ABC News stays on Bin Laden story; CBS, NBC return to reality shows

ABC News made the shrewd decision to stick with the Osama Bin Laden story on Sunday night after President Obama’s press conference while NBC and CBS returned to original episodes of The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition and The Amazing Race on the west coast.

Led by anchor George Stephanopoulos, ABC News remained on the air on the east and west coasts to talk with survivors of 9/11 and provide updates on the mission to track down Bin Laden. All the while, it kept a live feed on the huge crowds that gathered in front of the White House, as well as outside Ground Zero and Times Square in New York. By nearly 1 A.M. ET, Stephanopoulos even had a widower in his studio, who talked about the death of his wife at the World Trade Center and the jubilation he was feeling about Bin Laden’s death.

ABC had an original of Desperate Housewives ready to air on the west coast before the news division went live with Obama’s news conference around 11:30 p.m. ET. CBS and NBC returned to regular programming shortly after the address.

The Alphabet net went back to an original episode of Housewives at 10 p.m. on the west coast.


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  • Henri M.

    How on earth was that a shrewd decision on the part of ABC?

    • ben

      because they were the only broadcast network to stick with coverage. who is watching celebrity apprentice or desperate housewives right now?

      • greg moll

        no their not. in ny, nbc never went back to the apprentice

      • jean

        oh my I see this and it hurt’s me. As my child was 10 and is going to be 21 in dec .. But the hurt is there and I see the kid’s at the white house Its sad happy but just as what they are over there .. hurt’s me hate is not good

      • Mere

        @ Greg Moll- they were talking about the west coast exclusively, and take a sec to look up the difference between their and they’re.

    • Benita

      I agree! America and the royality across the waters still don’t get it. Our President Obama did it!!!

      • Ina

        No actually the CIA did it. Please don’t try to act like Obama went over there and collected intelligence and then pulled the trigger. He just gave the ok for the plan that other people made to be acted out.

      • kremzeek

        damn right!

      • kevin

        The reps took joy in Bush “capturing” Hussein; why can’t the dems have this? why do you have to sh*t on it?

      • kevin

        i should clarify that i believe in my heart that most of america, reps and dems, are happy right now and also were when Hussein was captured. But I was not a big Bush supporter and I would NEVER have came onto an article like this or say out loud to anyone that “Bush didn’t do it, the CIA did”

      • Sally

        Ina is correct – President Obama did not do it. However she is incorrect – the CIA didn’t do it either. The Navy Seals did it, thanks to intelligence gathered by CIA and other intelligence agencies and after a number of intelligence meetings which thoroughly involved President Obama. Get your facts together people. They all did it. One Navy Seal pulled the trigger, but would not have known where to be without the support of the CIA intelligence officers and President Obama.

      • tt

        President Obama is the man. As for Ina What president went over in actually did the work them self.It was the Navy Seal “who boss” is the President.So on your job at McDonald when you cook the burgers. McDonald’s still get the credit cause they pay you to do it.

      • RK

        OTOH, you can’t blame/credit any one individual for the economy, either (but it won’t stop pols from trying).

      • The Truth

        Stop saying one group or one person deserves credit for this. Everyone who participated in the manhunt for him since 9/11 deserves credit. From what has been disclosed this operation started years ago and crossed over several government organizations. One screw up or inadvertant tip off during these years would make the trail go cold. Both Administrations and all who worked to find him deserves this victory.

      • wine country

        Both Bill Clinton and George Bush had opportunities to take out Obama and failed. So Obama as leader calling the shots and giving the go ahead for the kill does deserve credit!

      • Rick

        I don’t care what the rest of the dipsticks say. Obama gave the order; without that it never would have happened.

    • Liz Lemon

      Definitely not shrewd. Those other channels are dumb f**ks. Why wouldn’t you keep airing something like that?! Nobody cares about your dumb reality shows when a historical moment has occurred. This evil man whose responsible for the deaths of thousands and has been hunted for years, is now finally dead. That’s a big deal.

