Seth Meyers cracks up the White House Correspondents' Dinner

In a tradition that stretches back to when W.C. Fields roasted FDR (“He’s not running for president, he’s rolling!”), Seth Meyers took the podium at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner to make some light-hearted fun of the press, President Obama, and the event’s broadcaster, C-SPAN. As you can see below, the SNL head writer and Weekend Update anchor got big laughs, especially during his evisceration of a certain billionaire-cum-toupĂ©e aficionado. During his remarks, President Obama got in a few digs at Trump himself, showing a video that made light of the recent birth certificate silliness, as well as sarcastically praising Trump’s credentials. In reference to Trump firing Gary Busey on The Celebrity Apprentice: “These are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir. Well handled.”

How do you think Meyers did? Any favorite jokes?


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  • Ryan

    I guess Obama’s ego doesn’t allow him to do self deprecating humor like all his predecessors did at their correspondents dinners..

    • jla

      absurd. did you even watch?

      • Cathy

        I’m sure Ryan didn’t, just decided to bash Obama instead of looking at the facts.

      • Chris A. Perez

        TRUMP THE SPADE 2012!!!!

      • Mark Causey

        JLA, Why are you even responding to Ryan’s comment, he is only going to hear what he wants to hear…

      • Tom

        I’m still waiting for Barry to keep the other 50 percent of his promises from 3 years ago. Keep the jokes until afterwards.

      • harry

        Good point Mark.

      • Cygnus

        Where did Ryan go? Another Troll-and-Run?

    • woobie

      Maybe you should listen to Obama’s speech. The first 10 minutes of it is all self depreciating.

      • Chris A. Perez

        TRUMP THE SPADE 2012

    • Helen

      What planet are you from Ryan? I realize that humor does not translate well from culture to culture, but Obama’s certainly did not lack any self deprecation. That’s a pretty impressive word for someone for whom English is not a first language. But please, learn the meaning. Perhaps someone will watch the tape with you and show you some concrete examples.

      • Ryan

        Warning: I am a different Ryan than the original poster.
        But, Helen et al, I agree with you guys! No self-deprecation? He must have been watching a very different video than I saw. On the other hand, Trump barely cracked a smile and couldn’t seem to take the jokes at all. Mostly because he just IS a joke.

      • thin

        Hey, that was Seth’s line!

    • DH

      Watching “The Donald’s” reaction to the jokes about him was telling. He didn’t laugh or crack a smile. Just glared, clearly not amused. Apparently he lacks a sense of humor and takes himself waaaay too seriously. Add that to the long list of reasons why he would be disaster as president.

      • lanam

        i much rather trump than obama anytime…obama has done nothing while in the white house — he sucks and so did his “speech”..he and his wife are so fake its disgusting..i don’t drink their kool-aid like some do…Trump all the way!!

      • @lanam

        please tell me you are being ironic.

      • Mad Max

        Do you know what “ironic” means?

      • Ryan

        Anyone who truly thinks Trump is a viable Presidential candidate is not worth listening to for anything more than 3 seconds.

      • Tracy

        Oh, but what a great idea to have a president who slings the F-bomb around repeatedly during public appearances, has been through three trophy wives, and has bankrupted several of his businesses. And the TV show must mean he’s qualified. (Note to Ianam: That was sarcasm.)

      • hannah86

        Ianam – “obama has done nothing while in the white house”…

        what about now?

      • jonleat

        Trump…hahahaha…..lmfao. Looks like he was constipated the entire time.

      • Richard

        Trump did smile and laugh and waved at the President.

        However, he did not smile at Seth Meyers and I dont blame him.

        Obama was amusing and clever with his humour. Meyers came along, like a snivelling little creep in the playground who kicked the boy who was already lying on the floor.

        I did not think he was funny at all and in my opinion has some serious character flaws.

        Its people like him that give good comedians a bad name.

    • Stuart

      Wow. And you got that from what exactly? Did you even watch 5 seconds of it? You’re probably the guy who refused to read “To Kill a Mockingbird” because “nobody can tell me how to hunt.”

      • Eshia


      • Nick Combs

        Hilarious!!! I’ve never heard that one!

      • LL

        EPIC reply! You win!

      • Jesse

        Count the basket and the foul! All the more spectacular because the comment went right over Ryan’s head…

      • mrclean

        well played, Stuart!

      • Mark Causey

        Two free throws to Stuart and you maintain possession of the ball (I may have watched too many playoff games today).

      • Lauren

        stuart, you da man.

    • Linda

      obama and seth were AWESOME!!!!

      • Jo Anne

        Yes they were. Still laughing

      • LMNOP

        Agreed, Linda. And Trump’s reaction was classic. I laughed so hard throughout that I had to keep wiping away tears.
        Not only did Obama show perfect comic timing, but the way he laid in waiting for Trump, picking his time and place to strike back…. Absolutely brilliant!!

    • Jeff

      Typical conservative. Doesn’t think for himself, just waits to hear what beck or rushie have to say and then repeat. Thinking for yourself is pretty hard, right Ryan?

      • whatevs

        I’m not siding with Ryan at all, but seriously, what does the “typical [insert whatever party you hate]” really accomplish other than showing your ignorance?

