Primetime interrupted: Osama bin Laden dead

Image Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images

President Obama has endured entertainment industry criticism over the last few years for requesting premium broadcast air time for making speeches. But Sunday night’s abrupt and unexpected interruption is unlikely to draw any complaints.

Multiple news organizations carried the President’s announcement that, at last, Osama bin Laden is dead. ABC, CBS, and NBC cut away from scheduled programming to cover this enormous news.

With all the back and forth between President Obama and Donald Trump in recent weeks, Twitter flared up with amused conspiratorial comments when NBC News cut away from Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice on the East Coast to carry coverage of the announcement. Some tweeted that the president managed to take out bin Laden and Trump at the same time. Another common joke: “Now Trump will demand to see the death certificate.”

After the NBC News coverage concluded, the broadcaster switched to local news. On the West Coast, the breaking news slightly delayed Celebrity Apprentice, with NBC and CBS eventually opting to return to reality shows and ABC continuing with news coverage.

“Tonight I can report to the American people and the world, the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda and a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children,” Obama said. “Nearly 3,000 citizens taken from us, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts … The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat al-Qaeda. His death does not mark the end of our effort…”

Obama said bin Laden was found in a compound in Pakistan and was killed by a small U.S. military team after a firefight. He also said the U.S. took custody of his body.

UPDATE: Donald Trump congratulates Obama

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  • heaven

    RIP Osama bin Laden

    • BRETT

      EW should delete this comment.

      • Sam J

        Over half you posters are Christian and I am not, so I have question; isn’t heavens coment a christian thing to say? Don’t get mad at heavens coment because he/she can’t decide Osama’s fate.

      • BLUTO

        Don’t forget—this is America and there’s nothing so American as the concept of freedom of speech.

      • amplitude jones

        maybe she meant Really Insipid PIG osama bin laden

      • Vince

        Back in the days of Famous Monsters of Film land that used to mean “Rest in PIECES”

      • tyler j johnson

        To all that have a problem with the President Saying God or heaven,get over it.Look on your money God is everywhere.The people who say they don’t believe in God are the first to call on him during trouble,if you don’t know him don’t call on him

      • Mellissa

        I think some people do not know what RIP means other than it’s what you say about dead people.

      • Doc Rock

        Heavan’s a TROLL. Stop posting comments about it and the Troll will go away.

      • Kevin M.

        God is “on our money” because the anti-Communist crowd in the ’50s put it there (and in the Pledge of Allegiance). Previously, “E pluribus unum” was on our money. Which has nothing whatsoever to do with God. So much for “Separation of Church and State.” God has no business being on our money or in our pledge, and I can understand why people of other religions get worked up about that. The President, of course, is free to talk about God all he wants, that’s his own religion and personal beliefs – just like I’d expect a non Christian President to refer to Allah or Vishnu or Whomever.

        But in other news… RIP Bin Laden, indeed… ‘slong as it means ‘Rot in Perdition.”

      • Jake

        To the outrage of many, including myself, when Saddam Hussein and his sons were killed, a group of Muslims held a wake outside of Gallup, NM. I can’t help but wonder if they’ll do the same for Bin Laden.

      • Melissa C.

        I agree! God does not bless those that slaughter the innocent. Especially Bin Laden.

      • Jimmie

        ben laden is in Hell right now, not heaven. The muslims stole text from the old testament or jewish torah and made islam. You can not get to heaven except through the son. Jesus is the only way, accept the Cross and the price of God’s blood for your sins. When you do, you can rest assured you will make it to heaven also.

      • Linda Baby

        Ben laden is in Hell now, not heaven

      • rerun

        Heaven doesn’t exist anyway so this comment is not there. And RIP means Riddled In Pakistan.

      • Ryan

        Kevin don’t you realize that “Seperation of Church and State” only exists in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson and not anywhere else in the law!!! Read a book and think about it. So in reality those who complain about the separation have no footing.

    • Rachel

      F*** YOU. God Bless America! HOW DARE YOU PUT THE WORDS RIP IN FRONT OF BIN LADEN’S NAME!!! You’re fellow Americans are dead because of this fool, and the stuff that perpetuates things like 9/11 are people like you say!

      • Sam J

        You must not be a Christian.

      • Marvin

        What do you mean fellow American’s are dead because of him? That was an inside job stupid.

      • Infidel


        Roast In Paleswine!

      • Elle

        This is probably what people felt like when Hitler died. SO HAPPY. Osama doesn’t get a RIP from me

      • b

        @Marvin…The 9/11 conspiracy is a government conspiracy.

      • Gina

        Rest In Peace??? Shame on you!!! Should be more like BIH – Burn In Hell and I am sure he will. I would not want to be in his sandals right now. He needs to be cremated and flushed down a toilet. Do not bury him and give his minions some place to honor his slimy butt.

      • b

        @Elle…bin Laden is almost an angel compared to Hitler.

      • phil

        Yeah! Like when Bush’s weather machines caused Katrina!