      • Laura K.

        Do people know what shrewd means?

      • Maybelle

        I don’t think Liz does Laura. Um Liz it was shrewd of ABC to do that. Look up the word honey.

      • Weon Pawoo Sr

        This is a good news. The kind of new we have been waiting to hear. Who cares about a birth certificate? Say or do something for the public to be happy about.

      • Marleen

        East Coast NBC DID NOT keep programming on – I was watching Celebrity Appr that was cut off for news. ALL stations had news on not just ABC on East Coast.

      • Liz Lemon

        Okay. I looked it up and apparently it’s not a negative word in this context. So yeah…if only they had a delete button on here.

      • duh

        It’s not a negative word in ANY context. I think you are thinking of shrew.

      • ashley

        true that

    • Chris

      I’m still upset I missed the last 10 minutes of Brothers and Sisters. ABC should have waited till 10 pm when the local news starts. Seriously? The story could have waited 10 minutes!

      • Zoe

        My impression was that they didn’t know how soon Obama was speaking. Plus, remember these nets are competing with each other. ABC didn’t want to catch any flak (or lose viewers) if they didn’t cover this huge news breaking at the same time as NBC and CBS. I figure B&S is probably online at the ABC site, right?

      • tt

        You must not of had anyone killed in 911 since a TV show means more than the biggest news story of the year. Get a life all ready “Chris”

      • Amy

        I agree, they should have run a crawl and finished airing the regular shows!

      • Zakry

        Wow. This comment took the cake for me. This moron doesn’t understand the difference between an announcement of national security and the fictional happenings of the Walkers?

      • ashley

        me 2 i missed CSI miamibro from another mo!!!

      • Barbara

        Has anyone heard if ABC plans to air the missing 10 minutes next week?

    • chacha

      It was a shrewd move because it was a far, far better “reality show” on ABC than the lame-o shows on CBS and NBC.

      • Jackson

        Wow. You’re a moron.

      • Jackson

        Not you chacha — Chris, the person who was upset her tv show got cut off

  • Diane

    I cannot believe that CBS and NBC did not have a special program on the biggest news story of the year. Tonight, US forces killed the evil thing that killed so many US citizens.

    • t

      Maybe NBC figured they had MSNBC on the job.

      • joblo

        MSNBC rarely breaks away from their prison docs on the weekend, but tonight they did. I was mainly flipping between Fox News, CNN, and ABC.


        I was very proud of MSNBC as the previous poster is very correct! They rarely break from the prison shows during weekend. Not only were they on top of it, they remained live on the air early n2 the wee hours of the morning. Keep it up MSNBC! Make yourself relevant–i get in there and compete w/ the other 2 networks! Don’t just lay down like u have for so many years.

    • Benita

      Well, still in 2011 look at what is still going on!!!

      • Bin whatever

        I wanted to watch Desperate Housewifes, not desperate networks. If I wanted to see more on Bin laden I could have gone to CNN to watch. Besides, Itll be news for weeks!

      • Bin whatever

        I wanted to watch Desperate Housewifes, not desperate networks. If I wanted to see more on Bin laden I could have gone to CNN to watch. It`ll be news for weeks anyways!

      • chillydogs

        Hooray! Glad they killed him! But after the first hour of coverage and waiting for the president to speak, that was enough. They should have put desperate housewives on. We could have gone to a cable news channel if we wanted more.

      • Mere

        @Bin whatever… You may not appreciate the network’s decision to keep covering the event, but I certainly do. For the friends and families of the victims of 9/11 and all of the brave military men and women who died to ensure our safe future, this is monumental and should receive all the coverage possible.

      • steph

        I’m glad that ABC stuck with news. Not everyone gets the cable news channels.

    • Marleen

      NBC and CBS went right to News just like ABC on the East Coast. What is EW talking about?

      • PART

        I live on the West Coast and NBC and CBS went to the reqular shows out here.

