David Letterman calls Donald Trump 'racist'

David Letterman accused real estate mogul, Celebrity Apprentice star and possible political candidate Donald Trump of being a racist on last night’s edition of CBS Late Show.

Letterman was talking to guest Dr. Phil, who’s apparently friends with Trump, when he said this about Trump’s suggestion that President Obama somehow unfairly got into Harvard Law School:

“It’s all fun, it’s all a circus, it’s all a rodeo, until it starts to smack of racism. And then it’s no longer fun,” Letterman said.

“So you thought it was racism?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Well, yes,” Letterman replied.  “Do you consider him to be a racist?”

“I do not,” Dr. Phil responded.

“How can you say things like that if you’re not a racist?” Letterman asked.

“I don’t think he always thinks everything through,” Dr. Phil said. “I think sometimes he’s a little from the hip, and I don’t think he has a racist bone in this body.”

Letterman added that if Trump comes on his show again, he “ought to be prepared to apologize.”

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  • Clete

    Quote “I don’t think he thinks everything through.”
    And this man is considering running for president?

    • Reena

      Exactly what I was thinking lol

    • orville

      I know! Other than people thinking it’s funny, I have no idea why he’s getting so much support. This is a man whose first instinct when someone says something negative about him (even when his name isn’t specifically mentioned), is to immediately call the media to strike back with something on the order of “He’s stupid” or “She’s fat and ugly.” Do we really want him anywhere near anything resembling foreign policy?

      • Rose

        I think when it comes down to it Trump rubs a lot of the media the wrong way. As presidential candidate Trump, they get to ask Trump questions he doesn’t want to answer … he can’t “command” anyone to quit asking him questions. I haven’t kept track of how many times an interviewer has said “No you haven’t answered the question ….” His money & power finally mean nothing; the media can go for his throat and make him look like a guy who is drunk on his ego. Take Trump down a couple notches … I enjoy it.

    • lori

      I knew I liked Trump.

    • Rush


    • meex

      Trump should be allowed to question the president’s intelligence without being called racist. I’m so sick of the political correctness.

      • Luca

        Questioning his intelligence is one thing but Trump all but said that Obama got into Harvard to fulfill a need for a black students, regardless of the man being smart or not.

      • Jeanie

        Recognizing racism when it veers its dirty little head is not political correctness. This discussion should be carried out all the way to the heart of the birthers, the extremism which is creeping into American politics again. That is the only way to progress past the distructive influences America has always strived to rise above.

      • Dorimifah Solatido

        Let me get this straight: let’s ASSUME Trump meant (even though he didn’t say it) that he thinks the only reason why Obama got into Harvard Law is because of “affirmative action” (which is far from an unreasonable assumption on Trump’s part, but nevertheless). So if you oppose “affirmative action”, that makes you a racist?

        The race card is the “pocket rocket” (to use a poker term) that every Democrat Kool Aid sipper likes to have handy. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Trump to come back on Letterman’s show if I were him.

    • Barba Hawkins

      All I can say is SHAME ON YOU TRUMP!!!! What a divisive individual he is. Scary huh! We need unity. We need to stand up for our President to show the world we support him no matter if we don’t agree with him all the time. But he is the leader of the free world. Trump is a racist!Even though he has lot of BLACK friends. Give me a brake. He is a loud mouth, over bearing, over talking creep. Does he answer questions no! Charley Sheen here we come. Another idiot filling the air ways and I hope it bites him in the a$$. Lets stop giving him air time and pull his show. He’s a self centered, egotistical, holier then God, demeaning, pile of dog poop! Lets pull together and unite instead of dividing this nation and find solution our problems. Lets show how good we are as a people and find common ground in which we can come together resolve our issues. Lets Dump Trump and move on.

    • YR

      As I recall, US had a president who never thought things through up until recently.

  • Barry


    • Nate


      The Birther issue would have NEVER, EVER happened with a white guy named Joe Smith. It was brought up and hammered into the ground because he’s a black man with a foreign-sounding name.

      This from the party that tried to pass legislation 8 years ago that would have allowed Arnold Schwarzanegger, born in Austria, to run for president.

      Yeah, Letterman is the one that needs to shut up. right.

      • JAdams

        You’re already wrong. It happened to a man named JOHN MCCAIN during his run for president. CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU THROW OUT THAT WORD. It happens to ANYONE who was born abroad. If someone named Marc Lemeuix ran for president and one of his parents was from France, you’d bet people would want to make sure he was a truly a citizen. STFU with that word. You probably voted for Obama BECAUSE of the color of his skin anyways. He’s Jimmy Carter 2.0. – they BOTH suck.