      • Rachel

        Regardless of my religion. I’m am rightly upset 10 years ago I watched people jump from a burning building on 9/11. I watched those buildings crumble to the ground. FORGIVE ME FOR BEING EMOTIONAL. BUT THE 9/11 FAMILIES MUST FEEL CATHARTIC, as am I.

      • Marianna

        It’s okay. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. If I live to be a hundred and fifty I won’t forget the events of that day. I stood here in the kitchen of my Canadian home with my hand clapped over my mouth in horror and tears running down my face watching people staggering across the bridge, the visuals over and over again of the planes flying into the towers, the people jumping from the buildings and the towers collapsing in on themselves. Couldn’t understand how a person could be so twisted by hate as to plan and rejoice in it. Still can’t. But today, happy day, we get a little bit of our own back. God Bless America.

      • Don

        Oh Please spare us the demagoguery.
        Anyone who has spent a couple hours checking up on the facts of 911 knows we were fed propaganda from day one. Tell me that the Government never lies to its subjects and I will believe you.

      • Gemutlichkeit

        Like a small grey
        sits the squirrel.
        He is not

        all he should be,
        kills by dozens
        trees, and eats
        his red-brown cousins.

        The keeper on the
        other hand,
        who shot him, is
        a Christian, and

        loves his enemies,
        which shows
        the squirrel was not
        one of those.

        ~ Humbert Wolfe

      • Giovanni

        I recommend you search for information about Blowback, a term used by the CIA to describe retaliation for overseas occupation, bribing, assassination and stationing of troops in Holy Lands. This does not excuse what he has done but the hands of our government are not clean.

        Furthermore, the CIA also trained and armed Bin Laden to fight Russians years ago and now uses that training to kill Americans. You need to wake up.

      • mjk

        It is all those who died from this mass murderer that will now RIP.

      • what happened

        what happened on 9/11??
        I was out buying Slayers then new album God Hates Us All.

      • what happened

        I then proceeded to crank up “God Sends Death” & “War zone”

      • jack jonhson

        what do rip and god bless america got 2 do with osama bin laden being killed ? what r u talkin about ? yeah tellin somebody f u always bring peace good job . not really

      • Matthew South

        Those of you who claim to be Christian, yet wish for Bin Laden to suffer for his sins are not true to your religion. If you were, you would be praying for his soul and hoping that he had a chance to confess his sins and ask forgiveness for them. However, being that he was Muslim, His last words were more like “Praise be to Allah” because he was dying as a warrior and would ascend into Heaven. Christians have killed thousands in the name of God, just as the Muslims have done. The funny thing is Allah and God are one in the same, just different interpretations.

      • TJW

        Now Marvin is a very stupid dem/socialist i think…. freedom of speech.BIH osama and obama!!!!

    • Amy

      You are such a d-bag. I double dog dare you to go say that to a firehouse in NYC.

      • Mad Max

        I dare that person to say it to ANYONE’s face.

      • Robert

        Dude, a lot of NYC firemen are the ones who said that. A lot of those guys heard multiple explosions before the towers came down. Youtube it. NYC news media covered that.

      • cinda

        Robert is 100% correct. listen to him

      • jack jonhson

        u must be really bored

      • jack jonhson

        u really dont know god do u ? what happen ?

      • CMRobinson71

        @Whathappened, Dude Thank you for saying that. I had gotten the demo for that Slayer Alum the day before 9/11. On that day, I cranked that album hard all day I was so upset! It was telling and surreal. God bless America and hopefully we can get the rest of Bin Laden regieme before they retaliate. -Just one man’s opinion

      • CMRobinson71

        @Whathappened, Dude Thank you for saying that. I had gotten the demo for that Slayer Alum the day before 9/11. On that day, I cranked that album hard all day I was so upset! It was telling and surreal. God bless America and hopefully we can get the rest of Bin Laden regieme before they retaliate.

    • Ozal

      whats wrong with you people, a person has his evil and his good, so R.I.P Osama Bin Laden

      • etm

        So…what was his good?

      • Pillow Pants


      • Dee

        makes me uncomfortable to see so many “f**k yeah, America!” comments. it comes across as a mob mentality

      • kgb

        BFF with George Bush (both of them).

      • Damion

        kgb, agreed! Bush and Bin Laden will definitley find each other in the afterlife as they are one and the same…just one is slightly more extreme than the other!

    • Glen Turton

      ObL .. go straight to hell, do not pass GO … don’t darken our doors ever again. My he reside in Hell forever. No getting out on a pass …know who did the THE DONALD fire? Can you believe Barrack Hussein Obama had them interfere with the Celebrity Apprentice, lol gawd.

      • cprn

        I thought it was very catty of the POTUS to preempt the Donald;; especially since it took well over 30 minutes for him to go on air! On the other hand, I am very happy hear that he contacted President George Bush! May God bless the United States of America…ONE NATION UNDER GOD! bl will get his justice and I am sure it won’t be virgins!

      • Damion

        Uh, no…I am definitely going to hell and I really don’t wanna see Bin Laden down there with his shirt off. I hope he goes to heaven where all the truly evil people go, like Phelps, Bush, Palin, Harper…

    • DeathToOurEnemies

      Burn in Hell bin Laden! Guess Teleprompter One is on the fritz, flying in back up asap.