        It’s fine if that’s what you’re going for, but somehow I don’t think you were.

      • LL

        Agree with Jeff. Current right wing rushes to hate and blame without looking at facts in context. That’s exactly what “Ryan” did.

      • robert adams

        The difference between liberals and conservatives is this…conservatives start with facts and build their case…liberals feel and respond

      • LMNOP

        robert adams, using “conservatives” and “facts” in the same sentence is like trying to mix Sarah Palin with logic & solid reasoning. Not gonna happen.

        Liberals are not necessarily better, but your compare/constrast was absolutely trite and meaningless. Perfect for a Trump backer.

    • Rob

      Did you not see the entire mocking of himself and the tele-prompter?

      • Ryan

        That Ryan (I’m a different Ryan, I swear!) obviously didn’t actually watch the presentation. Obama poked plenty of fun at himself.

      • alan of montreal

        @Ryan #2: I find it rather hilarious that you’ve taken it upon yourself to defend the honour of the Ryan name from the likes of Ryan #1

    • kate middleton

      I’m no Obama fan, but he was way more self depricating this year than he was last year. Last year he only made jokes about others – it was a much better effort on his part this year.

    • Haters

      Ryan you’re an idiot. You apparently didn’t see the show. And anyway, the President was funny as hell so was Seth.

      • Jo Anne

        Yes he was. LOL

    • LOL

      GOP fears Seth.

      • veganman

        And for good reason. People as smart and quick as Seth usually see through BS pretty quick.

    • Roncon

      None of it’s predecessors had such an easy target as “TRUMP 2012″… You can’t balme the guy…

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Donald Trump the orange haired CLOWN got BURNED so bad, I was laughing tears. Loved it, everyone in the crowd knows what a laughing stock orange haired CLOWN he is. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Funny!!

        BAHAHAHAHAH @ Orange haired clown!!! that’s a perfect descript of the Donald!!! has anyone noticed his eyes? They look strange.

    • Molly

      Did you watch the video?

    • Sonia

      Clearly you didn’t watch the video. He poked fun at himself quite a bit. And he was laughing when Meyers mocked him.

      • Zakry

        But Trump sat there all stone-faced when the jokes were on him!

        It hardly matters though, Trump is not running. If he does, Obama wins easily.

  • Garry

    I don’t like how Meyers smirks at his own jokes, and how he tends to stumble on the punchlines. I’d give him a B-.

    • greta

      It was f*ing hilarious! I loved how they panned on The Donald’s face – priceless.

      • Orac

        I loved how they always showed him in profile. So you could see the tail of that possum he has living on his head.

      • Korri

        Its a fox, didn’t you pay attention?

    • LL

      I agree that the delivery was often subpar. He pretty much recited everything. But the jokes were so excellent they still went over fabulously.

    • Kersy

      I love Seth Meyers, and think he’s honestly one of the most astute political comedians out there. That said, his and his staff’s writing is better than his delivery.

  • Nathan

    lol that was great, Obama took it like a champ

  • jets

    Both Obama and Seth were really funny. I caught it just surfing around, surprised to see anything un-royal related in the news, and then was surprised that I was laughing out loud. Obama said he’s going to release his birth video. haha… then they played the opening of The Lion King. Trump didn’t look too pleased tho. He looked so mad I was expecting his toupe to catch on fire.

    • Blamo!

      Norm McDonald for best correspondant dinner comic. ever.

    • Tia

      Now that we have a video of his birth, there will be more people claiming he is not an American citizen. (This is a joke)

  • Kali

    I LOVE Seth Meyers!!!!!! He is brilliant!

  • Bob

    For the inevitable criticism of Mr. Obama behaving beneath the office of the President in a graceless and meanspirited manner, Donald Trump and his birther ilk have behaved in a terribly disgusting and un-American manner (and racist) way ever since Mr. Obama took office. It was nice to be reminded that the President, any president, is first of all a human being who has emotions and can, in a comic way, express them and vent and fight back when he is unfairly attacked. Plus, doesn’t this answer the critics who thought Mr. Obama was too stoic, too much Mr. Spock? Now he needs to bring some of the attitude we saw last night to serious policy opponents.

    And to the inevitable name-calling and unfounded, unreasonable attacks based on politics ad hominems, political arguments by the American people are useless and pointless. We are not policy experts so we can’t know what we’re talking about, and it doesn’t matter anyway because those policies we hate or love will either work in the end or won’t. We have to wait a bit. Then we can trashtalk. Otherwise, it’s like arguing teams in middle of sports game–your argument won’t be won or lost until the game is over.

    • Bob

      Faulty analogy. Both teams play for the US. It doesn’t matter who wins. So arguing about Dems and Reps only works when we have something to argue about: the success or failure of these policies to help America. Any other arguments and views are premature and invalid.

  • Bob

    Not to mention attacking people based on ideology is wrong because even a politician with different political views than yours can leave the country better off at the end of his job than we he started. So criticism has to be based on how the problems we have get solved or not, not on the R or D next to the man. Yes, I’m stating the obvious, but this is an EW political message board, where the unthinking and unreasonable frequently come out to play.