  • Patricia Schwarz

    God Bless President Obama!

    • kremzeek

      suck on that,trump!what could you do as president…cook up one of your dogmeat steaks?

    • Moo

      I hope you’re not attributing the death of Bin Laden to Pres. Obama. Because that would just be dumb.

  • Robin

    The biggest story since 9/11 and NBC and CBS show their crappy “reality” shows? Outrageous! The death of bin Laden IS is reality. ABC can hold their heads up. The other two stations should hang their heads in shame.

    • Diane

      100%, completely agree.

      • kremzeek

        as do i wholeheartedly.

    • Parker

      In fairness, NBC has a 24-hour news channel, MSNBC, that covered this in depth. ABC does not have a separate news channel, and their regular coverage resumed at 10PM on he West Coast.

      Also, NBC News in NY interrupted Apprentice and continued with this story until 1:30 AM.

      • Anna

        Channel 12 in Phoenix showed the arguement in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, then cut back to local news before the firing; then went to the weekly sports wrap up and Dedliest Catch.

      • Rock Golf

        “Deadliest Catch”?

        That’s appropriate.

    • anonymous

      Except they really did not have anything to say. There was a lot of guessing, not too much facts. How much factual information did we get after the initial statements?

    • tt

      I AGREE you are so right. Thousand of Americans were killed. This was the biggest story since 911

  • Cole

    so the piece of crap is dead. who cares. we should have never been over there in the first place. we lost so many good men and women only to kill one man. not worth it in my book. plus look at our economy because of it all. do we really need to inturrupt television for this story?

    • t

      He’s a mass-murdering criminal who ought to pay for his crimes, he was behind the worst terrorist attack in US history in addition to atrocities in other parts of the world, and he’s generally the ultimate symbol of modern terrorism. Yes, we really need to interrupt f*cking television for this story. I’ll give you that it might be debatable that the lives lost were worth his death. But his death IS major news and worth interrupting anything.

      • Cole

        what do you think we watch the news channels for? i pay my hard earned money to watch what i want to watch. if i want to watch the news on bin laden i’ll tune into a f*ckin news channel thank you very much.

      • t

        LOL but the networks ARE news channels, at least in part.

      • Tim

        Cole was pis*ed they interrupted Milton Berle on V-J day too. Also, please invest some of that hard earned money of yours into an English tutor. Maybe if you watched the news you wouldn’t be quite so slow.

      • Ina

        @Cole, not everybody has cable, some people only get network TV. Why don’t you chill and catch up on whatever you missed on Hulu and then crack a history book and learn why this news so important.

    • Benita

      Well our economy is like it is because of the previous administration of eight years. Give OBAMA his pros!!

      • Cole

        benita… you dont have a clue about what youre talking about… just stop while youre ahead

      • ruby

        Yeah… Benita you’re a moron. Please stop talking now. Thanks.

      • JohnDoe

        She’s a moron for stating the fact that Bush and his cronies that ignored Wall Street’s greed for 8 years were responsible for the collapse of the economy due to increased de-regulation?

        No, I think it is YOU who should stop while you’re ahead.

      • Tarc

        Actually, the economy was ruined by REPUBLICAN economic policy over the last 30 years. So says Alan Greenspan – the guy that orchestrated most of it (and a conservative Republican no less).

      • muhahaha

        Benita, you are an idiot. And I don’t think i need to give Obama any “props” (he has no problem patting himself on the back). I will reserve that for the men and women fighting for us over seas, doing the real work.

  • Matt

    The same thing was said over and over. I love this country and I am glad Osama is dead but I am also glad NBC went back to it’s programming so I could finish watching my show. When they have the details, I’ll watch!

    • anonymous

      Priorities I guess….

      • Benita

        pLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR I GUESS! With the “mess” and non-lack of support for our President “I GUESS” the “NEW MARJORITY” made a “WISE’ decision. OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW!!!

      • huh?

        Benita…what are you talking about?

