but I thought they put together a fabulous 6 season show with a beginning, middle and end. And it will go down as probably my favorite television show ever. Do I miss it? You bet. But, my memories of the show may have been different if it kept going to the point where I didn’t care anymore how it ended.

    • Tish

      I agree with you, another example is Family Guy.

      • Cest

        No way. Family Guy doesn’t have a story line even… kinda like the Simpsons. Can’t get old.

      • DUH

        Family Guy is indeed old. that show hasn’t been the same since before it went off the air. the manatees have been hard at work spreading the jokes around 3 different shows.

  • commentor

    I love the show, but agree they need to figure out how to end it. No one wants to overstay their welcome.

  • jfms777

    I agree. I have loved the show, but the show has lost steam since the family (burnt down the town) and left Agrestic. The producers
    should plan an end-time. But please give Mary-Louise an Emmy for the body of work. She has an
    amazing body, but she is also an amazing actress.

  • Russ

    I’m a fan of the show but it’s been fairly lackluster the last couple seasons. But MLP remains one of the most gorgeous looking actresses on TV.

    • Yellow

      ok what happened to my eyesight?

  • wtfnyc

    Did they actually photoshop away her belly button?? DANG. The “I Dream of Jeannie” censors would be so proud.

    • Portia

      I can see her belly button…you have to look to the left inside the first vertical link of chain. LOL!

    • markinark

      Seriously wtfny, wipe the ‘stuff’ off your screen. The belly button is there.

  • Grubi

    I’ve heard that Jenji Kohan is seriously considering ending the show after Season 7.

  • The Jackal

    I wouldn’t watch weeds if she wasn’t consistently getting nailed in it, no other actress gets me as hard as MLP

    • meghan

      wow, lonely much?

      • megan cooper


    • gazmo

      meghan doesn’t understand the comment, because her husband can’t get hard without Viagra – and he’s just 23!!

      • megan cooper


  • AC

    Last season was finally good after two almost dreadful seasons. Hope that they can keep it up with another solid season this year. MLP is so freaking hot.

    • carielyn

      I disagree completely! Last season was BY FAR the WORST season of Weeds to date. Season’s 1-3 were great. 4 was very lack luster. 5 was slightly better. 6 was a complete waste of my time!

      • Alex

        yes, the writers were clearly out of ideas after season 3. But the commercial success kept the show on. I can’t remember a show going from good to bad so fast.

    • narin

      man i love the show and red all the books, seen every episode but i can say they truley ruined everything good in the show .killed off doakes, rita, brian, didnt kill la guarta, they even took out lumen after 1 season!!! WHAT ELSE CAN U RUIN??? they might as well just kill dexter and stop the show its already downhill ( in my opinion)

  • nunnya

    The show hasn’t been the same since Nancy burned down the family home, but Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon are still HILARIOUS! I actually don’t think Nancy’s character is very likable anymore.

    • Krystal

      I think once Agrestic burned down the show hasn’t been the same. I know it was a different directon but it just fell flat to me.

      • Will

        Thirded! They should have never left Agrestic. The writers could have mined that setting for years.

        PS: MLP looks delicious
        PPS: Nothing will ever top Doug strutting around singing about the Jesus Freaks, lol

    • NotWithoutMyTV

      Agree, Nancy isn’t likeable AT ALL anymore. She’s borderline crazy now (the shifty eyes are getting pretty bad), and she’s always been a co#k tease.

  • Talha

    Yea. I mean, season 4 and 5 of Weeds were pretty bad IMO. The only good part was the finale when SHane killed Pilar. But season 6 turned out to be so good IMO. Every episode had something interesting and the season finale was just awesome. Especially when she got caught by the police. i was shocked. So, i hope they take it up a notch this season and then end it one or two more seasons later.

    • chris

      yes! for those complaining about weeds having lost its way post-agrestic: did you watch season six? i agree, i do, that seasons 4 and 5 were weak and i almost gave up hope. but season six impressed me at every turn — it was funny, moving, heart-wrenching. i have high hopes for season 7. i think this will most likely be the last one, however…

  • D

    Something about MLP is smoking hot & I’m not just talking about her pic. Perhaps because she plays a dangerous woman in weeds? I can’t figure it out.

  • Sean

    Why does she remind me of Lorraine Newman in this pic?

    • megan cooper


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