  • bubba

    I was confused. Why did everyone make so much of Trump. He single-handedly made Obama disclose his long form birth certificate. He’s the true real American.

    • bubba

      Also the Adjustment Bureau was a great movie.

      • Dixie

        Hey Bubba,
        So you needed proof also? How does badgering someone make Trump a true real American. It shows he is not as smart as he thinks he is. And BTW the line about the Adjustment Bureau was a JOKE! Just like the Lion King video!

    • Sam J

      Bubba, is it warm on your planet?

    • Lo

      … Yes he prompted him to release his long form birth certificate to prove what we already knew from when he released his short form certificate back in 2008. Way to go. Woo. Hoo. Bully for him.

    • Gator Girl

      Yes, this is precisely the type of matters about which a candidate for President should tackle. Put aside issues regarding the economy and unemployment and make every person in the country PROVE that they are a US citizen! (For the birth conspiracy wingnuts, the previous sentence was a form of speech most people understand to be sarcasm).

      Just to clarify, it was the State of Hawaii which released the complete birth certificate. No one can cause a state to release vital records, not even the President of the United States and certainly not Trump.

      If you know anything at all about Trump then you will realize that he has spent his entire adult life taking credit for things over which he had no control whatsoever. Do a little research on your hero. For example his claim that he is the only candidate who can fix the economy
      because he is a successful businessman. Trump has filed bankruptcy three times. Yeah, he’s successful alright.

      • TrumpsAGit

        four times!!

    • B

      Yeah, what a hero.

    • tickles

      But when do we get to see the birth certificate for that thing living on Trump’s head?

  • Ruth

    Oh my gosh, the best part of this is that Trump was. not. laughing.

    • kahuna

      The best part was everybody else was howling.

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      The best part was everyone at his table laughing their asssess off and looking back at Trump and continuing to laugh. Trump the orange haired CLOWN please run for president, I want to laugh. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jo Anne

      To funny He was mad LOL

    • NDB

      You are so right! That was, in fact, the BEST part!

    • Sarah

      I’m waiting for the “u mad bro?” .gifs.

      • iggie75

        Actually, I think that is the ONLY thing that was missing from Obama’s jokes: that he didn’t look at Trump and say just that…”u mad bro?” LMAOOO

  • Polly Draper

    Wow…everyone go back to bed and get some sleep…you’re all too cranky to enjoy this annual DC comedy fest.
    One of Seth Myers’ best lines of the night: “Jon Hamm looks the way every Republican thinks they look. Zach Galifianakis looks the way Republicans think every Democrat looks.”

  • kaduzy

    Funny stuff, but he can’t touch Colbert! That man set the PLATINUM standard for WHCD speeches.

    • Blamo!

      Norm McDonald for the win!

  • Peter Nehra

    That was the Best in Years

    DONALD TRUMP sat like a statue only moving once

    • greta

      He is such a creep! Loved it…. what goes around comes around Donald.

  • Sam J

    Question for the birthers: Why don’t you inquire to where Obama’s mom, Stanley Ann, was in Aug 61? You will find her in Hawaii and her passport will NOT say Kenya. If the left media cared about you wackos, they would have brought this up. FOX didn’t want to.

    • kate middleton

      This has nothing to do with birthers. By the way, Fox regularly refuted the birther stuff. MSNBC talked about it constantly.

      • Courtney

        Actually, Fox News does not have any sort of uniformity on dealing with the birther issue. Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove have been constant voices combating the birther movement on Fox. However, Fox News certainly employs full on birthers (such as Thomas McInerney) and has many commentators that dabble in it as well, such as Palin and Hannity. Heck, Hannity loves bringing birthers onto his show to promote their ideas…Jerome Corsi is a regular on Hannity as well as other shows and he helped Aaron Klein promote his book on the subject. MSNBC certainly talks about birtherism a lot, but at least they challenge them, something that is rare on Fox News.

      • Sam J

        O’reilly did refute it for a passing sentence or two, but the rest of FOX enabled its claims by never adressing it as moronic and/or racist. MSNBS embaressed that growing fringe group.

      • Jack

        I really don’t know abut what FOX does, but thank you, Kate Middleton, for taking time from your very busy and public weekend to weigh in on this matter!!!

  • Rack

    For an egomaniac narcissist like Trump, it was probably is worst nightmare to have a room full of thousands of people laughing at him. He’s such a tacky, gaudy joke–in a way its kinda sad to be where he is in his life and be completely blinded about the truth of himself.

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Trump has surrounded himself with YES men who keep telling him he’s thin, has great hair and is absolutely right not to fire Gary Busey for 8 weeks because he is a genius as the orange haired CLOWN kept saying. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Javadude54

      The funniest part was watching that woman next to Trump. At first she laughs but after looking at Trump and seeing his expression she then tries to look offended but you can tell she’s trying very hard not to laugh.

  • Dr. Linus

    Just finished watching it, Meyers did a fantastic job. Very Funny. He had something for everyone.

    • kate middleton

      Agreed – he did better than the last few in my opinion. He did a good job making fun of everyone, which is what is important at an event like that. Bravo, Seth!

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