      • Al

        It may never have happened to “John Smith” but questions were raised about John McCain, Chester Arthur and Franklin Delano Rossevelt Jr. It also prevented Alexander Hamilton from being able to run for President.

      • Orac

        JAdams… the difference there is that John McCain actually was *not* born in the United States. In his case it was appropriate to ask. In President Obama’s case it is not.

      • Janet

        Of course playing the race card, yet again!! He is half white too!!!! unreal. I don’t care what color he is, I just want someone who is going to do a good job.

      • Jeanie

        I agree!!!

      • Zakry

        Just because you say it, its a fact? You STFU you unfunny hack.

      • Terrificlady

        The fact is that no other person was questioned about his being an American. PRESIDENT Obama is an highly intelligent person regardless of skin color. He is a GREAT President, because he’s for EVERYONE. This has all the rich people in arms, because he is stepping on their money.
        You mention John McCain. Not once was he questioned about his birth in Panama. I thought if you were born on foreign soil, you couldn’t be President. No one questioned him. It is there for all to see. This country is RACIST. Donald Trump is RACIST. Let the President to his job. He would do a better job, if he wasn’t hitting a Brick Wall.

  • Esox

    Because as we all know, Presidents are faultless. EVERY president has thought EVERYTHING through.

    Am I right, people?

  • Tommy

    That’s surprisingly refreshing and candid from a media figure. Glad to hear someone say it.
    “Not thinking something through” is no excuse when you’re a public figure, especially while criticizing the President of the United States – regardless of party, and considering running for office.

  • Tivo

    That Phil guy pretty much ignored the question. Trump knows he hit paydirt with racism. That’s the whole birth certificate bit and now questioning Obama’s ability to get into school without help. No one questioned white boy Bush, who was the more obvious candidate for questioning his overall intelligence. Yet, Trump does this crap over and over. There is a small percentage of Americans who cannot believe a black man is the president and will do anything to discredit him. Trump is their new poster boy. I shun him and the rabble he is rousing. We are better than this, and that Phil guy is just as bad by saying he’s a good ol’ boy who doesn’t think. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing and I’m glad most of us think he’s terrible for his lies and racism.

    • Newbie

      great point about GW Bush – I don’t want to hear talk of affirmative action admissions at Harvard Law if we aren’t going to talk about a kid with oil money and way subpar SATS getting into Yale.

      • Al

        People criticised Bush for being a legacy admission all the time. Where were you?

      • Zakry

        I was where he was because I never heard any “criticism,” nothing Bush had to answer for, we all know how the game is played. What consequence came from this “criticism?”

    • harry

      Thank you Tivo.

    • Sharon Reese

      United we Stand..divided we Fall. Wake up America…stick your chest out and remember this country needs UNITY not Fear and Stupidity. Pray for your leaders..ALL OF THEM.

  • Esox

    Presidents or potential Presidents are allowed no mistakes.

  • stephen

    Thank you David Letterman for speaking out against Donald Trump! what a buffoon! This whole thing REEKS of racism and it’s disgusting.

    • JAdams

      Again, you clearly don’t know the meaning and motives behind people that truly are racists. Watch any episode of his show and tell me it’s only white people he has on there. MORON.

      • Newbie

        You do realize that calling people names and repeatedly telling them to “STFU” isn’t really making your arguments appear particularly fact-based, right?

    • Terrificlady

      JAdams. Who’s the MORON. The more you say, the more moronic you sound.

  • Esox

    Tivo. Please don’t call someone’s intelligence to the mat just because you disagree with their politics. George Bush wrote a book. Have you?

    • Newbie

      I will absolutely call him “to the mat” for having grades and test scores way below average for an Ivy League school, yet getting to go anyway.

      • Manchu

        At the time he was criticized for his intelligence against John Kerry (who had lower scores and grades at the same school at the same time); and Pres. Obama as a constitutional law professor has proven time and again that he doesn’t understand the constitution.

    • AB

      And of course no ghost writers or additional help was involved.

    • Huh?

      Snooki also ‘wrote’ a book.

    • Vince

      AND SO?

    • Tivo

      @Esox: Yes, I have. I’ve written four books. And, FYI, I don’t think that makes me brilliant. I’m certainly not as smart as Obama, but I feel I could take on Bush.

  • Joe

    The race card is being played here? Really???

    • Strepsi

      Well, since the birther movement and the tea Party movement are fuelled by more than their fair share of racists, yes.

    • Zakry

      Yes really.