      • jack jonhson

        u startin 2 sound like the people we are at war with .

    • MD

      He does not deserve peace. America F#%K YAEH!!

      • Nicotine

        Why the heck are you celebrating? Why the heck is anyone celebrating?
        Yea, Bin Laden is dead. But his death won’t bring back the thousands of American lives that were lost on 9/11. He won’t be able to stand trial and be forced to endure the punishment for his actions. So yeah, let’s celebrate. Because I’m sure the victims of 9/11 would much rather we celebrate than for them to be alive right now. Americans = Idiots!

      • Furry Walls

        You know what Nicotine, I’m not one to usually comment of EW about political issues, but F OFF. Who are you to call American Idiots? Tell me what country you’re from and I’ll be glad to point out its flaws. And, in some way, this is justice for all those innocent souls that parished on 9/11. So when your country is attacked on the scale that America was attacked on 9/11 and over 3,000 people die, then you can call us idiots and then you can say we shouldn’t celebrate. But until then, SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU ASS

      • G-Joe

        What’s Canada’s flaws then? Oh what about Norway or Sweden. Or Luxembourg if you even know where that is. Furry Walls act like America is the first country to ever have bad stuff happen to them, like you guys are the only ones to have been maliciously attacked by people. Rest in peace your own ignorance fool.

      • Nicotine

        I AM AN AMERICAN. I’ve been an American all my life. Therefore, I know firsthand how idiotic WE all are. And in case there was any doubt, your comment sealed the deal. Americans are so quick to point out the flaws of every other country in the world than our own. We’re currently fighting multiple other wars while our own economy is being devastated. We’ve lost more soldiers in this war on terror than in the initial terrorist act itself. Yet, somehow, we’re calling this a victory? It’s an embarrassment. It’s silly that it took us almost 10 years to find the guy who took responsibility for 9/11 immediately. Instead, we went after someone who had nothing to do with it first. Then when we do find the person responsible, he’s ‘hiding’ in a lavish mansion of all places. But no, celebrate his death, why don’t you. Throw parties and pop firecrackers because we’re ten years behind on the justice schedule. That’ll show the terrorists. Attack America all you want – we’ll get you sooner or later… but most likely later… idiots.

      • USA

        @ nicotine. You are a fool. We celebrate the death of a monster & any other country would do the same.

      • mari

        @Nicotine – Perhaps you need something stronger than ‘nicotine’. But seriously, there is nothing wrong with anyone celebrating the death of a notorious terrorist. There is no need to call Americans idiots even if you proclaim yourself to be an idiot..err… I mean an American as well.

      • TruthTeller

        I am an American too, and Nicotine is 100% right. You people are so stuck in your Cro-Magnon mob mentality that you can’t even see the light of day. It’s pathetic. I also agree with what another sane person said above: that if you are a true Christian, then you cannot revel in death of a person, even bin Laden. Jesus said you must love your enemies. If you claim to be Christian but say “bin Laden is in hell” and revel in his death, then you are quite simply a hypocrite.

      • the darkest angel

        Nicotine is right. All of you jumping up and down, shouting is just monkey behavior.

        When it is so easy to distract the masses, the masses get distracted. Never mind that the Treasury is getting fleeced and tax payer dollars are bailing out derivative bets. I long for a mature society.

      • Brian

        I normally don’t post online especially on EW, but I’m glad to see people like Nicotine and the darkest angel standing up and not just repeating the two dimensional cliches like many do when they jump into the herd mentality instead of analyzing things. It really is a sad day when a man who died awhile back is being used politically against us “we the People.” It don’t matter whether you hate or love OBL, the point is this justifies even more rendition, torture and a denegration to our civil liberties. Please go ahead and celebrate your coming slavery. N’ermind the Federal Reserve Board, or any of the other serious issues that affect us all directly.

    • MD

      He does not deserve peace. America F#%K YAEH!! God bless the RED WHITE and BLUE

    • Kathy

      Rest in Peace? Are you kidding me? I hope he rots in hell!

      • LL

        Why are you people getting all wound-up? OBL is nothing but shark food today. Heaven/Hell are FAIRY TALES! One troll say “rest in peace” means nothing.

    • Alfredo

      RIP???? Rest in Peace???!!!NO!!!
      Burn in hell Osama suffer the burning flames like those poor people in the twin towers!!!!!

    • Issam

      I am a muslim and I can only hope that Ben Laden will go to hell .
      Your comment is just pathetic ! If Americans lost 3500 people in 9/11 ,Ben laden killed a lot more of muslims , plus he made us look like criminals !!!!!
      Ben Laden = Hitler , both d-bags !!!

      • Sam J

        Although I do not believe in hell, I think this coment will make Americans feel better because you are Muslim. Peace be upon you my friend.

      • amplitude jones

        yes, he succeeded in making all followers of the camel dude look like the nastiest most violent worthless hateful filthy PIGS on the planet!!!

      • judg724

        Thanks Issam for your position. I only wish all Muslims shared your perspective.