    • anonymous

      Yes there seemed to be a lot of guessing by the networks. Get back to us when you have the facts.

  • s

    And thank God that none of our men were hurt. I served on active duty, am married to a retired service member, and personally knew people who died at the Pentagon. I feel so much relief that it’s hard to put into words.

  • Jessicawa

    there was no amazing race or Americas next restaurant on the west coast

    • Hannah

      Jessicawa “The Amazing Race” came on at 9pm.

  • Susan

    May God Bless the United States of America. Today, the most evil man of the 21st century who killed more civilians is in Hell. May God Bless the Troops and President Obama.

  • Brandon

    You people who are complaining about your shows being interrupted are what’s wrong with this country. You should be ashamed of your selfish behavior.

    • Cole

      its you ppl who have nothing better to do with your lives that worry so much about this crap thats wrong with this country. if we worried more about our economy than spending 9 years finding one man and losing so many good ppl in the process, this country would be a much better place. and because nothing i can do will help our economy, i would like to live my life the way i want. which includes watching my programs.

      • huh?

        LOL…you may need to work on your reasoning skills, Cole. By your logic, we should worry about our economy and not fighting terrorism. Yet those of us who can’t do anything about the economy (and I presume your rationale limits people who CAN fix the economy to politicians) might as well just watch crappy reality TV. So….most of us might as well just watch crappy reality TV instead of paying attention to major global news that has direct bearing on the modern day America. Really, dude? If you’re worried about the economy, A) Write your representatives, write in to your paper, blog about solutions, educate others about the problems and what you think ought to be done….and B) don’t just write off news that isn’t related to the economy. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard today, and I heard Geraldo claim that killing bin Laden is bigger than the moon landing.

      • Cole

        you just took what i said completly the wrong way. when i say nothing i can do, i mean im just a 21 year old who has to work 3 jobs to make ends meat. and i dont have the power to make much of a change because who is going to listen to a kid barely into adult hood when it comes to major subjects such as our economy. and because i bust my ass to pay for what little i have, i would like to enjoy them. this includes the television that i over pay to watch. if i want to watch the news i’ll switch over to the news channel. laden shouldnt have been killed. he should have been put behind bars for the rest of his life. death is the easy way out. if we want him to pay for what he’s done, we should keep him barely alive in solitary confinment making him wish he was dead.

      • Tim

        Cole- You’re working 3 jobs to make ends “meat” because you aren’t terribly educated. Nobody listens to you because you’re uninformed, ignorant, and completely willing to spout off regardless of that ignorance. I may have criticized you harshly before, but in all seriousness: at 21 you still have time, put down the remote, pick up the books, get back in school, commit to improving yourself, and you may actually realize why you’re so wrong here. (This comment was posted later than the comment below, I’m done being mean.)

    • Debbie

      Thank you. Someone please get Cole a doctor.

      • Rock Golf

        Cole’s working 3 jobs now. Without Obamacare, he’d have to work five to be able to afford a doctor.
        But I’d be willing to donate a spelling dictionary.

  • Benita

    How about OBAMA RAMMA!!! OUR ROYALITY!!Him and Michelle. To me they are the opitamy of what we are here on earth for. Much praise and proudness for stenghth to endure regardless. With GOD ANYTHING IS PSSIBLE!!

  • Cole

    and come on.. do ppl really have nothing better to do than stand around waving our flag around and yelling usa in a mob of “proud” americans? dont get me wrong i love this country too. but its where i was born and raised. if i was born and raised in antarctica id love it there. come on ppl. go home and quit making us look bad. if you think about it youre not very good hearted if your happy that anyone has been killed. i think we should have imprisoned him. put him behind bars for the rest of his life. no one deserves to be killed. there are other punishments for wrongs done by one person.