  • Sean

    You tube: TRUMP AND IVANKA on the View

    • JAdams

      You’re right – that’s why he’s had people of ALL races on his shows. A racist would totally do that… I love how people who don’t understand the meaning of that word throw it out like candy. When TV and Movie producers actually were racists – they almost never gave black actors/people camera time. BECAUSE THEY TRULY DID HATE THEM. Racists HATE people of other skin colors and distance themselves from them. You’re a total moron.

      • Tod

        Racism is more covert than I hate you and won’t have you around. Racism is you’re a smart boy and you’re a great caddy, but you’re not good enough for the presidency. Or, you’re good enough to get a job from me, you’re a hard worker, but don’t expect to be a VP. Don’t expect to manage a lot of people.
        That’s racsim: you’re good–but don’t expect much because you’re _____(insert black, asian, hispanic, etc.)

      • Zakry

        What are you, 12? Just because Trump has had different races on his show doesn’t mean he’s not racist. He will have anyone on his show that will bring viewers/make him money. But is he secretly questioning their intelligence? Would he have them to his own house? You are either extremely naive or very young.

      • Doris

        I agree with you on your take of racist people. It appears that Mr. Trump is just saying things to make President Obama look bad.

    • JAdams

      Also, Letterman is a sexist adulterer – who preys on his female staff. That guy has NO room to throw out accusations of anything. PIG.

      • spiek78

        Well, then you don’t have a right to throw out accusations against someone you don’t even know…

      • Zakry

        I’d gladly choose the adulterer over the racist. Any day of the year.

  • Sean


    • TR

      Always good to have an enlightened, thoughtful liberal resposne.
      If you can’t express yourself intelligently, go away.

  • KC

    Hey, Joe… no one questioned Bush’s IQ tests to get into HIS college. The basketball comment coupled with the college issue? Sure enough that racist

    • harry


    • Manchu

      Yes they did, a lot. Bush was constantly accused of being let in as a legacy. Obama does play basaketball, he played with us in Kuwait. Liking basketball or playing it is not race specific. It is a passion of Obama’s.

  • Willard

    Sooner or later once the silver-spoon real-estate huckster Trump is finally backed into a corner about his serious run for presidency, he will have to admit to the world that this was all a prank and is actually a real-life reality celebrity show, using the “stupid” American public, the media, the President and politicians as unwitting, gullible and unsuspecting players. He will then take credit for creating the hugest celebrity reality show ever known to mankind and hold a press conference as soon as he gets off his private plane thanking the media for playing right into his hands and for all the free press around the entire world they gave him. It was all for the ratings of the Trump brand folks! He out-Palined Palin herself 10 X over because as a privileged pompous egotistical carnival hawker he well knows there’s a sucker born every minute and he just knows that EVERYone is stupid except for him.

    By the way Donald, we demand to see your tax returns, college grades, political donations, testicles, DNA, interviews from people who actually knew you as a child, a statement from your first grade teacher so that we know you actually went to the first grade AND your mother’s placenta so we know that you were actually born.

    • ha!

      Rotflmao! I love it!

    • harry

      you go Willard!

    • ikagirl

      LMAO! Awesome. I can’t stand Trump, or that alien thing on his head.

      • Tod

        “or that alien thing on his head” Made me laugh out loud. Thanks, I’ll use it next time he’s on the TV.

    • Doris

      Now your remarks are silly.

  • usathe…

    I find it disturbing that anyone would question whether or not Trumps comments are racist. Why? Because they obviously are racist. Why he finds it acceptable to make such unfounded statments about the president of America as a citizen is beyond me. He’s got his head so far up his orange bum he dosent realize not only how racist it sounds, but how insulting it is to the rest of the gov for not vetting him properly if these things had any basis as well as to the majority of its voting citizens. I’m disgusted that someone who has lived a life full of public disgrace bankrupcies and divorce both of which are defined as a reliqushing of personal responsibility so things that are legally your responsibility (bills, a spouse) could garner this much attention in what amounts to publicity for a reality show…

    • Luca

      My own parents, born and raised in The South, will tell you that they are NOT racist. But if any of the kids in my family came home with a non white boyfriend or girlfriend there would be hell to pay. I moved into an apartment building with 12 units, 8 of which had non whites in them and my parents told me it wasn’t an appropriate place for me to live (it was not ‘secure’ enough) and wanted me to break my lease at my own cost to move into a more appropriate place (code for all white).
      but on no they are not racist

  • Jaded

    I don’t think Trump is racist…he’s just an idiotic pain in the a$$!

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