      • swooze

        God will take care of Osama…he will be judged and punished by our creator and all the ones he killed will then have their say

      • @amplitudejones

        Osama’s followers are possible all you say here above, but not all followers of Islam right? Issam is obviously not all you say above.

      • Matthew South

        Issam, I am glad you aired your feelings about the issue. I wish more Muslims would stand up and separate themselves from the extremist like Al-Qeida and the Tali-Ban. Maybe if there were Muslim organizations that publicly promoted peace and prosperity, they would over shadow them.

      • Mike

        There are lots of Muslim groups across the country who have standing against these terrorists. The VAST majority have been denouncing extremism since the attacks. The only problem is us…we choose to constantly tune into the likes of sarah Palin, Glenn beck, rush limpbaugh, Bill Orielly, the rest or our extremists. I think Issam is the voice of the majority of American Muslims when he says good riddance to bin laden!

    • Layla

      Burn in hell, Osama. Bury him in pig brine.

      • PETA

        dude don’t hate on the pigs. they’re way too good for his slime.

    • westsidecougar1


      Believe me, a supporter and proponent of violence against innocents like bin Laden will do no such thing.

    • Rack

      More like “may he burn in hell”. People who willingly put misery and evil into the world should understand it comes back on you; either in this life or the next.

      • jerry

        D*mn straight! Khaddafi you listening to this? You better get ready cuz its coming for you.

      • Benita


    • Lewis Forro

      Whoever you are may you rot in hell for putting RIP in front of Osama bin Laden’s name. The death of Osama is a cause for rejoicing. Anybody who feels any sympathy for him is a sick, deluded idiot.

      Lewis Forro
      Virginia Beach, VA

      • Sam J

        I have no sympathy for him what so ever, nor I am rejoicing in his death. Him being dead will not bring back 3,000 americans. He should be bored to tears in prison for life; a long dark boring life in prison.

      • J Hoover

        “You have heard it said, Be kind to your friend, and hate your enemy.
        But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless anyone who curses you, do good to anyone who hates you…” Jesus Christ from Matt 5:44

    • charlessavoie

      rip sob garbage

    • WillieD

      Go to Hell

    • Stephanie Holder

      As he did not accept JC as his Saviour and redeemer, this is highly unlikely.

      • connor

        so is everyone that is not a christian going to burn in hell? get real

      • judas

        Actually, yes.

      • Come on…

        Sucks for all those people throughout history that died without having ever even heard of Jesus or Christianity. What about the poor tribal peoples of New Guinea that have lived in the jungle for thousands of years and have had no contact whatsoever with westerners? Sounds like God and Jesus either didn’t have a very good plan for saving humanity or just didn’t care very much, if there people are condemned to hell just because they died before Christianity was spread to their area, or who live in remote areas. As to the issue at hand, if there was a hell I’m sure Osama would go there.

      • Buffy Freak

        So after all the bombings and killings if he had simply accepted Jesus as his “lord and savior” Osama would be hanging in heaven right now? Seems like God lets you off the hook pretty easily…

      • @Come on

        Actually, I don’t rememeber where (hopefully someone else knows), the Bible states that Jesus will not come again until every group of people on this earth hear of Him.

      • LL

        Yeah, the 12th of Never. The bible is as valid as Grimm’s fairy tales.

    • TOM


      • winebabe


      • Annette M.

        @ Tom Well said! Obama does not understand that there is no “I” in we. Obama continues to show his ass, by making the announcement during Trumps Celebrity Apprentice. Mr. President, why didnt you ANNOUNCE this earlier in the day? What an ASS you are!

      • Pillow Pants

        Like most people with lives, he probably didn’t even know it was on you morons. He made Trump look dumb enough last week (not that any assistance is required.) The only asses around here are you.

        Good God, if you want to hate on the president fine…but don’t distract from the military’s accomplishments and all the people who have been vindicated because your head is so far up some idiot TV persona’s ass, that’s all you care about.

      • Ashley

        Please tell me your joking. Trump is a joke had nothing to do with this. Obama has been heavily involved, he deserves some credit. He took the risk that the mission could fail. And the military individuals risked their lives. You are making this about political party, when it’s not.

      • Rica

        I’m sure Dubya would have given everything he owns to have been able to make that announcement. Does the phrase “mission accomplished” ring any bells? Bush would have taken all the credit, believe me. At least Obama mentioned the armed forces and the people we’ll never know who had a part in this.

      • Come on…

        Annette. You’re completely mental if you think for one second that Obama timed his announcement to coincide with Celebrity freaking Apprentice to spite that idiot birther Trump. Get real. And how can you possibly get that he’s taking all the credit himself? I distinctly recall him, in his speech, thanking the military and intelligence professionals involved, the national security team, and he even mentioned George W. Bush. Nutters.