    • t

      If you had followed the news, you might have heard mentioned the fact that he was asked to surrender and refused. The guy was never going to let himself be taken alive anyway. I understand feeling uneasy about actually *celebrating* someone’s death, but this guy is something of a special case. I don’t know that I personally would be out there screaming “Wooooo he’s dead!!” …but I’m very strongly satisfied that someone as dangerous and terrible as he was is no longer in the world. I feel like the chants of “USA” are a reaction more to the efforts of Americans to track down and finally kill this man, who was sort of the ultimate terrorist for the United States and the catalyst for a whole new way of life here. I don’t think the crowds are making us look bad; I think it’s a natural response, considering what he did to this country’s people.

    • Mere

      Assuming that you’re the same Cole as earlier posts (21 y/o worried about the economy), then perhaps you’re too young to remember 9/11 and the days and weeks that followed. You’ve been raised in a cynical environment, constantly surrounded by war and a failed economy. I was only 17 on that day, but I remember every detail like it was yesterday.
      Also, the failed economy sits on the shoulders of US citizens. September 11, 2001 sat squarely on his shoulders.

  • Eric

    I love our country and all but some of us just don’t care. i see it all as a ploy for him to get re elected anyways. I was disappointed i didn’t get to see the finale of next great restaurant and then to miss more than half of Apprentice was crazy too

    • Debbie

      the election is 11/6/2012. I am glad you didn’t lost anyone on 9/11. Would that make you care Eric? Selfish loser – if it doesn’t affect you, you don’t care…another reason this country is in such a poor state – the “me, me attitude” of people like eric and his ilk.

      • Mere

        Agreed. I’m so proud to be an American and unbelievably proud of and thankful for our amazing and dedicated military.

  • Hannah

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you CBS!!! I am so addicted to “The Amazing Race.” I am happy about Osama Bin Laden, but do we really need to hear about it all night long. NO! I don’t need to see people celebrating in front of the White House or chit chat about who did what and when. Just tell me what happened and let’s get back to the program.

    • Cole

      well said hannah… well said. we watch news channles to get the news. i dont watch amazing race to hear about whats goin on with the war we shouldn’t be in.

      • Brett

        Cole you gotta a lot of growing up to do boy.

      • Charles Pickering

        THE WAR WE SHOULDN’T BE IN!? Are you an idiot? What you think that Bin Laden is the leader of a country we invaded for oil? He’s the leader of the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. You think that we shouldn’t be involved in a fight against people whose aim is to kill innocent American, Brits and pretty much any nation they can get bombs into? I am 18 years old, you claim to be 21 but have the maturity of a 6 year old. Quit crying because your little tv shows, that will undoubtedly be repeated numerously, were interrupted by the biggest news of the year. F*uck you,

      • muhahaha

        @ Hannah and Cole – Clearly you both have access to the internet – I think you can hop over to the CBS website(or whatever channel you were watching)and see what you missed. I am no fan of Obama, but this is huge news. Work on getting your priorities straight.

      • Cole

        my reason for thinking we shouldnt be in this war is because i lost my uncle and a cousin and my little brother. my uncles helicopter was shot down and my cousin was shot in the head and my little brother was killed in roadside bomb. so dont you preach to me about why we should be in this war until youve lost family members so close to you like i have.

    • Tim

      You are both so dumb it hurts. History happened tonight, gas prices will go down tomorrow, Americans will walk prouder for once in a very long time. And instead you two flyover state morons are worried over which reality tv turd blossom you did or didn’t get to see. Democracy is truly a great thing, but when I think that my vote counts the same as yours, I die a little inside and question its usefulness.

      • Cole

        by the way gas prices went up today.. quite a bit. i just paid $4.11 a gallon here in southern wisconsin. not sure how you think they were gonna go down

  • madb0y79

    And those of us on the west coast didnt get housewives reorded on our dvr’s…….i could have done with just a quick public announcement

    • Mere

      Oh no! Your 42 minute long show was interrupted by an event 9 years, 8 months, and 10 days in the making! Maybe you haven’t spent those 9 years, 8 months, and 11 days remembering a loved one lost on 9/11 . So sorry for your loss.

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