      • Furry Walls

        Because George Bush was the one who found Bin Laden and had him killed. It’s not like he wasted his whole presidency looking for the man and and not finding him before his term ended. No that was Obama. and God bless Trump. Because, you know, we would have never known that Obama was American citizen without him. While we’re at it, please let’s see if Trump will help us find out if Bush and Clinton were real citizens too. Hopefully he’ll help us find there birth certificates. And Trump obviously had a part to do with the killing of Bin Laden, not Obama. Honestly, can we stop with the partisan bulls**t and just say nice job Mr.President, because it wasn’t under Bush that Obama was killed, and last time I checked, Trump wasn’t president. And, just to show that I’m not being partisan and favoring the Democrats, Let’s put some blame on Clinton who could have had the S.O.B. killed or captured but put it off on to Bush. So, let’s just be happy he’s dead

      • LC

        Sitting up here in Canada I can only say I’m very afraid for the American’s if you elect someone like Donald Trump – you will have fallen to an even lower low however since it’s all about the almight dollar in the U.S. this just might make sense. Obama and the administration finally did something that past president’s couldn’t do so I’m glad that Osama has finally been taken care of – sad thing is there’s someone next in line to take his place – vicious circle.

      • Huh?

        LC – you are an idiot – saying that Obama and his administration(?!) did something the prior president could no do? It took time for the intelligence forces to find the bastard, not any skill or ability of the president. The only thing Obama did was to not call off the search, and then ultimately say “Yeah kill him”, two things that anybody in the office could, and would, do. Obama just happened to be the president when OBL was found, and is taking all the credit. The president in these matters is working from a myriad of reports and recommendations; there is nothing (reported) in Obama’s background that qualifies him to conduct this kind of operation, other than to rubber stamp orders. It took a leader to give the orders to begin the hunt and offer the bounty on OBL’s head, it does not take much to continue the action, especially since doing so would be political suicide.

    • Oldman1

      Roast In Perdition Osama Bin Laden

    • Mike Bennett

      Yeah. Rest in hell, you lice infested piece of crap. I hope Little Nicky is waiting for you with a huge pineapple.

      • Jeannie

        Osama and Hitler can share the same pineapple in hell! Great reference.

      • LL

        Oh Yeah! You really told off that underwater dead guy!

    • For Real?

      Yea RIP Osama! In a piece of hell!!

    • Alyssa

      WE WON!!!! And EXCUSE ME, I dont know where these nutballs are coming from, But I am christian and despite that fact….Osama Bin Laden can rot in the deepest part of Hell. There is no heaven for someone like him. Purgatory if he is lucky.


      • lucy

        What did we win exactly?

        Now more than ever we will have to worry about terrorst attacks in response to this. We invaded 2 countries in pursuit of this man, and caused the death of many innocents.

        This evil man should have faced justice in the courts and rotted away in a cell, now he is the martyr he always wanted to be.

        So excuse me if I don’t celebrate, peace is even less likely in the world after this.

      • LL

        Yeah, sorry to spoil your glee Alyssa, but the U.S. is killing far more innocents than Osama. Furthermore the feds will still be tapping our phones, illegitimately operating Guantanamo, conducting illegal searches at airports. This just gives you a false sense of security. You are much more likely to be killed by one of your local gun nuts at the mall than anybody connected with Osama.

    • Doc Rock

      Heavan is what is known on the Internet as a TROLL.

      Usually found in Junior High Schools, they feed on people’s attention and reactions (Kinda like Donald Trump).

      Do Not Feed The Trolls!

      • D

        Here in SA, the military was put on alert and security upped yesterday afternoon. I only hope that whatever their retaliation is, we are prepared this time. In my heart I am celebrating, although I know there are no easy answers. All you commenters w/your hate & ignorance regarding Christianity & 911 should take a step back & shut up. This is our country & no matter how long it took, conspiracy theories, RIPs, etc, this should be a time of unity. That man destroyed our country & economy, time to turn it around.

    • James

      What?! RIP?! More like BIH! Burn In Hell Osama!

    • jake

      Obama knew about this all this past week, and he waited to announce it in the midst of Trump’s Apprentice show. What a class act we have for a ‘leader’.

      • Pillow Pants

        Yeah, he totally should have blown the mission by announcing their plan before they actually killed him.

      • JoetheFilmmaker


        I saw the same thing, but CNN immediately removed it from their story & they seem to be hiding it now. The US officials announced that this kill happened about a week ago, not planned a week ago. Bin Laden has been dead for a week! Okay, you can say Obama was protecting the troops exit and waited to verify the dna. Regardless, no excuse to withhold information and act like a clown on meds the whole week.

        I am now hearing from folks, that most of the news orgs knew about this too. Obama’s behavior, as well as the likes of the Limbaugh has been looking more and more schizophrenic. Rush Limbaugh and Mark “McCain” Levin has been defending Obama against Trump which went beyond bizarre.

        Something is fishy here. That is for sure.

      • Ashley

        OMG you are a moron. They had to keep this a secret to not blow their cover and make sure it was a success. Common sense.

      • JC

        This operation was launched earlier today as every news source has confirmed. At least get your facts straight before you go off on crazy theories like Obama planned this announcement just to spite that idiot birther Trump. I don’t know where you heard that he’s been dead for a week but that was wrong.

      • JoetheFilmmaker

        Folks. The story has changed. It was last week. Now it was today. I cannot believe how stupid people are on this board.

      • anonymous

        Something’s up with that, but maybe they had to get the special team out and test the DNA first. Because the story did change. It could also be because the networks spent most of their time guessing on the details, instead of waiting for facts. Maybe they speculated on when it happened. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me when they got him. What’s impressive is the total media secrecy (no leaks) while this was happening.

      • Charlie

        He was not buried at sea, but sent back to the Saudi royal family for burial. He had exceeded his level of relevance. A new tyrant will be introduced at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. All that has happened has happened.

      • Charlie

        show us the carcass!

    • Amy

      Rest In Misery

    • Baldimus Prime

      Fool. Evil does not deserve to rest in peace.

    • Union Jack


    • Ed.recordz

      This is really pathetic…Wake up people, discuss important things, start analyzing facts, demonstrate your knowledge and stop wasting your time deciding whether he is gonna end up in heaven or to hell, Would Ya?

      • D

        ITA, this message board is an embarrassment to me as a USA citizen.

    • JoetheFilmmaker

      Hail King Obama! This supposedly happened last week, and Obama has been sitting on this news playing games. Comes out with a fake birth certificate and now schedules this “announcement” during Trump’s show.

      10 years, folks. 10 years! What are we celebrating? Obama in 2012 or 10 years of incompetence and a hogtied war?

      Now all we need is a new animated pixar film called “Weekend at Osama’s”. I hate to say this, but I would have preferred to keep this man alive another couple of years. That way, the masked soldier who shot Osama wouldn’t have to give credit for his kill to the King.

      The funniest part of this story is the woman used as a human shield. One, you live by the sword you die by the sword, I say. And two, look at the nerve of this Osama guy to assume we would travel 10 years and across the world to find him, and then suddenly drop our weapons as soon as he uses his wife as a shield. ROFL. MAJOR FAIL, OSAMA! You’re now made of swiss cheese.

      To make this really classic is if King Obama staples his birth certificate to Bin Laden’s forehead when they release the picture. I would vote for him if he did that.

      • Karen

        It happened today, @$$hole. don’t get all your news from foxnews alone.

      • JoetheFilmmaker

        This happened last week! They changed the damn story you fools.

      • JC

        Tell us what really happened, then, because every news agency in the U.S. and Europe apparantly is involved in this conspiracy of Obama’s to cover up exactly when this op happened just so he can spite Donald Trump by interrupting Celebrity freaking Apprentice. I hope to God you’re a troll because that level of willful ignorance and intellectual dishonesty in a fellow human being would be depressing. Do you not think that news agencys have ever reported on a piece of information that turns out to be erroneous and then changed their story once the truth comes out?

      • Furry Walls

        What will it take to appease you? How the f**k can Obama prove to you he’s an actual U.S. citizen. When will it ever be enough? Hey, while we’re at it, let’s see if Bush and Clinton are actual U.S. citizens. I mean, I’ve never seen either of their birth certificates, and frankly, I don’t believe Bush is a legal citizen. Hell, he’s probably from Mexico. I mean he lives close enough to the boarder. Jesus Christ this is bulls**t. We can’t you just be f*****g that Osama is dead, a man that caused over 3,000 innocent souls to parish for nothing. How is this not good enough for you? If you have the audacity to post this s**t on here about Obama not being a citizen after he took time out of his schedule to be doing better things, like learning about Osama’s or the economy, to release his birth certificate and prove he’s a f*****g U.S. citizen and that you would rather keep Bin Laden alive a couple of more years, that is so unpatriotic and you are a sick, vile excuse of a human being. Now, go back to the gutter you got you’re information from. Also, I don’t believe you’re a citizen, so can you please show us you’re fake birth certificate?

    • sd

      more like RIH

    • PG

      Mission Accomplished.

    • Kane

      Gonna pull out of the Middle East now, America? Or are your troops still having too much fun killing civilians?

      • jack jonhson

        not no yet . naw we are goin 2 stay and watch the civilians kill there self . that was a stupid question . what r u doin 2 help bring peace to the civilians ?

      • Jaime

        it seems to me that the civilians are the one’s having a good time killing other civilians and our troops

    • shamrock

      RIP? you’ve get to be kidding. BIH for burn in hell!

    • Tracey

      A+ trolling

    • Peter Lennart

      I think you meant to say….

      REST IN ‘PIECES’!!! (LOL)

      Nice job OBAMA….looks like another term for him. Sorry TRUMP (lol)

    • Le Japanese Japanese HIROSHI

      This comment has nothing to do with the death of Bin Laden in particular.

      – –

      – –


      – –

      But my heart “goes out” to both the peoples of the world affected by the loss in light of the NY 9-11 event; and no matter where they might be living, those souls whose families were taken away by the big brother as well, orf the latter of whose stories of hardship in their own versions sadly have rarely been heard.

    • Lola

      RIP?…. for real? this man not only killed so many Americans, he tortured and killed Muslims as well, is own people!… so if that is what you r, u better go check your facts because this man is pure evil and will rot in hell for all eternity.

    • chris

      Bin Laden, one of the most diabolical human beings was buried – albeit at sea – within 24 hours in accordance to islamic practice. a proper burial he surely denied so many – because WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT.

    • Brian

      RIP????????? Are you kidding me? More like rest in pieces you waste of oxygen piece of human garbage! Believe me, the afterlife holds no peace for this worm. He was a coward and if there is an afterlife he will be quite warm for eternity. I think the proper comment would be; Burn in Hell Osama, you deserve the worst the afterlife has to offer.

    • Justin

      Obama had Osama buried at sea within 24 hours of his death to make sure that his soul went to heaven.

    • darclyte

      So, if the conspiracy freaks who doubted that Obama had been born in Hawaii are called “birthers,” should the people who doubt that Osama bin Laden is dead be called “deathers?” Why don’t we just call both groups what they really are…morons.

      • Lapus Lazuli

        are you so naive to believe everything your government sez?
        the first casualty of war is truth.
        do you think people who kill and torture have any qualms about not telling the truth?
        the ‘war on terror’ has been based on lies. no wmds in iraq. tom ridge admitted they trotted out fake terror alerts to manipulate the public with fear.
        Al-CIA-DA? OMB killed-show me the proof.

    • kenema

      RIP? Bite me. You’re an anal opening.

    • HawkeyeLonewolf

      If somehow (which I doubt), Osama accepted Christ before he was killed, then he will rest in peace like the rest of the saints. If he didn’t (as I suspect), his eternity will be without peace and with separation from God.

      • USA

        So glad you have all the answers re what happens after you die.

      • LL

        When did died and become reincarnated ? You remember to take pics (or it didn’t happen? Where’s your heaven issued halo? Where’s your proof that this happens besides a book of myths and centuries of brainwashing?

    • Ronald Ben Ludan

      I am very happy that OsamaBen Laden is DEAD…It’s a wonderful day for every body….Amen

    • andrew peri

      You make me sick. I hope he rots in the deepest parts of hell, and you say RIP! I hope you rot in hell as well.

      • LL

        Dear Andrew: One internet moron wishing “RIP” does not mean anything. Stupid words only affect stupid people.

    • els

      Yes, rest in pieces.

    • RT

      Bin Ladin is dead. We as a nation can celebrate; and we as people of faith can mourn that we find it necessary to kill one another.

      -Matthew Bolz-Weber


      So what? He’s still a CRIMINAL ONE-TERMER from the criminal state of Illinois!

    • dizzymisslizzy

      Obviously you’ve never lost someone as a direct result of terrorism. Come to NY and make that comment, you’ll be as dead as your hero you moron!

    • Color Me Impressed

      While I never think its OK to celebrate someones death, I think we do have a cause to celebrate: This man will never again be able to harm another innocent life.

  • Sam

    WHAT RIP???? He doesnt deserve to rest in peace!!! I hope he goes direct to hell.

  • liz


  • nickp

    Second night in a row Obama has given Trump a smackdown. This time he pre-empts Celebrity Apprentice.

    • etm

      Nick I was watching CA and thinking that same thing.

      Burn in Hell, Bin Laden!!!!


      • Infidel

        RIGHT ON BABY!

    • @nickp

      This is so much bigger than Obama and Trump’s “feud” and for the record, Obama didn’t interrupt any programming yet.

      • Buffy Freak

        He did here on the East coast…NBC broke into the Apprentice at about 10:50…

      • Concrete Tundra

        Could be my favorite headline of all time.

  • dooku

    insane. totally didn’t see this coming!

    • JoetheFilmmaker

      That’s what fish say when they get clubbed in a boat.

  • adrienne

    it good that got him now before 9 11 comes again.

  • Jester

    Obama got even with Donald Trump by cutting in before he could announce who was fired. At this point I don’t think anyone cares…

    Here’s my Birth Certificate!

    • alex

      FU Jester, Bin Laden is dead! That’s all that matters at this point in time.

  • Buffy Freak

    How long before Trump demands to see the long form death certificate?

    • Jrod

      Good one. lol. Classic!!!

      • JoetheFilmmaker

        It’s not a good one. It’s a political rousing that is utterly exhausted already.

        And it’s not classic. Two years from now, the line will make no sense and someone will throw a milkshake in your face.

      • Haha

        Maybe you’re right that years from now people might not remember this Trump-Obama row, but for now, at least, Trump and every other birther nutter deserves all the ridicule they can get for their insane claims. And your comment reaks of bitterness.

    • Bob in Vallejo

      Now THAT’S FUNNY!

    • Obama Hater

      I think we all deserve to see it. Plus, why won’t Obama release his college records? Because he is not a citizen! I just wish a real president was in office when our amazing military killed this awful man!

      • Bertrand Russa

        You are totally insane.

      • mik

        You mean a white president.

      • Jake

        Gotta love how some people try to say that it’s a race issue when it’s not. Obama has repeatedly lied to the public (see for list), but when he’s called on it people cry racism. And, he’s lied to the public again. It’s already been shown (see vid on youtube) that the new, long form birth certificate posted on the White House website is a doctored up fake.

      • Haha

        Are you serious? “” and youtube? Yeah, those sound like the sort of reliable sources one would generally cite in support of such a monumental claim as there is a vast conspiracy to conceal the fact that the president is in fact not a citizen of the United States and should be removed from office. An obviously biased website called “” and youtube vs. the vast amount of evidence proving his citizenship. Get real.

    • Furry Walls

      Buffy, absolutely amazing! I think I love you for that comment

  • adrienne

    thank you u.s.a

  • Buffy Freak

    And on the 8th anniversary of Bush-bag’s Mission Accomplished declaration….brilliant!



      • NoSocialism


        Quit insulting egg farts…

    • Frederick G. Scott

      Bush never declared “Mission Accomplished” the ship did. Their mission was accomplished.

      • fifty8th

        way to spin that one

      • Bertrand Russa

        Yeahnice spin putz. Of course Bush and FOX played the mission accomplisjed card. Nitwit.

      • JoetheFilmmaker

        Well, that sign was not referring to Bin Laden. The sign was directed at the creation of Homeland Security and Bush’s success in transitioning America into Socialism.

        Are you the real Frederick G. Scott, or are you an impostor?

      • Jake

        Exactly! The banner was about that particular ship and IT’S mission.

  • adrienne

    bless you .

  • Jan Luken

    I object. I could have waited until 11 p.m. to hear the news about bid laden. The CSI Miami episode was a real puzzler. Will they show the end? Do I stay up late waiting?

    • Buffy Freak

      It ended with David Caruso turning sideways to the camera, saying something snarky and putting his sunglasses on.



    • @ Jan Luken

      Oh God I hope your joking.

    • Rachel

      This news is better than CSI! I’m sobbing because the face of terrorism was killed by great USA. I’m so happy, hopefully we can bring our troops home!

      • alex

        I cried as well; tears of joy because he’s dead and tears of sorrow because I’m thinking of the victims.

      • Janis Ensminger

        Wake up…he’s been dead since Dec. 2001. Or go on believing our lying talking heads…don”t look around you in our Country at all the freedoms we lost over this “bogey man”. Those of you still asleep either are to afraid to face the truth or you are just totally ignorant.

    • Sion

      I agree Jan. Obama is toying with the media saying he would speak at 10:30 PM EST. It’s an hour after that. It could have waited until now. Obama got nine holes of golf in today. They are briefing Obama on who Osama is. GLad they got him though.

      • Bertrand Russa

        You are totally insane. ODS: Obama Derangement Syndrome. You and about 25% of this country need psychological help. Unfortunately becausw of tje Tea Baggers and their Overlords, the Koch Bros, most of you can’t afford help. But you need it anyway.

    • veyecee

      I agree 100%. CSI Miami was a very good eposode and 15 more minutes would not have made any difference at all in Bin Laden’s status. Glad to hear I am not alone on this!

      • Chris

        I wanted to see the last 10 minutes of Brothers and Sisters! The news coverage could have waited 10 minutes.

      • datruth82

        Sorry to be a bit blunt, but, uh…you both sound pretty rude, insensitive and selfish. Innocent people lost their lives, and their loved ones. This may help them find some closure. If someone murdered your loved ones, wouldn’t you want to know as soon as possible that the perp had been apprehended or stopped? Seriously, catch CSI later online. I think it’ll be okay…

      • Obama Hater

        @ datruth82, everyone already knew. Obama just needed his 5 minutes during prime time that he craves so much.

    • JoetheFilmmaker

      Tune into to Fringe. Same story.

  • adrienne

    its over now.

    • Illuminatus

      Or simply the beginning…

  • Dr. Linus

    Rejoice. That fu**er is dead!

    • Matt

      Do we know for sure he’s dead? Or are we trusting faux news to tell us he’s dead. For all we know he’s been dead years ago.

    • JoetheFilmmaker

      Doctor, you’re needed in intensive care.

  • Horace

    Osama is in a horrible place right now. He is paying for his sins in the worst way. Hopefully we can all put 9/11 behind us and work towards a better future.

    • Marianna

      We can continue working toward a better future but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put 9/11 behind me. And I’m Canadian. God bless each and every one of you.

      • Rachel

        Thanks Marianna. God Bless all of North America especially our close Canadian friends

      • Orac

        Canadians died on 9/11 too. Indeed, citizens of many countries died that day. Still, I take no joy in the death of Bin Laden. It’s good that this chapter is closed. But the “war on terror” is not a war that can be won. And the irony is, stalking and killing people across the face of the Earth only perpetuates the terror–it just shifts it from Americans to others. The path to peace is not through war, but understanding.

      • winebabe

        Thank you1

    • JoetheFilmmaker


      What are you talking about? Osama is in the white house freezer right now. Those are kush digs.

      • cinda

        yes, he’s been there since what? 2002÷

      • LOL

        This is what happens when a real president is in charge.


        Report is that if Gitmo had been closed as STINKY B.O. wanted then CIA would not have gotten recent tips.

      • LOL

        Poor Frank. What a mental midget.

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